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A hypnotic transformation
It was late on a Friday evening in October and after a few drinks and a meal out with friends, Paul was back in his apartment stripped down to his jocks, looking at muscle transformations on YouTube. He loved seeing guys bulking up from scrawny to brawny. Then something caught his eye. It was the transformation of a fit guy who took his bulking to the extreme, first developing a belly before becoming an enormous muscle chub. He felt his dick twitch with excitement which seemed a bit puzzling. Why did he find the look so appealing? He spent a fair amount of time in the gym keeping himself fit and lean and had always been a bit disdainful of guys who seemingly let themselves go.

At 35, Paul was a good looking guy with dark brown eyes and chiselled features. About 5’ 11” weighing in at about 170lbs of toned muscle he was nicely defined but not massive. Since starting to lose his hair in his late 20s he kept his head shaved along with the rest of his naturally hairy body, accentuating his washboard abs and firm pecs with his pierced nips standing proud. He worked hard to keep himself in shape and had a healthy respect for other dudes who spent hours in the gym doing the same which is why he found it strange that he couldn’t take his eyes of the bloated body of the muscle chub. There was something about his ball gut that he found mesmerizing and incredibly appealing. He lifted up his tee shirt and looked down at his own flat stomach, which normally would have evoked a sense of pride and tonight, he found it distinctly uninspiring. Should he transform himself in the way that the YouTuber muscle chub had he thought to himself?

He shook his head knowing it would be almost impossible to achieve. Paul had always been lean and in fact had found it difficult to put on muscle. It had taken many years to build up the muscle that he now had and he knew he just did not have the capacity to eat the required amount to bulk up. He noticed a link from the muscle chub’s page to another site dedicated to guys who liked bellies and gaining and found himself getting more and more engrossed in the individual stories of guys who had started along the gaining path becoming larger and larger and more self-fulfilled in the process. Is this what he had been missing all these years? Sure, he’d had his fair share of fun, even had a boyfriend for about 18 months but somehow something was always lacking. Well let me at least give it a try he thought.

He woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and headed straight to the supermarket to stock up on supplies. He spent ages looking at the nutritional information trying to find calorie dense foods and eventually staggered home 2 hours later with a vast array of fattening foods and drinks. He already had his gainer shakes which were a regular feature of his diet as he tried to maintain his hard gained muscle and resolved to increase his consumption to help with gaining.

He spent the rest of the weekend and the following week sticking to his regular workout routine while trying to add in extra meals to up his calories. He went out for dinner with mates on a couple of nights and ordered extra-large portions with starters and desserts in an effort to maximise his intake. But he just found himself getting really full pretty quickly and barely able to finish the portions before his gut was aching and he couldn’t manage a mouthful more.

The following weekend arrived and he dragged himself out of bed, had a shower and then weighed himself. The dial came to a rest at barely over 170lbs. Fuck he thought to himself, all of that effort and he had practically gained nothing. He redoubled his efforts over the next weeks, extra gainer shakes, bigger portions, snacking between meals, lifting heavier at the gym to find that by the end of the month he had still only gained a single pound. Feeling thoroughly despondent he found himself back on the gainer site looking at pictures of other guys with beautiful bellies who seemed to have no problem piling on the pounds. Why them and not me he lamented. He started up an online conversation with an encourager called Jack wondering if there was something he was doing wrong. “I just don’t seem to have the capacity to eat large amounts” he said “what am I not getting?”

“Have you tried hypnosis?” suggested Jack “I’ve heard that for some people it works wonders.”

Paul was sceptical. “I don’t really believe in that kind of thing” he said “I really don’t see how it can help.”

“Well why not give it a go. If it doesn’t work then you haven’t lost anything other than a bit of time listening to a nice calming voice.” Jack said.

I suppose I could give it a try thought Paul. “Do you have any suggestions?” he asked Jack.

Jack pointed him towards a fellow gainer who produced hypnosis videos and Paul decided to listen to one immediately. He made himself comfortable, put on some headphones and relaxed back into the sofa as he hit play on his iPad. He tried to let his mind just absorb the message and wondered if when it stopped he would feel any different. 20 minutes later he felt pretty relaxed but, to be honest, he didn’t have the ravenous hunger that the hypnosis had promised. It promised that he would want to eat as soon as he came out of the trance but apart from getting a coffee he didn’t have the urge to suddenly start stuffing his face.

