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A Growing Star - Part 3

I lay in bed for a good 35 minutes awaiting Donnie’s return. He had gone into one of the other bedrooms to check the answering machine so he didn’t ruin my post sex come down. When he returned he didn’t look happy at all, in fact he looked scared and worried.

‘Baby?’ I said ‘What’s the matter?’

‘That was Steve, from my management team. He says I have to be at the office in an hour as they have some pictures that I may find interesting.’

‘What do you mean interesting?’

‘I bet some damn hack has seen us by the pool, and me lying there with this’ as he said it he grabbed a hand full of belly fat and shook it. He looked so angry.

‘Hey, babe, don’t do this to yourself. There are two things you need to remember. One, you don’t know what the pictures are yet. And two, ‘this’ as you call it is wonderful and sexy and has been the highlight of both of ours year so far.’

‘Yes but it could also spell the end of my career!’ I had never seen him like this, and didn’t know how to react.

‘I don’t know what to say that won’t cause us to fight and I don’t want that hun. I think you just need to wait and see what happens.’

‘I know you are right, am just scared, there’s a lot at stake. Plus what the hell am I going to wear!’ He had a point, pretty much everything he had was from his pre gaining days and were for a man of about 180lb not the 224lb bloater he had turned into. He did give me a smile though which proved that although things were scary he wasn’t blaming me and he knew that he loved his belly.

I waited for him in the house as we had never been seen together and it would take too much explaining at the office if I tagged along. Donnie looked good if a little over stuffed. He wore a white shirt that used to be baggy and flowing, sort of a beach look but now it clung to his belly and love handles. It has quite long so it hid the top of his trousers which were not buttoned up as nothing he had fit properly. He looked so handsome and so damn horny. I was so proud watching him go to the waiting car. He looked a little embarrassed in case the driver saw his new bulk but even if the driver saw and thought anything, nothing was said.

The wait was killing me. Donnie had been gone over 4 hours, I didn’t know if this was a good or a bad thing. So many thoughts were running around in my head.

‘What if they fire him? What if they are disgusted at what he has done? What if he is disgusted once he gets into the real world? What if he blames me? Will he throw me out? Will all this be over?’ I was driving myself insane with worry.

To me 224lb wasn’t fat at all but to the media Donnie might as well be travelling around in a cart wearing a circus tent. My frustration at the wait turned into anger that we had to be put through this just because of who Donnie is. You tend to forget that a celebrities life isn’t really their own and that everything they say and do is watched and picked over, so a star as big as Donnie gaining 44lb is going to cause a major stir.

It was getting dark before I heard the front door open. I ran from the kitchen into the hall to see Donnie standing there looking like a lost soul.

‘I am in so much shit’ he said, never had I seen him look like this. The light in his eyes was gone and he looked ashen.

‘What was said?’ I went over to him and put my arms around his bulky frame; as soon as I did he just broke down.

‘Some dirt bag photographer got pics of us by the pool. You can clearly see me laying there with my big fat gut hanging out covered in food wrappers. It looked so awful, pizza boxes, burger cartons, everything, all over the floor, I looked like a pig! If I don’t lose the weight I can kiss my career goodbye. They told me I would be in breach of my contract and could lose everything. They made me feel as if I were a circus freak, for Gods sake I have a belly not three legs! They had to pay this guy $50,000 to kill the photos and sign contracts and all sorts of shit, it was a nightmare!’

I lead him to the sitting room and we sat on the sofa together. Donnie was sobbing, my heart was breaking.

‘I am so sorry, this is my fault. I pushed you into something that I knew would effect your career but I just love you so much that I thought we could ride the storm and nothing would be said. I am such a fool.’ I cradled him in my arms and was rocking him backward and forward.

‘No, we both knew what we were doing, I love my body and I love you, I will always love you baby. I just have to do some serious thinking that’s all.’

‘What is your gut reaction? Pardon the pun.’ I said with a tiny smile.

He smiled back which made me realise that we were ok. ‘A part of me wants to go into that kitchen and not come out again until I am immense, then see what they do.’ The spark in his eyes was returning.

