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Halfback - Part 1
You want to know how Jered and I met, and what led us to this point?

I first met Jered when we were both 18. The summer of 1998. That first football camp at a division 1A school was an eye opener. Jered was a jet black man. Standing 6’4” tall and some muscularity. I met him at the initial weigh in. He weighed 215 pounds. Jered’s body was like a relief map showing all the muscles and veins except for his head he looked to be hairless. His butt was like two globes stuck on his backside. He was a classic power back. I wanted to look at the equipment up front, but didn’t dare blow my cover.

I’m Roy, at that time I stood 6’3” and weighed 257 pounds. I had muscles, but there was also some padding over them. I also was one of the hairiest men on the entire line. I also had a huge butt, and thighs like tree trunks. My shoulders were heavy and my neck like a pillar. I played offensive line. My job was to make holes for men like Jered to run through.

We went to the locker room where we were given our uniforms. This first day we didn’t need pads. We both dressed and then went to meet with our coaches.

Practice was to see how well we knew the basic skills. I did about a thousand squats that afternoon. Squat then push off with my legs and block the guy in front of me. Then repeat. By the end of four hours I was beat. 

I went into the locker room to shower, and then go to lunch! I found my locker and next to me was Jered. He looked like he was put through the ringer as well. We both stripped and headed for the shower. 

Some men wrapped a towel around their waist. Some kinda held it hanging and blocking the view. I figured fuck it. I wanted a clean towel to dry off with, and I didn’t give a shit if anyone saw what I had to offer. Jered was the same way. He and I both were not the smallest flaccid cocks there. We were not the largest, but we were both acceptably large, and both of us had pretty big balls.

At lunch I was surprised that I was sitting with Jered again. I figured I’d be at the starvation table. I knew I was at 10% bodyfat. I figured that Jered was about 3% given how he looked. But here we were at the "gainer” table. I had no trouble eating what I was given, but Jered had to have a coach come over to him and be told he had to eat EVERYTHING including the DESSERT. He had to EAT EVERYTHING AT ALL FIVE MEALS AND TWO SNACKS EACH DAY DAMN IT!!!

"I’ll blow up like a fucking balloon. They’ll need to roll me onto the field.” Jered complained.

That afternoon we reported to the strength and conditioning coach. There were 30 of us first year players. We were called in in groups of five. Jered and four other guys went in. They came out about 20 minutes later and were assigned to a trainer. I was in the next group. 

The evaluation of my condition was laid out for me. I needed to gain fifty pounds over the next two years. I also needed to bring my body fat level down to 8%. We were to do all the exercises our trainer assigned. We had to keep detailed logs of our progress. We would eat only what we were given. No supplements, no drugs not given by the trainer.

We were given diluted sports drinks to hydrate with and expected to drink a minimum of 2 gallons a day. Asprin, Advil, and Tylenol were permitted. but that was it, unless of course we had a prescription from the team physician. If we had any existing prescriptions we had one week to get them cleared with the team physician. 

We left to meet our trainer. There followed a four hour training session. I didn’t know if I had enough strength to get my bags and get to the dorm. I didn’t have a clue who my roommate would be.

I found out that my duffeles were already in my room. This was done in the morning. while we were on the field. We were taken in a group over to the dorm. The Jock Dorm. Being freshmen we were on the fifth floor. There is no elevator. Every year you go down a floor. Seniors are on the second floor.

I got to my room, opened the door, and there was Jered. Sprawled on one of the beds, My duffeles were on the other. As much as I wanted to drop for a nap, I also wanted to put my clothes away and try and make order in my room. There was an hour until we needed to be back at the training table.

I woke him up and we introduced ourselves. When I started putting everything away he did as well. As we were walking over to the cafeteria, he turned to me and said, "They want me to gain 50 pounds over the next two years, I’ll be 265, a fucking hippo. They also want me to double my body fat percentage. 40 pounds of muscle and ten pounds of fat. I’ve worked hard to get this shredded. I don’t know what they are thinking”

"Thanks Jered,” I’m 257 and 10%. They want me to be 310 and 8 %. You think You’ll be a hippo? What am I going to be?”

"Ray, I wasn’t ragging on you. You look damn good. You’ll look awesome when you get to that weight. With all your hair you’ll look like a big brown bear.”

"Well at least we didn’t get on the starvation table.”

I’ve been sleeping in the raw since I started High School. I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow. 

In the morning I woke to the alarm. 6:30 AM. Ungodly! I was tenting the sheet with my morning hardon. I looked over and Jered was also in the same condition. We both swung our legs over the side of the bed and sat facing each other. Flaccid we weren’t the biggest, but we were both growers. I’m 9” long and 8” In circumference. Jered was right there with me. 

Jered looked over at me and said, "Looks like we match!”