Feeling a little disappointed he decided to hit the gym to clear his head. He packed his gym kit into his bag adding in his usual protein shake and headed out. He put himself through his usual routine but didn’t have much enthusiasm or energy to really go for it and returned home after just 45 minutes. He got chatting with Jack again and said that, as expected, the hypnosis hadn’t worked.

“You might need to give it a bit of time” said Jack. “Some people find they need to listen a good few times before it really starts to sink in and have an effect. Don’t give up too soon – give it a chance.”

“OK” said Paul “I’ll listen a few more times and see what happens but I’m not holding out any great hope!”

He spent the next day watching and listening to various hypnosis videos hoping to elicit some kind of change. Apart from seeming to go a bit deeper into the visuals and letting the voice wash over him in a comforting way, he still didn’t seem to be able to completely turn off and succumb to the hypnotic suggestions. Perhaps I’m just too resistant to let myself go, Paul thought to himself.

It was lunchtime on Sunday so Paul made himself a sandwich before settling back to on the sofa to browse through more pictures of big-bellied guys. He found himself more and more drawn to those who had transitioned from starter bellies, to big ball guts and who had now developed absolutely huge, overhanging guts hanging low enough to obscure their cocks, with round bulbous tits splaying out above their massive bellies, big fleshy thighs that rubbed together when they walked, arms pushed out from their bodies by the enormous size of their moobs and rolls of fat under their ams, and big chubby faces with double chins covering their thick necks. Paul’s cock was rock hard as he lay back and jerked off, moaning with pleasure as he came, spraying jiz all over his contoured abs. He looked at the pictures of bloated stomachs and then down at his own flat stomach feeling distinctly depressed with what he saw.

“Fuck!” he said out loud “Why can’t I get the body I really want?” He put the headphones on again and played the hypnosis video for the fifth time. He closed his eyes, letting his mind go and the soothing words penetrate deeply into his subconscious. They intoned that he would find his fattening belly deeply arousing and the more it grew, the more he would be turned on and the bigger he would want it to get. He would find eating deeply pleasurable and would be overcome with desire to eat more and more, and to get bigger and bigger. On and on it went, repeating the messages again and again…… “And when you awake you will find yourself consumed with hunger and will need to eat immediately to satisfy your cravings. Awake now you big fatty.” And with that Paul opened his eyes. He stretched himself and looked around. Fuck, he thought, I definitely went a bit deeper that time. And then he noticed that he had a gnawing pain in his stomach. Although he’d just had a sandwich which normally would have been more than enough to satisfy him, the hunger pangs were getting worse. It wasn’t as though he had turned into a mindless eating zombie; he was just feeling very hungry and had a very conscious need to eat.

He got up and walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He took out butter, cheese, ham, mayo and tomatoes. He made himself three enormous sandwiches applying butter liberally onto big, thick slices of wholemeal bread before piling on the cheese, meat and tomatoes and smothering them all with full fat mayo. He then settled back onto the sofa and excitedly messaged Jack. “I think it’s working” He felt his cock harden with anticipation as he gorged his face on the sandwiches. Jack replied almost immediately. “That’s fantastic dude” he congratulated Paul. “Now we need to make sure that you maximise on the opportunity. You need to be consuming the maximum amount of calories you can. Let’s start by setting a few ground rules. First, you must wash every meal down with half a pint of double cream – that’s after breakfast, lunch and dinner. No skipping meals or cream. Second, you must constantly snack between meals. Spoons of peanut butter or Nutella, bags of chips/crisps, nuts, donuts, muffins, chocolate bars, protein bars, whatever you like as long as you have something on the go. Always. All the time. And thirdly, you must get into a routine where you have a tub of ice cream every night just before you go to bed. Consuming so many calories just before you sleep is a sure-fire way to pack on the pounds.” Paul frantically scribbled down the instructions. “Thanks Jack” he said “I’ll need to head out to the supermarket now to stock up if I’m going to be able to stick to this routine” and with that he rushed out, not before grabbing a bag of chips/crisps to eat on the way.

