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Dom Venicci
Dominic Venicci had the build of all the men in his italian family, tall and beefy. Though not quite fat, he did possess a small belly clearly visible with his crimson shirt that he had to tuck in for his job as a server. Dom was a waiter at a downtown comic club, a job he had held for over a year so far. 
He was a pretty average guy in most respects. He knew to be respectable but didn't place too much mental thought into what others truly thought of him. Dom wasn't a valedictorian, but he knew well enough to get by in the world. He was laid-back, easy-going, and loved to eat. His gluttony came from his largely Italian genes.
Playing upon this gluttony was the new bartender, Adam. At least once every hour, Adam would call the beefy stud over to the crowded bar, offering him some leftover appetizers or a free drink. Dom came to know Adam as a pretty decent guy, and made sure to saunter over of his own will eventually. So as the six or eight hour shift passed, Dom would continue his constant sneaking of free drinks and food from 
Dom was thankful for the new bartender's generosity. Several hours was a decent length to go without having a meal for Dom. Not only did Adam keep Dom's belly satisfied, he kept his belly stuffed! By the end of the night, Dom could feel the weight of his heavier gut, the result of hours of casual grazing. He'd make sure to say goodnight to his buddy before unbuttoning his tight slacks and sauntering to his car.
Pretty soon, he became accustomed to Adam's kindness throughout his shift. A stuffed belly by the end of the night was practically expected by him after a few weeks. And some nights, when Adam wouldn't be working, Dom would finish up his shift empty-bellied and hungry as fuck. The local fast food joints would end up satisfying Dom's increased appetite before he went to bed.
Being a simple guy, Dom didn't really pay much heed to his new habits. Adam did, however. Adam could tell Dom was beginning to put a bit more weight on his 200-pound frame. There were hints. The subtle increase in the amount Dom could pack away each night or the slightly bigger belly that hung over his slacks.
Most of Dom's week consisted of waking up, working, eating, and sleeping. His few days off were spent being pretty lazy, mostly hanging with a few friends Five or ten pounds didn't really catch his attention. He didn't even own a scale, actually.

One of Dom's days off, he and a few friends were hanging around at his apartment. After ordering two extra large pizzas, figuring four young guys could easily pack them away, they were left with more than whole pizza leftover. Dom was the only one actually still munching away at the pizza. One his buddies got an idea.
They began placing bets on whether Dom could finish the rest of the pizza. They gazed at Dom expectantly as he swallowed the last bite of a slice. After a short contemplation, he stood up and silently left for his bedroom. He quickly returned wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. His friends gave a cheer as their big buddy sat down to begin his gluttonous task.
As each slice further bloated his belly, he felt strange. Despite being way past full, he wanted to continue. He wasn't sure if it was his buddies cheering him on, the bet money, or something else, but he made sure that the rest of the pizza was inside his aching stomach within half an hour.
His friend Nick gave his round gut a slap. As Dom felt the force travel through his stuffed gut, he felt a tingling in his groin. He also felt a rumble in his belly as an uncontrollable belch rumbled its way up. As he let it rip, his buddies shielded their faces in mock-disgust, laughing hysterically. 
"Holy fuck, man," one said.
"You really did it," Nick added in awe.
"And don't make me regret it. Where's the fifty?" Dom asked impatiently.
Nick pulled out the money the guys had pooled and handed it to his bloated buddy.
"You fuckin' deserve it, dude." Nick said with a grin.
Dom just belched again, leaned back with the remote in one hand, the money in the other, and changed the channel.

"And you did it?" asked Adam curiously.
"Yep," Dom answered proudly, giving his belly a quick rub. "Man though, I was completely stuffed. You should've felt this gut! Hard a fuckin' rock, dude."
"I bet, after all that, man."
Dom had been recounting his pizza experience after his shift. Ironically, as he told his story, he was finishing off some mozzarella sticks Adam had tossed his way, downing it with a free beer. Dom held his speech as he let loose a loud fart.
