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Economy Part 4
Two waiters were at the door, wrangling three trolleys. Austin ushered them in.

The man in charge surveyed the lounge and asked Austin, "Would you like us to put these in the kitchen until the guests arrive?”

Austin’s weathered face cracked into a broad grin and he cocked one bushy eyebrow. "What guests?”

"Oh, I – I just assumed,” the waiter stammered. "Is this all for you?”

"What,” Austin chortled, "you think I can’t handle it?” He gave his big belly a resounding slap. "Yeah, I’ll do my best, buddy. Half-starved at the moment.”

David was peeking through the bedroom door at the scene, wishing he had the gut and the guts to do what Austin was doing. Seeing the big guy interacting with regular folks was amazing. The size difference was staggering. He was viewing Austin almost from behind. His broad, rounded shoulders filled the grey t-shirt, but it wasn’t a tight fit. One meaty arm fell loosely by his side, pushed away from his body by a big roll of underarm fat. There was a cleft down the middle of his back and at elbow height across the back a big shelf of flab began, resolving in the two bulbous buttocks tightly encased in the shorts. The powerful thighs below filled out the legs of the shorts, again without being constricted by them uncomfortably, and the calves below were strong and unfeasibly broad. The gut was much less conspicuous from this angle, but David could see that it was dragging down the front of the t-shirt. Austin’s face was similarly effaced by the angle and by his hair and beard, but the broad curve of his fat cheek was clear, and there was the intimation of a big fleshy fold of neck fat just above the round right shoulder.

The waiter took one step to the left, then one to the right, then stood there awkwardly shifting his weight from one leg to the other and looking down at the tray handle.

"Just leave it here, man,” Austin said, and crushed twenty bucks into his hand. "I’ll take it from there.”

The waiter bowed, thanked Austin and scuttled out, dragging the secondary, stunned guy along with him.

"Dinner’s ready!” Austin hollered towards the bedroom. David came out and stared in awe at the feast Austin was uncovering.

"There’s the cheeseburgers. I’m diving into that.” He replaced the covers on the other three plates to keep them warm. "Which pizza do you want to tackle first, buddy?”

"Oh, the Italian one, I guess,” David answered, helping himself to a greasy hunk of garlic bread and plopping down in his seat as Austin arranged a selection of dishes on the coffee table between them.

"Oh shit,” Austin complained, "these sundaes are goinna melt before we get to them.” David promptly got up again and escorted the desserts into the kitchen, where he deposited them in the fridge. 

When he returned, he helpfully informed his greedy partner in crime, now sunk back down into the sofa, that they could always heat up anything that got cold, so they could afford to take their time.

"I sure as hell want to do that. I want to savour this feed. Can you line me up another couple beers, buddy?”

David did as instructed. He was looking forward to the food nearly as much as Austin, but he loved running around and helping the big guy who was too fat to budge.

David sat back down, raised his half-drunk beer to Austin’s second one and grabbed a cheeseburger.

"Now, buddy, I don’t want to offend you,” Austin began, "but there’s something of a tradition involved for me, and the only way I’m going to be able to handle an epic pig-out like this is shirtless. The last thing I want to be doing is worrying about dripping grease or sauce on ol’ Foghorn Leghorn here. I find if I’m seriously stuffing myself, it helps if I can just hose myself down afterwards.”

David felt dizzy at the prospect. "You know,” he confessed, "I’m exactly the same. When I have a really heavy eating session, I just want to let it all hang out.”

"I knew it, Dave. Separated at birth, you and me. So brace yourself: here comes the striptease.”

Austin leaned way forward in the sofa, bunching up his blubber between his chins and knees, and tugged first one side of his t-shirt, then the other, up over the shelf of back flab behind him, then leant back a little, lifted his big round gut with his left hand, pressing it deep into the soft fat, while pulling with his right at the front of the t-shirt, which had been trapped beneath the big fold of belly overhang.

Now that the shirt had been freed, Austin hauled it over his head, pulling his ponytail up with it and leaving it comically draped down the middle of his forehead afterwards. He shook his burly head like a horse and threw it back, then crumpled his t-shirt in a ball and gave it a powerful toss into the corner. "Done,” he said to David.

