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I first met Ben in high school. We knew each other kind of well but not really well. He went to college before I did. I took a year out. He was always a bit muscley, having played soccer, cricket and rugby through his teens. He had spiky light brown hair and was stronger than he looked. When he came back from college, I saw him on the cricket field.He was playing against the cricket club that's just next to my Tennis Club. He had put on a couple of pounds but it wasn't really noticeable. He was only 22 and he had just put on the 'freshman five'. I went over to him after the game. We chatted and shot the shit before he left. I saw him again a couple of years later. He had put on a few more pounds. He had been about 140 and 5 foot 9 at the start of college. By the time he had come out of college, he had put on some weight and was about 150 pounds I'd guess.
When I saw him a few years later, he was 24. It had been two years since that summer. He had clearly put on a few pounds. His clothes were much tighter. He now weighed around 165 pounds or about 12 stone. This time, it was as I was passing through a park near my house. He smiled at me and we chatted a bit. He said he was going to lose ten pounds. He thought he was getting a little thick around the middle.
Two years later, I met Ben again. He was just 26. I was at a rugby game watching a mate play. I had played a bit myself and I knew my mate and his team well. I was wandering around the lockerooms when I recognized Ben.He had his top off but was wearing a very tight pair of shorts. Gone was fairly svelte 165 pound Ben. In just two years, Ben had put on about 20 or 30 pounds.He was now edging ever rapidly towards 200 pounds.He was very wobbly around the middle, his pecs looked like they were melting and the beginning of a serious pair of love handles was developing. He also had a light dusting of hair on his chest and down his navel. He smiled and said hey again. He smiled guiltily and said to me I'm planning on losing a few pounds. It's difficult at the moment he said because his girlfriend was pregnant. So losing weight was hard and also she loved cooking. His jersey was definitely in the XL range now and he struggled to put it on. He didn't look like the muscular lad from college he had been. He still had some muscle definition though.
I didn't see Ben for a while, well not for a couple of years. He would have been around 28 when I saw him next. It was briefly, on a train. He had managed to stay at around the 190 mark or maybe even lose a couple of pounds. We said hi but he got off a couple of stops later. He had a job in the city that was very stressful I understood.
I saw Ben when he was about 32 next. It was back on the cricket pitch and he had exploded. His waistline had finally given in. He had gained about 30 pounds. He was now easily 220 if not more. I went and said hello after I finished my tennis match. We had a beer in the sun and chatted.He said he had named his son Johnny had turned 5 and he was doing well. He was a healthy lad and his wife -Suzie- fed them both well. I had a beer but he had 4 or 5. He said that he and the lads were going out for a meal and I was welcome to come. I went and I had a great time. Ben put away garlic bread, a massive meat lovers pizza and huge slice of cheese cake plus more beer. It was an impressive display. After the meal, I said I had to go. I had enjoyed my pasta but I had another engagement later that evening with a friend. He smiled at me and said that he would lose the weight. He knew he could do it.
I saw Ben again pretty soon. Just under a year later I saw him at the cricket pitch again. He was now close to hitting that 250 pound mark. He had to rush off. Suzie was pregnant again. His clothes were now in the xxl zone.He was big now. At age 33, he was around 250 pounds or just about 18 stone.
I went to watch my mate play rugby again a couple of years later. I saw Ben play. When he went in for the scrum, his belly hung low, nearly touching the ground. He had huge boobs and a big pair of love handles. He had no muscle definition now. The slim quick lad I had known had turned into this slow lumbering monster. He had been the rugby fly half but was now in the scrum because of the weight gain. He had put on so much weight, he'd had to change positions. He was now ,at the age of 36, weighing in at about 290 pounds. In three years, he had piled on the pounds in an Elvis like fashion. He was over 20 stone now. That much was clear. He was built like a bull. He waddled over to me after the match. We chatted again. He was sheepish once more about his weight. He said Suzie was cooking so much and the strain of the kids -Celia aged 3 and Johnny aged 10. His jumper was stretched almost to breaking point. His belly poked out underneath it and his shorts were fighting a losing battle to contain his enormous fat arse. His hair was stretched thinly over his head now. His chin was being swallowed up rapidly and he resembled a mountain of flesh.
