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It all started when I was 13. I was out swimming with my friends, and I had just finished getting changed. I came out of the cubical to see a really fat man taking off his clothes. I suddenly felt an attraction to the man, he then walked to his speedos. As his belly jiggled, the most embarresing thing happened; he saw me watching him, mouth open and an erection pointing at him. He then winked at me and walked off to the pool. I ran to the cubical, got changed and went home. my parents give me ANYTHING i want, but I am NOT selfish or a show off; I ran to them and said 'Mum, Dad. I.. I.. want to be fat.' 'Thats ok! You can be like your old man!' said my dad. He was chubby and weighed about 230 lbs. '... its because I like fat guys' I blurted out without thinking. 'I am proud that you trust us son! I am very happy you told us.' After a few hugs and discussions my mum asked me 'Should I make a banquet? Just for you' with a grinn 'YES PLEASE!' About an hour later, my mum came to my room. She layed the whole thing on my large table and said 'Just for you!' I ate the banquet with such greediness. I didnt go to school because I already did my GCSES, so I didnt need to go to school. my mum gave me a banquet 3 times a day, aswell as constant snacks and drinks. A year later I had gained over 400 lbs. I had a belly which jiggled, a double chin and a nice squishy arse! I decided to show off my belly to the public! I went to town in a tight shirt and trousers, walked around. The stares I got were phenominal! I even got someone shouting 'fatty' at me! I loved it so I went and bought lots of food and stuffed it down my face! I had a number of fans on the internet, about 4000. I kept this up for over a decade, and reached over 3000 lbs! I became britains fattest man. I love this and I keep stuffing my self! I want to be fatter! I had an operation to stop saturated fats developing so I will live older than normal! No heart attacks for me! That is my story.

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