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Gaining For Him

"Hey, Eat some more," my lover smiled, and firmly nudged my belly.

You should have seen my gut respond...like a beach ball full of jelly.

He handed another plate to me...overfilled with delectable joy.

He really wants me to get fatter...my loving encouraging boy.

I was two oh five (205#) the night we met, and proud of my firm round gut.

My size 36 jeans, with gut overhanging, accentuated my furry round butt.

I'd never met a guy like him; so emblazoned by my bulk;

He was handsome, and hairy, and so muscular too, a real chub loving hulk.

He took me to bed on the night that we met, and before the dawn we knew,

that we would be for a long term feast, both so into fat, we two.

I wanted to gain using powders and drugs, I had dreamed of it all of my life.

"No, what you need is a fat loving husband, to feed his stay at home "wife".

That was two years ago, to this very month, and my how I have grown.

At 375# my soft belly bounces every time his desire is shown.

A daily being of sex, food and love....our friends are all a chatter

We are constantly smiling, content and excited, and day by day we grow fatter.

From him I get praises, rewards and attention, for eating and gaining weight.

I used to think three hundred pounds was my limit, but who knows now, this is great!

All day I'm presented with delectable food, and encouraged to eat even more,

I used to think stuffing myself would get old, but now my gut never gets sore.

So for now I'll keep eating, enjoying my body, as it's blanketed thickly with lard.

Each time I'm discouraged, he feeds and arouses me, pumps me dry 'til I'm no longer hard.

"I want you fatter," he moans. Rubs his dick in my belly, and shoves an eclair in my face.

His pretty butt searching my fat lower belly, of my dick he almost can't find a trace.

But now I am in him, his dick sunk in belly fat, moving with climax intention.

This life is a fantasy, how can I resist - there's no cause for alarm or detention.

I'll just keep on growing, and keeping him happy, as big as he wants me to get.

Just thinking about where this whole thing may lead, my precum in my fat makes me wet!

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