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Anything for you, dude
It was a stormy and rainy Saturday morning, while Devin, a well-to-do professional, was on his way home from a sales seminar. He had several hundred miles to go before reaching his ocean front town home in Palm Beach. Interstate 75 is a very long and boring stretch in many places, and if it weren't for the rest stops and the music in the car, he was sure to fall asleep at the wheel. He was a very handsome 35 with a little bit of a receding dark hairline with a hairy body. He worked out more off and on with a couple of extra inches and pounds in the tummy which he didn't mind having, since Jason, his lover for the past two years, made sure of it, with nice heavy meals and an endless supply of candy bars in his Mercedes convertible.

Unbeknownst to Devin, two things were happening. For one, while he was away, his lover Jason left him for an older, rounder, cigar-smoking man whom he had been seeing secretly for six months. For two, there was a 20-year old college student hitch-hiking along the interstate five miles ahead who would grab Devin's complete attention and his life.

The rain was getting heavier, and Devin was getting hungry, when he saw on his right a soaking wet young man with an athletic build, a backpack and a thumb in the air. He was tight, defined and solidly shirtless, wearing only a tight pair of jeans, and his chest was smooth with a small tattoo and a nipple ring on the right side. With wet floppy blond hair and a small bit of fuzz on his chin, he looked to Devin to be about 5'11" and 165, 170. Devin felt a rush of adrenaline course throughout his sleepy body, and all of a sudden, he felt awake and alive.

He quickly pulled over to the side of the interstate, and as he did, the shower let up a little and a beam of sunlight poked through the gray clouds above, as if it were somehow a sign somehow: it seemed that the beam of sunlight shined only the young man on the side of the road, lighting up his slender body. Devin smiled as this beautiful specimen of a man jogged toward his car. Not one ounce of fat on him, he thought to himself as he tried to control and adjust his growing privates. When the hunk got to the car, he reached out his buffed arm to open the door, but Devin, being the gentleman he was, opened it for him.

"Hey, thanks, dude, for picking me up, " he said with a flawless killer smile.

Devin was speechless. He was so hot and defined with a washboard stomach and developed pecs, and oh, just everything was textbook perfect on him.

"Ah, yeah, oh, hello, sorry," Devin muttered. "Just throw the backpack in the back there and get in."

The young jock did as he was old instructed and got in.

"I am so sorry, dude, I am getting this nice set of wheels all wet. By the way, my name is Blake, and really I am glad that you came when you did. I was freezing out there, and no one seems to want to help anyone any more, and that ain't right, bro!"

The whole time Devin just smiled blankly and was watching all of Blake's body parts especially those tight abs whose display would be the envy of any beginning of any encourager and feeder.

"Sorry for staring, Blake. I'm Devin. Nice to meet you. I do agree, people don't help like they used to." He paused for a breath, and, feeling his heart pound out of his chest he said. "I am just tired. I have been driving from Atlanta since very early this morning, and I am hungry. Have you had lunch yet, Blake? My treat, if you haven't."

Blake smiled again, shutting the door and starting to wipe the dripping water out of his hair and off his smooth body.

"Well," he said patting his middle, "That would be so cool, but I am wet and it is bad enough that I got your car seat wet. I wouldn't want to wet anyone else's booth or seat. If you don't mind, dude, I will pay for mine and can we do drive-through or something. That is, if you don't mind."

"No problem," said Devin as they exited off the road to the wide variety of eating establishments left and right. "Which one suits you best?"

Blake looked briefly left and right as Devin kept his eyes on those abs and that basket. "How about Subway, bro? They have a killer veggie sub, and, of course, I only get the six-inch. I have to stay in shape for swimming and track finals when spring break is over. Just good stuff for me. What do you want Devin?"

That phrase played in his mind and rang through his finely tuned ears, making Devin think to himself, "If he only know what I really wanted." He shook his head quickly, as if to wake up from this dream and answered, "Sure, Subway is fine, but I am ordering a foot long meatball sub. I am hungry!"

