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Big Al Special

One Saturday evening I had worked late and was driving home when I noticed that a new restaurant had opened. It was called Big Als and it looked very busy. Although I didn't like busy places, I decided to check it out because, as usual I was hungry. After all, with the name Big Als, I couldn't lose.

As I finally found a space and parked, I thought since this was Saturday night I might meet a girl there. I was single for about a year and I was always unlucky with women. The last and only girlfriend I had dumped me because I could never get it up. I was 27 and most of my friends were married with children. Some, including my parents, thought I had emotional problems because I didn't have a girl, plus I kept gaining weight. My best friend thought I liked men, he teased me constantly. I stepped out of my car and thought, tonight I'll meet a girl and prove to everyone that they're wrong about me.

Big Als was beautiful. It had 1950s memorabilia with records on their walls, a pinball machine and a jukebox. A cute waitress who was dressed in a pink uniform with a pleated skirt seated me and took my order. The menu had what I loved - hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, ice cream and onion rings! I was extra hungry from working late so I ordered everything Big Al size which, they claimed, was a better deal than an all-you-can-eat place! My stomach growled as I anxiously waited for my big meal. The large pictures of burgers and fries on the walls drove me crazy. After I stared at these mouth watering pictures for a few minutes, I quickly forgot about scouting for girls. And there were many to choose from. Suddenly with a speed that was faster than McDonalds, my mammoth portions were headed straight for me as my waitress struggled to carry them.

"Here you go, the Big Al Special. Not many people order this, those that do usually have leftovers for weeks. How about you, you're a big guy, think you can handle it in one sitting?" said my waitress.

"Are you kidding? I may love food, as you can see, but I'm not a pig," I replied.

"Well, have fun. Oink! Oink!," she said as she walked away.

I've been on several diets and I'm down to 250 lbs. The last thing I need is a comment like that, I thought. I immediately started feeding my face and got through several burgers and fries. During the middle of my delicious meal, I noticed the chef who had a very fat face kept staring at me. This started to bug me after a while, so I called for a waitress.

"Can you please tell your chef to stop staring at me. I'm trying to eat," I said angrily.

"Oh, don't mind Big Al, he loves to feed his customers. He just wants to know if you're satisfied with his cooking," said the waitress.

"Well, tell him I am. Then tell him to stop staring!" I said.

"I'll see what I can do," she said.

After she told the chef, I still caught him staring at me. At this point, I became so upset I had to go to the bathroom. When I returned, I was shocked to see that what I had eaten had been replaced with more of the same.

"What is going on," I said to my waitress while I sat down at my table.

"Don't worry, it's on the house. Big Al knows you like his cooking and since you're his new customer, he wants to make sure you're a repeat customer," she said.

"Listen, I don't know if I'll be able to..." I said as I was interrupted.

"Again, enjoy yourself, we have doggy bags if you can't finish it," she said.

My stomach subsided as I learned to ignore the stares of that fat face that peered out of his service window where the fresh burgers waited to be taken by the waitresses. I continued to eat. Soon I was full after I finished what Big Al had replaced. I was ready to call it a meal and head home. As I leaned back in my chair, I felt my swollen belly. Then suddenly as I looked up my eyes met with Big Als who was busy cooking. He gave me a hearty wink and smiled which pushed his enormous set of rosy cheeks back toward his ears. Instead of getting upset, I was quite charmed by this handsome jolly face that was surrounded by the best food in town. I continued to rub my belly in which Al also stared at. Then my dick started to swell like my belly until I had a raging boner. Somehow, Big Al and his cooking was turning me on like no girl had ever come close to doing.

"Your check?" said my waitress.

"Huh?" I said while shaken from my intense stare with Al.

"Do you want your check?" she repeated.

"Oh, no, I think I'll stay a little longer and try to finish some more of my meal," I said.

"You really know how to eat! None of our customers have eaten that much of Big Al's Special. Well, I want to remind you that we're closing in an hour," she said.

Although I was full, I kept eating because I didn't want to insult Al who worked so hard preparing his delicious special just for me. Just before closing, I actually finished Al's special! What took people weeks to finish, I did it in one night! As the restaurant started to close and their customers started to leave, I remained in my chair with my table pushed several inches away to allow room for my very swollen belly which was trying to make sense of the meal I just completed.

"Wow! You cleaned your plate. You finished the special," said my waitress.

"Yeah, I guess I was wrong when I said I wasn't a pig," I said.