And so began Paul’s transformation. His appetite was almost insatiable. It was difficult at first as his capacity was still limited. He would stuff himself to the point where he was in acute physical pain because his belly was so bloated. But then within another hour he would find himself hungry again. He found himself snacking almost continuously to keep the hunger at bay and, as instructed, finished every meal with half a pint of double cream. At first he found the richness of the cream slightly nauseating but it always went down easily and after some time a meal didn’t
feel complete unless it was finished off with cream.

The changes were slow at first. However within a couple of weeks, Paul noticed that his abs were no longer ridged as a layer of flat started to cover them. His stomach would get bloated after eating but would shrink back again to its usual flatness within a few hours. He loved it when it was full and distended and would rub it with his hands, caressing its roundness in stark contrast to his cock which was thick, straight and itself gorged after every feeding. He would rub his left hand over his belly while stroking his throbbing dick with the right, getting equal pleasure from both.

And then one day about a month later, he was sitting at his desk at work after having eaten a large pasta lunch, when he noticed that his stomach was no longer retracting to its usual flatness. In fact the buttons on his shirt were starting to strain just a little. He got an instant boner which he was glad was hidden by the desk as just at that moment a colleague walked over.

“Hey Paul” It was Ricardo, the really good looking, Italian muscle stud from finance. “Just wanted to check if you had the February report” he said his eyes drawn almost involuntarily to Paul’s paunch.

“It’ll be ready by the end of the day.” said Paul noticing where Ricardo’s eyes were focusing. Usually he would have tried to suck in his gut but, if anything, actually pushed it out a bit further to accentuate its growing size.

Ricardo couldn’t help himself and commented “You still going to the gym, looks like you’ve put on a little weight recently?”

“Maybe a little” replied Paul “I’m actually trying to bulk up a little as I think I’ve always been a bit on the small side.”

“Well mind how you get on dude” said Ricardo, “it looks like a lot of it is going to your gut. If you’re not careful you’ll end up with a bit of a ball belly.” Paul nodded but didn’t say out loud that that was exactly what he was hoping for!

He got home that evening and popped himself on the scale. 183lbs. A thirteen pound gain since he’d started properly gaining. He was pleased and disappointed at the same time. Yes he was starting to plump up but it was very slow and still not that noticeable when he was standing. He ordered in pizza and browsed the gainer site admiring the boys’ bellies. His cock was stiff and dripping with pre-cum as has drooled over all the gorgeous bellies on show. He chatted with Jack who suggested that he try and push himself a little more each day. Instead of two McMuffins for breakfast, try three. Instead of one slice of cake have two. An extra portion here, a second dessert there. Two packets of chips/crisps for the train ride home instead of one. And maybe a couple of challenges. Try to eat 12 Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting. Maybe have a feeding day one weekend and try and consume 15 thousand calories over the day. “I’ll be more than happy to come on over to give you a good stuffing” Jack enthused!

“I might just take you up on that!” Paul responded.

And so Paul upped his portion sizes, snacked just that little bit more and religiously stuck to his post-meal cream chugs and bedtime ice cream. As the weeks went by he found that his stomach capacity increased quite quickly and he was able to consume more and more without the usual gripes and pain. He noticed that his clothes were beginning to get a bit snug and then positively tight. By the end of the second month he had hit 200 lbs and was now well into overweight territory.

“Congrats dude” said Jack “You’ve just gained your first 30lbs. Every gainer’s dream come true!”

“I know” said Paul “I feel really good about myself and am loving how my body is changing.” He looked down at his belly which was now protruding quite markedly. He was still in his work clothes and the buttons on his shirt were straining under the pressure of his expanding girth. “However, I still feel that I have a way to go before I feel really satisfied with how I look.”

“Give it time” laughed Jack “Enjoy the ride, at this rate you’ll be bigger than you expect!”

“I dunno” replied Paul “I kinda feel that I’ll never be big enough!”

“Well there’s no rush. See how you feel as you gain more and then take it from there!” Sage words of advice from Jack.

