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Jim stood before the gym mirror, admiring his great physique. Chiselled to perfection, Jim was only 20 years old, but had packed on quite a bit of muscle since he was 13. He turned his 200 pound body to the left, flexing his 18" bicep, which was as hard as a rock. At 6'2", he felt he could carry a lot more muscle and was looking forward to working towards packing on the weight to help him grow.

Impatiently, he turned away from the mirror and watched the fat guy before him. "Aren't you done yet?" Jim barked. "Get out the way so I can work out my muscles. You don't even have the strength to lift 100 pounds!"

The guy, a large round sort, sat up from the bench press. His large belly spilled over his fat thighs as he stood up a little less than gracefully. He must've weighed at least 250 pounds and was only about 5'7"tall. Jim crossed his arms over his large 46" chest, showing his disgust with the man.

The man smiled up at Jim, placing his hand on Jim's washboard abs.

"Sorry guy," he said, "When you get to be my size, it gets a little tough to get around." Jim felt a tingle rush through his stomach and up his spine. "You'll see," the fat guy said malevolently and waddled off.

"What a nut," Jim thought and easily threw more weight on the bar and continued his strenuous workout.

A few days later, Jim jumped on the scale at the gym after his workout.

209 pounds, it read. "Not bad," he thought. His muscles were firm and hard. Lifting his shirt, he looked at his abs. Still rippled and tight, he loved the feel of his stomach as he ran his fingers over the muscle there.

Instantly, an image crossed his mind. It was gone in a flash. He had seen his belly changed into one round and hard, stuffed full to bursting. After the image faded, he noticed that he was standing in the gym with a full hard-on. Embarrassed, he quickly went to the locker room to change.

On his way home, Jim stopped at the local sub shop for a quick lunch.

They had a special which consisted of a foot-long sub, bag of chips and a large drink for only $ 3.95. Feeling real hungry, Jim ordered two!

The clerk snapped a picture of Jim and told him they kept their customer's pictures on a bulletin board.

Jim took his meal to a table and began to chow down.

A week passed and Jim had gotten into a routine. Up early in the morning, for a long, three hour workout. Home for a large breakfast and off to class at the university. He snacked off and on during school and afterwards headed for the sub shop for their lunch special. He was up to three of them in one sitting, liking the feel of his full stomach as he gorged himself.

Evenings, he would do homework, go out with friends, play on the computer. He was developing a taste for sweets and now always had something before bedtime. He knew he shouldn't eat so late and go to bed full, but he was finding it hard to resist the temptation.

One night he noticed his shirt was feeling kind of tight. He did a long stretch and heard the fabric tear around his shoulders. "Gettin' bigger," he thought and laughed. He went to the bathroom and stepped on the scale. 216 pounds. "Great," he thought. "These workouts are paying off."

During the next week, Jim called home and asked his parents for some clothes money. They said sure and sent him a check. Jim bought some workout clothes (shorts and T-shirts), a few pair of jeans (size 36), and a new pair of cross-trainers.

He was amazed at how quickly his body was growing. He liked the feel of it. Feeling his clothes growing tighter as he grew hungrier. His stomach was getting rounded, not as defined. But he had managed to keep the rest of his physique in great shape! "What's a little gut?" he thought. "I'm getting stronger every day and I feel great!"

Jim's routine continued and in less than two weeks, his weight was up to 230 pounds. His surveyed his body in front of the mirror at home. His muscles bulged as he posed for himself. He had added an inch to his biceps and at least two to his chest. His thighs were growing thicker from all the squats he did at the gym. He also noticed his gut. It was much larger now, probably around 38" around. Full and hard, like the rest of his muscles.

He patted his thick midsection feeling hungry. He got a gallon of milk and a brand new package of Oreos from the kitchen and hopped into bed.

He finished his homework reading while he ate. Soon, the cookies and milk were gone. His stomach was swollen as he rubbed it. His cock immediately grew hard and Jim jacked off while caressing his bigger belly. He fell right off to sleep, exhausted.

Another two weeks went by. Jim was calling home again for more clothes money. His parents were concerned. Jim explained to them that he was working out a good deal and that his body was growing. He needed new clothes. He told them he couldn't go to class nude!! They agreed and sent him more money.

This time Jim bought workout shorts with elastic in the waist, half a dozen XL T-shirts, a pair of jeans (size 40), and a pair of sweats that were oversized so as to allow his body freedom to grow.

Meanwhile, Jim's trips to the sub shop had him consuming four specials in one sitting. The clerk took his picture every week, noticing Jim's increasing size. As Jim ate, he could feel his swelling stomach press against the table top. Anytime he thought of his growth, Jim became hard and soon after had to masturbate to release his sexual excitement.

He was up to 258 pounds now.

"Oh fuck," Jim said one day, as he tried to force himself into his size 40 jeans. He could get them over his thighs, but he couldn't button them at the waist. He was just too big! He peeled them off and tried to think of what to tell his parents. His shirts were so tight, his belly sometimes pushed from beneath the fabric, straining it. There were already holes in most of his shirts were working out had caused them to tear underneath the arms and around his shoulders.

His looked at his body in the mirror. The intense workouts and the constant overfeeding were making him huge. In less than two months, he had packed nearly 80 pounds on his 6'2" frame. Fucking amazing. He didn't think his body could grow this much, but he was getting off on it.

His gut measured 48" around, hard like a bowling ball. His chest was now 52" and his arms up to 22". At the gym, guys stared at him in disbelief as he worked out his enormous body. Rarely would anyone say anything to him. On occasion he overheard bits of conversation. Things like, 'What's that guy on? What does he feed that gut? He's fucking huge and growing every day! His body is amazing!"

Jim got turned on by the comments, which forced him to train harder.

And in turn, the more he worked out, the more he pigged out. The clerk at the sub shop couldn't believe that he could pack away FIVE specials now! What the clerk didn't know was that many times, Jim left the sub shop still hungry.

Weeks later, Jim hulked into the bathroom to get on the scale. He was wearing only his sweat-pants (he had burst out of the shirt long ago), which were tight around his waist. His belly spilled over it, huge and swollen. The night before he had literally cleaned out his refrigerator! There was nothing left in it. His stomach, surprisingly enough, didn't hurt.

It felt great hanging off his hugely muscular body.

The scale read 327 pounds. "Oh man," Jim thought. "My parents are going to kill me. What can they say? I'm healthy. I have a huge 60" chest to go along with this monster belly. They'll just have to get used to it like I am."

Jim could feel his large cock growing beneath the mass of firm flesh that was now his belly. His ripped abs were history, never again to return. He sat on the floor against his bedroom wall feeling his heavy gut press against his crotch. It felt great! In minutes, Jim was jacking off furiously; one hand working his cock as his other played across his hard, smooth gut. He came in a rush, spraying the underside of his belly with his juice. He lifted his large arm above his head and licked his massive bicep with his tongue. His whole body felt huge!!

"Time to go to the gym", he thought, hoisting his mass up using the wall for support. Jim longed to continue feeding and growing, making his body stretch to truly huge proportions.

"I can't wait for Mom's Thanksgiving feast," he smiled as he thought.

"I sure hope she makes enough food for me." Jim stroked his big belly lovingly.

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