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Getting Big Part 2

Part 1

"Deal!" they both said simultaneously.


Two weeks later Steve's phone rang in the early afternoon. Steve had his door closed and

locked, and had been spending the last few minutes rubbing his now full belly as he finished off

the last few bites of the three cheeseburgers he had just purchased. He had told Jeff that he

was sick with a cold and too tired to workout today.


It was Bill. "Man, I can't believe I made that bet with Jeff. I've been doing squats like crazy, and

nothing seems to be working. I know the two of you are friends, but you got any advice, big man?

I'll do ANYTHING to have thighs bigger than Jeff's... and yours, to tell the truth."


Steve thought about it, but only for a second. He couldn't imagine his luck. "I sure do. I'll give

you the same advice I've given Jeff. Cut down on your upper body workouts for the next six

weeks. And do a special set of squats. Only do one set each workout, twice a week. But do twenty

reps at a weight you would normally do ten. Be sure you have a spot to help you. At first you won't

believe you can even do one set. But you'll get over it."


"And that'll work?" said Bill.


"Well," admitted Steve. "That's not all. You're also going to have to change your diet. Dairy is the

key, my boy. Lots and lots of dairy. Cheese, ice cream, milk... and none of that 2% stuff. Whole

milk only. You should have the equivalent of 2 gallons of milk a day, in addition to what you

normally eat."


"Jeez," said Bill, "I'll end up blowing up like a balloon! I can't do that!"


"You want to have those huge, massive thighs, don't you? Well, this is what works to get them.

It's what I did, and I got my advice from an expert." He didn't mention that this particular

workout program was what had gotten him started on his love of pizza.


"Well, okay, especially since it's only for two and a half months." Bill thanked him, and hung up.


Steve grinned. He began to imagine what that time would be like. That got him hard. Which got

him hungry again. He ran out the door to his store for another pizza before Jeff came home.


Ten weeks later the morning of the contest day had arrived. Jeff stood before the full length

mirror in their apartment in shorts and a big sweatshirt. He looked massive, bigger than ever.

Steve smiled. Having seen the tricks he had used himself before this contest, he could see Jeff

trying to hide his new found gut.


But the workout and diet had indeed worked. Jeff's thighs were massive. He measured them,

and saw that he had put on over 5" on them in just 12 weeks.


"I can't believe it!" Jeff said. "It worked." Under his breath he said, "Thank god." Steve,

overhearing that, smiled knowingly. "Congratulations, Jeff. Great work!" he said. "Thanks, man. I

owe you!" said Jeff. He stood there admiring his thighs, though clearly also embarrassed by his

new gut. He had been afraid to weigh himself in weeks.


Steve decided "Oh, don't worry about your little belly, my friend! You look great! And you'll kick

Bill's ass tonight!"


"Oh, god!" Jeff said. "Tonight!" After the contest, Bill and he had set up the date they would

have after the contest. The "worship" was to happen at a hotel this evening. And Bill would have

to worship him like this... he began rubbing his belly absently, thinking about it. Steve noticed,

and also noticed the erection which immediately occurred thereafter in Jeff's shorts.


"That's right!" Steve said. "And he'll have to worship this beautiful big body of yours!"


"Beautiful? You call this beautiful?" And Jeff stripped off his sweatshirt to reveal the 42" belly

protruding from his waistline. "I've had to get larger sweats to fit my new waist!" he wailed.


Steve laughed and then smiled. "Well, I think it's beautiful. Besides, who should talk?" He stuck

out his now enormous belly right at Jeff. It was at least 50" around. Steve had weighed himself

regularly, and was very proud of his 400#s.


Jeff looked at Steve, really looked at him for the first time in weeks. He'd spent so much time

agonizing over his money situation and his bet with Bill that he hadn't even really seen Steve's

body in that time. Thank god Steve had gotten him that job as the Burger King manager when the

prior manager quit. He didn't know what he was going to do. Besides, the shakes had helped him

keep his dairy intake up.


Steve was huge, and proud of his huge gut. He walked straight at Jeff, and ever so carefully

bounced his belly off of Jeff's. Jeff's hard on returned with full force, and Jeff looked at his

roommate strangely. "That's right, you're beautiful. Your muscles are beautiful." He now leaned

towards Jeff, rubbing his belly fully against Jeff's round front, and whispered into his ear, "and

your gut is beautiful."


