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Economy Part 6
Austin was stunned, but sort of turned on to see David take charge in this manner. To be honest, he was a lot more turned on at the thought that before long he’d be stuffing himself to capacity and beyond, on the orders of his young protégé.

"Be careful what you wish for, kid,” Austin murmured. "Now, you going to get your stuff now or later?”

"I’ll go now,” David said. "Don’t want to miss the show.”

"Fair enough. I’ll see if we’ve got any drinkable beer left in that fridge. Will you be joining me?”

"Nope. I’ve got to sober up, remember. For the retrial.”

"Oh, right.” The kid was serious, all right. Austin told himself not to get his hopes up.

David dragged on his clothes. His jeans were pretty tight, and he had to sling them under his expanded paunch. His t-shirt wasn’t quite tuckable, and David enjoyed having a bit of a peekaboo overhang only barely concealed. He hoped he might run into some night owls who’d look him up and down and think to themselves how fat he was, and at such a young age, too.

Back in his modest room, he hastily threw his strewn clothes back into his suitcase, tossed the sweaty gear he’d shed in the bathroom into an outside compartment of it and gathered up his toothbrush and toiletries, then tossed his cabin bag over his shoulder and wheeled his suitcase out of the room and back to the lift.

He rapped on the door of the Presidential Suite. After a short time, Austin opened it up, chewing.

"Has the room service got here already?” David asked, impressed but disappointed.

"Nup,” Austin slurred through caramel, "needed to eat something and remembered my stash.” He vaguely gestured at the cemetery of candy wrappers littering the coffee table. "Now, are you going to formally receive the room service? I don’t think they believed it was for you.”

"Well, it’s not,” David laughed. "You’re the hog who ordered it, you should front up.”

"Hey, no skin off my nose. Just thought you might want to show off that belly of yours. And I didn’t want to have the hassle of getting dressed all over again.”

"No, mate, this floor show’s yours all the way. And why do you need to dress up? I reckon you should dump the bathrobe and greet them in the raw. God, I’d love to see their faces.”

"Are you crazy? They’d probably throw us out of here.”

"What, for being naked in your own bloody hotel room? They must see much, much worse than that all the time.”

"You’re probably right, Dave, but that’s going to be a bit on the nose. I don’t want them thinking I’m some kind of pervert.”

"Okay, okay, how about you’re just sitting here, they come to the door, you can’t be bothered getting up, they come in to dump the grub, and you’re just there with nothing on?”

"That’s a bit more plausible,” Austin reflected, unconsciously rubbing his plump right thigh as his cock stiffened. He noticed David looking at his crotch. "Yeah, you got me there. I like to show it off.”

"So, are you going to do it?”

"Okay, but you’ve got to come along for the ride. Butt naked, right there in that chair.”

David was terrified. The little self-contained fat man’s world he was experiencing with Austin was something he’d always dreamed about, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to expose himself in front of strangers like that. But he’d goaded Austin this far and could hardly weasel out of it himself. "Uh, okay,” he said, "but I don’t want them to think the food’s for me. They need to know it’s all for you."

"Not a problem, buddy. Now, we going to get our lawyers to draw up this agreement, or is a handshake good enough for you?”

"Sure,” David drawled, extending his hand. Austin just sat there.

"I’m not getting up, you know,” he said. David got up, walked over and extended his hand again.

"Sorry about being so bossy, Austin. I didn’t want to railroad you. It’s okay if we don’t, you know.”

"Nah, bring it on,” Austin bellowed, seizing David’s hand and squeezing it. "Can’t back out now. Anyway, I like you bossing me around. It’s not often anybody has the guts to tell me what to do.”

Austin leaned back, held his belly in both hands and rubbed it deeply in two circles. "I wanna see their faces when they run into this thing, too.” He slipped his hand down to his cock and started absent-mindedly rubbing it. Catching himself, he added, "Jesus, all this food is making me so fucking horny, I’m turning into a fucking animal here.”

"You do what you have to, big guy, it’s all good. All night I’ve been needing to release some pressure, just looking at you.”

"That’s what I want to hear, buddy, but wait till the food arrives. While I’m stuffing my fat face, I want you to tell me all about what a fat bastard I am and how hard that makes you.” Austin took another swig of beer from the row of half a dozen bottles he had lined up, draining the first. "Better get out of those clothes, tubby. They should be here soon.”

David complied. But his head was clearing and he was starting to regret some of the things he’d said.

There was a knock at the door, a pause, another knock.