"Wow,” David said dumbly in response, ogling the naked torso of his new friend.

"Fucking huge, huh?” Austin responded, heavily massaging and shaking the unleashed belly that filled his lap. "I put a lot of work into this baby.”

"Well, yeah,” David explained, "but I can’t believe how hairy you are.” To be honest, Austin’s monstrous obesity was only to be expected. David had already spent several hours imagining the guy undressed, and he was pretty much exactly as fat as he’d figured, but the glimpses of chest fur and underbelly fuzz he’d had during the day hadn’t prepared him for the overall shagginess of the fat man. The t-shirt had revealed the big furry forearms, but hairy forearms were standard issue. Even David could lay claim to them, but in Austin’s case the hair only thinned slightly on the hamhock upper arms (and this seemed as much of a consequence of the expanded scale of them as any reduction in hirsuteness), then started to thicken again dramatically at the shoulders, creating a dark halo against the pale leather of the sofa. Austin’s chest was black with dense curly hair, which accentuated his big tits with a thick, dark outline, and the dense coverage extended right down his outsized belly, reducing only at the sides. The underside of the gut was darkly shaded with the upward spread of his profuse pubic hair.

"I’m a shaggy motherfucker all right. Here.” Austin bulkily shifted in his seat to show David a three-quarter view of his back. "Give you a comb and you could give me a centre parting down my back, am I right?”

Austin’s broad back was indeed the hairiest David had ever seen, though the coverage was rather more haphazard. The centre parting was actually already there, with the pattern of the hair following the shape of the two big slabs of upper back fat, the delicate cleft down the centre defining the two tectonic plates of malleable, shifting blubber.

Austin flopped back into the seat with a whap and looked quizzically at David. 

David continued to stare, watching the ball of hairy belly slowly, slinkily ease down between the outrageously huge thighs as Austin spread his legs for comfort. He realised that allowing that big gut to slip down a little like that would make it easier for Austin to reach the food arrayed on the table in front of him. As if on cue, and with surprising, well-practiced ease, Austin leant forward, compressing the huge belly into the sofa, grabbed his beer, and bounced powerfully back, as if he were spring loaded. In a way, he was. Austin sucked on the beer and set his gaze on David again.

Then David realised that his host was waiting for him to get similarly ‘prepared’ for the feast before he tucked in. Feeling a bit dim, he hastily ripped his shirt off and draped it onto the adjacent chair. He wore his shirts as loose as he could find, which didn’t really conceal anything – he just looked bulky and shapeless, and, undressed, he was sort of bulky and shapeless.

David was much, much smaller than Austin, but by any standards a genuine fatboy. His excess weight was distributed quite differently. He carried a lot of weight on his arse and thighs, which spread out to fill his jeans which in turn filled the armchair, and the extra blubber in this region bulged out in a roll above his belt. Rather than having one big, free-flowing gut like Austin, David’s fat was stuffed into a series of sloppy rolls, as if his weight gain had been too rapid for his skin to adapt. A big roll of fat sat on top of the first one just peeking over his jeans – his widest point, across his lower belly – and a third roll, over the navel, slightly smaller, accounted for most of the rest of the stomach fat. Then, there was the whisper of a third belly roll, a small crease just under the tits. This one could go either way: expansion into a third big fold of flab as David got inexorably fatter, or incorporation into the dominant upper belly roll beneath it. Austin figured that, ultimately, as the skin got used to the prolonged stretching, David’s gut would grow into one big corporation like his, but it might take a while.

David’s manboobs were real flabby, and hung down (Austin’s manboobs, larded on top of powerful pecs, were much more globular and well-shaped). They looked slightly deflated, as if David had recently lost a lot of weight, but Austin realised the real story was that they were slightly inflated. He must have put on a lot of that fat really fast, and his body was just storing it wherever it could find some extra space, while also preparing itself for an onslaught of weight gain. Those pendulous tits were going to fill up fast. The kid had huge brown nipples and a modest thatch of light hair between his tits, with only the merest trace of peach fuzz on his belly. Funny, but he’d thought that, with the hair on his arms and the stubble he’d accumulated since they’d met, David would have a bit more hair on his body. The sides of the belly rolls were etched with red stretchmarks.

