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Family Dinner Part 1
Josiah had just arrived in Philadelphia and was waiting for his luggage in baggage claim. He felt fortunate that the typical struggles that accompany flying did not befall him. Nonetheless, flying from Charleston, South Carolina to Philadelphia was exhausting. Especially when you are six feet two inches and 330 pounds, though the extra seat makes it somewhat bearable. Josiah's husband, Santino, had arrived before him to spend some family time with his father and brothers.

Josiah's bag came out onto the carousel, and Josiah grabbed it, anxious to leave the airport and see his husband. He departed from baggage claim and headed towards the exit. Finally, Josiah saw his husband's face through the crowd. Josiah made a beeline towards Santino and even the infamously aggressive Philadelphians. Santino strode confidently towards him, a big smile covering his face. "Hey Jojo!" said Santino as he embraced his husband. Well, embraced is being generous. Standing at five feet seven inches and weighing 140 pounds, Santino was much smaller than his large Southern bred husband. As a result, Santino only went for a side hug so it would not appear awkward in public. Privately, Santino enjoyed the feeling of failing to encompass his man's girth.

Santino and Josiah walked to Santino's car in the parking garage. As a high school teacher, Santino had the summer off and drove up to his father's house instead of flying. That way, he could easily stay as long as he liked. Santino loved his father and brothers and liked to go home regularly, especially since his mother died two years previous, leaving his father alone. However, he also loved cooking and sharing meals with his family. Santino smiled at the thought big Josiah meeting his equally large male family members. He knew that being raised around big men certainly shaped his preferences. Josiah put his bags in the trunk and climbed in to the passenger seat of Santino's SUV, once again grateful for his husband's considerate car choice. "It's about ninety minutes to my dad's place in Egg Harbor Township. I hope you like him. I know everyone's eager to meet you," said Santino. Josiah smiled backed and said, "I'm sure I will. Plus, I can't wait for the Italian food." Santino laughed and began to drive.

Just as he hoped, Santino drove into his father's driveway on schedule. It gave Josiah about an hour to settle in before dinner. Josiah stepped out of the car and stretched. He went to the trunk and retrieved his bags. As he and Santino walked to the house, the front door was flung open and revealed a large, burly, and swarthy man with a big smile on his face. He first hugged his son before turning to the man standing behind Santino. "Hey, you must be Josiah! I'm Salvatore, Tino's father, but call me Sal. Tino didn't say he married a big guy. You'll fit right in with me and his brothers. Hehe. Tino here takes after his dear mother's family. They aren't that large in size, but they're a lovely bunch...Tino, take the bags inside. Did you eat on the plane? Never mind, I'm sure you're hungry. Dinner will be ready soon. I'm making my special lasagne with veal, some fresh rolls, antipasto, and some cannoli from the Gennaro's Bakery. They're delicious! You look like a man who enjoys a good meal." "Dad!" Santino shouted. "Don't smother Josiah. He's not even in the door. Let him breathe, unpack, and shower." Sal laughed and stepped back, allowing Josiah into the house.

Sal was a big man. Not in height, but in size. He stood around five feet ten inches, but had quite muscular arms, a large belly, and strong, thick legs. Together, one could describe his physique as big and burly. Covering his body was a layer and dark hair with some graying in the chest. His hair was salt and pepper and his face was a very masculine square. Josiah could see the resemblance between Santino and Sal by their similar faces, giving Santino the appearance of his father aged twenty-five years backward and in miniature. Santino took his husband to the basement where his father had a guest room and where they'd be staying. "The bathroom's through that door and come up when you're ready. My dad can be forward, but that's just who he is. He does seem to like you though," said Santino. Josiah laughed and said, "Don't sweat it! Your dad seems like a great guy. Plus, he's right. I'm starving and dinner sounds great." Santino smiled and said, "You're always hungry big boy," and rubbed Josiah's sizable belly and then smacked it. "It's one of the reasons why I married you. I need someone who appreciates my cooking and is proud of having a manly appetite."