Devin didn't know at the time that Blake wasn't being totally truthful. He had just been kicked out of school for drug usage and failing grades, which meant his athletic scholarship fell through as a result. He didn't want to face his parents, even though he was nearly out of money, and on top of all of this, he was questioning his sexuality, deep down very curious about Devin but trying to play it off. All in all, it just wasn't a good time for Devin's handsome young hitch-hiker.

The rain and wind was getting rougher, as they pulled into the Subway parking lot. Devin offered to go in again pay for Blake's meal, but Blake just smiled and handed him a ten, all he had, and said.

"Don't sweat it. I'm okay, bro, just want to get dry. You don't mind if I use your towel in the back?"

Devin smiled, gave a quick gesture yes, and darted inside. There was a considerable line, and it was some time before he got to the counter to order. It was impossible to see Blake in the car for all of the fog on the windows and the pouring rain, but he wanted so much to stare at the young guy's muscular jock body.

Blake reached back for the towel, and a piece of paper lay open in plain view on the back floor, but he didn't think of looking further, more concerned with wiping himself dry. His stomach was hurting from hunger and noticed a small stash of candy bars in the cubby hole near the steering wheel. Blake sat and stared at the shiny wrappers but said to himself,

"I need to be more honest and this dude is so nice to me and I really made an ass of myself with school and I lost everything. All of my dreams and goals and all of the hard work I did to maintain my body, and for what?"

Blake looked back at the sheet of paper and started to read. It showed a printout of a bellybuilder's testimonial and was the story of a guy who actually felt like Blake. He had been a young college jock and had gotten tired of fitting into the norm and other's people expectations. On the paper, he said he was interested in meeting other guys who felt the same way, who wanted the love of a good man, the love of good food, and the feeling of a growing belly along with others growing their bellies, too. As he continued to read, Blake realized he could identify with this guy, scratching his mid-section, pinching at his skin, rubbing his well-developed chest and his big sexy defined arms.

The wait was getting to be ridiculous inside for Devin and when he finally got to the counter, the electric went out and the computer went down. Devin was generally a patient man, but not today: he had someone really nice to share lunch with, and he was growing fond of his new travel buddy. Even if it were only for a short time, he would have the memory of watching Blake eat and later imagine how sexy he would be with a nice round belly.

Blake continued to explore all the white papers sticking out of Devin's folder which was full of all sorts of guys, all shapes and sizes, progress pics and descriptions of food and e-mails on where to eat more for less and on and on. He couldn't quite understand it all really, so he just sat there thinking, as his stomach grumbled louder. He couldn't stand it much longer and reached for one of the candy bars, watching for Devin. Having not eaten a candy bar in literally months, Blake remembered how good they tasted while he ate this one, how pleasing it was, how good as it went down, how satisfying in his stomach. He had have one more, he decided, but this time, he ate it more slowly and sensually, as if it were the last thing he was ever going to eat. When he was through, he felt guilty. He strayed a little from his strict diet, plus he had eaten something that didn't belong to him and that he hadn't asked permission for. All he could do now was hope that Devin wouldn't notice or, if he did, that he would forgive him for not asking.

He continued his reading, at which point he noticed a partially finished, two-liter bottle of soda on the floor. Without thinking, he gulped down what was left in it as quickly as he could. Could this be the first signs of a gainer?

Devin finally got his order and ran back to the car. Blake quickly put the bottle down and the papers back, sitting there with a sheepish grin on his face.

Devin got in and shut the door. The smell of the fresh, hot meatballs and sauce filled the air. Devin handed Blake his change and his small sandwich, and right away tore into his meatball sub, noticing out of the corner of his eye a decent little tummy on the hitch-hiker. Blake started eating his veggie sub, but envied what Devin was putting away. They didn't talk, for Devin had to feed the need, but he would occasionally let himself stare at Blake as he ate.

Then, he looked down and noticed the candy wrappers almost out of sight under the seat. He smiled. Blake finished his sub and bottled water, and when they were both fed, set and on their way, Devin took out several bags of potato chips and some soda he had brought along for the trip, along with an extra six-inch meatball sub he had bought in the hope that Blake would change his mind and eat more. Sure enough, during the sixty or so miles before their next pit stop, Blake did put away the food Devin had hoped he would, much to Devin's secret pleasure.

