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Danny fidgeted nervously, tugging on his clothes, smoothing out creases on his t-shirt that he knew wouldn't go away, but he persisted regardless. He hadn't been this anxious about...well, anything. Turning around to face the windows of the black Mercedes he had borrowed off his father, he checked his hair for the twentieth time and cringed. 'Didn't iron it enough,' he mumbled to himself as he looked himself up and down in the reflection of the tinted passenger window. He'd made the effort to wash properly today, his skin shining with a little bit of moisurizer, the result of a last minute attempt to hide years of bad treatment. Luckily, his hair hid most of the worst spots. Cringing at the length and the fact that it had just a little too much body, he tried vainly to smooth down his brown hair with one hand to no avail. The amount of product he'd thrown in in desperation wasn't helping...and it made him smell like a candy shop, much to his irritation. His black t-shirt wasn't ironed, though it didn't really matter. The skintight fabric didn't have much room to spare, stretched over his chiseled body as it was. Noting with some dissatisfaction his minor lovehandles and fearing immediate criticism, he turned his focus back to his face, brushing his hair away from his eyes. Now there as something he was proud of. His icy blue eyes had always been his best feature, so he did his best to show them off. He smiled at the heavy contrast between his vivid eyes and dull hair...somehow it had always worked for him, though today wasn't exactly an everyday event.

He turned around away from the Mercedes as he heard a door open and a crowd of people exit the airport terminal. Putting on his best closed-mouth smile - in his rush, he had forgotten to clean his teeth - and held up a paper card smile to the crowd, his eyes darting across from one figure to the next in hopes of spotting his passenger.
'Right,' he said to himself, recalling the mental image he had kept for so long. The image of the perfect man. Slender, but toned and well defined. A well proportioned v-shaped torso...a rear end to die for. Soft light brown hair over strong, yet soft facial features...those thick, dark eyebrows, and the greenest eyes you'd ever seen...those eyes. Despite the ego of the person within, those eyes always looked somehow like a mopey puppy dog's. Like there was something more to that vision of perfection that meets the eye...

'...Excuse me...?' came a small voice from beside him, though Danny ignored it, preferring to continue in his daydream. That wasn't the voice he was looking for, anyway. He was waiting to hear deep, raw confidence, an overwhelming, condescending ego. Secretly he had always loved being put down like that. That voice could tell Danny to do anything, and he would do it. But the other, small voice persisted.

'Dan?' the voice said, and he finally snapped to, facing the direction the voice came from that so rudely awakened him from his daydreaming...There was a young man, about the same height as he was, though Danny noted with some disdain the...unfit state of his body.
'How do you know my name? Get lost, i'm waiting for someo-' Danny said harshly before stopping mid-sentance. There was something eerily familiar in those eyes. Those green, puppy dog's eyes...

'Er...hey, dude,' he said softly, and Danny's jaw dropped instantly. This was all wrong. Sam was a model. He'd made it into the bigtime with those looks, with that perfect body. He'd gone off to be rich and famous for a few years. Danny had only gotten the e-mail yesterday that he was coming back for a few weeks to catch up. But...this couldn't be Sam. It was impossible. There were no chiselled abs, no perfectly proportioned torso...in fact, it was the complete opposite of everything Sam had been in his entire life. This person wasn't just unfit or out of shape. That was long past for this person. 

The person that stood in front of him with Sam's eyes...well, he was fat. He was more than fat. The strong yet soft facial features, those defined cheekbones were hidden now, replaced instead with puffy fat cheeks and a double chin. His hair was lighter than Danny remembered, though it was still in that boyishly unkempt style as before. He wore a white t-shirt, though unlike Danny's own it was meant to be loose, to hide his girth somewhat, though it failed miserably, as it was a few sizes too small. It barely covered his massive gut, and everytime Sam shifted his weight it crept upwards, forcing him to constantly tug at it. All evidence of his perfect pecs were gone, too, replaced instead by a massive pair of breasts of fat straddling his belly and flowing under his arms to form folds in his back. His shorts weren't faring much better than his shirt in containing his girth, nearly skin-tight to his massive thighs. He absent mindedly scratched the back of his head, unnerved by Danny's staring, causing his shirt to rise up and reveal a pale love handle. Sam had never been pale. Sam had never been fat. Sam had never been unconfident. This was all just too bizarre...
'Come on, let's go, i'm boiling,' he mumbled, wincing as he looked at the sun. Danny managed to shake himsself out of shock enough to nod silently before unlocking the car and throwing Sam's cases in the trunk.