Santino then looked up at Josiah's face and Josiah then leaned down for a passionate kiss with his husband. Coming out of the kiss, Josiah looked at Santino and growled, and then gave him another hard, rough kiss. "Can your big boy get some love tonight?" Josiah asked in a low, husky voice. "On one condition," said Santino coyly. "You've gotta impress my dad with your mighty table muscle and give it a proper workout. You do that, and I'm all yours stud." "I'll take that deal!" Josiah responded. He then took off his shirt, displaying his impressive size. Above his kingly girth sat two beefy pecs, the muscle covered by a layer fat and on his brown skin was curly black hair. His arms were also muscular, but also surrounded by a layer of fat. Overall, his powerlifter like body always aroused Santino who found his husband's beefyness to be intensely masculine and erotic. Josiah then stepped into the bathroom to shower and Santino decided to head upstairs to see if his father needed help in the kitchen.

Santino entered the kitchen and he knew immediately that Josiah would certainly be able to prove his manhood eating wise to his dad tonight. Though it was just him, Josiah, and his father tonight, Sal had outdone himself. Two massive platters of antipasto were on the counter, each one full of prosciutto, capocollo, salume, provolone, olives, tomatoes, and pecorino siciliano. Beside them was a basket of at least two dozen warm rolls and a box of a dozen cannoli. "Hey dad. Do you need any help?" Santino asked. "No, Tino. I've got it. I'm just waiting on the lasagne. I made a couple trays. I hope that's enough. Josiah is a "ciccione" like me and your brothers." Santino busted out laughing and said, "Yes dad, you've made PLENTY of food. Josiah won't be disappointed. He loves when I cook this type of food. You can't really get good Italian food in Charleston. He has a big appetite though dad, so he is excited for dinner." "Good," said Sal, "because I like a man who can eat."

Josiah came upstairs in a t-shirt and gym shorts. He guessed that Tino's family was casual and he wanted clothes that would not infringe upon his eating. He walked into the kitchen and nearly gasped at the quantity of food that awaited him. Tino walked in from the dining room and beckoned him to the dining room table. "Though it's just the tree of us, we're eating in here because the amount of food won't fit on the kitchen table. Hope you're ready," said Santino, grinning. Sal was laying out the antipasto in the dining room when they entered. Sal turned to Josiah and told him to sit down and asked what he wanted to drink. "Water is fine for me. I get dehydrated on planes." Sal went to the kitchen and returned with a glass of water for Josiah. Tino and Sal each returned to the kitchen and came back with plates, forks, knives, and some wine and wine glasses. Tino and Sal sat down, poured themselves a glass of wine, and then both began to encourage Josiah to eat.

Being both Italian-American and a feeder, Santino already was a formidable force at the table. Josiah took a hearty portion of antipasto for himself, but then Sal intervened and put even more on his plate. Between the two, Josiah had half a platter of antipasto on his plate. Not to be outdone, Sal showed his masculine Italian pride and served himself the other half. Nonplussed, Tino took the empty platter and exchanged it for the other full platter in the kitchen. Santino gave himself a much smaller portion than his hefty husband and stout father. For the next few minutes, the only sound was of men eating. Santino ate slower, but he enjoyed watching his husband and father indulge. Both men finished their plates, and Josiah, wanting to impress his father-in-law and knowing that his eating will lead to sex, served himself another large plate of antipasto. Sal looked on approvingly and then served himself the remaining antipasto. "So Josiah, I see you like the antipasto. Make sure you have room for the lasagne and rolls. I made both myself." Sal said with a smile. Sal always smiled when discussing his homemade food. Josiah's mouth was full when Sal was speaking, so waited to respond. After swallowing, he said, "Sal, the antipasto's great. I can't wait to eat the lasagne. It smells great." The two men then returned to their focused eating, intent on consuming the large quantities of comestibles.