Paul went into his bedroom and unbuttoned his shirt and felt a welcome release as his gut was no longer restrained by the shirt. He cupped his hands around the firm ball that his stomach had become eyeing himself up in front of the full length mirror. His dick was standing to attention as he admired his belly. Most of the gain had gone to his belly but his moobs were beginning to enlarge and his arms and legs were starting to fill out as well. Apart from his head which he still kept shaved, he’d given up on manscaping and his gut and chest were covered in a fine layer of black fuzz. He jerked off before heading back into the kitchen to get his bed time ice cream snack.

Paul stopped going to the gym in month four. It wasn’t that the sarcastic comments he was getting from other gym goers were getting to him, he just didn’t need the negativity and also found that he was lacking energy and motivation to keep going. With the complete lack of exercise and an increasing appetite the weight really started to pile on. He had to get a new wardrobe and had bought XXL shirts, not because he needed them yet but to give himself an incentive to grow into them. He had graduated from 32” to 38” waist trousers to ensure that his expanding butt didn’t cause an accidental rip at work! By the end of the fifth month he had hit 220lbs and was now officially obese. Again, he stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom. He was naked apart from his jocks and his hairy belly was now just starting to hang over the waistband. His butt had fattened up and was stretching the material to breaking point. His formerly tight pecs were forming into real tits with the pierced nips standing pertly to attention. He looked at them intently thinking that they too could do with being a bit bigger and resolved to start stretching them in an effort to enlarge them. All in all, he liked what he saw but again his brain was still telling him that his body had a long way to go before perfection was achieved!

And so the months went by. Paul found that his capacity to eat expanded as he grew. Meals that previously would have him doubling over in physical agony as his belly stretched and bloated now were barely enough to contain his hunger. The more he ate the hungrier he seemed to get. By the time summer arrived he had hit 270lbs. In a little over 9 months he had stacked on a hundred pounds.

It was a glorious, warm and sunny day late in the summer and he was due to meet Jack and a few other friends at the local park for a picnic. He pulled on an XXL Hawaiian shirt and tucked a pair of blue shorts under his belly which now had a sizeable overhang. The shorts were a little on the tight side which just served to show off his fleshy thighs and chunky legs. The shirt was left untucked and as he walked the bottom of his belly could just be seen jiggling below the shirt. He packed up his picnic hamper and a cooler bag filled with beers and called an Uber. The park was no more than a 15 minute walk away but with a heavy hamper and cooler bag it was not a journey he intended to do on foot. He had seemingly packed enough food for a family of four – pork pies, quiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, sandwiches, muffins, donuts and chocolate. It had taken him a bit of time to pack everything up so by the time he arrived everyone else was already there. He’d seen quite a bit of Jack in recent months who waved as he walked up to join the group. He hadn’t seen a couple of his other friends for a while and the conversation dropped to a hush as he approached.

“Hi Paul” said Phil, one of his old uni friends “Long time no see.”

“Yes, it has been a while – probably the Christmas get together last year?” ventured Paul

“I guess that’s about right” said Phil, not knowing where to go next. Paul was fucking huge and he couldn’t take his eyes off the size of his gut. Should he say something or just ignore the obvious? But he’d known Paul a long time and couldn’t hold back. “What the fuck dude? It looks like you didn’t just eat all the pies but the pie-maker as well! Fucking hell – what’s happened?”

Paul was a little taken aback by the forcefulness of the comments but had been expecting them so was ready with his response. “Look I know I’ve put on a little weight, well maybe a lot of weight, but I just couldn’t be arsed with going to the gym anymore and I’ve discovered a real liking for food. And lots of it. This is just who I am, bigger and better than ever! What the fuck’s it to you?”

And with the situation somewhat diffused the boys got down to the usual banter, eating and drinking in the heat of the afternoon sun. As the beers went down, the conversation inevitably turned back to the size of Paul’s impressive gut.

“Come on dude” encouraged Shane “Get that shirt undone. Let’s see the damage and it’d probably do it good to get some sun on it anyway!” He was almost talking as if Paul’s belly was its own entity!