Went down the hall and pissed, but didn’t bother to shower. We’d be showering twice today I didn’t need a third. I wear pouch briefs, and was surprised that Jered also wore them. I like the support they give without smashing my balls. Jock straps did that enough.

We practiced every day except Sunday for that three week camp. Practice or scrimmage every morning, and then strength training every afternoon. Evenings were spent going over the playbooks, and meeting with our academic advisers. Jered was going for a business degree, and I wanted one in finance. It was going to be a bitch doing football and taking a full load, but I wanted to be the first in my family to get a college degree. Jered felt the same.

We were both on a full ride scholarship, provided we could keep our academic eligibility and also keep on the football team. 

When school started the weight training was from 6:00 AM until 9:00 AM. Breakfast, then classes until lunch at 12:00. Classes again until 3:00 and then practice from 4:00 until 7:00. Mandatory study table was from 8:00 to 10:00 PM.

When the other guys found out that I could type at 80 words per minute, I became very popular at the table. At least we had a computer there, I agreed that I would take half an hour each night to type papers. I got paid for that. $20/hr. One of the safeguards against me doing all the work was that the TA who bossed the study table had to sign off that he had seen the written paper and the typed paper, and they were the same. 

Fridays on away game weeks we traveled. Saturday we suited up along with all the other guys. Jered and I got almost no playing time that first season. It had to be fourth quarter and we needed to be ahead by 15 points, but we were with the team. 

About the fourth week of the season, one morning when I woke up with my usual hardon, Jered politely asked if I wanted some help with that. I looked him in the eye and responded, "Only if I can do the same for you.”

He was across the room in a heartbeat. That was the pattern, we started each day like that. We were also matched in cock sucking skills. Practice makes perfect. 

Our team finished the season 11 and 1. At the bowl game in Miami, Jered and I actually had some playing time. I blocked for Jered and he ran for a rushing touchdown. That improved our stock in the eyes of the coaches.

Second semester was lighter on the football but heavier on the academics. We both had a lot of playing time in the Spring Scrimmages. 

Jered and I were both Academic Athlete Scholars that year. The coaches arranged a summer job in the University’s Development Department for me. Jered got one in the Business School. We each took one course during the first term of the summer. 

We didn’t practice, or have any athletic supervision, that way we preserved our eligibility. The tuition and housing were awarded to us for attending classes. The work put money in our pockets. 

It said something that Jered and I were requested to continue working during the school year. 10 hours a week, but we were the only students on the team asked.

At the beginning of Summer term we moved down to the fourth floor. We also discovered that we liked to both give and receive. We were also cover dating. About every three weeks we would take a girl out. Generally two dates and then move on.

At the beginning of camp our sophomore year Jered was 6’5” and 240 pounds @ 5% body fat. I was 6’4” and 285 at 8% body fat. We were both alternate starters. Growing that extra inch caused the coaching staff to tell us they wanted more bulk this year. Jered needed to be 270, and I needed to get up to 325. We needed to keep the fat down, but more muscle was needed.

The study table was no longer mandatory. As "Scholar Athletes” we were expected to maintain that level. We at least now had a computer in our room, so doing the papers wasn’t that bad. 

We were also able to get carry out meals and snacks from the training table. Since we were working and studying, we were released to bring our meals to the dorm and eat the evening meal there. 

That is when we learned to love feeding each other. 

We also started dating "steady”. We had a couple of dates with two roommates. They laid the cards on the table. They were both lesbians, and needed cover. Since we had never been seen to date a girl more than twice they took the chance that we also needed coverage. I dated Sharron and Jered dated Leslie until we graduated.

God those bitches were wild. We wanted to see all and they wanted it as well. It was great.

Our Junior year we were starters. Jered was averaging one TD a game. Usually through holes I was blocking for him. Sharron asked if he was just diving for my ass during the games.

Our Senior year we were undefeated, 12 & 0 and we won the bowl game. 

We did the Combine in 2002, and Jered and I were drafted in the second round. This was unusual as the "skilled” positions normally went higher. Offensive linemen, being a "strength” position normally went lower in the draft. The Rams were desperate to upgrade their line so I went higher than expected.

Jered and I celebrated our signing. We both got bonuses. At my recommendation he invested half. I invested 75%. We both bought cars with the money we didn’t invest.

We graduated that Spring, Summa Cum Laude, Scholar Athletes. both our families were there to see us receive our diplomas. The coach was there congratulating us. We figured that was because our point hours had saved his program from NCAA probation.

Jered signed with the Vikings and I signed with the Rams. Now we needed to figure out how to make a long distance relationship work.

We decided that I should purchase a condo in St. Louis. Jered would rent an apartment in Minneapolis. He would spend the off season with me in St. Louis. I found out that I could attend The John Cook School of Business, and in two years get my MBA-Specializing in Finance.

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