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A Growing Star - Part 2

"220lb!” "What babe?” I shouted back. "220lb! I have hit 220lb” his voice sounded so excited. I found it impossibly cute that Donnie loved yelling out his gains.

I had been with Donnie Williams for a month now and in that time two things had grown. One was the love that we shared, the other was his weight. Donnie had always been stocky but since we had met he had gained 45lb.

It would have been more but I have to admit he did burn off a good few calories in our first weeks together as we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. You know how it is when you first meet someone, everything you do leads to bedroom action. I still had to pinch myself that I was actually Donnie Williams’s lover. In my wildest dreams I would never have thought it possible yet here I was in his mansion, sharing his life and I have to say I did not hate it! The phone call to my parents was awkward. Telling them I was staying in L.A. and that I had found someone led to a lot of questions but in the end they realised that it was what I wanted to do and they helped me put my flat up for rent and stored all my stuff in their attic. I told them to sell my TV etc and use the money to treat themselves to a holiday. Donnie told me if there was anything I wanted from home that we could ship it over but to be honest I wasn’t really bothered. I felt a little sad that I had to give up my cat but Donnie said that whenever I wanted we could get a dog or cat of our own.

Donnie came padding down the stairs from the bathroom dressed only in his shorts. His face was looking a little fatter but the majority of his gains had settled onto his belly and chest. His pecs had now started to sag a little and had that triangular look that I loved. His areolas were getting slightly more enlarged too. I just loved the way that his body had heaviness to it now. His belly was getting rounder by the day, a classic ball gut, although I knew that the more weight he added it would start to sag. Oh, I prayed for that day! I met him at the bottom of the stairs and he turned me around and cuddled me from behind, pushing his gut into my back. I felt him start to get hard.

‘Oh you never let up do you?’ I said with a smile. ‘Nope, I cannot believe how much a life can change in such a short time.’ After he said it he playfully bit my ear. ‘What the weight gain?’ I asked. ‘The weight gain and everything else. You had no idea how lonely I was babe. People look from the outside and see the mansion, the cars, the money, the girls….’ ‘Yeah, about that!’ I said. He laughed and swung me around. ‘Publicists, babe, they were trying to protect my image. And what do I need girls for now I have you.’ Oh the cheeky grin, always with the cheeky grin.

‘Have you eaten properly today?’ I asked. ‘Properly? Does this belly look like I have been drinking slimming aids?’ He let me go and jiggled his gut.

‘Ha, no, I mean have you had your gainer shake? If you have nothing planned I would love to spoil you today.’ ‘And what do you have in mind, my sexy British Bulldog?’ ‘Well, firstly, I want to lay you down by the pool in the shade, then I want to make a huge batch of gainer shake, put it on ice and spend the rest of the day watching you drink it in-between me feeding you as much food as I can get into that big sexy fuzzy belly of yours.’ With that I bent down and kissed his stomach. ‘While you’re down there….’ I felt something poke me in the collar bone.

‘You are an animal!’ I said laughing. ‘Tell you what, you eat as much as you can for me today and I promise you little Donnie will get a treat of his own tonight.’

‘Deal, come on then slow poke, what ya waiting for?’ he started to run to the pool. ‘Give it six months Tiger and you aren’t going to be able to run anywhere!’

I was quite amazed at how much Donnie actually put away that day. This was the first time we had really spent a whole day indulging in gluttony. I had ordered take out from quite a few places in town and if nothing else was getting myself fit by having to go to the gates to collect each food order. Every time I went to the gates I told Donnie he had to down a pint of gainer shake and sure enough when I returned he lay there with an empty glass and a slightly firmer belly, each time resting the glass on his ever growing gut. I had lost count of how many pizzas Donnie had put away but it was more than I had dared imagined. At about 6 Donnie was starting to look sleepy. After all he had eaten more than an average man would in a week. All around him lay empty pizza boxes, glasses that once contained gainer shake, burger wrappers and enough chocolate bar wrappers to keep a class room of kids hyperactive! Looking around I figured he had taken in over 30,000 calories. I knew we couldn’t do this everyday as he would just explode but a weekly pig out session might prove to be beneficial to him.

‘You ok baby?’ He opened his eyes slowly and nodded ‘I have never felt so full in my life.’ I looked down at his belly and it was so huge, so round and solid that I just wanted to kiss it, so I did. ‘Offfpphh, Hun, be careful. I feel like I am going to blow.’ ‘Sorry baby, you have no idea how hot you look right now. Grrrrr, I don’t think I am going to be able to keep my hands off you.’ ‘Well, you are going to have to for a little while unless you want to re-enact that scene from ‘The meaning of life’.’ ‘Now, that is a shame as I just so happen to have a wafer thin mint just for you!’ he tried to laugh but stopped due to the tremendous pain in his bloated belly.