Tino stood up from his seat and picked up the platters that were formerly full of antipasto. "I'll take these back to the kitchen and get the rolls and a tray of lasagne." "Thanks Tino," said Sal. Josiah's ears pricked up at the words of "a tray of lasagne." Was there more than one? How much would he have to eat to please both Sal and Tino? Santino returned first with the rolls and a tray of butter. He went back to the kitchen and fetched a tray of lasagne. The tray was heavy due to its contents of meat, sauce, and cheese. Santino chuckled inwardly, acknowledging that so much heavy and hearty food usually intimidates people, but men like Josiah and Sal happily and liberally indulge in vast quantities of hearty fare. Tino walked back to the dining room to see that his father and husband had finished their plates of antipasto. He set the lasagne in the center of the table within reach of all three of them with a spatula next to it. Josiah adjusted his positioning in his chair, eliciting of groan from the seat as it protested against his proud weight. Tino and Sal did not express concern at the chair's strain as they knew that it had survived many large men eating many large meals.

Sal took the spatula and began to cut a large piece of the lasagne: "Josiah, give me your plate," said Sal as he gesticulated at him. Josiah handed it to him and Sal placed the large slab of layered pasta, meat, and cheese on his plate. Josiah grinned at the manly portion of food and clearly expressed his excitement and and anticipation for the obviously delicious and wonderfully scented food. Sal then cut a similar sized piece for himself and passed the spatula to Tino, who cut a much smaller piece for his own plate. Josiah and Sal dove into their dinners, focusing on the food at hand. The room was silent saved for the sounds of dedicated eating from the three men, but mainly Josiah and Sal. Josiah finished his plate first and went to help himself to another equally sized helping. Sal looked up from his dinner and smiled, commenting, "Good to see you like our cooking. There's another pan in the kitchen, so have as much as you like. It's nice to have another big eater around to appreciate my hard work."

Santino reached for a warm roll and buttered it as he watched his father and husband prove their manhood at the dinner table. Josiah also took one and used it to sop up some of the flavorful meat sauce from the lasagne. Sal finished his plate and took another large piece of lasagne. By now, Santino could see that the two men had almost finished an entire tray. "That tray felt like it had ten pounds of lasagne in it," Santino mused to himself. He was used to men with outstanding appetites due to his upbringing and his husband, but even this was impressive. Josiah and Sal were both champion feasters whose stomachs required massive amounts of food to be truly maxed to capacity. Finishing his plate, Josiah leaned back in his chair, forcing a groan from himself and the weight weary chair. "Done," snickered Sal, thinking he had bested his son-in-law. To solidify his status as alpha of the table, Sal served himself the remainder of the lasagne. Josiah didn't mind that his father-in-law surpassed him in his consumption as he at least lost to a worthy component. Josiah grabbed three rolls in response and said, "I need to save room for the cannoli."

Tino took that as his cue to go to the kitchen and make three espressi to have with their dessert. He quickly served the coffees to his dad and husband and returned with the box of cannoli. Sal had made quick work of the remaining lasagne and took everyone's dirty plates back to the kitchen and returned with clean, smaller plates. Josiah and Sal both put tree cannoli on their respective plates and Santino took one. The cannoli Sal bought were large, so there were only a dozen. Santino would be content with one, but he knew that between his husband and father, there would be none left over. Josiah bit in to his first cannoli and let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. "These are so good," he said through his mouthful of food. Santino and Sal laughed and agreed. The bakery that made them, Stefano's, was owned by Sal's brother and Tino's uncle Stefano. Josiah quickly finished his trio of sweets and took another three from the box, leaving a solitary cannolo for Sal. Sal grinned and grabbed the final cannolo and made quick work of it. With all the cannoli eaten and Sal and Josiah too full to move, Tino set to work cleaning up after dinner. Sal and Josiah hefted themselves out of their chairs with grunts expressing their at capacity stomachs and weighted down girths.
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