"Even though we're closed, I hope you'll stay for the big prize," she said.

"Prize?" I said with curiosity.

"Sure, a prize for the only customer to finish big Al's special. Since we've been open we haven't found anyone who could finish it," she said.

I figured that since I didn't have any girlfriend at home and I didn't have work tomorrow, I might as well stay and claim my prize.

"I have plenty of time and I sure need to digest my food," I said.

While another waitress let the last customer out and locked the front doors, my waitress went to the cooking area to talk to Al who was still giving me those charming winks and stares. She approached me and said, "Big Al, the owner, is so pleased with your performance that he wants to give you your prize personally."

I looked at his jolly face as he let out a hearty laugh.

"Great, I'd love to give my compliments to the chef!" I said enthusiastically.

"Just stay here and wait for big Al to wave for you to see him?" said my waitress.

"Wonderful." I said.

As I waited for Al, all of the waitresses collected their jackets and belongings, then left the restaurant and locked the door behind them. There I sat, lights out with only the kitchen light on for big Al who looked like he was cleaning his cooking area. I was beginning to wonder if he had forgotten about me. After all, I still had a boner from his cooking. Suddenly, he waved to me to see him. I slowly lifted myself from my seat in which its arms were wedged between my swollen waist. I finally managed to break free. I headed toward the back of the restaurant which was the kitchen and opened the swinging door as Al smiled through the service window.

"Hi, Al, this must be some prize you've got for...," I said while shocked by what I saw.

There was big Al. When I say big, I mean big! I suddenly got another raging boner as I stared at this charming roly- poly 800 lb. older man dressed in a super large cooking uniform with a huge white hat. He was in a wheelchair with a belly that sat on his large knees and legs which were pushed aside to make way for his enormous paunch. His waist was about 90" and his tits met his waistline. Of all his beautiful features, his very fat face and big blue eyes stood out among his body of blubber.

"So, Mr. - ," he said.

"Mr. Evans. Michael Evans," I said.

"You're here to collect your prize for eating all of my special."

"Yes, sir," I said as I stood mesmerized by his enormous presence.

"No customer has enjoyed my cooking more than you have, Mr. Evans. Well, maybe except me," he said.

We both laughed which broke the tension.

"I've got your prize on me if you want to come closer so I can give it to you." he said.

I nervously approached him as he gently guided me next to his wheelchair. He pulled me tighter toward him so my bulging cock was pressed against his shoulder. He put his chubby hand on my bulge and began jerking my cock. Then he put his other hand on my swollen belly and rubbed it.

"I loved your burgers and fries," I said while getting the hint that he was gay and loves to feed his boyfriends.

As he unzipped my fly and swallowed my boner like it was an appetizer, I realized that I was gay and that I had been denying this part of myself for a long time. I quickly exploded in his mouth as I lustfully sucked on one of his huge tits. We embraced in a breathtaking French kiss in which we eagerly discovered each others tongues and lips. I got on my knees and let loose the belt that was holding his enormous belly from almost hitting the floor. It quickly dropped on the floor and pushed his uniform to his sides. It was beautiful and I was ready to explode again. I lifted his huge belly and while making my way through the rolls upon rolls of fat, I discovered his 10" cock which appeared to be about half the size, until I got it in my mouth! I jerked his thick cock with my mouth while his huge belly completely covered my head, then rested upon my shoulders. As I got him off, my head ping-ponged from his belly into his cock. Suddenly, he shot his thick load and it coated the back of my throat.

"Well, that was the big prize for being such a good gainer," he said.

"Gainer? What's that?" I asked as I jerked my cock.

"That's what you are. A gainer - a gay man who gets turned on by eating and getting fat," he said.

Although I heard what he said, I had to jerk myself off one more time in which I exploded onto his belly. Al lifted it off his enormous paunch and like a full-course meal, ate my load off of his chubby fingers.

"Hmm, maybe I should include this recipe in my burgers," Al joked.

We both laughed.

"Do you have a lover?," I said.

"No. I'm single and I need a partner to help me run my restaurant and also help me gain a lot more weight! I'm sure I could do miracles for that swollen belly of yours. Tonight was just the beginning," Al replied.

"Really! I'm single, too. And I love your concept for your restaurant," I replied.

"Would you like to visit tomorrow night for another big Al special?" said Al.

"Certainly! I want to be as big as you!" I said excitedly.

We once again embraced with a long wet kiss and I thought, a gainer, yes, that's what I am! I've finally found out who I am!

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