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Economy Part 7
Austin lurched to his feet and ambled off to the bathroom to clean up. David followed to the master bedroom and stood awkwardly around. He didn’t want to climb into bed and be there waiting for Austin. That was sort of presumptuous and predatory. Also, it would be much easier for him to fit himself in around the huge man than vice versa. In fact, he really had no idea how much space Austin would occupy. So he stood there, shifting his not inconsiderable weight from foot to foot.

Austin splashed cold water all over his face and head, rubbed his shaggy beard, brushed his teeth and stepped back. He found a spot a few feet back from the basin that allowed him to see himself reflected on three sides into infinity. This spot was directly underneath the light, so his legs were enshrouded in shadow and he looked like a scruffy head and bloated manboobs perched atop a massive, floating belly. He gazed out onto an army of immensely fat doppelganger Austins. 

His gut had already started to relax a little from its former tautness and he rubbed the side of it admiringly. He thought he looked much better when his belly was a bit soft. Not loose and flabby like David’s – though that was a nice look too, if only for the growth potential it suggested – but big and round with a slight sag and sway. The tight, pumped-up look he had at the end of his epic gorging seemed a bit artificial and freakish to him, though he loved the way it made him feel, and he loved the look on the kid’s face as he crammed more and more food into his voracious mouth.

So what was he going to do about David? The guy seemed sincere, and if it weren’t for his age and comparatively scrawny build, he’d be as close to Austin’s ideal as he was ever likely to find. Way in the back of his mind, an opportunistic voice nagged that the kid was only going to get older, and only going to get bigger, and sensible grown-up Austin knew these things to be true. But he leaned heavily on the bench, looked deep into his weary, slightly bloodshot eyes, and thanked God that he was probably too tired to do anything about his urges anyway. The spirit was willing, and his dick was lining up right behind it, wagging eagerly, but the flesh was weak. At this late hour, so long since sleep, there was no way Austin would be able to build up the head of steam necessary to fuck his chubby new friend, however much he wanted to. It was a relief.

"Waiting for me?” he said when he re-entered the bedroom.

"Yeah. I didn’t want to invade before you’d settled in.”

"Fair enough. You sure there’s going to be room for you once I’m in there?”

David chuckled. "I was wondering that myself.”

Austin threw back the bedcovers and sat down on the edge of the bed, which sunk way, way down under his weight, then he swung his legs up and shuffled in towards the centre of the large, opulent mattress, lying on his back, his head propped up with a couple of pillows and his stomach rising like an island before him.

"Sorry I’m taking up so much space plonked in the middle like this. This bed can probably take it, but I’m always worried about tipping them over or something if I’m not sort of centred.”

"No problem,” David said sleepily, crawling in next to Austin. "Just means I have to snuggle closer.” He slipped his shoulder between Austin’s pillowy upper arm and side-breast and put his head on the big soft shoulder.

"Good boy,” Austin purred, rubbing his fingers through David’s hair.

David pushed into the cushiony fat of his eating buddy and draped his right arm across the monstrous belly. He couldn’t reach around it, so he lazily stroked the top left side of it. He wanted this to progress into something more, but he didn’t know what, or how to make it happen, and the soft embrace of Austin’s flab was gently sapping his energy, summoning the sleep he’d been forestalling for far too long.

"You don’t have to rub my gut, buddy,” Austin whispered gently. "It’s lovely, but we’re both bushed. We need to sleep.”

"You’re fantastic, mate,” David muttered dreamily. "So huge. I’ve wanted this for so long, but I didn’t even know.”

"You’re a great kid, Dave. I want us to keep in touch. I don’t want this to be a one-off thing.” Austin lifted his arm up and wrapped it tenderly around David’s shoulder. He was wrapped up in its warmth.

"Really?” David perked up briefly, but the lull of slumber soon reasserted itself. "So damned huge. How much, you reckon?”

"How much what, baby?”

"How much you weigh?” 

"Shit, I dunno. I haven’t weighed myself in years. Last time I would have been forty. Mid-life crisis that lasted all the way from lunchtime to dinnertime. That was three-fifty-something. Grown plenty since then, I guess.”

"Plenty,” David smiled, squeezing the fat under his hand. He recommenced the delicate stroking of the hairy gut. Austin murmured with pleasure, reached up with his left arm to switch off the lights and lay there in the dark in bliss, feeling the gentle massage get slower, then lower, then stop, then start again, more distracted, then slip down and stop for good. Austin barely had time to register that David had fallen asleep before he too slipped under.