"A growing lad, I see,” Austin smiled.

"Yeah, I’m pretty flabby,” David said, proud yet abashed, poking gingerly at his flabby gut.

"You could get real big, you know,” Austin commented. "I can see by those stretchmarks how you’ve been piling it on.” Austin indicated the position of the marks on the unblemished curve of his own sides.

"Is that what they are?” David asked. "I thought it was some kind of allergy.”

"Nah,” said Austin. "When you get too fat too fast, your skin can’t keep up, you get that. I had it all through my teens. Freaked me out until the doctor told me what it was. Don’t worry, they fade away over time, once you find your level. Anyway, all this talking is making me hungry.”

Austin lunged forward and grabbed a plate. He flipped the metal cover off it to reveal the cheeseburger and chips and started chomping into it with gusto. A big glob of grease and ketchup fell onto the top of his belly.

"Shee-it. See, this is why I had to lose the shirt. I eat like a fucking pig.” He dabbed at the drop with a napkin then rubbed the residue into his mat of chest hair.

David grabbed one of the cheeseburgers and tried to imitate Austin’s speed and aggression, but found he was taking two bites to cover the same ground as Austin’s one, and could only chew half as fast. His jaw soon tired trying to keep up, so he relaxed into a slower eating rhythm. He was only halfway through his burger by the time Austin was shovelling fistfuls of fries into his big, messy mouth. "Byoodifoo,” Austin murmured, mouth half full, eyes rolling up in his head with the intoxication of his gluttony.

Leaning forward on the pivot of his gut, Austin put his first emptied plate aside, snatched a couple of pieces of garlic bread and stuffed them in his mouth while still pressed forward, then grabbed at one of the pizza boxes and rebounded back into the sofa. He sat the box on his outstretched gut, popped it open and dangled a big slice of Italiano into his mouth. He bit off the lower half, gulped it down after a few perfunctory chews, the folded over the remainder on itself and dispatched it in two hearty bites. He’d actually been hoping for the Meat Lovers, but Austin worked his way through another couple of slices before closing the box roughly, depositing it back in the middle of the table (unlike the cheeseburger plate at the side, this one was still ‘in play’) and starting in on his second cheeseburger.

By this time, David had only just finished his first, and was starting in on the fries, which he was eating two at a time. After he cleared these off the plate, he reached forward and took a couple of slices of the Italiano pizza Austin had already started in on and two of the Meat Lovers, squeezing these onto his plate and beginning to make his way through them. He was halfway through his first slice of Meat Lovers when Austin’s emptied plate clattered on top of the first one at the edge of the table.

Austin dabbed his moustache with his napkin and wiped some sauce off his belly with an index finger which he sucked clean. "How’s the meat one, buddy? I haven’t got to that yet.”

David grunted approvingly, his mouth stuffed full with pizza and nodded vigorously.

"Good enough for me,” Austin hollered, and lunged forward energetically to grab the box. As with the last time, he rested the opened box on his gut and made his way rapidly through a trio of slices. He was starting to hit his stride, and was feeling hungrier with every mouthful. Harder too. His thick dick stiffened and throbbed with every hundred calories he crammed into his mammoth belly, and as the gut expanded into his lap and the weight pressed down on his crotch, the pleasure increased exponentially. Having an audience intensified it even further.

David, on the other hand, felt like a rank amateur. He loved to stuff himself silly, but he reached his limit with a couple of pizzas, or a few burgers. He was intoxicated and aroused by the situation he’d landed himself in, but he could feel himself already starting to approach his physical limit. "You still going strong?” he asked Austin weakly.

"Hell yeah,” the Texan responded enthusiastically, slamming the pizza box down like he was finishing a relay lap. He wolfed down another couple of greasy slabs of garlic bread, massaged the dripped butter into his gut where it fell. "You flagging, son?”

"Maybe a little,” David apologised, sipping on his beer – still his first. He reached for the vast platter of nachos.