Blake was rethinking his life, and everything soon came to a head. Blake came out to Devin and came clean with everything including eating the candy bars and reading what was on the floor. Devin was floored but relieved, and his reaction was not what Blake had expected. In fact, it was just the opposite.

Devin looked at Blake and asked him, "What are you going to do? Have you made a decision about what you want to do with your life?"

Blake's expression was blank, as he downed the last bag of chips. He looked straight into Devin's brown eyes.

"I really don't know, bro, what I want to do or where to go. My parents don't even know what had happened and I really don't think that I want to go back home right now."

Having tried off and on throughout the trip to call his boyfriend Jason without any answer, Devin looked at the 20-year-old dream cake in his car. His relationship with Jason had always been an open one, but how wide open? It was getting dark and it was time for dinner.

Amid all the questions, Devin and Blake pulled into an all-you-can-eat buffet. The rain seemed to have stopped for the night, and there was a slight chill in the air. They both got out of the cramped and stuffy convertible, and Blake got his white tank top tee out of his backpack. Slowly and systematically being tormented by Blake's hunky body, Devin watched all of the young man's movements, so masculine, so inviting. They each knew the other was watching, but couldn't come to letting go of that last taboo.

They went in, Devin unable to take his eyes off Blake's tucked-in T-shirt, unable to wait for the pleasure of watching Blake go back and forth to the buffet for more food. For his part, Blake actually thought that Devin's little belly was rather sexy, too. Over the next half hour, a lot of serious talking occurred between the two of them, including the confessions on how each were starting to feel for one another. Devin told Blake about his lover Jason, which intrigued Blake very much, and he secretly wished that he could cook like Jason did.

Just then, Devin received a call on his cell phone from his good friend Sally, who told Devin she found a note from Jason, a good-bye letter. Devin asked her to read it, and she did painfully. The news sent shockwaves through Devin, and Blake could read it on his face, as he sat down with his second heaping plate of pasta and garlic bread.

Blake asked kindly, "What happened?"

Devin was white as a sheet and he put his fork down and buried his face in his hands.

"The fat S.O.B. actually did it!"
"Did what bro?" Blake asked with his mouth full of food.
"The blubbery bastard left me for another man. My feeder and encourager is gone!"

A perplexed look came over Blake's face: he didn't recall that terminology in his hasty attempt to read the papers. So, naively he asked,

"What's a feeder and encourager, dude?"

Devin sensed Blake's genuine concern and said, "A feeder and encourager is someone you care about who shares many goals in a person's life, including gaining a belly, cooking, feeding the food either at a casual meal or along with sex in bed and going to gainer and encourager parties. We did that to and for each other and I got him from 185 pounds to over 300 and he got me from 170 to 210. We had our differences and tried to work them out and he even said one day he was going to leave me, but I thought that would pass, and that he was only mad. But he went and did it. My friend Sally said that his clothes and things are all gone, and I bet half of our joint account is gone too!"

Blake was speechless and felt so sorry for Devin. He looked at his own abs, arms and chest, and just for Devin, rubbed his stuffed midsection.

"Dude, I don't know what to say! You are such a good guy to have something like this done to you, and I know we only met hours ago, but I feel a certain chemistry between us that I never really felt for anyone or anything before." Blake continued as Devin listened attentively. "Like I told you in the car, bro, maybe destiny is meant to be somehow, how everything just falls into place. I don't know much about this gaining stuff or the world you are in, but if you let me try it out and explore it all with you, it would be most righteous! I am going to the buffet again and have more food. It has been a long time, since I felt that I can do what I want, and not worry about what others think of me fat or thin! If you give me a shot at this eating and bellybuilding for you, bro, I just want to make you happy while I feel full and happy. I'll do anything for you dude!"

Devin looked into Blake's dark blue eyes, looked over his lean face and floppy long blond hair, and he noticed tears welling in Blake's eyes, which was when the feelings began to flow even more between the two.

"Another trip or two to the bar wouldn't hurt anyone, I guess," Devin said with a solemn and reflective smile.