Paul didn’t need much encouraging. He’d gorged his way through several pork pies, two quiches, a couple of scotch eggs and several sandwiches just on his own and his belly was now a little bloated causing his shirt to feel a bit tight. He unbuttoned it and let it fall to his sides exposing the mounded beauty of his gut and his now sizeable tits.

“Fuck me” said Shane in astonishment “That is one big mother fucker!”

Paul sat back with his arms behind him enjoying the stares that he was getting, not only from his mates but from other people sitting close by in the park. His gut rested on his shorts covering his cock and was marked with several long, red, stretch marks evidencing his rapid gain. His tits, also exposed by his open shirt, were resting on his gut, huge and flabby crowned with enormous nipples stretched out by large gauge stainless steel nip rings.

“Holy shit” said Phil, almost mesmerized by what he was seeing “What have you done to yourself dude? You look like you could be 8 months pregnant!”

“Thanks Phil, I’ll take that as a compliment” smiled Paul.

Over the next few months, Paul’s weight seemed to plateau despite him continuing to eat seemingly massive amounts and he became somewhat depressed. He was quite glad when summer finally ended as the he found he was constantly sweating which was more than a little unpleasant. By the time Christmas came around he was a little over 285lbs and was just on the cusp of being classed as morbidly obese. In an effort to re-boot his gaining he had started inviting Jack over to help him feed. Jack was more than happy to oblige. He had a bit of a crush on Paul and was keen to take the relationship to the next level. Paul however seemed to be focused solely on his weight and gaining.

The doorbell rang and Paul, sitting on the sofa in the lounge shouted out “Door’s open, come on in.”

Jack came in and got an immediate boner when he saw Paul on the sofa. It was a Saturday morning and he was sitting watching breakfast TV. He was wearing a red and white checked shirt which was clearly a size too small as the buttons were threatening to pop off as he fed himself a bagel dripping with butter and jam.

“Did you bring breakfast?” questioned Paul, eying up Jack as he came in.

“Of course I did you glutton!” replied Jack holding up several McDonald bags.

“Thank fuck for that” said Paul “I was getting hungry.”

“I’ve also brought 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for later” Jack said pointing to a couple of boxes he’d left by the front door “so you’d better be hungry or they’ll go to waste.”

“Fat chance of that!” laughed Paul.

“Right we had better get cracking” said Jack “There’s a lot of eating to get done today!” and with that he opened up the first of the McDonald’s bags and started to stuff a double sausage egg McMuffin into Paul’s willing mouth. Three egg McMuffins, 6 Krispy Kreme donuts washed down with half a pint of double cream and breakfast was done. Admittedly Paul had already had 2 bagels by the time Jack arrived so the day was off to a good and fattening start.

“I thought we might try something a bit different today” said Jack with a glint in his eye. “I’ve brought some whipped cream spray which I thought I’d spray on myself and you could lick it off!”

“Oooh kinky” said Paul, looking at Jack with renewed interest. This could be fun. It had been a long while since he’d engaged in any kind of action with anyone. Of course he jacked off regularly but had been too intent on gaining to head out to hook up with anyone. Also, with his new found weight he was a little unsure as to what was going to be possible and with whom. He looked at Jack noticing for the first time what a catch he was. He’d always just seen him as an encourager and nothing more. Recently he’d become his personal feeder but maybe there was still more to come. He was a big lad – about 6’ 3” and weighing in at about 220lbs made up of mostly muscle with just a little chub. He had the cutest hint of a belly just pushing out the bottom of his tightly fitted polo shirt. His piercing green eyes looked questioningly at Paul with his short, jet black hair framing his pretty face.

“Right, let’s do this” said Paul reaching for the can of whipped cream “We’ve got a lunch reservation for 12.30 and we don’t want to be late!”
“Always fucking driven by your stomach!” laughed Jack pushing Paul’s hand away from the can. “I’ll do the spraying” he said “You just occupy yourself with doing the licking!” And with that he peeled off his polo shirt and then squirted the cream into his navel, up his stomach finishing with two big dollops on each nipple. Paul greedily started licking out the cream from Jack’s navel and then followed the trail of cream up his stomach before sucking up the mounds of cream on Jack’s nipples. Jack groaned with pleasure as Paul gently bit each nip as he finished the cream.