"Whoa, boy,” Austin cautioned. "If those are as hot as they told me they’d be, game over. I’d leave them till last if I were you. How about the pasta?”

David redirected his arm to the Fettucine Alfredo. As he lifted off the cover to reveal the delicious aroma, Austin did the same, and clinked his plate of pasta with David’s in a comical toast. Austin eased back heavily, grabbing the last of his available beers (the third or fourth – neither of them was keeping track) on the way, and started forcing the fettucine into his mouth in his familiar conveyor-belt style: bowl held close under the chin, fork shovelling furiously while he powerfully slurped it all up. Austin loved the salty, sweet, creamy taste slipping effortlessly down his throat. He could taste the fat. With a rich dish like this, Austin could picture the fat cells merrily thronging together, building on the enormous reserves he’d already accumulated. As he ate and ate and ate, his gut started to expand noticeably. His stomach had been stretched to capacity so many times before that he could store vast amounts in there, and in a serious feeding session like the one he’d embarked on tonight it could swell up dramatically. It had already stretched further out into his lap and risen by an inch or two, and Austin wasn’t even breathing hard.

David, carefully winding his fettucine on his fork, couldn’t believe how Austin could still be gorging himself with such enthusiasm. The richness of this dish hit David like a truck, and he doubted he could get through half of it without reaching capacity.

"Good, huh?” Austin quipped as he finished the pasta.

"I think it’s too rich for me,” David replied, putting his half-finished dish down. "I think I need a break.”

"Maybe you should move onto the salad,” Austin suggested, and before David had a chance to comment, Austin took the big bowl of Caesar salad and apportioned about a quarter of it onto David’s empty dinner plate. Holding the bowl greedily in one hand he reached right forward to grab another slice of pizza with the other, farting loudly in so doing. "Sorry, mate!” he chimed cheerily. "Guess I’m finally starting to fill up.”

Austin eased back and lovingly made his way through the salad. He ate at a slightly slower pace while David picked at his portion. It went down much easier than the heavy pasta. A good call from a practiced glutton. The two finished their shares of the salad at about the same time and paused to survey the damage. Austin drained his beer.

Not finding another bottle waiting for him, Austin rocked forward and used his powerful leg muscles to launch himself unsteadily to his feet. Upright, his stuffed belly sloshed forward and he staggered slightly to regain his balance.

As he lurched past David, who was staring down at his empty plate, Austin placed a heavy, warm hand on his shoulder. " ’Nother beer, buddy?”


Austin went behind him to rummage around in the bar. They were out of Erdinger. "Heineken all right by you?”

Same stunned reply: "Sure.” David was just going to ride this one out.

"You look like you’re fit to burst, Dave,” came the voice from the bar.

"Yeah, I’m pretty stuffed. But what about you? You must have eaten twice what I have.”

"No doubt,” Austin blithely answered as he breezed past, dropping a fresh beer into David’s waiting hand and depositing another on the table in front of him. He was carrying three for himself by their necks, between the knuckles of his other hand. "But I’ve had a lot more practice. I’m just warming up.” He plopped fatly down and grabbed one of the pizza boxes.

"You do this a lot, then?”

"Not as much as I’d like,” Austin continued, between bites, "But probably more than I should. Haven’t had a blow-out like this for a couple of years. Still, if I ate like this all the time, I’d probably be dead by now. Broke too.” He stopped to chew. "What I’ve put away now, that’d be a good Saturday night for me. I’d manage that maybe once a month. Carrying on and finishing the rest of it, that’s gonna be a big achievement, even for me.”

Had David heard that correctly? Austin was going to polish off the rest of the food that still covered the table? Did he expect David to carry on eating like that too?

"Course, usually it’s a solo flight. It’s nice to have somebody to share it with, buddy.” He raised his bottle to David, who mirrored the gesture.

"Any time, mate. But I think I’m done in.”

"Gotta save some room for dessert, huh?”

David’s head swum at the thought of dessert. He definitely had to stop now if he was going to cram in anything sweet, even after a decent break.