"Just workin' through the system," he added, grinning at Adam.
"Guess so," said Adam, secretly pleased with how much chunkier Dom was looking in recent days. 
After a few more exchanges, Dom said goodnight and headed out, leaving the bartender eagerly awaiting their next shift together.

Adam had to really wonder if it was Dom's appetite getting the best of him or a previously decent metabolism going to all hell, but the Italian waiter was really beginning to put on weight. As the weeks had continued to fly by, Dom was resting at a hefty 225, over twenty pounds heavier than in weeks prior. The extra baggage showed too, in his growing gut, his fattening ass, and the amount of extra food that 
Dom greedily packed away throughout his shift. Adam was even slightly worried his boss might start to notice how much fatter Dom was getting and maybe catch on to their little game. 

Adam had been thinking about everything as the weeks had gone by, and as Dom's pants grew tighter and tighter. Dom would only continue getting bigger, and therefore eating more, and although Adam really wanted this favorable outcome, he needed a different and less job-risking way to go about it. 
After their shift one night, Adam tossed out an offer. A simple dinner offer. He hoped that if Dom wasn't into guys, that he wouldn't take it as a date but more of a bonding experience with a good work friend. Not one to give up food, Dom had accepted.
That night they went to the 24-hour diner, Denny's. The meal consisted of a steak dinner for Dom and a massive burger for Adam, both of which Adam eventually coaxed into Dom's stomach. Two milkshakes also found their way down Dom's eager gullet before he leaned back, overstuffed gut jutting out into his lap. He ran his hands over the ever-larger expanse as he projected a resounding belch to claim he was full.
The few and equally belly-rumbling proceding burps were just for comfort.
"So Dom, you up for dessert?" ask Adam with a devious grin as Dom gave a groan.
"I don't know, man. I overdid it already, I think. Maybe you could use dessert! I ate --urp-- everything, dude. And I'm getting pretty fat as it is. You could use some extra weight, Adam, Ha!"
Adam just chuckled along with his buddy, wondering to what extent Dom actually believed that. But before he could gauge any subliminal messages in the conversation, he had to coerce Dom into dessert. He had to get as many calories into that boy as he could! He couldn't afford dinner every night of the week, so when he did 
managed to swing Dom into it, he had to go all out.
"Together then," Adam offered. "We'll each get a slice of Peanut Butter Pie or something."
Dom groaned again at the bellyache of his overstuffed belly, but smiled back.
"Hold on, man. Just let me --URRRRRPPP--"
Adam broke into hysterics, fueled by his aching groin, as Dom forced up a monster belch that alerted several patrons to the stuffed guy's bloated state.
"Ahhhh, much better. Alright dude, if you'll do the same, I'll stuff down a bit more. Besides, who am I to resist free food?"
"Awesome!" exclaimed an overly excited Adam, who soon remembered to stifle his eagerness a few notches. "Oh, and I don't think you're gettin' too fat, Dom. You still look... just fine to me."
"Oh man, I don't really care about that, hahaha. I'm Italian, I love to eat, and I ain't going on no fucking diets, dude. The way I see it, I'm happy with myself. If someone else ain't, we wouldn't get along. So if someone comes along, they gotta love all this--" Dom said, accentuating his remarks by standing and hefting his gut and dropping it again a few times. "Gotta hit the bathroom, dude. I'll be right back."
By the time he had returned, Adam had already ordered the two slices, and secretly paid the waitress to bring a third slice once they were finished, pretending it was "on the house." A final little trick to get Dom to down a bit more. 
"Alright you devil," began Dom, grunting as he worked himself back into the booth, "you finish yours first. I've learned how you operate. I don't eat another bite until you clean your plate, mister."
Adam frowned like a sad puppy, but to no avail. So, admitting defeat, he dug his spoon in and bite by bite, he finished his slice without too much trouble. After all, he had only downed a few bites of his burger before sliding it Dom's way.