“Need more.” said Paul, looking at Jack with pleading eyes.

“Maybe later” said Jack mischievously “We need to get ready for lunch - you know how you hate to be late for important appointments!” And with that Jack got up and headed into the bathroom to clean up leaving Paul panting for more.

The two of them sat back in the booth at the Indian restaurant surveying the damage. They had both had large starters before ploughing through a total of 5 different spicy curries, along with vegetable samosas, onion bhajis and mounds of pilau rice. Paul had managed three large naans and Jack had had two which was a good effort given the enormous quantity of food! Paul looked at Jack with a renewed respect; he had almost managed to keep pace with Paul which was no mean feat!

“Not quite finished for you though, is it piggy?!” Paul said with a hint of playfulness in his voice as he reached under the table to retrieve a baby’s bottle filled with double cream.

“Fuck you pervert!” said Paul incredulously “You can’t expect me to drink the cream from that! Not in a public space anyway!”

“Oh yes I fucking can!” said Jack with just a hint of hardness in his voice “Don’t even think about not obeying me!”

Paul took the bottle from Jack and started squirting the cream down his throat. “Is this good enough, sir?” he asked

“Yes. Good piggy” said Jack smiling, winking at Paul.

Mmmm, I like where this is heading thought Paul feeling his cock stiffen under the table. He was seeing a new, more dominant side to Jack and he liked what he saw. He polished off the cream relishing the stares of disdain he was getting from the other diners in the restaurant! His stomach was so bloated that he found it quite difficult to extract himself from the booth as they left the restaurant. Their Uber was waiting and they were back in Paul’s apartment a short while later.

“Teatime” said Jack with some glee as he reached over to grab the open box of Krispy Kremes. “I’ll make us a coffee while you get started on the donuts.”

By the time Jack came back with the coffees, Paul had finished 3 donuts and was already on a fourth.

“Fuck that was quick” said Jack “Just as well we’ve got another box!”

He took the steaming mugs of creamy coffee off the tray along with a jar of peanut butter.

“When you’ve finished those donuts we’ve got another jar of goodness to keep you satisfied” teased Jack and with that he sat on the sofa next to Paul unscrewing the lid of the jar of peanut butter. He took a big scoop and forced it into Paul’s mouth allowing his free hand to brush against Paul’s cock feeling it stiffen as he did so. “Is piggy feeling stuffed yet? Piggy needs a good stuffing doesn’t he?” He gave Paul’s throbbing cock a squeeze before putting his hand under Paul’s shirt to rub his bloated belly. “Is that good fat piggy?” he asked.

Paul groaned with pleasure as Jack used one hand to rub his belly and the other to massage his dick. One by one, he slowly, deliberately, flicked open each button on Paul’s shirt to reveal his enormous, hairy belly and bulbous tits with their massive nips, each adorned with 8mm circular rings. He then unbuttoned Paul’s jeans before pulling them down, along with his jocks, leaving him lying on his back on the couch in just his open shirt. Jack saw Paul’s dick twitch with excitement. Although normally 6-7 inches when erect, as Paul’s fat pad had developed it had started to encase his dick making it appear to only be about 4 inches long which Jack found to be quite endearing. Jack then stripped himself down revealing his own 8 inch cock, hard and throbbing with anticipation. He grabbed some lube and smothered his cock with it before leaning over Paul whispering “Piggy needs a good stuffing, doesn’t he!” He then inserted his dick into Paul’s crack while grabbing a Krispy Kreme donut which he stuffed bit by bit into Paul’s mouth with each forceful thrust of his cock. “Is piggy feeling stuffed yet?” he questioned. Paul let out a moan of pleasure unable to speak because his gob was so full of donut. Jack didn’t take long before he shot his load deep inside Paul’s arse and then lay panting next to Paul on the couch.

“Fuck you can cum again” said Paul having finally swallowed the donut. “That was totally, fucking amazing! You’re a fucking master!”

“Glad piggy liked it!” smirked Jack.