Austin woke briefly an hour or four later and registered that David hadn’t budged. He was a little uncomfortable, so he turned slightly to his right, gently removed his shoulder from under David’s heavy head, replacing it with a pillow, and resettled on his right-hand side, so that his great man-sized belly was nudging against David’s starter rolls. He stretched his right arm out underneath David’s pillow. Now he had to figure out what to do with his left arm. He tried to reach out and rest it on David’s shoulder, but that was an awkward stretch. He turned the test stretch into a quiet caress of David’s pudgy side, but couldn’t find any convenient, comfortable resting place for his heavy hand.

It was the size of Austin’s gut that placed David’s body at an awkward distance, so Austin relented and fell back on his default sleeping position, with his free arm wrapped securely and comfortingly around his immense gut. With David there, this meant that his hand was wedged down between his own belly fat and that of his friend. It was a nice feeling, and Austin was soon sound asleep again.

He dreamed he was gorging himself beyond his capacity in an opulent hotel room. Normally, he’d only get these incredibly erotic eating dreams on the exceedingly rare occasions when he went to bed hungry. This was the first time that the dream followed the reality. Austin half-woke smiling, almost laughing. The dream wasn’t a dream at all, but a remembered reality. He pulled David tight and slipped willingly back into the erotic reverie.

David had awoke after what seemed only seconds to find himself belly to belly with Austin, a pillow under his head where the big man’s softer body had been. David was inhaling the warm, salty aroma of Austin’s chest and its dark thatch of hair tickled his nose. He shuffled around to face the other direction, pushing back into his friend’s blubber to soak up its warmth.

A little later, David woke again to find Austin wrapped around him, pulling him strongly into his fat belly with one burly arm. The shaggy forearm smelt like freshly baked bread. Against his fleshy left buttock, David could feel the urgent bulge of Austin’s dick. It was moving slightly, but not in the sense that Austin was rubbing it against him. It felt more like he was flexing it. David coughed quietly, then petted Austin’s arm. He was asleep alright. David lay there happily in the tight embrace, savouring the thrills and spasms of the big man’s dick against his arse, and feeling his own one unfurl and lengthen, yawning. He kissed Austin’s meaty hand.

Austin’s embrace tightened and his dick started to throb more purposefully. David gently lowered his arm and started to rub the huge hairy thigh that was pressed against his leg. Austin muttered something into his beard.

"Keep it up, mate,” David whispered in encouragement, not wanting to wake the horny beast up completely in case he stopped. David shuffled around slightly so that Austin’s eager cock settled into the groove between his buttocks, then started to ever-so-tentatively match its pulsing rhythm with some movement of his own. With this minimal encouragement, Austin’s thick dick stiffened and flexed more enthusiastically. David slipped his hand up from the powerful thigh to the side of Austin’s great stomach and felt his own erection grow and grow. He was a whisper away from being fucked by one of the fattest men he’d ever met and he was having the time of his life.

Austin woke up with a snort and an inarticulate yelp, and immediately realised what was going on.

"Shit! Fuck!” He pushed David away, then placed his hand gently on his shoulder. "Sorry, Dave, I was dreaming about food.”

"No need to apologise, big fella. That’s about the nicest case of mistaken identity I could imagine.” Then he added: "If dressing like a pizza is what it takes for you to fuck me, pass the mozzarella.”

Austin blushed and pulled David close again. "Nah, buddy, it’s you too. But I don’t want to ruin it by going too far so soon.”

"This isn’t too far, Austin. This is what I’ve wanted since you first sat down next to me on the plane. It took a while for me to realise it, but this is it, mate. Don’t stop.” David reached down and teased some life into Austin’s flagging dick.

"You got a condom?” Austin asked.

"No,” David confessed, looking away.

"No fuck without it, buddy. I’ll go see if there’s anything in the bathroom.”

Austin lurched off the bed with considerable energy and was back in seconds.

"Of course they got condoms. This is the Presidential Suite, and what president isn’t a horny son of a bitch? The whole bit - ribs, ticklers – but as this is your first time, I think we need to stick with vanilla.”

"They’ve got flavoured ones too?”

"Figure of speech, buddy. What I mean to say is, I don’t need no CGI.” While discussing this, Austin was efficiently pulling the condom over his stiff dick. "Okay, still up for it?”

"Of course!” David squealed impatiently.

