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Anything for the Part
Mr. Anthony knew immediately that Dominic Lopez wasn’t right for the part but he watched the clip anyway, impressed with his star quality. The actor obviously had all the elements of a Hollywood success. He was strikingly handsome and exotic, his presence drew the camera and his sex appeal enhanced his acting. The only problem was his cut up physique didn’t fit the character description for the new film at all.

"That was great Natalie but, as I told you, this part is a fat guy, not another California gym body.” He wondered if he should get a new casting director. Natalie just didn’t get the concept of fat and attractive.

"He’s willing to gain weight for the role, as much as you want.” She suggested hopefully.

Mr. Anthony laughed. "Guys like him don’t want to gain 50 pounds. I don’t think it will work.”

"You could at least interview him. He’s smarter than he looks, he understands what he’s getting into.”

"You’re right. He is great looking. If he’s serious about it, he could be just what I want.”

All week Mr. Anthony looked forward to meeting Dominic. The storyboard was already being revised to show his body’s progression from toned to plump to blimp. The only question was his potential to gain. Was he able or even willing to get that big?

Dominic Lopez was possibly even more appealing in person than he was on screen. His voice was smooth and sexy with the slightest Latin accent. His stride was sexy and confident and Anthony could picture it doing wonderful things to a large belly. Anthony couldn’t see his body very well under his casual loose fitting clothing but he appeared to be your average HWP actor, tall and athletic enough to be marketable.

First they discussed the film and the character in general terms but Anthony quickly got to the point. "You do understand you have to get fat for this part?”

"Yes. Usually I have to lose a little weight for work, it will be easy for me to do the opposite.” 

"I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but I’m surprised a young leading man type like yourself would get fat on purpose. Aren’t you concerned about your career.”

"This is the most interesting role I’ve been offered. I think it will be good for my career. Besides, I can lose the weight when the film is over. Once I had to lose twenty pounds and it was easy for me.”

"This is going to be a little more than twenty pounds.”

"I understand. Now how big do you want my belly?” He held his hand out several inches in front of him. "Like this?”

"It should be like this.” Anthony got behind him and wrapped his arms in a big circle around his waist. He thought he saw a flicker concern in his smoldering brown eyes. "Are you sure that isn’t too much for you?” 

"Of course not. It is more than I expected but I will do it. To prove how serious I am…” Dominic raised his shirt to reveal a thoroughly blurred midsection. In just a few more pounds he would already have a starter belly. 

"Looks like you got a head start there.” Anthony smiled.

"Between films I usually let myself go just a bit.” He ran his hand over his smooth, barely flat stomach then covered it again with his shirt.

Mr. Anthony was glad he gave this guy a chance. The film would be even better now that it would record a dark and handsome stud getting hopelessly out of shape. He couldn’t believe his luck. He went on to explain that the studio would pay his food and clothing expenses, all he had to do was eat and grow.

Dominic felt strangely excited by the idea. He really didn’t have a preference to be in shape but did it for his work. Now for the first time since childhood he would see what it was like to eat however he wanted. His friends couldn’t believe what he was doing and tried to talk him out of it but they had no impact. Even the model he’d been dating decided to leave him before he got heavy even temporarily. 

Filming for the ‘thin shots’ was done as soon as possible because Dominic was gaining at an alarming rate and it was starting to show. "You need to slow down just a little.” Anthony warned as he patted his small paunch. "You’re supposed to be in relatively good shape at the beginning of the film. I already had to change the scene to take place outdoors in the winter so we can hide this under a coat.”

"See, I knew you’d think of something.” 

Finally Dominic was given the okay to put his all into gaining. At 200 pounds his goal was to reach 250, preferably concentrating in the belly. That first night he stuffed himself until it was actually painful, starting with a large meal at a favorite restaurant and ending with eating everything in his kitchen. Too full and uncomfortable to wear clothing, he changed into a loose fitting robe and fell asleep on the couch. 

All those extra calories must have made him tired. He slept until noon, almost too late to get breakfast at his favorite café. Normally he skipped breakfast to control his weight but he wouldn’t have to worry about that for a while. He squeezed into his roomiest clothes and realized it wouldn’t be long before he’d be forced to buy that new wardrobe. 

The waitress catered to him more than was necessary, clearly finding him attractive. He’d become accustomed to people responding to him that way but now he was giving up that sort of attention, at least for a while. 

"Wow, you worked up an appetite this morning.” The waitress probably assumed he’d been exercising. In Hollywood you always needed an excuse to eat. 

"Actually I have to gain fifty pounds for a film so I’m eating whatever I want.”

"I see.” Her eyes were wide with interest. She brought him a fattening pastry after he didn’t think he could eat another bite, coaxing him until he finished. As he became a regular at the café she worked him up to the point he could finish three pastries with his large meal.

Dominic returned to the set after a month and everyone was shocked to see him getting so heavy so quickly. The other actors would glance down at his thickening middle then look quickly away, embarrassed for him. At the same time he carried the weight so well people were even hotter for him than ever.

