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Ben & Charlie
Benjamin strolled awkwardly into the room as pairs of unfamiliar eyes gazed toward his direction. Having a full head of brown hair with big blue eyes, coupled with a chiseled jaw plus a boyish smile, he felt like a 13 year-old boy among his 45 year-old father’s co-workers. Three inches short of six feet with a thick torso, he knew the gaze was forthcoming. Although feeling a little intimidated and very much uncomfortable in his form fitting polyester uniform, he kept his head up and politely smiled at those faces. Having just graduated from the police academy, he has been assigned to the graveyard shift, when half the citizen of the city would already be asleep. He counted meticulously across the rows of doors, ignoring all the whispers as he tried to locate his locker.

As he unloaded his civilian clothing into his compartment, he noticed a shadow approaching his back. Thinking it was probably another senior from the precinct, he knelt down to finish tying his sparkling leather shoes. Shocked by a strong firm hand suddenly placed on his shoulder, he lost his balance and nearly fell backward into the owner of the hand that greeted him for the first time. Steadying himself and standing up, Benjamin finally manage to take a first look at his partner.

Towering three inches over his healthy 5’ 9” frame, the man standing opposite Benjamin briefly lifted his visor as he smiled and introduced himself as Charlie. Standing tall, Charlie was built like a swimmer, with a broad shoulder and strong robust arms. The slightly oversized leather uniform jacket he was wearing further enhanced his masculinity, adding more weight to his upper torso. His face was angular and lean, with a long aristocratic nose to complement his short blond hair and intelligent gray eyes. There were a few fine lines on the edges of his eyes, which suggested he was probably a decade older than Benjamin.

Ben shook his partner’s hand lightly as his eyes wandered helplessly over every single visible part of his older partner, hoping to find a physical human flaw in what his mind could only describe as a Greek God.

Sitting down on a chair for the first time at the general service counter overlooking over half of the precinct, Ben started to realize that he needed a little more room in his uniform to get through the night. His 34” trousers were stretched along his thighs and buttocks, while the buckle of his belt was exerting a substantial amount of force into his lower abdomen. Because of his hefty torso, the pressure from his belt has forced out a pair of thick love handles from his sides, and created a slight push up effect for his abdomen.

The night was calm and peaceful. As his mind slowly drifted off into the night, Benjamin was suddenly awaken by a pair of hands cupping onto his waist. Turning around, he saw his 6’ tall partner facing him giving him a silly grin.

"Ben, you got a little saliva on the side of your mouth.”

With that, the handsome partner leaned over and held out his handkerchief. Benjamin was a little embarrassed, but managed to thank Charlie for waking him up. For a split moment, Ben caught his partner’s gray eyes gazing into his with concern.

"It’s alright buddy. First week is usually the hardest. You’ll get used to this…. And these shall keep you awake through the night.”

Charlie stood up and handed Benjamin a box of donuts. Without thinking, Benjamin took the snack box and finished the content within minutes. His partner gave him a startled look.

"Did you have anything to eat tonight?”

"Just dinner, about 7 hours ago”, Ben replied.

"My coffee break starts in about 2 minutes, you want me to get you something to eat? Something a little more than donuts?”


Charlie gave him a wink and bid him goodbye as he went out the front door. Benjamin went back to the counter to plant himself back in the same chair. As he tried to sit down, he found himself having difficulty bending forward. Looking down toward his lower torso, Benjamin discovered he had just ingested over 20 donuts in less than 5 minutes and his abdomen was becoming slightly distended after the gorging. The small bulge that was normally found right under his soft chest has just bowed out further by a few inches, looking rounder and slightly stretching the fabric of his new uniform shirt. The bright blue tint of the uniform made every stress lines on the shirt clear as day light, drawing attention to his slightly bloated abdomen. Coupling the distended front with the tuck-in bulges on the sides, Benjamin looked like as if he has put on 10 pounds in one night.
After paying for his meal, Charlie quickly ordered a hefty snack for his new partner. Having been assigned to train over 14 rookies in the past 6 years, he has seen his fair share of attractive young men. But after meeting Benjamin for the first time, he found himself to be uncontrollably attracted to a co-worker for the first time. The puppy dog blue eyes, the regal nose, the crew cut brown hair, the chiseled jaw, the soft upper torso, the soft rounded waist, the thick luscious love handles with a pair of round, perky buttocks firmly wrapped in his tight trousers. Charlie quickly shifted his jacket to cover what was below the front of his belt when the cashier noticed an odd shadow forming under it.

