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Economy Part 5
David deposited the platter of nachos in front of Austin with a flourish. He’d thoughtfully put the large tub of sour cream provided in the fridge earlier on and placed that alongside.

"Plate’s hot,” he cautioned, tossing the hand towel on the table. He halted his crash towards his chair and swerved towards the bar to get more beers. "Still thirsty, mate?”

"Yeah, go on. You going to have some of these?” Austin asked, somewhat meanly hoping David would decline.

"Oof,” David replied with an exaggerated pout. "Maybe a taste.”

"I’ll hold you to that, you know.” Austin growled playfully, and started to stuff the nachos into his mouth. There was an immediate sting of heat that travelled right through his mouth and into his sinuses. "Jesus! Now that’s more like it.”

Austin ensured that his next shovelful of heat included a large glob of cold, cooling sour cream, but he was already starting to flush and sweat.

"Hot stuff, mate?” David queried.

"Fucking hot. Try some.”

David did so. Just a small bite. "Strewth! Fuck! What are you trying to do to me?”

"Now you see why I warned you off it earlier. If you’re going to nuke your mouth, you do it at the end of the feed.”

"I can’t handle that.”

"Oh, I love it.” Austin bulldozed his way through the platter, sweating more and more with each mouthful. Upon finishing, he leaned back, nearly slipped down the sofa on the slick of sweat running down his back. The sweat continued to pour off his face for several minutes, trickling down between the deep channel between his tits and spreading out across the roof of his gut, where he patted the rivulets with his napkin.

After a couple of minutes, Austin was ready for dessert. David offered to fetch it, since he had to get up and go to the toilet anyway.

David stood there pissing away some of the beer for several minutes, then hurried back to the kitchen to keep the big guy happy. He was feeling a little less stuffed by now and thought he could handle a piece of pie and maybe some ice cream.

He found a tray which would fit the eight dishes of dessert and brought them out to the table.

"What, all for me?” Austin asked, semi-joking.

"Hang on, mate, I’m not out for the count yet. I think I can manage a slice of pie and some ice cream.”

"Good to hear, buddy. I thought you were going to disappoint me.” Austin let David select his two dishes, then took a big spoonful of ice cream and held it in his mouth.

The big man just sat there like that for a while, as David worked slowly away at his apple pie. He wondered why Austin’s gluttony had ground to a halt.

"Taking the heat out,” he explained, and popped another load of ice cream in his mouth, holding it there and waiting for it to melt and trickle down his throat.

"Ah, the feeling’s starting to return now.” Then Austin cracked through the glaze on a crème brulée and tossed it down swiftly. He ditched his spoon and picked up a thick wedge of pecan pie in his heavy paw, wiped up some of the whipped cream with it, and munched through it. Then, more ice cream. The apple pie was less robust than the pecan, so he shovelled that in with his spoon, then tackled the second crème brulée, another mouthful of ice cream and finished up with the second wedge of pecan pie. The entire performance lasted barely more than five minutes, and David was still struggling through his sundae.

"You must be full now.”

"Feeling pretty good, I guess,” Austin answered warmly. "Haven’t really pushed myself, though. Now, I gotta take a dump.”

Austin heaved himself up off the sofa and made for the toilet. His bloated gut swayed and bounced in front of him. He certainly felt pretty heavy, but he knew he could have eaten more. Maybe not David’s portion, but a decent part of it. The toilet, like the rest of the rooms in the suite, was large, but Austin still had some difficulty turning around inside, and once he had, and had slipped his shorts down – they’d been biting hard into the lower part of his expanded gut and it was a relief to shake them off – he had to back blindly onto the seat. He’d checked on the way in that it wasn’t wall-mounted. He’d had a couple of bad experiences in the last few years when he’d ripped them out of the wall. I guess you have to consider your Taft-sized presidents when designing a Presidential Suite, he mused. He pulled his big buttocks apart and carefully eased back onto the toilet seat, which creaked slightly but gave no indication that it was about to give way.