Mr. Anthony was especially interested in his progress. He filmed it when the scale jumped to 230 and kept pushing for more. "It’s time to hit 250 now. Don’t be shy.”

The large meals and pitchers of beer were not catching up with him fast enough to satisfy the director so Dominic added even more to his diet. The dozen donuts he consumed over the course of a day, every day, was a magic potion. He had to buy new clothes for the second time, confronting him with all the changes in his body. 

At first he wished there were no mirrors in the dressing room while he tried on his XL clothing selections. Even worse, the room had mirrors on opposing sides so he could see his fattened reflection for eternity. He was taken aback not only by the size of his huge gut but the wide hips and chubby tits that accompanied it. He relaxed his belly forward to further emphasize its growth and rubbed it in big sensual circles. He realized that he actually thought he looked and felt sexier than he did fifty pounds ago, more mature and masculine.

He bought the roomiest clothes he could find. He knew it wouldn’t hide his fat but at least he would be covered. As summer arrived he was unbearably hot but going without a shirt was out of the question.

The next time he showed up at the studio he knew he’d reached 250 before he got on the scale. Apparently Mr. Anthony hadn’t expected success because the clothes he was given for the scene were way too small. He tried to return them to the wardrobe coordinator.

"I’m afraid my measurements are a little different than they were. I can barely button these pants and the shirt rides up my belly.”

"I can see that. I was told to make sure your clothes fit almost too small to wear. You look perfect.”

"Perfect for what?” Dominic was a confident man but he felt self conscious about flaunting his weight gain. When he was in shape he laughed at men who dressed the way he was dressing now.

"For some reason he wants the film to revolve around your stomach. Haven’t you noticed how the camera always just happens to focus on it? Did you think it was a mistake?”

"I see that you’re right. But why?”

"I really don’t know for sure but I think he has some kind of fetish.”

The more he considered it the more he thought it must be true. In every scene so far he’d worn snug clothing that emphasized his curves. Some scenes featured him eating or even shaking his belly. Female characters were shown eyeing his hot round body. He did think it was odd but overall he was happy with the film and fascinated with his part.

"You look great, just like I pictured when I first saw you.” Mr. Anthony was practically leering. "Keep up the good work.”

"You mean maintain my weight?”

"I mean keep gaining. I want you truly obese by the end of the film. At your rate you should be ready for filming again in a month.”

"How much more do you want me to gain? You said you wanted me at 250, I’m already past that.” Dominic couldn’t help sounding irritated. Sometimes he didn’t like being surprised and in some ways he was eager to return to his original svelte self.

"Let’s see if another 25 pounds has the desired effect. Next time you wear this shirt it should only cover half your belly and the pants shouldn’t fit at all.”

"Is that really necessary?”

"What’s another 25 pounds at this point? Be ready in a month.”

Dominic spent the next month eating out at least twice a day, always starting with breakfast at the usual café. The attractive waitress continued to flirt after he put on weight, contrary to his expectations. 

"How’s the film going? Looks like you’re really getting into character.” She laughed.

"I am. I’m really enjoying this character too.”

"You look like the extra weight makes you happy.”

"Who wouldn’t want to be paid to do nothing but eat?”

She brought him more pastries every week, helping him build up his tolerance for fattening foods. Even when he told her about all the donuts he was eating in addition she never lowered her expectations. She wouldn’t let him leave the café without finishing a whole pie after a filling breakfast.

"I’m way too stuffed to eat that. Look at my belly!” He would often protest initially but they both knew he wouldn’t resist.

"I’d say it’s big enough, there must be room in there somewhere to finish this.”

"I’ll try. I can always skip lunch, I suppose.”

"That’s what you always say but I bet you don’t do it.” She poked his tummy and walked away. He was so full her finger had barely made a dent in his distended gut but he kept eating anyway.

Standing up from the booth proved more challenging than ever. His huge paunch bumped the table repeatedly as he scooted to the edge of the seat. He used his arms to push down on the table as he pushed himself up, taking some of the pressure off his legs. He was glad he was lifting weights or he would have trouble moving his new girth.

The next time he appeared at the studio his weight had reached 275, just as promised. His shirt was riding halfway up his belly and he could no longer dream of buttoning those pants. In close ups his stomach took up the whole screen. He had to admit it looked sexy on him. He still got plenty of attention, even from people who said they normally weren’t attracted to heavy men.

When the filming completed Dominic had mixed feelings. All along he’d assumed he would start a diet immediately, not anticipating the pleasure he would gain in being fat. He realized he felt little of the motivation required to lose 80 pounds so he simply stopped trying to gain. He stabilized at 250 and told himself he would eventually start losing weight for his next role. 

However, his next films had no weight specifications, partly chosen by him for that reason, and he was allowed to keep his big belly. He found that he remained in demand so he gave up worrying about his weight, just letting his body get as big as it naturally wanted to get. The media criticized him mercilessly at first but eventually they accepted his new larger image.

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