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Gaining On-Line

I sat down in front of my computer just as the pizza delivery arrived and rubbed my belly, silently thinking how it had got there. What a year it had been since I bought my first computer.

I bought the computer and got the network connection setup because it was the latest fad. I had no idea it would change my body so. I found a chat line for big men. I had always been attracted to big men, though at 5'11" and 160#, I didn't exactly qualify for one. Someone on the chat line mentioned that he wanted to get bigger, and I put in my two cents worth.

"I'd like to get a little bigger too, but I don't know how much"

"I do" came the reply

"You do what?"

"I know how much bigger you'd like to get"

"And how big is that?"

"As big as I want you to be"

I laughed it off, but he asked for an e-mail address, so I gave it to him. He said his name was Joe. He lived several hundred miles from me and I wanted to meet men in town, so I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the conversion.

The next day I received e-mail from Joe. It was an introduction, and he told me how he liked big men and helping men to get big. I replied and thanked him. Then I read his message again. I hadn't had dinner yet that night, and suddenly I was feeling hungry. There was lots to read in the newsgroups I was following, so I called out for a pizza. I finished the pizza in record time and still didn't feel full.

I made sure I had dinner before I checked my e-mail the next day. When I did, there was another message from Joe. All he said he was glad I had responded to his e-mail, but it took him a long paragraph to do it. Again I replied and said I'd like to know more about him. I re-read his message to make sure I hadn't missed anything, then sent the reply. I had just had dinner, but I suddenly felt like dessert. I decided not to do any more computing and went out in search of a pie. To my surprize, I was still not full when I finished the first piece, so I ordered a second.

Joe sent me e-mail regularly for the next few weeks. Always, his messages seemed long for what he actually had to say. And always, I found myself hungry after reading my e-mail, but I didn't seem to make the connection. I went out and bought new jeans in the next larger size.

I think the first time I noticed that I was gaining weight was when I bought new jeans and realized that I was now two sizes larger than I was just two months earlier. By this time, Joe and I had a regular e-mail relationship going. I told him about my jeans and he asked me how much I weighed. The next day I stepped on a scale. 177! I had put on nearly twenty pounds in two months! Not that it looked bad on me, but it was a shock. I sent Joe an e-mail about it. He wrote back that he thought that was fine. Of course, it took him a very long paragraph to say it. After reading it, I realized I hadn't eaten in hours and ordered two pizzas. One just didn't seem to satisfy me anymore.

This pattern continued. I didn't really try to gain weight, as a matter of fact I even tried a diet when I started to approach two hundred pounds. But I seemed to be hungry more often, particularly after spending time on the computer. Six months after buying the computer, I was tipping the scales at 242 pounds. I wrote Joe that I now had a 48 inch belly. He wrote back that it sounded hot and that he wanted to come meet me in person. We agreed on a weekend.

We weren't even out of the airport when Joe suggested we go out for a bite. As we were being seated, he handed me a piece of paper. "Some stuff I posted to a newsgroup" he explained. We ordered our food and I began to read his postings. I have to say it wasn't all that spectacular, but I smiled as one does on first dates. I was still hungry when we finished, so I ordered two desserts, as was common lately. Joe smiled when I said "and what do you want?".

We got back to my place and Joe immediately began to rub my belly as he started to undress me. I was unaccustomed to someone liking my belly, but his touch felt good, so I relaxed. I pressed my belly to his and took him in my arms. The sex was great; he showed me how good it felt to have a man appreciate my bulk. The rest of the weekend was food and sex. He must have had a lot of net postings because he had another one for me to read almost every time we headed out for a meal. And I ate heavily that weekend; I think I gained five pounds in two days.

After he left, he sent me a 'thank you' by e-mail. Again, he took a lot of text to say such a simple message. I told him I surprized myself, but I was really enjoying my new size, thanks to him. He wrote back that there was more to come. I asked what he meant, and he reminded me of our first conversation in the chat room, that I wanted to be as big as he wanted me to be.

We started to see each other monthly after that. He always had something new for me to read when we were together, and daily e-mails when we weren't. I kept gaining weight for the next five months. When he visited me last month, I weighed 321 pounds, having doubled my weight in eleven months. Then he told me.

"You're there" he said.

"I'm where?"

"You're as big as you want to be"

"How do you know that?"

"Because you're about as big as I wanted to make you"

"-- you wanted to make me?"

"Yes, I made you this size"

"I'm the one who's been eating. Why do you think you did it?"

"Because I did. I made you want to eat so much"

"And how do you think you did that?"

"Subliminal messages"


"Subliminal messages in your e-mail. It's the white space. It draws your attention to certain words. Each message was carefully crafted to get certain results."


"Yes. When you read the first one, you wanted something spicy, like maybe pizza. The second one was something sweet -"

"I had two pieces of pie"

"See what I mean?"

"So you made me eat?"

"No, I just caused you to think about it. Repeatedly. You did the rest."

I didn't know what to think. Finally I said "Thanks".

He said "That's not the way I want you to thank me", and he began lick my huge belly.

He moved in a month ago. It's been a great month.

And he's showing me how to fatten up other guys electronically. Aren't you a little hungry right now?

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