‘Well, you know I would love that but we have to be sensible and I am not going to sway your decision, it isn’t my place to tell you what to do when it comes to your career, all I will say is that I will stand by you whatever you decide.’

‘Thank you baby that was the perfect thing to say.’ He kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back I wiped his eyes and kissed each one.

The next 2 weeks were hard for us both. Donnie spent most of the time like a bear with a sore head. I tried to stay out of his way as much as I could. The one thing that I noticed was he was spending a lot of time in the kitchen and always seemed to be eating. Donnie had a history of depression and I know that when he split from ‘Now This’ he did pork up about 20lb. A dark part of me liked that he turned to food when things got bad. However, a larger part of me saw the man I loved and I didn’t want him to go into a self destruct pattern. One fateful night nearly stopped everything in its tracks.

We were lying on the bed watching a DVD and Donnie only had on his sweat pants. His belly was looking bigger and softer than ever and by the look of it had gained a good 10lb. I snuggled up to him and started to rub his belly.

‘Is this all you want me for?’ he asked, he didn’t even look at me.

‘I’m sorry?’ I replied, moving my hand away.

‘Was this part of your master plan, to stalk the places I chilled out so you could get your claws into me and feed me up until I looked like a blob?’ I was floored; my head was in a whirl. Where the hell had this come from?
Before I got chance to reply he started in again.

‘How did you know about gainer shakes, how did you know what to feed me and how to look after my skin? All this doesn’t make sense. It’s like you planned this.’ There was real venom in his voice.

‘Firstly,’ I said, getting off the bed ‘I had no idea where you hung out. I had no plan; I didn’t even know you lived around here. Donnie, you are being more than unfair. I understand that you are depressed but what you are saying is just so hurtful.’

‘What about the gainer shakes then? Who would know about them?’ he too got off the bed and started to put a T shirt on as if trying to hide his increasing bulk.

‘I can’t deny I have a thing for fat guys. I always have. I go on websites dedicated to guys who are growing fatter on purpose. It’s not that uncommon. I have always thought that a man isn’t truly a man until he has a gut. I promise you though; I never ever had the intention of making you fatter until we both started talking about it. I can’t deny that I think you look amazing, you look so powerful and strong and looking at you melts my heart. We both went into this together and yes, I did have knowledge before but even if I didn’t you would have still gotten fat just by the amount of junk food that you were putting away, and you can’t say that you didn’t enjoy it because I know you did!’ I was trying to stay calm, I knew that this could break us up and I didn’t want that for one minute.

‘My head is just ready to burst, I need time to think and I can’t do that with you around.’ He started to walk away.

‘What are you saying?’ my voice started to tremble, I knew what was coming.

‘I think it best if you went back to England, at least for a couple of months. I need to clear my head. You are right, I have got depression again and I know I have been a bastard these last few weeks. And deep down I know that you didn’t do this to me on purpose.’ He looked down at his bulging gut.

‘Ok, I hate this but I understand, and thank you for saying that you know I didn’t have a plan. I will sort out my things and get a plane tomorrow. You have to promise me though that this isn’t the end. I couldn’t bare to think that we were over.’ I started filling up again.

‘We aren’t over, I just need space. I will get Steve to book you a flight, an open return so you know that you are coming back.’

That night we slept in separate rooms.

I won’t bore you with the details of my time back home other than every day my heart ached for Donnie. I spent hours crying and going over everything that was done and said. The only bright spot was that the media didn’t know anything about Donnie weight gain. I brought all the gossip mags and checked them every week. At least Donnie could have the time he needed to get himself straight again.

A couple of months turned into 6 and I was in serious doubt that Donnie would ever call.

I was sitting in my room listening to some music when my phone rang. I was Donnie!

‘Hey’ he said, there was nothing in his voice that gave me an idea if this was going to be good or bad news.

‘Hey’ I replied, wow, this may be the most stimulating phone chat ever!

‘I’m ok and I want you to come home.’ His voice started to crack. ‘I have things sorted in my head now and I want you here again, if you want too. I know I have been a bastard but I want you by my side and in my bed.’ The words were broken up with tears, almost like a child when they fall over and cry to their mum.