Austin finished the pizza, tossed the empty box to the floor, belched loudly, then grabbed for the second pizza.

"So, you only do this when you’re on your own?” David asked. "Me too.”

"Yeah, generally. But it’s not like I’m attached or anything. I can pretty much do as I please.”

"So you’re not married or anything?” David ventured.

"Nah. Lonely as a fucking cloud.”

"Me too,” David said in a small voice. "Not many people are interested in fat guys.”

"You think so? " Austin shot back. "Not in my experience. The problem with me is I’m not interested in them. I’ve just never met the right guy.”

David let that sink in, swigged on his beer, and queried, "mmmnh?” 

"Women seem to like the gut. The bigger I get, the more they’re interested, it seems, but I have to be pretty drunk or pretty desperate to go there. The guys are all twinks. Skinny fuckers. Ugh. And they just want to fuck the fat man. They get restless watching me eat. I’d rather just sit back and wind down with a nice guy like you, no pressure. And a guy with a bit of meat on his bones who knows what it’s all about, too. I tell you, Dave, you get to my age and friendship is much more important than sex.”

"Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” Dave interjected by reflex, immediately regretting it. Have some more beer.

Austin chortled, folded up the second pizza box with his powerful fat arms and dumped it next to other one. "You need that second cheeseburger, buddy?”

"No, nope, I’m stuffed.”

"I’m getting there, but there’s still a few miles to go.” Austin started on his next beer and amiably munched on the cool burger. "Enough beer in me and I’ll even eat these fries cold.”

"I can go heat them up if you want,” David offered, starting to rise.

"No, stay there, you look like you need the break. They’re not too bad.” Austin ploughed through the fries to keep David down.

"No, I insist,” David said stupidly. It was only once he was on his feet that he realised Austin had already finished them. "The nachos,” he slurred. "I can heat up the nachos.”

These were still untouched and barely lukewarm. Austin had had his eye on them for most of the meal, but he wanted to leave them for last in the expectation that the jalapenos would blitz his tastebuds. He couldn’t really resist the thought of them being served piping hot, so he acquiesced. 

David balanced the platter in one hand, took a fresh beer in the other, and ambled off.

While David was in the kitchen, Austin poked around the remains of the feast. There wasn’t much there. He popped in the last pieces of cold garlic bread. That could have used some reheating too. He was feeling a bit glum – is that all there is? – until he remembered the desserts awaiting them and noticed David’s half-finished pasta.

"Hey Dave,” Austin sung out, "are you done with that fettucine?”

"Completely,” David called back.

"You happy to donate it to me so I can put a roof on this church?” 

"Be my guest, big guy.”

Austin smiled. He liked Dave, and the boy was starting to loosen up. He grabbed the half bowl of pasta, which was still warm and was at any rate delicious.

David came back in and told Austin the nachos would be about five minutes. He fell back into his chair.

"Tell you what, Austin, just getting up and moving around makes me feel better.”

"You ready for some more, then?” Austin asked, raising his eyebrow. "Too fucking late, buddy. I think I’ve cleaned it all up.” He patted his stretched-out belly proudly.

"Wow,” said David. "That thing’s grown.”

"Yeah, it’s getting to full stretch now, I’d say. But I want to push it tonight.”

David finished his beer. He was getting pretty drunk now, and was no longer bothering to camouflage the avidity with which he stared at Austin’s gut. "How much more you reckon you can get in there?”

"Well, the nachos’ll be a breeze. Dessert – not a problem. I’m wondering if I might need to go a second round.”

"Wow! Wow, man. Wow!” I’m talking like an idiot, David thought. Austin thought it was cute, like a one-man fan club.

"What about you, buddy? You did pretty well yourself. You keep that up and you’ll have yourself one of these before you know it.” 

David pushed his belly out as far as he could and giggled. "Not even close, mate.” The oven started to beep. David lurched unsteadily to his feet and headed for the kitchen

"Mark my words, son, it’s gonna sneak up on you.”

David paused as he passed Austin, loomed over him, then impulsively placed his hand on the massive, hairy belly.

"Yep, it’s real,” Austin laughed. "Now where are those fucking nachos?”

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