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Fat Athlete
One warm October day two friends 17 year old Sparky, a senior and 17 year old Rodrigo Lopez, a Junior were sitting in the library at Goodwin Technical High School in New Britain, Connecticut. They are studying Culinary Arts. They are looking at old yearbooks.

Sparky is 6 foot 2 and weighs 305 pounds. He is wearing his Culinary Arts uniform - a white coat; gray checkered pants, and Sketcher's shoes. He has a gold hoop earring in his left ear and his hair is shaved bald with a Number 1.

Rodrigo is 5 foot 9 and weighs 155 pounds. He's wearing baggy jeans, a baggy T-shirt, Timberland boots, and a special necklace he bought in Puerto Rico. In his left ear are a hoop earring and a stud earring.

"I knew this school was pathetic," said Sparky.

"Why?" asked Rodrigo.

"Look at this picture," said Sparky. He handed the yearbook to Rodrigo.

"What am I supposed to be looking at?" asked Rodrigo.

"The fat white guy with his shirt off," said Sparky.

"He could be your twin," said Rodrigo. Sparky reached over and smacked Rodrigo in the back of the head with another yearbook.

"What about him?" asked Rodrigo.

"He was captain of the track team," said Sparky.

"So?" said Rodrigo.

"Our school must have been desperate if they let a fat kid on the team. Fat people can't run fast," said Sparky.

"Some fat people can," said Rodrigo.

"Prove it," said Sparky.

"How?" asked Rodrigo.

"Get a fat guy on the track team and prove he's a good athlete," said Sparky.

"Fine. I will," said Rodrigo.

"I've got to get back downstairs. Chef doesn't know I'm up here," said Sparky.

"Okay, Spark Man. See you later," said Rodrigo.

Sparky walked out of the library and hurried down the hall. Rodrigo's other friend Xavier Perez walked over to where Rodrigo was sitting.

"Is your boyfriend Chris in here with you?" asked Rodrigo.

"Why? So you can harass us?" replied Xavier.

"No. I need to ask him something," said Rodrigo.

"Oh," said Xavier. "No, he's not with me. He's stayed in his study hall because he needed some extra help in Geometry."

"I guess I'll talk to him during lunch," said Rodrigo. Just then the bell rang. Everyone left the library.

"Push those chairs in," shouted the librarian

Down in the cafeteria Rodrigo spots Chris Anderson (Xavier's boyfriend) standing by the back door of the cafeteria. Chris is about 6 feet tall and weighs 185 pounds. He's very athletic looking and he's captain of the track team. Rodrigo walked over to him.

"What's up Rodrigo?" asked Chris.

"How would you like to make $550?" asked Rodrigo.

"What do I have to do?" asked Chris.

"Gain at 60 pounds, but agree to join the track team this spring," said Rodrigo.

"Why?" asked Chris.

"Sparky says all fat people are slow runners. I want to prove him wrong," said Rodrigo.

"What did the track coach say about that?" asked Chris.

"He says it's fine," said Rodrigo.

"Well if Coach says it's all right, I'll do it," said Chris.

"Start right now by eating two lunches and a couple bags of chips," said Rodrigo.

"What's for lunch anyway?" asked Chris.

"Philly cheese steaks," said Rodrigo.

Chris got in line and got his food and carried them into the old kitchen which is a storage room. He ate his lunch quickly. When he came out he looked a little flushed. Rodrigo was standing near by.

"You look great man. Keep it up," said Rodrigo.

"I feel stuffed," said Chris. He then belched loudly.

"Keep thinking you want to prove Sparky wrong," said Rodrigo.

The bell rang and everyone left the cafeteria. Rodrigo walked out of the cafeteria and into the locker room because he had Phys. Ed. When he came out he was wearing shorts, a Blaze 990 T-shirt, and sneakers. He climbed up on the stage where the weights were. Sparky was up there and was getting ready to do some weight lifting. He had taken off his chef's jacket. His large, blubbery, flabby stomach hung out over his pants.

"Hey Spark," said Rodrigo.

"Hey Rigo," said Sparky.

"What are you doing?" asked Rodrigo.

"I'm going to get in shape," said Sparky.

"Cool," said Rodrigo.

"Did you find someone for the experiment?" asked Sparky.

"Yes," said Rodrigo.

"Who?" asked Sparky.

"Chris Anderson," said Rodrigo.

"How did you get him to do it?" asked Sparky.

"I agreed to pay him $550," said Rodrigo.

Five months later it was March. It was time for the results of the experiment. Sparky had slimmed down to 185 pounds. He now had a washboard stomach and muscular arms. And he got contacts and dyed his hair blond. Chris had fattened up to 315 pounds. It was getting pretty close to zero hour. Chris was adding some last minute fat by having a dozen donuts and two pounds of bacon washed down with heavy cream. He finished his meal and then the last bell rang. Rodrigo and Sparky came out of the kitchen.

"Okay big boy it's time for the moment of truth," said Sparky.

Rodrigo and Sparky escorted Chris down to the track.

"Last year his time running the mile was 10 minutes. If he beats it this year I'll believe you," said Sparky.

"And he'll gets the $550," said Rodrigo.

"Okay, Chris get ready," said Sparky.

"Wait. Is he dressed the same as he was last year?" asked Rodrigo.

"Chris take off your T-shirt," said Sparky. Chris took of his T-shirt revealing a large, flabby, blubbery gut. He tossed it onto the grass.

"On your mark. Get Set go," said Sparky. He started his stop watch. Chris took off running at full speed. As he made his way around the track his tits and gut were jiggling.

"Look at him jiggle," said Sparky.

"You used to jiggle like that," said Rodrigo.

"Not any more. I'm nice and firm," said Sparky. He took off his wife beater. "Look. Solid Muscle."

Several minutes later Chris finished his four laps.

"Your time is 9 minutes and 45 seconds," said Sparky.

"Yes!" shouted Chris. He began jumping around.

"I guess some fat people are good athletes," said Sparky

Rodrigo took out his wallet and handed eleven 50 dollar bills to Chris.

"Okay. Thank you for your participation," said Rodrigo.

"No problem," said Chris.

"You can now take that weight off," said Sparky.

"Thanks. I'll start working out tomorrow. I should be in shape by fall," said Chris.

"Yes you should," said Sparky.

Little did they know that Chris had no intentions of losing the weight. In fact Chris was planning on gaining until he reached 775 pounds for graduation in two years.

Chris picked up his shirt and walk up to the parking lot. Sparky put his wife beater back on.

"I can't believe you gave him $550," said Sparky.

"I can't believe he didn't notice that I got the money from his locker yesterday," said Rodrigo.

"You cheated," said Sparky.

"You got to understand that's how a lot of us are," said Rodrigo.

"Keep it up and there'll be one less at this school," said Sparky.

"I'm so slick. I'm so slick," chanted Rodrigo.

The End

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