Greeting his partner with a hefty supper for four, Charlie sat down next to Ben. He has brought enough food for four persons, but Benjamin saw whatever was in his partner’s hands as his. After about two hours, Charlie stared quietly at the counter table with a devilish smile as his young partner finished the last bite of food he brought back.

By then, Benjamin was starting to feel nauseated. After having eaten almost 2 days worth of food in less than 3 hours, his abdomen has distended from a 34” to a 39”, hanging fully over his belt. His form fitting uniform shirt was now fully stretched, enveloping tightly around his protruding mid-section. His 34” trousers were now fully forced below his lower abdomen, which was already starting to split along the seams. The solid mass jutting out between his chest and legs was now making it difficult for him to breathe, as it exerted pressure up into his chest.

Seeing Ben looking like he was going to faint, Charlie leaned over with concern.

"What’s wrong Ben?”

"Shouldn’t have eaten so much just now… feels like my belly is going to explode”

Charlie looked on as his young partner placed both his hands onto his distended paunch, cupping it like a bloated beach ball.

"I can barely breathe right now… I think I’m going to hurl.”

Without a word, Charlie rotated his partner to face him. Still sitting down, he could see Benjamin was clearly suffering from the overeating. He reached over to Ben, gently sliding his hands in between Benjamin’s distended abdomen and his belt, and slowly unbuckled it. He then further dug his fingers into the trousers, trying to release the remainder of the tension that was causing his young partner to be out of air. Even under so much pain, Benjamin was unable to control his body’s reaction toward the proximity of his handsome partner, and the bloated sensation only caused his heart to flutter even faster.

Charlie noticed an unusual reaction from Benjamin’s trousers as he unzipped his partner’s pants. Barely able to control himself from exploding at that point, he kept calm and tried to settle his young partner down.

"Take it easy… I am just trying to make you feel comfortable.”

"Am alright now… I think I can breathe again” 

After the release, the pushed up abdomen finally rested on Benjamin’s thighs, his lower midsection further expanded a few inches to accommodate some of the undigested food previously forced up into his diaphragm. 

"You can keep them unbuckled for tonight. Just try not to stand up when someone comes knocking”, Charlie continued after a soft chuckle "We’ll get a seamstress to fix your work pants tomorrow, alright?”

Benjamin started smiling.

It has been almost 2 months since they were partnered, and Benjamin has really grown to like Charlie. Not just as a partner but as a good friend. But as his relationship with his partner flourished, it became more and more difficult for him to extinguish his attraction towards Charlie. They spent close to 8 hours a day together, and while the city sleeps, they joked, played and spoke of things from heaven, earth and hell. With healthy helpings of late night snacks and hefty suppers, Benjamin pigged out a few times per week, and has slowly put on a considerable amount of solid weight.

His face has started to look even younger, with a rounded chin and a waistline that poured out of his now 38” trousers. He did not mind putting on the weight, as he has noticed his older partner’s tendency to occasionally rub and play with his bloated midsection.

Charlie has invited Benjamin to his family’s thanksgiving dinner the week before, and Benjamin has managed to devour seven men’s worth of food in one evening. After recovering from a whole day of indigestion, Benjamin realized how much he enjoyed the sensation of feeling over-stuffed until the point of bursting, and have started to eat even more. As criminal actvities slumped to an extreme low as the weather became cold, the Captain gave Ben a week off and advised him to get back into shape. Instead, Ben saw this as an opportunity to enjoy himself even more, and have started on an eating binge.

A week has gone by. Ben remembered it was going to be his last day as a rookie. To commemorate, Benjamin twisted his bulk a little to struggle into his first work shirt. As he struggled to button up his collar, he noticed a soft hint of his second chin forming in the mirror. Buttoning over his thickened chest, he could see deep stress lines forming on his bright blue shirt enveloping the bulk of his enlarged soft breasts. The white undershirt managed to keep his nipples from peeking out, but it was barely wide enough to cover his midsection.

He continued to go downward, only to discover a full 4-inch gap between the two sides of his shirt and his distended paunch. Grunting, he pulled the polyester fabric together to button up the shirt. The blue shirt was now fully stretched at his mid section, displaying a full rounded abdomen that connects to his thick love handles which bulged through the shirt from his sides and back. Worried, Ben rummaged through his drawers to find a measuring tape. It seemed very unlikely that he can fit into any of his work trousers, new or old.

A knock on the door surprised him. The low voice coming from the other side signaled that it must be his partner Charlie. Without realizing, Benjamin went to open the door with just his work shirt and briefs on.

"Are we forgetting something here?”

Looking down, Benjamin could barely see anything under his abdomen.

"Ben you don’t have any pants on.”