Austin gently caressed the huge belly engulfing his thighs, thinking back to the orgy of oral gratification he’d just experienced, then slipped his hand down underneath the overwhelming belly to stroke his engorged cock. He wrapped his fist around it and started to work it brutally, then thought better of it and went back to delicately rubbing his stuffed gut. 

Meanwhile, David started piling up the chaotically scattered plates in the lounge and moving them over to the forlorn trolleys by the door. He was amazed by just how much food they’d put away. He was also amazed by the time: nearly 2 am. Although his sleep on the plane had been patchy and a long time ago, he felt wide awake, probably because his body clock had gone through exhaustion and was in wake-up mode again. He was also emerging from his drunken buzz and wondering where he and Austin would go from here.

Austin strode back into the lounge manfully massaging his taut gut.

"I’ve done pretty well, tonight, kid. How about you?”

"Oh, it was great. I’m completely stuffed, though.”

"It’s a good feeling, huh, Dave?”

"Yeah,” David laughed. "Not that I’ve had as much practice as you, mate.”

"Nup. An old pro, me,” Austin commented, slapping his monstrous belly. "You up for the hot tub?”

David was up all right, in more ways than one, watching his fat friend play around with his belly like that, but he didn’t want to give that away. He started to fear that things couldn’t possibly be the way he hoped they were. "Uh, I haven’t got a swimsuit with me.”

"So? Me neither. I was just going to hop in in the raw. I hope you don’t have a problem with that. I promise not to peek.”

"Oh, okay,” David replied uncertainly. "That’s fine by me, mate. I was more worried about how you felt about it. I know some guys would freak out.”

"Hell, man, with this fucking gut hanging down you’ll be lucky if you can see my dick. And we’ll both be under the bubbles anyway.”

"Yeah, you’re right. I guess I don’t get out much. I’m a bit awkward socially.”

"Don’t sell yourself short, Dave. I reckon you’ve been great company. So, hot tub?”

David pulled himself out of his chair and stood in front of Austin, who matter-of-factly wrestled his shorts down over his broad butt and wriggled them down to his ankles, before kick-stepping out of them. His overhang did conceal most of his crotch, but his long, fat cock was still visible, relaxed but extended, sticking out at 45 degrees. Austin noticed David noticing it and reached under his belly to rub it with his right hand. "Nothing personal, buddy. A big feed like that always makes me hard.”

"Me too,” David hastily lied, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down and off, then yanking down his underpants. His stiff dick sproinged out.

"You’re not kidding, boy. You must be about as horny a pig as me.”

David laughed self-consciously and bounced his erect penis on his finger. Austin wrapped a warm heavy arm around his shoulder and guided him out onto the deck and into the glass-enclosed jacuzzi. 

David slipped into the warm water and settled alongside the step. Austin loomed above him, gingerly feeling for the step with one fat foot. "Gotta be careful I don’t slip at my size. This is a hell of a weight to come down on top of you.” The enormous belly teetered over David then steadied as Austin cautiously lowered himself into the water. He took up the opposite side of the pool, his fat just about filling his half of the circular bench and his big hairy tits floating in front of him like water wings. The front of the belly spread out way in front of him, lightly touching David’s knees. The combined mass of the pair of them lowered into the pool forced the water level up to the brim, overflowing the pool with any slight movement.

"Tide’s coming in,” Austin joked. He reached back with his fat arm and turned on the jets and bubbles. His gut was far too big to be fully submerged, so he had to manually splash water over the top of it. He did the same for each hairy shoulder.

David shifted his legs slightly and bumped Austin’s belly. "Sorry, mate.”

"Occupational fucking hazard,” Austin blustered jovially. "This pool’s barely big enough for me. Stick two big guys in here and we’re bound to bump into each other.”

David moved his leg back and accidently rubbed his foot down the front of Austin’s broad, shaggy calf.

"Can’t get away from me, eh, Dave?”