‘Listen, you just stay here for a couple of hours, I will go in and get you some Pepto and leave the food to settle, and then we can have a nice evening watching a film. Ok?’ ‘That sounds like a plan,’ he leaned up slightly ‘kiss.’ He said puckering his lips. I kissed him and went into the mansion. Looking back at him gave me a little shudder. He looked beautiful, so perfect. His extra weight suited him. Just to see the heft of his belly slowly rise and fall as he drifted off to sleep so poetry. Even if we stopped now I would be happy but deep down I knew that we both were on a path to making him a lot bigger.

Another week had flown by and Donnie had gained another 4lb. He was a little upset that is wasn’t more but I was happy. I told him that is was best to have a few slow weeks as his body could adjust to the added stresses of gaining. And to be honest 4lb wasn’t bad anyway! Donnie stood in front of his clothes and looked a little sad. ‘What’s the matter?’ I asked. ‘It’s a shame that all these clothes are never going to be worn again.’ ‘Well, not by you at least. Are you having second thoughts?’ ‘Oh good grief, no! Trust me babe, there is no going back for your chubby hubby!’ we both laughed. It was reassuring to know that Donnie loved his gains and that he didn’t want to go back to his old weight. ‘Listen, why don’t we bag up all of the clothes that you have porked out of and give them to Goodwill? That way someone will benefit.’

‘Good idea, I am glad you are brains of this outfit, I can’t be both the brains and the looks now can I!’ he said laughing. With that he grabbed me and gave me a hug that nearly knocked the wind out of me. I think he isn’t used to his size yet and he is a strong man. With the added weight he was starting to have quite a dominant presence.

As he was taking clothes off the hangers and putting them into bags I kept making oinking noises. ‘Who’s my big piggy? Who is?’ I was trying so hard not to laugh. ‘This piggy is going to belly bounce you onto the bed and jump your bones if you carry on!’ ‘Oh, really? Then I have only one thing to say. Oink!!’ with that I jumped onto the bed and hid under the covers. Donnie followed and pulled the covers back. ‘You want a piece of this pig then?’ ‘I don’t know, I’ve already eaten but I could be in the mood for bacon!’ I replied coyly. He laughed and flopped onto the bed. ‘Come here then.’ He reached over and pulled me towards him. Just holding him and feeling the softness of his body was so erotic. The pleasure I felt from gently squeezing his love handles and caressing his fattening rump was amazing. His arse was filling out more and had a soft dusting of peach fuzz on it. It was so plump and round. I rolled him over and pulled down his underwear. We hadn’t brought any new clothes yet and so his underwear was quite tight. I finished the job off with my teeth. I gently kissed each buttock and started to play my tongue over the surface. I could hear his breathing deepen; his breathe stuttering as my tongue licked his arse crack. I had never done this to anyone before but with Donnie everything seemed right. I parted his cheeks a little feeling the warmth of his fattening arse, the smooth baby soft skin with the fine hair sticking together with my saliva. My tongue went deeper into the groove and he started to grunt. ‘Oh baby, yes. That is amazing’ Donnie was enjoying this as much as I was. I started to lick harder and faster, building into frenzy with my tongue. He was panting now. I buried my tongue as deep as I could. ‘Let me roll over babe, I need to kiss you.’ I pulled my tongue out of his arse and gave his left buttock a slap. He rolled over and I was faced with 224lb of hot sweaty perfection. His chest hair was matted with sweat and he had a look of total lust on his face.

‘Come here!’ he pulled me up to his face and kissed me hard and deep. I had never felt passion like that before. We were both lost in the moment and nothing else mattered. He grabbed me and rolled me onto the mattress; he climbed on top of me and pushed his heavy gut into mine. His weight was so powerful, taking my breath away. He pushed harder into me. ‘This is all for you. All my fat, all this weight. Everything is for you. I want to get bigger, fatter and heavier.’ His voice was deep and feral. ‘I want you to be freaked out at how fat I am becoming. I want you to fed me, play with me, fuck me.’ Sweat was falling from his brow onto my face. ‘Make me your fantasy; feed me until I am reborn. I want you to have all of me, I am yours!’ I pulled him towards me and kissed him with more passion that I had ever felt possible. This man who I was totally in love with was giving himself to me. I cupped his face in my hands and moved him away slightly. ‘I will feed you and I will make you fatter, I promise that. I cannot put into words how I feel about you but I know that this is only the beginning and we will keep growing you until you become the man that you know you have always wanted to be.’ ‘I love you.’ He replied. The look in his eyes will stay with me forever. I could see into his soul and he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Nothing could come between us. We were going to make him into a beautiful fat man.

As we lay there, deep in the throws of our passion the telephone rang. We let the answering machine take the call. What happened next could put a stop to everything we had…………………..

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