Immediately, Austin lost his nerve. Even though he’d agreed with David to just wait there and let them barge in, his manners were so ingrained that he couldn’t not answer the door. He lurched up off the sofa, yelled "coming!”, looked frantically around for anything to cover himself, found nothing and stomped to the door as is.

The naked, enormous Austin threw the door open, blubber still jiggling from his short jog, and was confronted with the same waiter he’d tipped earlier.

"Oh, hi buddy,” he said casually, then glanced down at his sagging tits and belly. "Sorry about the birthday suit, man, we’re just out of the jacuzzi.” He opened the door wider to reveal David, but David was long gone. 

The waiter looked around for the imaginary friend.

"Okay, you rumbled me,” Austin said gruffly, "this lot’s all for me too. No mystery how I got this size, huh?”

"Um, no sir.” The waiter was mustering all his composure, desperately trying to keep his gaze fixed firmly on the fat man’s eyes. Too late. He involuntarily glanced down to take in the full expanse of Austin’s vastly obese frame.

"Hey, you’re doing good, boy. Wait here and I’ll get you your tip.” Austin strode off. The waiter watched the man’s flabby shoulder blades powerfully crashing against one another and the massive buttocks pumping up and down, sliding gelatinously past one another and back with each heavy step, giving the big roll of back fat sitting above them a double bump each time.

On the return journey, it was the big solid ball belly that bounced slowly and rhythmically with each step, the tits atop it jiggling in sympathy and the big stiff dick below bobbing in counterpoint. The waiter had seen a lot of big men in his time, but Austin was one of the biggest, and he was certainly one of the best endowed.

"Here, buddy,” Austin said, crushing a twenty into the waiting hand. "Wish me luck!”

"Uh, good luck, sir. Do you want me to clear away the other trolleys?”

"Nah, leave ‘em till the morning. They’re my trophies.”

"Excellent, sir.”

The waiter nodded an abbreviated bow and backed out the door. Austin hollered for David. "Wherearya, ya coward?”

David slunk in from his vantage point in the master bedroom, red as a beet. "Yeah, I’m a coward,” he admitted, then added in a whining tone, "but you didn’t stick to the gameplan.”

"Gameplan?” Austin thundered. "I think I went above and beyond any fucking gameplan, Dave. And you just left me swinging in the breeze. You owe me bigtime for this, buddy.” Austin advanced, jabbing tickling fingers into David’s chubby armpits and into the sensitive spots between his bellyrolls.

"Okay, okay, I give in,” David squealed between giggles, retreating into the lounge.

David backed into his chair and fell back down into it. Austin lowered himself into the sofa opposite carefully. 

"What about my food, boy?” Austin growled. David got back up, wheeled the trolley over and arrayed the plates in front of the hungry man.

"You’re lucky I’m such a greedy pig, Dave, or I’d make you eat half of this,” the big man continued, contemptuously flipping the lid off a cheeseburger, grabbing it and taking a huge bite. In fifteen seconds, it was gone, and Austin strained forwards to get at the first of the pizzas. 

David rocketed across the table, grabbed the pizza box and pushed Austin playfully back into the couch. Austin edged forward again to reach the box, but David gently placed his naked foot square on the big belly.

Austin was a strong guy, but he was so heavy, his belly was so big, his centre of gravity so far forward, that even the lightest of pressure could effectively pin him to his seat. David had him trapped. Austin kept grabbing at the box, which David held tantalisingly just out of reach, then started to laugh, which rendered him completely helpless. When he settled down, he grabbed at the box again, and David jerked it out of his reach.

"No kidding, boy,” Austin glowered. "Stop that. I can take a joke, but don’t get between a fat man and his food.”

Austin’s tone was deadly serious and it stopped David in his tracks. His complexion turned ashen and he handed the box over immediately. "Suh, sorry,” he stammered.

" ’Sokay. I know some guys go for that dominatrix stuff, but not me. You just keep me well fed and tell me how fat I’m getting.”

David nodded, handed Austin a fresh beer.

Austin took a swig, then set upon his third slice of pizza. This time around, he was pretty single-minded in tackling one dish at a time and finishing it, rather than grazing. "Could do with some garlic bread, buddy,” he ordered, and David dutifully handed him a loaf. Austin broke off half of it and crammed it in. David stood there, waiting for his next set of directions.

"Come on, Dave, weren’t you going to wax lyrical about this growing gut or something?”