"No.” David laughed nervously, glad that the big man couldn’t see his raging erection through the turbulent water. Was he going to act on his attraction or not? David didn’t want to break the spell of their burgeoning friendship. He had few friends and certainly none with whom he could be relaxed about his size, and the potential that Austin could be a new friend was painfully precious to him. On the other hand, David found himself sexually attracted to another person for the first time in his life, and the urge to act on that attraction was so overwhelming it was frightening. He’d never felt any impulse this strong before, and he knew from what had been said that Austin was gay and was in general attracted to other large men. But David had so little social and romantic experience, he was having great difficulty decoding Austin’s various comments. Was Austin aware that David was turned on by how fat he was and was rubbing his gut and talking it up for his benefit, or was he just turned on himself and doing all those things solely for his own benefit? Was he coming onto David or was he just a big, relaxed, friendly guy? David had never met one of those and had no idea how they behaved. Faintly, in the back of his mind, he realised that the only thing stopping him from being a big, relaxed, friendly guy himself was his insecurity. But that was a matter for later exploration. Right now, he had to solve the puzzle of Austin. In the plus column, there was the nude hot tub interlude; in the minus column, there was Austin’s apparent verbal insistence that he saw David as a buddy rather than a lover. David kept turning over in his mind Austin’s turns of phrase - ‘friendship is more important than sex’, ‘nothing personal’ – trying to tease out their meaning.

Impulsively, a little drunkenly, David grabbed Austin’s bobbing belly in both hands and said, "This is fantastic. One day I want to be this big.”

"You think so, son? Personally I love it. But you know that, right? I wouldn’t put so much work into maintaining it otherwise. You like being the fat dude too, huh?”

"Oh yeah,” David said shyly, "but I wish I had your confidence about it. Have you always been this big?”

"Are you kidding? This body’s a lifetime achievement! But, yeah, I’ve always been a fat bastard, not like this, but plenty big. Always loved it. The thing is, if you’re enjoying being a big guy, you’ve just got to tune out the negative stuff. You know you’re hot. Not everyone sees it, but that’s their loss.”

"I see it,” David said quietly.

"Hey, likewise, buddy. If nobody’s come on to you by now, you just haven’t got out enough. It’s going to happen, nothing surer. Before you know it.” Austin reached forward and rested his heavy paw on David’s pudgy right shoulder. "Trust me. And when it happens, just go with the flow. If it feels right, you’ll know it.”

Before Austin could withdraw his hand, David raised his left hand and placed it on top of Austin’s. It felt right. Holding the heavy hand in place, David lifted his right arm out of the water and fondly patted Austin’s flabby extended upper arm. "I really appreciate this,” he said. With his fingers, he traced a trail down Austin’s arm to the thick bushy forearms, which he lightly rubbed.

"Nice,” whistled Austin softly, gently kneading David’s shoulder.

David, emboldened, moved his fingers back up the outside of the powerful arm, then underneath it, jiggling the pendulous flab and causing Austin to giggle and twitch with the mild tickle, then moved onto the big bloated chest.

Where David’s tits were saggy and flabby, Austin’s were globular and solid. David traced their outline and tested their weight, then lightly grazed the surface of the big floating island of belly and followed its curve below the surface of the water, where he hand trailed off, the angle being too awkward.

"Don’t stop if you don’t have to,” Austin murmured dreamily. He lifted his foot under the water and slowly rubbed it against David’s leg. He splashed the water beside him. "Come over here, if you like. It’ll be easier.”

David scooted a quarter circle around the hot tub to sit on Austin’s left, then reached his left hand around him to resume the rubbing.

"Just a second,” Austin said, shuffling and nudging David away. He lifted his left arm out of the water and stretched it back. "Get in there,” he ordered. David dutifully nuzzled into the fat man’s heavily cushioned side and the big arm descended warmly across his shoulders and back, the protective paw creeping under the armpit to firmly cradle the side of the young man’s flabby tit. From this sheltered position it was much easier to caress the unbelievably massive belly. David’s explorations were gentle and tentative.

"That’s fucking delightful,” Austin whispered into David’s ear, so close he could feel the damp bristle of the walrus moustache, "But you can be a bit rougher if you like. Give that fat gut of mine a proper workout.”

David, in a kind of trance, went along with the suggestion, pushing into the vast belly with more enthusiasm, grabbing handfuls of flab and palpating them, rubbing it faster, rubbing it firmer.