"Any preference for what we do, or do you want me to take charge? I gotta warn ya, at my size there’s not a lot of variations available, but I make up for it in power, if I do say so myself.”

"Bring it on,” David smiled. He couldn’t believe his luck.

"Okay, buddy, this might be a bit awkward, but I’d like us to lie down like we were before. I’m going to have to pull you in real tight because of this gut. Lucky I’ve got strong arms and a decent-sized dick or I’d never make ends meet!”

Austin lay down on the bed, arms open, and David backed in against his great belly. Austin’s cock lined up with his buttocks again.

"Okay, Dave, I’m gonna slip it in. I’ll try to be gentle. Let me know if it hurts or anything. Just holler if you want to call it off.” Austin spat into his hand and greased up his shaft, then gently parted David’s cheeks and eased the head of his cock in. 

David hadn’t expected it to feel like this. In fact, he’d never really thought about the physical act of sex much at all, let alone being fucked in the arse by a middle-aged mammoth like Austin. It sort of hurt, but at the same time it was extraordinarily stimulating. His balls and arse, and the secret stretch of skin between them, had always been an extremely sensitive region, and Austin was in there like a velvet bulldozer, tearing it up. The head of Austin’s cock rocked slowly back and forth, loosening up the opening and edging a little further in on every third or fourth push.

Each half-inch of headway was like another explosion of tense pleasure for David. He wanted Austin to plunge right in as far as he could – could he go all the way? how deep is my arse, anyway? – but he was also relishing the way the big man was dragging it out and softening him up. Well, softening him up in one way, but making him hard as marble around the front.

Austin was halfway in by now, and his enormous apron of fat was pressed hard against David’s soft back. To get all the way, he’d have to wrap David up tight in his mighty arms and pull him hard and close, like squeezing a lemon. "You okay, babe?” he slurped into David’s ear.

"Heaven,” David moaned. "Get right in there, you fat fuck.”

"Gonna have to bearhug ya, buddy, this big ol’ gut’s in the way.”

"Do your worst, fat man.”

Austin forced one burly arm underneath David and wrapped the other one over the top, crossing his hands across David’s flabby chest and heaving him close, ramming his engorged cock right up the young man’s arse in doing so. Secure, Austin started steadily pumping his slow hips. David shook and shivered with delight.

As he pumped away, slowing down and speeding up to keep riding the crest of ejaculation without wiping out, Austin started to lower his arms while still gripping David tightly to his fat abdomen, Slowly bringing his hands into position on either side of David’s soft belly. This is what he always missed. The other guys he fucked tended to be skinny bitches, or muscle bunnies, and it was at this precise point that the fantasy hit a wall, bringing his hands down and feeling ribs, or a toned sixpack. Worse was a bony butt bruising his well-insulated pelvis. What Austin wanted to imagine while he was fucking was oneness with his lover, a single massive body humping away in ecstasy. Feeling David’s sagging tits a couple of feet in front of him, Austin could imagine they were his own, his own if he were another 250 pounds bigger. Slipping down to fondle David’s fat gut, Austin imagined that was just an extension of his own, and his sexual pleasure was immeasurably increased by the realisation that with their combined size, that gut was now too big for him to get his arms around. His arms were at their full extent, but he could only reach the sides of David’s gut. Going lower still, he could still reach their combined dick, and did so, clutching David’s stiff throbbing penis and manhandling it brutally, bringing the kid to a swift, tumultuous climax that he thrillingly coincided with his own buried one.

Austin withdrew cautiously, leaving David gasping on the sweat-soaked bed, and rolled back onto his back, exhausted. He whipped off the condom and tossed it overboard, then smeared the leftover semen all over his lower belly, sniffed his hand, and licked it clean before reaching over to grab David’s shoulder in an affectionate massage. "You did great, Dave. Just great.”

They both lay there for a while, waiting for the sweat to dry, then Austin rolled his big gut around, nuzzled up to David, wrapped his big, meaty arms around him in a fuzzy embrace, and threw one hefty leg over David’s pudgy thigh. The great weight resting on him felt very comforting to David, and he fell asleep almost immediately, feeling safe, warm and loved. Austin dozed off soon after, trapping David beneath his bulk, and they slept another several hours in that swooning embrace.

It was light when David woke, alone in the bed. His back was cool but the bed beside him was still warm, so he figured Austin wasn’t far away. Soon he recognised the muted roar of the shower and heard a deep, bellowing, but rather fine voice singing.

