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Best Seat in the House (Sneaking Out, part 2)
To recap, last night, pup had been sent to bed without any dinner, and feeling rebellious, had snuck out of their bed to the kitchen after his Master had fallen asleep. Pup, losing himself in the gloriously erotic sensations of eating, ended up “accidentally” cleaning out the entire fridge, right down the condiments, rather than sneaking a slice or two of leftover pizza to blunt his hunger pangs. Realizing what he’d done, he tried to hide all the evidence of his disobedience in the trash cans, but when he returned inside, Master was awake and waiting for him. Master explained that he had actually been training pup in order to enter them both in an eating contest, but by gorging himself on tens of thousands of calories, pup had ruined the upcoming surprise. Then, in a let-the-punishment-fit-the-crime moment, Master then opened the fully stocked freezer, revealing all kinds of frozen desserts than he then force-fed his already glutted and distended, aching pup. ----------------------------- Sorry, I had to link the story to my tumblr page since it's too long to post here on the site. http://makingmydickhard.tumblr.com/post/172083021203/best-seat-in-the-house-sneaking-out-part-2
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