He said everything was good with him. He also said to me that the weight would go.He could still cut back and lose it all. He said there would be no more kids. He promised to me he would get back to 200 pounds or so. He took off his rugby jersey and his vast body bounced free of the constraint. He was jiggling everywhere as he walked into the club restaurant. I said goodbye, wondering how big he would be next time I saw him.
When I saw him next, he was 40 that year. When I saw him ,this time at the cricket pitch, his white cricket uniform was having to work as hard as he was. He was panting,puffing and covered in sweat after the exercise. No wonder. He had finally done it. He had finally gone over 300 pounds. I was sure of it. I'd guess about 310 pounds maybe. He resembled a big fat pig now. His hair was plastered to his huge wobbling face and his entire massive frame wobbled everytime he did anything, Running around on that cricket field had worn him out. He looked like he belonged in mud stuffing his face all day long. He spoke to me afterwards. The seams in his cricket trousers were splitting and his cricket jersey was stretched to the limit. He took it off. We decided to go for a meal at a local pub that wasn't far away. He said his kids were now 14 and 7. They were doing well. Johnny was a strapping young lad. He ordered a large meat pie, a large portion of chips and beer. I just had a small salad and a sandwich. Ben said he had given up on losing weight. His friends didn't mind and his wife liked it plus she loved cooking. Ben ate like a pig. He shoved the meaty pie down his gullet, likewise with the chips. He was like a machine. He also downed at least 3 beers. After lunch, we parted. He had a new well paying job now.
I saw Ben's son for the first time two years later. He was 16 and his sister 9. He ,at 16, was around 140 or 150 pounds. He was a big boy. Ben's waist ,meanwhile, had grown to scary proportions. He was now around 340 pounds. I didn't know it was possible for a five foot nine frame to carry that around. In two years, he had put on 30 pounds. His son was just 16 and was already overweight. Ben and his son were playing rugby. He was massive. Everything wobbled when he moved.He had no neck now. Every part of his body melted into the next part. He was obese. He was achieving baby whale size now. When I talked to him afterwards, we agreed to go for another meal. Ben had two burgers and a massive plate of chips. He washed it down with a few beers. He was like a pig. Forget the knife and fork, he barely used his hands.
Johnny was more reserved. His only had one burger and a large plate of chips. He wolfed it down. He was going to take after his father.
I saw them both ,again, just over two years later. Ben was 44 and his son 18. Ben had hit 350 pounds by now if not 360. He was really hitting new levels of obesity. He was sitting on a creaking bench watching his son play cricket.Ben was over 25 stones now. He took up half the bench. I sat next to one of his gargantuan thighs. He was eating enough pasta for four in large tuppleware box. He pointed out Johnny to me. His son was a huge powerhouse of a cricket player . His son ,now 18, was around 5 foot 8 and already about 180 pounds. Ben smiled at me. We chatted again. He was unashamed about his obesity. If anything, he was proud. I knew he'd never play cricket again. It was incredible ,in a way, that at just 44 he had hit 350 pounds. He had become a huge fat greedy overfed pig.
I saw Ben intermittently over the next few years. I saw him last week. He was 50. He was easily 380 pounds, probably more. That is 172 kilograms or 27 stone. His daughter would have been 17. His son ,Johnny, was playing. Johnny was following in his fathers footsteps. He was a lawyer in the city, he played sports and he was a big boy. At just 24 years of age, he had accumulated a large girth. His five foot eight frame carried a 200 pound gut. He still had some muscle definition but he would go the way of his dad. Johnny was still a decent runner but he was a chubby lad. He ate like his father. I saw Ben play. He waddled everywhere and his enormous whale like bulk wobbled. He was covered in mud, dirt, sweat and filth. He looked like a pig. When he ate lunch, covered in mud, he looked like a pig eating at the trough.
Ben went from a muscley well trimmed lad to an obese pig monster. I wonder how that happened.

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