The key you’re holding 
Won’t fit my door
And there’s no room in my heart for you no more. . .

David smiled and started humming the chorus along with his buddy. He swung his legs out of the bed and sat there for a moment.

His arse was sore, both inside and deep in the buttock muscles. He felt like he’d had a huge workout and even sitting on it, it was a bit tender. But he didn’t regret a thing. He stood up, adjusted to the adjustment of tenderness this entailed, flexed his arse and relished the sensation. He was a man now. He knew who he was. But he didn’t know what would happen now. He and Austin would be together for the remainder of their flight, but would they really be able to stay friends after that? He could be going back to London, he wasn’t sure yet. Even if he stayed in Sydney to be close to Austin, Austin himself would be moving on eventually. Either way, it seemed like a relationship with a limited future, whatever its parameters. Best to just enjoy the short time they had left together and not stress about unlikely possibilities, he resolved.

David stood up, flexed and shifted his butt. He felt like he could just about still feel Austin’s big fat cock inside it urging him forward. He wandered over to the door onto the lounge and looked out, gasped, and turned to head for the bathroom, just in time to see naked, hairy Austin, still humming, ambling back in, his long hair loose and straggly, hanging all over his shoulders and moist forehead.

Austin hurried towards him and threw one arm around David and clasped one fat buttock in his firm hand.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty, not too sore down there?”

"Well yeah, but feels good. At least the soreness lets me know it wasn’t a dream.”

"Hey, buddy, I would’ve been dreaming about it too if it hadn’t gone and happened. As it is, I was just dreaming about food. Must’ve still been hungry, even with that session last night. Can’t believe what a pig I was.” Austin shook his heavy head of hair like a horse, sending a spray of water around the room, and then threw if back over his shoulder with a toss.

"You’re not kidding,” David kidded, playfully punching Austin’s big belly.

"Hey, kid, you were no help! Ordering all that extra food and then chickening out. You better pull your weight at breakfast.”

"As long as I don’t have to pull yours. I’d need a bloody tractor! Well, I’ve got some good news on that front, big guy.”

"I know,” Austin said, raising his eyebrows owlishly. "Woke me up. Wait’ll you hear this. But let’s start before it gets cold.”

The pair went back into the living room to confront the grandiose breakfast buffet that had been laid out there. 

The emptied trolleys from the night before had been tidily removed and in their place were two trolleys containing bain-maries which kept their large platters of eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns nicely warm. Large baskets of fresh rolls and pastries, along with butter, conserves, cereals, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice occupied a third.

Austin started piling his plate with fried food and gestured for David to follow suit. "I wake up and hear this tinkling, figure they’re removing the evidence, but then I get this whiff of bacon.” He paused to shovel in several forkfuls of bacon and eggs, the yolk matting his walrus moustache. Swallowed, continued.

"So I throw on my robe and come out here, it’s that guy from last night. I go, wow, but I didn’t order any breakfast. He says, if there’s two or more people staying in the Presidential Suite, it’s complementary.” Austin put his plate down, struggled to his feet, wandered over to the third trolley and brought it closer.

"Now he goes out, brings in a second trolley, then a third. Can’t believe my eyes.” While he was saying this, Austin was cracking open three Kaiser rolls and slathering them with butter. He tossed these onto a dinner plate along with two croissants and a couple of danishes, then poured himself a mug of black coffee and a tall glass of orange juice.

"So he explains when he found out about my friend, he ticked the box or whatever and so we get the buffet, and I go wait a minute, I thought you didn’t believe I even had a friend, and so he goes. . .”

Austin, having also refilled his other plate with bacon, eggs, sausages and a half dozen hash browns, piled perilously high, flumped back into the sofa.

"Now, I’m in that robe, but there’s no way it can go around me, so it’s all hanging out, you know, and this guy – the one from last night, you understand – he reaches over, pats my gut right on top here and says to me quietly: ‘your friend.’ Well, fuck me. Quick smile, then he turns and leaves. I tell you what, if he was about 100, 150 pounds heavier, I’d have two-timed you in a second. That’s what I call customer fucking service.”

David laughed along with Austin, a little uneasily, it must be admitted, but he soon realised Austin was winding him up. The big man must have noticed the flicker of doubt that crossed the boy’s brow, because he reached over and put his hand on David’s thigh and said warmly, "Kidding. You know that, right?”

David smiled shyly, still not willing to broach the subject of where this relationship might go. 