David got the hint and started vamping. "Oh, you’re so fat, Austin, how are you going to cram all this in?” He waited for a response. Instead, Austin just grabbed for the fettucine. Flustered David grabbed as well, figuring he was supposed to be feeding this prize hog. Their hands bumped and Austin scowled at David.

David looked shocked and Austin’s expression instantly mellowed. "Okay, buddy, this is a bit new to me as well, but if I’m stuffing my face, I don’t want to be answering questions.”

"Oh yeah. Right.” David understood. He started again as his hefty buddy started slurping on his fettucine. "That gut is bloody huge, man. It’s much bigger than it was on the plane, and you could barely fit into the seat. Um.”

"That’s good, that’s okay,” Austin encouraged, then resumed scoffing.

"You’re the fattest guy I’ve ever seen, and you’re incredibly cute, and I’ve never seen anybody eat as much as you, and when I think about how much fatter you’re going to get, even just after tonight, I get so hot, and when you said you wanted to keep eating, I just thought you’re a bloody hero, and. . .”

Austin handed David the empty fettucine dish. "That was good. Give me the other one.” David did so.

"You’re just one big mound of blubber, man, those tits of yours. . .”

"Okay, buddy,” Austin interrupted. "Give me some more garlic bread.”

Austin chewed on another half loaf. "That’s fine, but nah. I always thought that’s what I want. A cute guy, a fat guy, feeding me stupid, telling me what a fat pig I am. That’s been a fantasy a long, long time, but it’s never all fallen into place before. And now it has and I’m sorry to say it’s not really doing it for me. I don’t need a running commentary. I don’t need somebody to tell me how fat I am. Believe me I know it, and every mouthful I cram into this overstretched belly yells it louder than anything else can.”

Austin grabbed David’s hand and yanked him down onto his belly. David sort of slid off and crumpled to the floor awkwardly. Austin dragged him back up onto the sofa alongside him. "You don’t have to do anything. Just sit here and pass me stuff. If you feel like it you can rub my gut.”

Austin had polished off another cheeseburger and was four slices into the last pizza when it hit. All of a sudden, each bite has less flavour than the last and he felt like he couldn’t cram another mouthful in.

His stomach was a sphere in front of him, the skin stretched excruciatingly tight, and its growth has slowly forced Austin further back into the sofa, to the point where he couldn’t lean forward to get the next helping of food and was entirely reliant on David ferrying it to him. In general, Austin’s belly was a big, solid ball rather than whale layers of sloppy flab, but even when he was full it had a certain flexibility, and if he spread his fat thighs wide enough, it would slip down and allow him a bit of forward movement, but right now he couldn’t part his legs far enough to accommodate the bloated gut, so it loomed up almost as far as his double chin.

"Whoa, boy,” Austin wheezed as David forced another slice of pizza into his face. "I think I’m full.”

"Oh Austin, but you’re so close. There’s only half a pizza to go, then the dessert.”

"Yeah, I did pretty good, didn’t I?” Austin muttered sweetly, flushed and gasping. "I wanted to impress you.”

"I’m impressed, all right. You’re magnificent.” David waved the slice of pizza tantalisingly in front of Austin. Although he had suddenly lost his appetite and felt as though he’d throw up if he had another bite, the fat man had a strong sexual urge to keep eating. It wasn’t about the food now, it was about the uncomfortable compression he felt in his gut, a pressure he hadn’t felt for years and which was directly translated to his pounding erection. But he couldn’t bring himself to bite at the slice.

"No, buddy. I need a break. You giving it a bit of a massage might help. I’d love to be able to get the rest of it down.”

"Whatever you say, big fella.” David started rubbing the distended belly gently. It was hard as a rock and almost completely round. He was a little worried that Austin had gone too far. Any more in there and something would surely rupture. Earlier in the evening, David could push and knead the flab. Now the belly was so tightly packed he couldn’t get a hand hold. "Are you going to be okay?” he asked, concerned.

"Yeah, no problem. It’s been a while since I’ve had a session quite like this, but it’s not the first time. Give it a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to do the same much easier. A feed like this really stretches my capacity. It’s uncomfortable in the short term, but worth it in the long run. That’s really helping, Dave. Go harder if you like.”

David massaged the taut keg harder. Austin groaned, then said, "Just a mo,” and gestured for David to stop. Then he slowly rolled over to one side. Uh oh, David thought, he’s going to puke. 

But instead, Austin let rip a massive, solid fart. "Sorry pal.” Then another, then rolled back upright. "That’s your magic touch, Dave.”