Then it was time for more feeding only this time Jack used one hand to feed Paul while using the other to give him a hand job. Each time Paul was about to climax Jack would ease off and focus on stuffing the donuts into his mouth before returning his focus to Paul’s throbbing dick. Eventually Jack let him cum and Paul shed his load all over Jack’s chest and face. They both lay back exhausted and satisfied. Jack rolled onto his side and pulled Paul in close enjoying the feeling of his large, soft belly pushing into the small of his back.

It was 8pm and the boys were waiting for the pizza delivery. The final meal of the day and they had ordered in 3 large, stuffed crust pizzas, cheesy garlic bread, a double side of chicken wings topped off with cookie dough ice cream. The pizza delivery guy rang the doorbell. “Delivery for your party” he said looking into the apartment expecting to see a few people. “Thanks dude” said Jack handing the guy a healthy tip “It’s just for the two of us!”

The two of them sat in front of the TV watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Paul polished off two of the pizzas while Jack had the other and pretty soon there was no evidence of the take out feast other than the empty boxes. Paul went to clear up the boxes. “Not so fast piggy” interjected Jack “you’ve still got your cream to down!” He ducked into the kitchen returning with another half pint of cream. Paul chugged it down grinning at Jack with a big creamy moustache before letting Jack lick off the remnants ending in a long, lingering kiss.

“Fuck that has been a most awesome day!” sighed Paul as the two of them lay back on the couch.

“Glad you’ve had fun” replied Jack.

“I’ve had more fucking fun today than I’ve had in a year” said Paul happily “Let’s do this again soon!”

“Absolutely. I’ve had an amazing day too!” said Jack looking at his watch “I guess I should head off soon - it’s getting pretty late.”

“Head off?” Paul looked at Jack quizzically “Aren’t you staying over? You’ve still got one more meal to feed me!”

“Oh if you insist!” Jack didn’t need much persuading!

The two of them cleared up before going through to the bedroom.

“Right, you get yourself ready and I’ll pop the ice cream into the microwave for a few seconds to make it easier to slide down!” Jack offered. He went back to the kitchen leaving Paul to get ready for bed returning with the tub of ice cream to find Paul relaxing on the bed. With the pillows propped up behind him, he sat on the bed completely naked with his legs out in front of him and his glorious belly hanging down over his cock. Jack stripped off and joined Paul on the bed. “Open wide” he said bringing a spoon of mushy ice cream up to Paul’s mouth. Paul gulped it down as Jack continued to feed him the ice cream. Every so often, a little bit dripped onto Paul’s massive chest and Jack relished the opportunity to suck it off his fat tits. Finally they were done and both lay back enjoying the warm feeling of being stuffed and content. Paul figured that he must have consumed well in excess of 15 thousand calories over the day. Job well done he thought!

And so began the next phase of both Paul and Jack’s gaining adventure. It wasn’t long before Jack moved in permanently and Paul’s weight gain was on an upward trajectory again. It didn’t take long before he had smashed through the 300lb barrier and by the time summer came around again he had more than doubled his starting weight, clocking in at 365lbs. His hunger almost seemed incontrollable now and he couldn’t go anywhere without having some kind of snack to keep himself going. His overhanging belly was so big that it had started to lose its ball shape thanks to gravity and now hung so low that it obscured the waistband of his jeans. His tits were huge and splayed out above his belly with rolls of fat under his arms so that instead of hanging vertically they were forced outwards away from his body. His thighs were massive and constantly chafed when he walked and he was thankful that he lived in a ground floor apartment so didn’t have to deal with stairs. His arms were fat and full, stretching the arms of his 5XL shirts to the max. His chiselled features had long since retreated behind a layer of fat making his face much rounder and puffier and his double chin completely obscured his neck. Even Jack had put on a bit of weight having hit 250lbs. Living with Paul and the constant focus on food had rubbed off on him and he too was enjoying his food more and more and found that his hunger was increasing as he got bigger. But both had never been happier and relished the regular feeding, frotting and fucking sessions that has become a constant feature of their relationship. Paul couldn’t wait to hit 400 and Jack had his eye on 300. Life had never been fuller!
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