They'd been driving little more than ten minutes before Danny finally managed to sum up the nerve to ask.

'So...?' he ventured, glancing over to Sam, who sat squashed into the leather chair. uncomfortably. He had been sweating before he'd even gotten in the car, and a black car in the middle of summer gets very hot. We was practically drenched now, his shirt clinging tightly to hs folds as he looked out the window, trying to focus on anything but the heat and the fact that the climate control hadn't done much to help him feel any better.

'So what?', Sam mumbled quietly, half-heartedly. The old Sam would have bitten off Danny's head for being too nosey. But now, things were different. They were...well, awkward.
'So, what happened to you? I mean, I think the least you owe me is a bit of detail on what happened in LA, considering the state you show up in.' Danny said, pushing the boundaries further with every word.
'What do you mean, 'the state I show up in?'' Sam snapped, though he quickly stopped and sighed. 'Yeah, I bet I know exactly what you mean. You're as shallow as ever...'
'Hey, that's not true,' Danny said defensively, 'but I think you owe me an explanation anyway.'
'Fine,' Sam resigned, shifting uncomfortably in his seat again. 'I get onto the first catwalk in the bigtime ever. The lights blinded me, and i'd been working pretty hard to be ready for the show...I passed out mid-walk. Fell off the catwalk and into the crowd. Got a concussion and a broken leg. I've been recovering for most of the time i've been away. The designer was nice enough to pay for everything for me while I recovered, and despite my best efforts, I put on a bit of weight. I couldn't get any work after I got better. Noone would sign me.

'I...I was forced to get a job in fast food again,' he said shakily. They both knew what that meant. Sam had never had much junk food as a kid, and when he got his first job at a local burger shop, he ate more than he sold and put on massive amounts of weight quickly. After a complete breakdown, he quit and literally starved himself back down to size. He'd obviously had the same problem with fast food this time around.
'That's why i'm so big. I...I couldn't help myself, Danny. It was a menu of foods i'd never experienced, that i'd never even been able to experience...I...I was powerless against myself. I just kept eating, even after I was full. I...I couldn't stop...' he said quietly, before finally trailing off into silence. The rest of the journey was spent in silence.


'Well, this is it,' Danny said quietly, throwing the luggage on the floor in the entrance of his house. It was a neat little two-bedroom appartment, and aside from a bad smell from some unwashed dishes in the kitchen, it was quite plain. There was only a minimal amount of furniture, and most of it looked at the least second hand. But, for Danny, it had been his home for a while now, and despite the emptiness of the place, he wasn't more comfortable anywhere else. Sam, on the other hand, looked like a fish out of water, standing in the doorway, drenched in sweat, his white t-shirt almost completely transparent now. It didn't leave much to the imagination as to just how big he really was. Danny turned around to look at Sam, wondering why he hesitated, before his eyes suddenly and inexplicably became transfixed on that belly, barely concealed by the shirt. A tiny amount of naked flesh hung below the shirt, bare to the world. And...Danny couldn't explain it, but he couldn't look away. Sam had always been an attractive person, but this...this was different.

'Hey, Dan,' Sam said quietly, snapping him back to reality in an instant with that unnervingly self-conscious voice. 'You alright?' He said, and again Danny mutely nodded before waving him into the living room.
'Let me get you something,' he said as he walked into the kitchen. His mind was full of questions now, and he had no idea how to answer any of them...

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