Austin contemplated the rest of the pizza. He could start to imagine the salty, greasy taste of it again. "Actually,” he mused, "if I take a dump I reckon I’ll be able to get the rest of that down.” He looked at David with a half-smile. "Pretty classy company you’re keeping, eh, kid?”

"Whatever it takes, big guy. I’d be insulted if you didn’t.”

"Okay. You might need to help me up. Ain’t easy to bend when I’m all blown up like this.”

"Sure.” David stood up in front of him and reached out both arms. Austin grabbed onto his wrists and David clasped his in turn. David tried to pull Austin up, but he was far too heavy to budge.

"Don’t have to lift me,” Austin hissed gruffly, "give yourself a fucking hernia. Just lean back and be a bit of a counterweight so I can haul my fat ass out of this chair.” David leaned way back and Austin magically rose. Those were some strong legs. 

Austin swayed a bit, partly from the alcohol he’d consumed, partly from the extra ballast he had on board, and he had to throw his legs way out and hold his big arms out from his side and swing his shoulders to negotiate the expanded belly as he staggered slowly to the toilet. His characteristic sidle through the door didn’t work very elegantly this time around, what with his gut sticking out so far, and he was physically incapable of sucking it in any, so he had to scrape it through. He crashed down on the toilet seat and started to clear some space.

David leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and carefully suspended the image of the huger-than-ever Austin waddling slowly across the room, then rewound it to see the bloated man-blob struggling to rise from the sofa, then rewound it further to consider the spectacle of the fattest guy he’d ever seen stuffing his face like a starving man. All the while, David was slowly, firmly stroking his dick.

He’d hoped to involve Austin in a more active way, but the odds of that happening seemed to be decreasing. The fat man had been fully erect all through his feeding session, and David would have loved to finish him off, but he’d got the hint that Austin didn’t appreciate distractions when he was eating. David started working faster, playing and replaying that vision of satisfied obesity in his head, delicately augmenting it to bring himself into the picture. While David still yearned to be that big, the image that sprang to mind wasn’t of him eating like a pig like Austin, lying there like a bloated whale like Austin, or waddling like an elephant like Austin, it was of Austin himself, looming over David with that superhuman gut, leaning into him, pressing his tickly walrus moustache into his fat cheek, nibbling his ear, all the while getting closer and closer, and heavier and heavier, as the fat pressed down on his squooshy plump body, enveloping, crushing him.

That twist did it. David’s face flinched as the spurt of semen hit his cheek. He kept his eyes shut, holding onto that image of Austin’s weight pressing down on him in a smothering embrace as he pressed his dick into his belly fat and the rest of the load oozed out. He held his cock there tightly, wiped his cheek with his left hand and opened his eyes.

Fat, naked, hairy Austin was standing right in front of him, grinning and shaking his head.

"Having fun?”

David rolled his eyes up and smiled tentatively. "Yeah, mate. I’m afraid I couldn’t hold off any longer.”

"Not a nice way to treat your host,” Austin countered with mock petulance.

"I was thinking of you. Honest.”

"I bet.” Austin raised an eyebrow. "I’ve been wanting to do that all fucking night, buddy, but I’m too much of a gentleman.”

"Yeah, you look like a gentleman. I think it’s the way you’re dressed. Are you feeling a bit better now?”

"Much better,” he roared. "Let’s finish this off.” At that, he swung ponderously around and returned to his seat. "But if you’re going to help, clean yourself up first. I think the pie already comes with cream.”

Austin’s appetite had recovered handsomely. By the time David got back from the bathroom, the pizza was long gone and he was already into his second slice of pie. David’s feeding services were not required, and he just watched in awe as the fat man made short work of the desserts. He finished, drained his last beer with a flourish and pronounced in a self-satisfied manner, "Done!”

The Austin sat there quietly for a moment, turned to David and said, "You know, buddy, I could keep going. Not much, but a little. But I better not push my luck. I’m real fucking full, but not uncomfortable like I was a little while ago. Real fucking tired too. I was hoping we might be able to have another round in the hot tub, but it’s way too late. I gotta crash.”

David wondered whether the second round in the hot tub was a purely personal indulgence, or whether Austin was hoping to pick up where he’d made David leave off earlier in the night. He was a little disappointed, but he could understand Austin just wanting to sleep it off after such heroic overeating, and he was dog-tired himself.

"Can I snuggle up with you tonight?” David queried in a small, vulnerable voice.

"Of course you can,” came the warm, beery reply.

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