He backed away from Jeff slightly, and then, gently, began rubbing Jeff's gut. Jeff closed his

eyes. A wet spot appeared in Jeff's shorts. He took Jeff's hand and placed it on Jeff's belly,

and began moving in ever widening circles around his round gut. Jeff shuddered, and began

rubbing his belly on his own, beginning to moan slightly. Steve bounced his way into the kitchen

quickly, where a slice of pizza lay on the counter from last night's splurge by both of them,

trying to keep Jeff's dairy count up. He brought it back to Jeff, who's eyes were still closed,

still rubbing his belly, and who had now removed his cock from its confines in his shorts and was

rubbing it as well. His moans were louder now, clearly very near the point of no return. Steve

waited to strike at just the right time. Just as Jeff began to cum, Steve worked the pizza slice

into Jeff's mouth. Jeff opened his eyes wide, and then immediately began taking huge bites out

of the pizza, moaning louder and louder at the same time. He came, and the cum shot out of his

cock, partially covering Steve's round belly, the rest shooting up to his chest and face.


Jeff collapsed onto the floor, still moaning faintly, licking his lips and gently rubbing his belly.

Steve looked at him. He couldn't imagine a better sight. He slowly got down next to Jeff, and

began rubbing Jeff's belly again. Jeff began to moan louder. "Jeff?" Steve asked. "Uh huh?"

Jeff moaned, his eyes closed. "You still horny?" said Steve. "Oh, Yeah!" Jeff said louder. Steve

paused for a second, then whispered in Jeff's ear, "You still hungry???" Jeff's eyes bugged

open again, and said, "Oh, Yes! God, yes!" Steve got to his knees, and helped Jeff up. Steve said,

"Then how about the two of us splitting a pizza?" Jeff whimpered, his imagination now wild,

paused, then said, "Only if I get us two double cheeseburgers to go with that, and shakes to

wash it down!"


Now Steve was the one to stain his shorts...


That evening, feeling better than he ever had before, Jeff went with Steve to meet Bill. They

had originally planned to meet at the Pleasuredome as before, but Bill had called earlier in the

day and suggested, a bit evasively, that they meet somewhere a bit less public. Perhaps the hotel

room. He was bringing his two friends, Eric and Mark, with him to help judge the contest. He said

that they'd helped him train for it. Jeff remembered those hot hunks from his first meeting

with Bill, now over 14 months ago. He was sure different now. He wondered what Bill would look

like. Now, walking into the elevator with Steve, he proudly stuck out his 43" round and full gut

from the pizza, burgers and shakes... though, looking in the mirror in the elevator as the doors

closed, he admitted to himself he was a bit nervous meeting Bill and his friends like this. What

would they think?


More nervous as the elevator began it's ascent, he quickly put on the sweatshirt he had brought,

thankful he had thought of it. It didn't completely hide this afternoon's indulgence, but it helped.

He tried to suck in his gut as much as he could, though it wasn't working well.


Steve looked at him in disgust. "Jeez, man. don't worry about it." he said. Jeff replied, "Well, I

might win the thigh contest, but I'm also going to win the gut contest."


Steve smiled again. "I have a secret," he said. But he wouldn't say more. Instead, he began

rubbing Jeff's belly. At first Jeff resisted, but by the time the elevator reached the penthouse

floor, he had closed his eyes and was rubbing it himself, moaning again. Hearing the ding of the

elevator, he opened his eyes and quickly composed himself, immediately sucked in his gut again,

and this time feeling a bit guilty for doing so. He began realizing that he LIKED his gut. But he

still kept it sucked in.


They knocked on the hotel room door. "Come in!" they heard one of the two guys, either Mark or

Eric, say. The door opened for them, and Mark ushered them in. He was wearing a huge

sweatshirt as well, just like Steve and Jeff. This one, a florescent green, had a bodybuilder on it

and the saying "Get Huge!" over his pecs above. The bodybuilder was jutting just a big further

out than the "Get Huge!" words were.


Eric explained, "He's in the bathroom." They all waited, standing next to the bed, for Bill to come

out. Eric was also wearing a sweatshirt, almost identical to Mark's. It was florescent pink, again

with a bodybuilder, and said "Mass. There is no Substitute." Once again, the bodybuilder on the

sweatshirt jutted out just a bit further below the huge pecs Eric sported than did the statement.


"So," Steve offered as conversation, "You boys been helping Bill train?" "You could say that," said

Eric a bit reluctantly. "Yeah, especially making Bill eat right!" giggled Mark. As he giggled, Mark's

gut clearly stuck out and began to bounce ever so slightly. Mark immediately noticed and sobered

up quickly, sucking in his gut. A wet spot had appeared in Mark's sweatpants.


