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Family Dinner Part 2
Following their overconsumption of food at dinner, Josiah and his father-in-law Sal slowly hefted themselves from their chairs. Finally standing upright, Sal languidly rubbed his large, meaty hands across his heavy, overstuffed paunch. Josiah gave his belly a firm pat and placed his hand in a semi-supporting manner underneath his overhanging belly. "After a meal like that, I need to rest," Sal said to Josiah, "I'm gonna head to the sofa. Wanna join me?" Josiah nodded and the two men meandered their way to the living room. Normally, Tino didn't enjoy to be left to clean up by himself, but he understood that with the competitive eating that occurred between his husband and father, neither were in a condition to assist him. Also, Tino thought it would be a good way for the men to get to know each other without him there.

Sal lowered himself onto the sofa with an "oof." Similarly, Josiah let out a low grunt as he sat down in an easy chair next to Sal. Sal turned on the TV to provide some background noise as he and Josiah digested. He turned it to a rerun of Seinfeld and began to chat to Josiah. "So Josiah, I heard a lot about you from Tino, but I want to know you myself. What you do for work, your hobbies, music that you like. Anything." Josiah let out sigh and said, "Well, I work for Volvo as a logistics manager. I don't have a favorite genre of music. but I rarely like any rap, pop, or country. I like reading, weightlifting, and I obviously love food. Tino won me over with food." Sal nodded while Josiah talked, listening to his son-in-law. "I love lifting and eating too," responded Sal, "Maybe while you're here, we can go to my gym and you can meet some of the guys. And for the eating, that's how I got his big gut here." Sal then slapped his gut and gave it a few shakes.

"Same here," Josiah stated as patted his engorged stomach. "Your son's food is too good to resist." Sal laughed, "Italians are known for overfeeding their men. Tino's dear mother used to cook constantly for us. What remains a mystery to me though is how Tino stayed my little man and his brothers became big like me. In fact, he's the only guy in the family who's not fat."

Josiah shrugged. For him and Tino, the size difference between them is hot. Not that Josiah also didn't like large men like Sal too. Josiah and Sal chilled while Santino finished cleaning the kitchen. After about an hour, both guys' stomachs were less ponderous and easier to move and Tino was done with the dinner cleanup. Tino walked into the living room to check on Josiah and Sal. "Ready for bed Jojo?" asked Tino. "Jojo?" said Sal with surprise. "That's your nickname?" "Yes," responded Josiah, "that's what my family calls me. You can call me that too, Sal. And yes, let's head to bed." "Don't break the bed or the house you two," chuckled Sal. Tino hid his face in embarrassment and Josiah grinned, sent a wink to Sal, and said "We won't be too loud." Tino reached out his arm so Josiah could use him to stabilize his overfed frame as he rose from the sofa.

Tino and Josiah headed down to the basement and left Sal in the living room. Josiah breathed heavily and groaned as he descended the staircase. His center of balance was already off-kilter from dinner and gravity only worsened his ability to move with agility. When the two men made it to the basement bedroom, Josiah collapsed on the bed, causing the springs to creak loudly in response to the added weight. "Let's get you out of those clothes big guy," said Tino with a grin, "You definitely gave that table muscle a good workout at dinner." Tino pulled off Josiah's shorts as Josiah removed his shirt with surprising speed. Now just in his underwear, Josiah's hard cock was clearly visible and showed his excitement. Tino stripped himself, displaying his slender physique and erect cock to his equally horny husband.

Tino crawled on the bed toward his hefty husband. He leaned over Josiah and passionately kissed him. As he did, Tino gently rubbed his man's stuffed belly. Josiah moaned in pleasure and Tino began to kiss down his husband's chest, sucking on his hard nipples that crowned his beefy chest. With his hands, Tino freed Josiah's engorged manhood and gently began to stroke it. Josiah's cock was built like him, big and thick. With roughly 7.5" of incredibly thick cock, Josiah provided endless pleasure for his husband. Tino bent over and began to suck Josiah's dick while he rubbed his over overstuffed belly. Josiah groaned louder, thrusting his manhood into Tino's mouth. As he did so, his weight made the bed creak and groan as it protested against the force of Josiah's massive heft. With a final grunt, Josiah came into Tino with the bed nearly breaking underneath the big man's thrashing.

Too overfull to lie on his stomach, Josiah used his strength to lift Tino up and sat him on his beefy chest. He sucked down Tino's dick with the same ferocity he showed at the dinner table. The expert fellatio drove Tino to orgasm quickly, causing him to erupt in Josiah's hungry, greedy mouth. Following his exhausting jizz, Tino collapsed on the bed next to Josiah, both men sated sexually and food wise. Josiah leaned over and kissed Tino tenderly. "Are you good now big guy?" Tino asked. "Between that, the flight, and that amazing dinner, I definitely am," Josiah responded. "You performed amazingly at dinner, I could tell dad was impressed. He likes a man who can eat, and you certainly could," said Tino happily. "Good," Josiah stated, "I like your dad. If he keeps cooking like that, I may never want to go home." Tino chuckled in response and snuggled up against his big husband. "Good night, babe. Digest that meal because dad'll certainly feed you more tomorrow."
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