Austin looked down at David’s empty plate and said in a wry, condescending tone, "Is that the best you can do, boy?” David dutifully reached forward and repiled his plate with food.

Austin, satisfied with David’s application to the task at hand, leaned back heavily and started popping croissants and rolls into his hungry mouth, then turned to shovel in some more sausages and eggs. He managed to get up quite a relaxed rhythm. Breakfast was turning out to be less of a spectacle and stunt than the previous night’s gorging and Austin was richly enjoying himself.

David, on the other hand, was getting full and eating more slowly, enjoying instead the relish with which his friend was piling on the calories. "You always eat like this at breakfast, mate?”

"Try to,” came the merry response. "I’m on a bit of a roll here, though. Most days I’ll have to break it up. I’ll fill up before I leave the house – cereal, toast – if I’ve got the time I’ll rustle up some bacon and eggs. Then I’ll pop out to a local café or diner around half past nine or ten for a proper breakfast, couple of courses. Normally that’ll hold me till lunch. If I’m staying at a hotel I’ll go hard at the buffet and ease up a bit mid-morning, but it’s always going to be two breakfasts at least. I’m a mean old bear otherwise.” After saying so much, Austin shovelled his next instalment of food with greater speed and fervour.

"Even today you’re going to have two breakfasts?”

Austin thought as he chewed. "Okay, smartypants, I guess it’s nearly eleven now, so whatever comes next is gonna be lunch, I s’pose, but this is hardly a normal day. My body clock’s completely fucked so actually this is probably supper. If you’re gonna be pedantic.” Austin cleared his plate, waddled forward for a refill. "Anyways, I must be onto a second breakfast by now. And you better eat up, Dave. Save me from myself.”

He sure was onto a second breakfast, David thought, as fat Austin plopped back down with his fourth and fifth heaped plates. The bastard was going to clean up the entire buffet while pretender David was only two-thirds of his way through a second helping. For the first time, David wasn’t marvelling at how huge his buddy was, he was marvelling at why he wasn’t even bigger. He gingerly tried to clear his plate, cramming the greasy food into his stuffed stomach.

Austin eyed him up and down. "Getting pretty hard there boy. That the grub?”

David glanced down at his stiff dick. "I think it’s you,” he blushed. "Seeing you put it away like that.”

"Hey, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Austin lifted his belly up off his lap a little to reveal his own erection. "This one’s from the stuffing. Fucking little robot. Anytime I get a decent feed it stands to attention. If I dealt to it every time I’d spend half the day jerking off.”

"Story of my life,” David confessed.

"Well, have at it, by all means. Don’t mind me. I’ve still got a bit to finish off.”

"Yeah, I wouldn’t mind finishing this off,” David replied, rubbing his crotch, watching Austin stuff more and more food into his fat face. Austin watched David watching, and with an impish grin started rubbing his tits and gut as he forcefed himself. 

The boy had a good technique, Austin noted. He wouldn’t mind getting some of that treatment. Slow, hard, supple, with gradual, relentless acceleration and a focussed fury when it came to the climax. Must give him good arm muscles, the big man mused, but all on the right. Then it was over.

"That was quick,” Austin commented, still eating.

"Guess so,” David said, a little abashed.

"How about you get some more practice on this fella? It’ll take a lot longer.” Austin hoisted his gut out of his lap as David squeezed in alongside him on the sofa, then lowered it again on the kid’s forearm and resumed scoffing.

David’s actions were a little hampered by the mass of belly blubber weighing down on his fist, but neither man was complaining. Austin’s cock was flexing fatly, but had a long way to go to climax. Austin lurched sideways to drag one of the trolleys within easy reach and commenced placidly stuffing himself with Danish pastries as David pumped harder and faster.

"Easy boy, take your time. I got a whole plate of these to get through. No hurry. Don’t want to give yourself a cramp.”

The boy was good. Maybe a little eager, but he’d soon get used to the slower rhythm of a really fat guy, Austin told himself. And once he starts to seriously pack on the pounds himself he won’t want to be so fast and furious. 

Austin treated himself to a couple of buttery croissants. He was getting to the end of the feast. He’d give the cereal a miss and the fruit could wait till later, so he savoured the last of the croissants and pastries, leant back and let himself go, exploding all over David’s tiring fist and the underside of his gut.

"Good stuff, buddy,” he said, completely satisfied. David lay his tired arm by his side and leaned into his buddy’s hot flab.

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