"You want to do that to my big fat tits as well, Dave?” The tickling mouth playfully toothed David’s earlobe.

Dave complied, jiggling and squeezing the flab, tweaking the nipples. "Come on, buddy, you can go a bit harder than that,” Austin urged. David didn’t want to hurt him, but the harder he squeezed his nipples, the more Austin seemed to like it.

But David’s hand was drawn back by the gravity of that ball belly. He alternated soft caresses with firmer massages. The acres of flab shuddered and convulsed with pleasure. "You know,” began Austin, "the bigger this thing gets, the more sensitive it is, and when it’s stuffed full, it’s even more sensitive. This is fucking heaven, man.”

David could tell Austin was enjoying this as much if not more than he was, and he wanted to go further. He started focussing his attention more on the submerged underside of the gut, kneading it, lifting it up. Even buoyed by the water in the hot tub, David was amazed by how heavy it was. Austin pulled him closer, deeper into his fat body, and rubbed David’s firmly clasped tit and belly with his strong hand.

David’s exploring hand brushed Austin’s cock a couple of times. He really was enjoying this. Finally, David grabbed at it. It was incredibly thick and muscular, absolutely rigid, and much longer than David’s pudgy fist. He held it firm under the water and started to move his hand up and down the shaft firmly but extremely slowly. He figured that one dick was pretty much the same as another, and David accounted himself something of an expert masturbator, so he just applied to this morbidly obese middle-aged Adonis the lessons he’d learnt on himself over years of trial and error.

David maintained the slow steady rhythm for a minute or so as Austin moaned with pleasure. "Oh boy,” he said, sweet and low, then pulled David tight into his side and placed his right hand on David’s slo-mo pumping fist, stilling it.

"You don’t have to do that, Dave,” Austin said warmly. "I’ve put you in a bit of a situation here. Let’s stop before we do something we might regret.”

David was crestfallen. "But I’m enjoying it. Really enjoying it.”

"Hell, buddy, not as much as me, but this is the first time with another guy for you, right?”

"Yeah,” David confessed shyly, reluctantly.

"You’re half my age, you’ve been drinking. You don’t know what you want.”

"I want this, I know that for sure.”

"No,” Austin said firmly. "Not yet. I really like you and I want us to be friends. You’re just a shy kid and I’m a big old horny bear and I’m really not comfortable with this. It’s too fucking good to be true and you’re much more important than me getting my rocks off in a jacuzzi.”

David looked soulfully into Austin’s eyes. It was love all right. Deep dish.

"Not that me getting my rocks off in a jacuzzi isn’t important,” Austin added, with a chuckle.

"Okay, Austin,” David said sadly. "I understand. I know what I want, but you don’t know that. I can wait. I’ll prove it to you.” Austin didn’t say anything. He just gave David two consoling squeezes.

"Is it okay if you just hold me for a while?” David asked.

It was okay.
They sat that way for a while, fat David nuzzling into fatter Austin’s fat gut, resting his head on one fat tit while a fat arm smothered him, pulling him close.

"Let’s dry off,” Austin murmured, smooching David’s hair, and started to rise out of the hot tub, sloughing off the clinging boy. 

The floodwaters sat around the pool, and the water level dropped way down as the big guy stepped out. Tired David hauled himself out in Austin’s wake and limply took the bath sheet he was offered.

"You bushed too, Dave?”

David nodded, smiled.

"Helluva night, huh?”

David smiled again. He was too drained to say much.

"You’re a great kid.” It seemed like Austin was about to say something else, but he didn’t. He continued to roughly rub his rolls of flab. It was a big job drying off such a large surface area, but Austin had developed a routine for covering the vast territory with maximum efficiency. After a good effort, he sat down heavily on a bench to let the rest of the sweat pour out before he finished drying himself. He felt good. He felt hungry. He decided to say what he’d stopped himself from saying a moment before.

"Do you want to stay here tonight?” Austin said this tenderly enough to let David know he was making the offer because he genuinely liked him and that this wasn’t some sort of consolation prize, but casually enough to let him know that there would be no strings attached. "Plenty of beds,” he continued, to drive home the second point.

