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chub chart
100lbs: not fat, maybe little chubby. 200lbs: starting to get more fat and are very chubby. 300lbs: you are obese, huge belly and bouncing moobs. Your more than chubby. 400lbs: walking becomea harder and belly hangs lower, moobs get bigger. for some this is there goal. 500lbs: waddling even is hard and belly goes for most past knees. moobs are in arm pits and slope down with belly. 600lbs: Morbidly obese. some cant walk but your huge. moobs 5 hands needed to cover. 700lbs: if you dont have a feeder you must get one for the next 300lbs. 800lbs: you can no longer walk unless very lucky. you take up the whole back of a van. your feeder should read your scale as you can see it. moobs are as big as tires. you can store stuff in your fat like food 900lbs: if you can stand, your belly touches the floor. arms out a bit from your moobs. you are to fat to pick up your belly. 1000lbs: congrats! you are imobile are will be stuffed by feeder way more, most likely you will gain a pound a day. Its only fatter from there!
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