I thought I was going to be ok but as soon as I started to speak I cried also. The relief was immense. ‘Of course I will come home. I have missed you more than you will ever know. I love you so much baby.’

We spent the next hour just chatting and talking the talk only lovers do. He never once mentioned his weight or his depression only that he had sorted himself out now and knew what he wanted. I daren’t ask as I didn’t want anything to ruin this moment.

I was like a child on Christmas Eve. I didn’t sleep at all that night and got up early ready for my flight that would bring me back to the man I loved. The flight was uneventful, so too was the car journey other than the fact I was behaving like an excitable dog sticking his head out of the window, if my tongue was long enough I am sure it would have been flapping in the breeze! We pulled up at the gates and I thanked the driver, collected my suitcases and rang the buzzer,

‘It’s me, I back!’ I yelled down the speaker, I was so excited I swear I could have peed!

‘Buzzing you in.’ ‘Buzzing you in?’ is that all he had to say? I was now started to think he had changed him mind again or else he was still deep in depression and didn’t want me around again.

I started to the front door, left my suitcases at the bottom of the steps and walked into the house not knowing what I expect. What I saw blew my mind!

In the entrance hall stood Donnie in his underwear. Or what looked like Donnie, as the guy standing with his hands on his hips was huge!
‘Welcome home baby!’ he said with the widest grin I have ever seen. Donnie was fat, I mean FAT! At least 320lb.

‘Surprise!!!’ he yelled!

‘What? How? I……’ I was speechless.

‘You can hug me you know.’ He said. There was the shit eating grin again, I melted.

I ran to him and threw my arms around him, setting him off balance slightly but he soon corrected his bulk and hugged me back. The feeling of sinking into his huge soft fat was amazing. I pushed into his gut and felt its warmth against my stomach. His huge tits squashed in, pushing the fat under his arms. His face was incredibly handsome, the best I had ever seen it, almost like it had been waiting all this time to become what it was destined to be. His arms were big and chunky, starting to sag towards his armpits. His neck was thick and he had a pronounced double chin. We hugged for what seemed an hour. Then I pulled back.

‘Don’t say a word, I want to take all this in.’ I stepped back a few paces to get to good view of my hugely fat lover. He was a vision of gluttony, a pure sensual erotic image that would be burned into my soul forever. His gut was massive, so very round. His hairy chest was still there and had seemed to have gone into overdrive as his gut was practically furry. His tits were soft and flabby, sitting onto top of his gut; the nipples were enlarged and were a good 4 inches across. His tits still had that pointy look but were just so juicy and full. His gut had started to sag and was down resting on his second belly. This second belly was beautiful, just like a pure fat band resting above his dick. You could see it went all the way to the sides and formed part of his love handles. His love handles were like loaves of bread waiting to be baked. Soft, doughy and pliable. I had never seen a fat man look so prefect.

His legs were huge and were rubbing together from about half way up his thighs; they had started to dimple too. I was in awe of what Donnie had turned into. I was too blown away to actually be horny. My brain had miss fired I think, just couldn’t cope with the image that stood in front of me. I just stood and shook my head in disbelief.

‘So? What do you think to the new me?’ he asked, knowing full well what the answer would be. ‘What do I think? Donnie I cannot put into words what I feel, I am honestly in shock, this is like my greatest desire come true. You are magnificent!’

‘Why, thank you baby, and you know what?’

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Come closer I want to whisper in your ear.’ Dear Lord could this man be any cuter!

I walked over to him. And in one fell swoop he grabbed me pushed me onto the floor and got on top of me. I seriously thought I would be squashed but Donnie just laughed and rested himself as gently as he could, taking care not to hurt me. He kissed me hard; I had waited 6 months to feel his lips on mine. The sensation made me shudder, my whole body responded to this kiss. I felt alive again, so awake and so in love. We kissed long and hard, just lost in the lust. Donnie suddenly stopped and looked me straight in the eyes.

‘I want to get fatter. And I want you to help me; this is only the beginning baby. We are going to fulfil both of our desires.’

Before I could reply he kissed me again and in that moment I knew my life was complete. And Donnie was going to balloon…………………………

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