Benjamin’s face turned crimson red at that very moment. He was too embarrassed to speak. Charlie’s qiuzzically stared at his friend, and started noticing a measuring tape on his hand. He approached the young man, and gently tucked the tape away from him.

"Lift up your arms, Ben”, He ordered gently with a smile.

He circled the soft ribbon around Benjamin’s hip, just touching the edge of the spherical abdomen.

"You can still squeeze into a 38”… where’s your pants?”

Benjamin led his partner into his bedroom. Lying on his bed was the only pair of pants Benjamin could fit into without the risk of developing back pain at the end of the shift. His older partner went to use the washroom as Ben slowly pulled his trousers up.

I would have been a lot easier if his buttocks were flatter.

Charlie came out catching Ben struggling to squeeze his buttocks and crotch into an opening half their combined area. By impulse, he went squatting down in front of his partner and grabbed Ben by his hands.

"Allow me”

After having gained a total of 45 pounds, Benjamin’s soft bubbly abdomen has distended into a hard, bloated sphere. As the inches become bigger and bigger, Ben’s having more and more difficulty seeing what is below his lower torso. He has found it harder and harder to sit straight up in a police car, as his abdomen would push out to the front, making the already congested front pessenger seat so much tighter. Charlie has managed to make a few adjustments to their unit and his general service counter, making the seats slant slightly forward so his mid-section won’t get forced out into a blimp every time he tries to sit down.

His partner is now faced with an even difficult task: to try to fit him into a pair of trousers that he know will only burst open the second he sits down in them.

Charlie planted himself on Benjamin’s bed and ordered him to stand straight up facing him. He slowly unbuttoned Benjamin’s tight work shirt and lifted his white undershirt. He disovered that his partner has distended so quickly over the past two months that the smooth skin on his partner’s middle was stretched so hard like Benjamin has just swallowed a 7-month old fetus. As he felt his own underwear becoming warm, he slided his hands into his partner’s underwear to align them. Then he reached up to gently tug the white undershirt over his partner’s bloated abdomen. He stood up, pulled his partner’s work shirt forward across the circumference of his partner’s midsection and buttoned the tightest region. By now his eyes were caught by a shadow forming on his partner’s incredibly tight brief. Controlling his own urges, Charlie glided behind his partner’s bulging bulk and went behind him to tug his shirt down.

Even having gained so much weight, Ben’s upper back was still incredibly wide compared to his waist. The additiontal heft Benjamin has collected over the months has managed to bury itself deep in Ben’s abdomen, forcing it to expand and inflate like a balloon.

As Charlie pulled Benjamin’s trousers across his buttocks, he felt a large chunk of flesh pushing against his effort. He pressed his own steel torso against his partner’s inflated bulk, grabbing a fistful of his partner’s trouser’s fabric and forced it higher and higher across his partner’s swollen buttocks. At this stage, Benjamin’s face was fully flushed, as he found himself breathing heavier and heavier as Charlie pulled his trousers higher and higher between his butt cheeks. Completely satisfied with his efforts, Charlie turned to the front only to be greeted by Benjamin’s fully erected manhood.

"Ben, you will have to keep that down if we are going to go anywhere tonight”, said Charlie, pretending to ignore the fact that he might have just given Ben an orgasm.

Charlie could see his friend completely lost for words as he was engulfed in pure ecstacy. About to lose control himself, Charlie ignored the sweat that was pouring down his forehead as his trousers slowly became moist. Even with his toursers unzipped, a good few inches of abdominal flesh were already pouring out of Benjamin. With some effort, Charlie grabbed Benjamin’s manhood and pushed it down, as he forced the zipper sewned onto Benjamin’s trousers to envelope it, along with a few pounds worth of abdominal meat.

His effort paid off. The 38” trousers were only zipped 2/3 to the top, but the uniform belt should be able to hold the trousers in place. Charlie picked up his partner’s leather belt and started working it through the belt loops. There were strong visible signs of stress along the waistband of his partner’s 38” trousers, as his partner’s abdomen measured a large 42”.

Reaching the last belt loop, Charlie started to pull the pants together. Even with his powerful arms, Benjamin’s abdomen gave a formidable resistance as Charlie tried to push it up and out of the way of Ben’s belt.

"Done, now we just need to find your tie and off we go”, Charlie exlaimed with pride.


There was no reponse from his partner.

Charlie looked up, only to be greeted with an unusual satisfied smile. Within a flash, Benjamin grabbed his older partner by the arms and gently pressed his mouth onto his lips. Having finally lost control, Charlie reciprocated by kissing his partner back.
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