After what seemed hours of eating and conversation, the two got a room for the night complete with room service and mints on the pillow. It was the best night of their lives, almost as they were on a honeymoon. It was a long, long night of teaching and learning, coaching and encouraging, eating and drinking, being intimate and loving and celebrating their newly directed friendship and the joy of starting to gain together. Perhaps this time, Devin thought, things might be different and better and somehow in some strange way, he even began to think everything was going to be fine.

It was refreshing to watch the younger man sleep, beautiful to feel his hard tummy stuffed with food and beer, to know that in time, they would be fatter, much fatter and very happy together. The two slept in, and then, still not feeling hungry, went to the breakfast buffet, laughing and staring at each other as they stuffed their faces with new found vigour. As they drove the last leg of the trip to Palm Beach snacking on cookies, candy and pretzels, laughing and drinking milk shakes at Burger king and half and half, Blake unbuttoned his jeans for Devin to rub and play with his future tummy and other things. Later on, the binging duo arrived at their final destination, all the bittersweet memories of Devin's life there with Jason hitting him while at the same time thinking about the wonderful future in store for him and his new love.

Devin was a good teacher and Blake as bright as he was, learned and grew very fast. In fact, the first week, his washboard abs started to fade and a nice tiny lower tummy started to form. Devin would give him gainer shakes as he happily drank them down and would lovingly nibble his tiny growth of fat. Then at night, Devin would put his ear on Blake's midsection and listen to his stomach working overtime churning and storing the fat of an overfed jock. Day after day, Blake would parade around the house in nothing but his underwear, talking food out of Devin's hand with his mouth over and over again, smiling and french kissing, sharing his food with Devin, all the time saying,

"Anything for you dude. I love you and how it feels to get fat for you!"

The joy of the two sharing and caring was demonstrated when it was their turn to host a gainer and encourager party at their place. Of course, Devin's friend Sally was right there banging the pots and pans, and even sat there with her full figure and ate herself silly, watching the boys chow down. Devin and Blake fed each other and others fed them and their friends who ranged in size from washboard buddies wanting to go soft to over 520 pounds for one regular gainer friend.

Their third week together showed the result of their relationship. Devin had to suck in to button his pants for work, and Blake looked rather sexy with his new ten pound belly. His washboards were no more! As Devin got ready for work, he saw Blake eating and watching the football game on the sports network. That week, they started to take lots of progress pictures, which they continued to do from week to week. It wasn't long before they had to buy new jeans for Blake, for his belly was so fine and so soft. All the while, Blake smiled and played and pinched his growing belly, telling Devin,

"Anything for you dude! Feed me fat!"

One day, instead of staying at the sales office, Devin came home for lunch to force-feed Blake, hoping to help him to catch up with Devin, since they were about the same height and he thought he could probably fatten him up all over real quick so they would be the same size in a month or two. He found it very sexy to be greeted by his kept boy, to see a glimpse of a thickening face and that tummy. Blake was getting a nice bloated look, a good round belly with love handles, and as they would make passionate love over the weeks, they would shamelessly shovel food into each other's face.

Devin loved hearing Blake say to him, "Anything for you, dude!" while he took another bite, lying on his side in the bedroom, as Devin would feed him fatter all the time. Blake's face filled out, and his belly soon hung over his pants. His words of encouragement and love were always, "Feed me! I'll do anything for you, dude!" The girth began to grow, and Blake's belly and size eventually outdid Devin by a mile which pleased them both, sleeping each night together, stuffed big and round.

Today, Blake is a sexy 400 pounds with a large hang and rolls of fat. His floppy blonde hair is now a crew cut and the blond beard he grew makes him look like a young Santa or a cigar daddy in training. Devin has happily has grown to 390 pounds, only because he was the provider of his well kept young man and spent a lot of his time fattening his sexy big-bellied guy. The years have come and gone. Middle age has come and the middle age spread went far and wide. Devin has since retired with accumulated girth and wealth, and Blake is feeding him more in return in their new mountain retreat. Love is food, and food is love, and occasionally Devin reflects upon the day so long ago when the beam of sunlight shined not only on the love of his life, but on destiny itself. Soon, Devin and Blake will reach the big 500, but through it all, the young skinny man still speaks through with his words of love and commitment:

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