Dom took care of his within a few short moments, grinning at Adam. The waitress slipped in, dropping off the check and another slice "on the house," just like Adam had told her to. Dom only chuckled.
"That's yours," he laughed. "I - am - full. Completely."
One more time, Adam tried the sad puppy expression. It only made Dom laugh, and then hold his belly and groan a bit at the upset.
"Seriously, Adam! You're trying to make me fucking huge, dude. Well, for tonight, I'm done. But I'll tell you what, you finish that slice too and I'll take the next time, man. How's that sound?"
Adam devoured that second slice in a few huge and frantic bites.

Unfortunately for the both of them, their schedules didn't coincide very well for almost two weeks. Dom made a few light-hearted cracks about how good it felt to give his stomach a rest, though in truth he was still eating quite enough to keep up his increasing weight. On the long-awaited night, the two once again found themselves at Denny's. They had a different server that time, however. It was an athletic-looking young man with short blonde hair and a pronouncable rear, Adam 
noted as he took his leave to retrieve their beverages. 'With some extra weight, he'd look so much better,' Adam thought to himself as he brought his attention back to the beefy stud across the table from him. 
"So Dom, what's up for the belly bustin' tonight?"
"Well, considering you skimped on the grazing all shift, I'm really starving."
Adam knew for a fact that he had been pretty constant with his free food to Dom throughout the shift for several weeks, and took Dom's hunger as a sign that his appetite was increasing. He figured it better not to bring that slight fact to attention.
"Sorry, man. The bar was really busy tonight, though. I'll make sure to keep you better fed next time, I promise."
"Hahaha, you bet, man. Otherwise I might lose my appetite. And then who'd finished off your meals at Denny's?"
Both guys chuckled as they finished deciding what to order. Or rather, what they were both ordering for Dom. Along with another steak dinner, Adam decided it better to go for the Lumberjack breakfast special. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, and hasbrowns were the perfect compliment to a large steak, he thought to himself. Two shakes were also ordered, and to add to the order, an appetizer sampler. As the waiter headed back to the cooking area, Dom kicked Adam lightly. Adam saw a grin cross Dom's fuller face.
"You didn't get an appetizer last time, man! No fair!"
"Hey, you said you were starving. And I'm making up for two weeks without seeing to it that you get fed properly."
"Oh, I'm still putting away plenty, Adam," Dom said, leaning back to caress his round belly. "In fact, a few days ago, I found out I can't button my work pants anymore!"
"I noticed," Adam let slip. As he glanced away nervously, he didn't catch the happy grin that crossed Dom's face for a few seconds.
"Oh yeah, dude. So I was at my parents' place for my dad's birthday. I saw my little bro, he's only three years younger than me, and man-oh-man he's even putting on weight! Only seventeen and already his formerly slender frame's sportin' a little gut. Only someone like me'd notice, though. And luckily this fucker," Dom said, slapping his gut, "was the center of attention. Nobody even really cared about Reggie's beefing up."
"Must be in the genes, eh Dom?"
"Ha! My belly can't even fit into any of my jeans, anymore. It also depends on the bartender you get at work," Dom added, smirking.
Adam glanced down with slight embarassment, smiling.
"You're really that much bigger?" Adam asked, feigning ignorance. 
"Eh, they were always a little tight. All it took to bust the button was a cunning little fucker like yourself. Besides, I have several pairs of athletic pants, ironic I know, that I always had around. Seems that's all I've been reduced to."
"Sorry to interrupt, guys," said the blonde, bringing their food to the table.
Both guys just smiled at each other as the waiter departed before digging in. Well... Adam picked at his as he waited for Dom to finish chugging his shake and devouring his steak.
"Fucker!" Dom managed through chewing. "Slide that over here already. I know your little game."