David, still wet, with the bath sheet draped over his shoulders, looked up, trying to read Austin’s neutral, kindly expression, and said "thank you.”

"You want to go down to your room and get your things? I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I don’t have to check out from here until three, and I think we’re both going to sleep late.”

"Makes sense,” David said, sitting down. "I don’t know if it’s the hot tub or my body clock catching up, but I’m starting to flag.”

"Don’t forget all that beer you put away, buddy.”

"That too,” David conceded. "I’ll be crashing soon.” He leaned over and caressed Austin’s big belly. "What I said before, I was serious. It wasn’t the beer talking.”

Austin gently but firmly placed his strong, warm hand on David’s. "I know, I know, but something like this needs to be 100 percent. When you’ve sobered up we can talk about it.”

"Deal,” said David. He started to dry himself off.

After a few minutes, Austin stood up and patted off the sweat that had escaped in the meantime, then draped a bathrobe around himself. His hefty arms tightly filled the sleeves, and the front of it gaped hopelessly, exposing his great belly and dangling dick, but the big guy looked sort of regal in it. David’s hung baggily as designed. He could have tied it up easily, but left it open to match the carefree attitude of his role model.

"You’re not hungry, by any chance, Dave?” Austin ventured.

David laughed, assuming he was kidding. "Yeah right. I can still hardly move!”

"Oh,” the big fellow mumbled uncertainly.

"Wait, you’re not kidding? You’ve got room for more?” David asked, eyes goggling.

"Yeah, buddy. Not like last time, but I could definitely use a top-up. That belly rub you gave me seemed to settle everything. I was wondering if we could use your room service voucher.”

"Hey, man, go right ahead. It’ll just go to waste otherwise, right?” David dimly realised that Austin’s appetite was actually in a completely different class from anything he’d ever imagined, even if it was just another burger that he was craving.

Austin massaged his gut and chuckled. "I’m just a fucking slave to this monster. The bigger it gets, the harder it gets to say no to it.”

"It’s a bloody inspiration, mate,” David commented, patting the belly in question approvingly, then rubbing his own. "One of these days I won’t be such a piker.”

"I bet. You got that voucher with you or did you leave it in your room?” The hungry man was thinking of how long it would take to receive the room service order and was getting a little impatient.

"It’s in my pants pocket. Go ahead, big guy, treat yourself.”

"Well, I won’t stand on ceremony.” Austin bustled out, his furry white bathrobe clinging to his bouncing curves.

"You sure you don’t want anything?” he sung out.

"No way,” David replied.

The order Austin placed was a model of restraint compared with the first, but still well in excess of anything a regular-sized Joe could polish off at four in the morning: another cheeseburger, one pizza, another dish of fettucine, garlic bread, a couple of slices of pie. When David entered the room, rubbing his hair with a towel, Austin was having a mild squabble with the person taking the order.

"No, it’s not my voucher, it’s my buddy’s. But he’s up here. . . Yeah, I can put him on to authorise it, sure. . . Well, if you deliver it to his room, all we’re going to do is go down there, pick it up and bring it back up here, so why not just deliver it here in the first place? . . . Sure, he can authorise it, he’s right here. . . Okay, okay. Dave? Can you confirm for this gentleman that you really do want this food, and that you’re up in the Presidential Suite at the moment and want it delivered here?”

David took the phone, politely answered ‘yes’ to a barrage of questions, confirmed the number on the voucher and thanked them very much for bending the rules. "No, you don’t need to read the order back to me, whatever my friend ordered is okay with me.” Suddenly David had a thought. "Except. . . whatever he’s ordered, double it. Yeah, two of everything. That’s great. See you soon.” 

Austin was beaming when David got off the phone. "You’re back in the game, kiddo! Fantastic! I knew a big guy like you wouldn’t let me down!” He gave David’s flabby gut an affectionate grab and pummel.

"No, mate, this is all for you,” David said, grinning wickedly. "This one’s on me, chubs, and I want to see you push yourself.”

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