Silence reigned again for a minute. Finally, a flush was heard, and Bill said from the bathroom,

"Just a sec!" The door opened, and Bill stepped out. He was as handsome as ever with his black

hair, though his firm jawline was a bit hidden by what was clearly a double chin. "Let's get this

over with. Then I want to get out of here." He seemed angry, but as if he was trying to hide some

other emotion.


Bill was in shorts, and his legs were enormous. They weren't just enormous, though. They were

fat. Everyone stared at his legs. Bill became clearly embarrassed. Jeff's cock shot up like a

rocket, and he began looking over Bill more carefully.


Bill had softened... a lot. His hard body was gone. In it's place was a round man with huge, massive

thighs. His pecs were round globs, sticking over what was an enormous gut. It was at least as big

as Steve's... maybe bigger. Jeff's cock began to hurt it was so hard. He began to unconsciously

rub his belly, and had stopped sucking in his gut.


"I win." said Bill proudly. "Now let's get out of here," he said to his friends. "Hold on just a

minute, there!" said Steve, clearly savoring the moment. "We've got to measure both of you!

Mark, would you do the honors?"


"Ok, fine, then I'm leaving," said Bill. His friends laughed at him in his predicament, also enjoying

this. The measuring tape was brought out, and Jeff stood next to Bill, entranced by Bill's huge

belly jutting out next to him. Just then , Eric admitted to Steve and Jeff, "You know, he wasn't in

the bathroom to use it or anything. He was finishing the pizza we'd all ordered waiting for you."

Eric was also rubbing his belly, staring back and forth at Bill and then at Steve, comparing their

guts, deciding which he liked better.


"Aw, did you have to tell them that?" Bill whimpered. Then he sighed and said, "you know Steve,

your diet has totally ruined my life. I just can't stop eating." As he said the word 'eating", which

had been expressed almost as a sigh, a bulge appeared in his shorts and he actually almost



Jeff's hard on was raging now. He noticed himself rubbing his belly. As the measuring tape was

stretched around his big thighs, he made a decision and reached down and pulled off his

sweatshirt, and stuck out his big gut as far as he could. Everyone stared. Mark began rubbing his

belly too, now... as well as reaching for his dick. But Steve motioned him to get down on the floor

to perform the measuring. Mark couldn't stop staring at Jeff's rock-hard cock and bulging belly.


"Well, there, Bill, satisfied?" said Jeff. "The truth is I'm not much better off than you. In fact, I

kinda like your new bod. And I worked so hard to get the last one to match you. Guess I'm gonna

have to work extra hard again to catch up to you now!" He grinned at Bill, and moved over gently

to bounce his belly off of Bill's gut. He whispered to him, their bellies fully touching "I want a gut

as big as yours and Steve's, maybe bigger!"


Bill was shocked, though his rock hard dick said otherwise. Jeff started to rub Bill's belly. Bill

immediately started to moan, closed his eyes and began to mumble something. Jeff couldn't

understand what he was saying, but kept rubbing.


Eric, behind everyone else, who were all now staring at Jeff and Bill, said, "Aw, now you've gone

and done it." Jeff looked at him. Eric's dick was out of his pants and he was jerking off while

rubbing his belly, no longer sticking it in, and rather letting it jut out. "What is it?" said Jeff.


"Now we have to feed him!" said Eric with a grin. At that moment Bill's moaning works came clear,

"Awwww.... Feeeeeddd.... Mmmmeeeeee.....nnnoooowwwww!!!!" He reached over to Jeff and

smothered Jeff's mouth with a huge, wet kiss that didn't stop. Jeff and Bill became entangled,

both beginning to moan. Jeff began to echo Bill's refrain, "Feed me! Feed me!"


Steve, quite pleased with himself and the only one with his clothes still mostly on, laughed, and

said, "Looks like we need a new contest! Who can grow the biggest gut! How bout I go out for

some beer and pizza and bring it back for the two of them, and the rest of us!"


"Not on your life, mister!" said Eric, who had decided he currently liked Steve's gut better than

Bill's. He reached over and grabbed him and pulled Steve down to the floor next to Bill and Jeff.


Mark sat on the bed, looking at the two couples sprawled and entwined on the floor. "Guess I

better order room service!" he said to himself, rubbing his belly and thinking of all the wonderful

pasta, burgers, beer and desserts that they could all enjoy feeding on together tonight.


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