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Bubba's Burgers & BBQ: Part One
All my life I've been the little guy. I have muscles, but they're slender and don't enhance my presence. Standing at only 5' 6" and weighing only 125 pounds, most men dwarf me in either height, stature, or weight. As a result of a lifetime of being the small guy, I've always envied and lusted after big men: muscles, weight, size, fat, or anything that enlarges a man. In high school, I harbored a serious crush on a 6' 5" basketball player at our school named Lamar. His great height meant I barely reached his chest, a fact that aroused me to no end. Brody, the muscular DILF neighbor who mowed his lawn shirtless made me cover my room with my sixteen year old seed.

But my biggest crushes and lusts were reserved for men who big and fat or had fat and muscles. Basically anything with fat turned my crank. A fellow nerd and bibliophile at my school named Jamal weighed close to three hundred pounds of soft blubber. I used to dream about him covering me with his big belly. Mr. Wu, our civics teacher, was an ex-bodybuilder gone to seed. Years of marriage and three kids softened his musculature with fat, giving me 275 pounds of beef housed in fitted button-up shirts to stare at for an hour each day. The biggest source of lust for me were the linemen of the football team, particularly Jason. He was 350 pounds of southern country boy and I wanted to feed him to greater size, strength, and manliness. I wanted to pat and rub his big belly and biceps and for him to smother me with his girth.

My love for fat men is what led me to my current occupation. I always loved cooking and had a keen interest in barbecue and the various techniques of cooking it. Growing up in South Carolina meant I was raised to appreciate good barbecue and eating in general. So right out of high school, I decided to forsake college and try to make a career in the culinary world. I took a job at a local barbecue place out near the highway called Bubba's Burgers & BBQ. Bubba's had a reputation for serving quality barbecue and burgers in massive portions. As a result, it was well known and appreciated among the fatter male population in the area and it being near the highway meant that big bellied truckers would often stop to fill up on the succulent ribs and brisket.

The run down atmosphere of the place hammered home that here it was about the food and great service and nothing else. The place's vibe deterred most women, so it was usually filled with only big men wanting a big meal. It was hard work, but it was rewarding to learn how to make quality barbecue. Jim, a.k.a. "Bubba," owns and operates the joint himself and had been making barbecue for years. The decades of good food and hard work made Bubba a massive man. Standing at 6', he weighed 400 pounds of fat and muscle. In the summer, his shirts would be soaked through with sweat so everyone could clearly see the size and heft of that huge gut and the muscular arms. I worked intimately with him and he and I often sampled our own product, him far more often than me. I regularly saw him eat 5 pounds of ribs as lunch often with a double large helping of mac and cheese. The man's appetite was astonishing to say the least.

When I wasn't cooking, I served the portly and hefty clients that ate here. It was always a pleasure to see John, a 375 pound trucker who stopped by whenever he was in town to wolf down three smoked sausages, a slab of ribs, a side of mashed potatoes, and a piece of pecan pie. Pastor Wallace, our town preacher who openly stated that his sin of choice was gluttony, came by often for a big dinner of brisket. Even Jason, my heartthrob lineman, regularly came in when he was back in town from college. The months at college were doing him well as he had to buy a new wardrobe for his increased frame. When he came in with some of his fellow former linemen (all of whom had given up the battle of the bulge, letting their growing guts dominate their former athletic bodies), the sheer quantities of food consumed impressed the other fat men also gorging on our array of meats.

Jason and his friends each could eat a Pounder Platter. Each platter had one pound of ribs, one pound of brisket, one pound of smoked sausages, and one pound of pulled pork. They'd also share two large sides of mac and cheese, a large side of collards, a dozen cornbread muffins, and two large sides of Lowcountry boil. They'd sit and eat for three hours at least, filling their greedy and gluttonous stomachs to bursting. Good thing they all drove large pickup trucks, or else they'd never fit in a car home. Serving these young gluttons gave me ample pleasure too. Bubba was well aware that I was gay (it might be the South, but it's 2021) and knew my preference for big men. He even deduced that I had a thing for him, but didn't say anything. His understanding of my proclivities meant that he always had me be the personal waiter of Jason and company.

Cooking delicious food for massive hunks of men who feasted on my labors daily provided me with ample pleasure and drive for my work. Each day I knew I was making the men of my hometown fatter than the day before. The men's guts grew bigger, their buttons strained further, their belts struggled against more weight. Hell, some of the men wore suspenders because a belt no longer sufficed. One man however seemed to remain the same massive size, neither gaining nor losing, and that man was Bubba. For a long while, I though he had just naturally plateaued, but then I began to second guess that. How could a man who ate so much so often never grow at least a but larger? How can a man so heavy be able to work so hard so easily? The longer I worked at Bubba's the more these thoughts nagged me. Ultimately, I decided to pay closer attention to Bubba and discover more about his life and how he came to operate his eatery.
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