Adam couldn't hold back a bright grin, or a raging hard-on, as he slide his full plate across the table. So Dom began alternating steak and breakfast as he slowly worked towards cleaning both plates. Every few bites, Dom would have to pause to burp or rub his stomach for a while before continuing. Eventually however, yet another thunderous and gutteral burp announced that the big boy had once again triumphed over both plates, the appetizer, and two shakes.
"Fuck--" Dom stuttered as he felt a surge of pain throughout his gut before belching loudly. "Ohhh, dude. Dude. You make me eat anymore and you really owe me, man. Better fuckin' rub this belly or somethin' after, man," Dom said jokingly. 
Adam would gladly comply if given the opportunity.
Sure enough, Adam swindled two slices over to the table, and both into Dom's already stuffed belly under the promise that next time, he actually finishes a whole meal himself. Dom made sure to establish that he'd be ordering two dinners, as usual, but that Adam had to finish his own. Adam easily obliged as he watched the beefy stud put away the two fattening slices.
Shortly after however, Dom quickly asked to leave. So eager and fast he stood for a guy so full, Adam ran to the counter to pay before following Dom out the door.
Dom slowly sauntered a few steps into the moonlit parking lot, large rear facing a perplexed Adam.
Before he could even question his buddy, a massive ass-blast ripped through Dom's meaty rear, the monster fart echoing throughout the pretty-much empty lot.
"Fuck yeah!" Dom exclaimed loudly. "Man, I really had to let one rip! Oh fuck that felt fucking good."
"Nice one, Dom," Adam offered, making his way over to his companion as he tried desperately to prevent himself from getting hard. Dom lifted his shirt, rubbing his belly for Adam to see. He took a few steps towards a dry-mouthed Adam who was too entranced to step back as the stuffed stomach bounced into him, knocking him back a few steps. Too quick for Adam to react, Dom had rammed Adam up against his car with his large and overstuffed belly. 
"How do you like this, dude?" Dom asked a shocked and frightened Adam. This could be the moment Dom found out his attraction to beefing him up! He wanted so badly to not get a boner from feeling Dom's big sexy belly pressed against him, to feel his hot breath breathing in his face, but he failed. He felt himself growing harder and harder, obvious against Dom's own groin, as his head screamed for him to stop.
"I told you, man. You owe me after all that. A belly rub, at least," Dom finished, burping into Adam's face. "And I know you must fucking want to, Adam. I'm your fattening prize hog, aren't I?" he continued, grinding his own erection against Adam's, much to Adam's surprised relief. Adam slowly began slipping down to his knees to worship Dom's belly like he'd wanted to for so long, but Dom's strong arms grabbed his and hoisted him back up, kissing him hard on the lips before letting him continue. He felt Adam's eager tongue explore the front 
of his magnificent belly, his hands squeezing his sizable lovehandles. Everything felt surprisingly erotic. No, insanely erotic. More than even he had expected. Even each fart and burp worked up by Adam's poking and prodding added to the experience.
"Oh dude, Adam..." Dom moaned quietly. "Bigger, right?" he stammered between uncontrollable surges of pleasure.
"Huge," Adam answered, looking up at his large buddy. He must've said the right thing as he felt Dom once again pull him up and to his full lips, forcing his tongue in Adam's mouth as he forcefully pressed Adam against the car again. As they continued making out, Adam began grabbing Dom's softening ass cheeks, each a decent handful, helping to unleash another man-sized fart from the depths of Dom's digestive tract.
"How fucking big?" Dom demanded to know amidst the throes of desire as he felt himself nearly climaxing.
"Big enough to fucking crush a man. So big your belly hits the steering wheel. We'll fatten you up into XXXL, dude! Big enough so once I'm done helping you stuff this fucker," Adam taunted, grabbing Dom's belly by the sides and shaking it, "you'll be too weighed down by it to do anything but sit back and belch for me."
"Oh fuck... FUCK... Fuck!" Dom yelled as he felt himself climax, biting hard into Adam's shoulder. Adam quickly followed suit, gripping Dom's ass cheeks so hard he almost cried out in pain.
And there the relationship truly began.

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