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Huge Part 3

Part 2

"Me? No way man," he said as he raised a hand to unconsciously

rub a pec. It morphed its shape and danced as it worked to raise

his huge arm. "Shit, I think I'm only like 320. . . I want to see what

350-400 is like on me."


"Me too man," I thought. "Hehe. . . wonder what I'd look like at

350-400," I said, and rubbed the sides of my pregnant belly.


Dave stepped back, while I stood up and took my shirt off. We

stood there, belly to belly, and the thought occurred to me that his

head sat so far back behind his huge chest that I couldn't kiss him if

I tried. The contrasts between us were amazing. Most of the last

50# had gone to my gut, so I still had some muscle showing on my

arms and chest, but nothing at all like Dave. I don't know how long

we both stood there just quietly admiring each other's bodies.

Suddenly we both breathed the same words in perfect unison.


"God you're hot…" Somehow we ignored what we'd each just said,

as though we only thought it instead of saying it. Dave put his hands

on the sides of my belly and I was too enthralled to even move. He

was absorbed in my belly, and as he explored me his eyes would

dart up to mine from time to time and he'd smile.


"You sure you're only 302 man?" he grinned. "Looks like more than



I picked up a beer from the table and drained it. Gotta keep the

buzz on.


"You wanna weigh in? I've got a scales in the bathroom that ought

to hold you," he laughed.


My cock throbbed in my pants and I was helpless to stop the trickle

of precum I felt as well.


"You first, big guy," I said as he swiftly turned and headed down the

hallway like a little kid about to board a rollercoaster. I followed

slowly, enjoying how much more heavy my belly felt than when I

walked from the kitchen to the couch.


The bathroom was good-sized, for being in such a small house. He

kept it very neat and clean, with the exception of the overflowing

wicker basket of muscle magazines next to the toilet. One whole

wall was mirrored, and an upright medical scales stood next to the

shower. As he stepped onto the scales I got a good side-view of

him. His musclebelly was bowed out as far as his pecs, and his

back muscles stood out almost equally as far as his bubble butt. I

loved how his biceps were so heavy that they sagged a bit under

their own weight when relaxed. I especially loved how high his pecs

would dance with the slightest movement of an arm. He shoved the

big weight over to 300 and slid the little weight over till the balance

bobbed and eventually stopped. "Looks like 326. . . damn I ate a

ton! I was like 315 this morning!"


"Yeah, but you probably weighed right out of the shower," I said

without thinking much about it. I figured the scales sat there for a

reason. "What do the shoes and pants weigh?"


"Hey, yeah," he said, and without batting an eye kicked the shoes

off and began to unbutton his pants. His thumbs caught jeans and

underwear and in one quick movement had pulled them to his

ankles. I was totally stunned as his fat cock flopped out and

slapped his abs. The skin of his nutsack was stretched outward by

his semi hard-on so that his heavy balls hung suspended in midair,

bobbing heavily about 6" below his crotch. He quickly lifted each leg

out of the pile and kicked his clothes to the side.


"OK," he said as he again turned his attention to the scales, "the

socks won't make any difference." Now I've always thought my

thick 8. 5" cock was pretty big, but Dave's cock had to be half

again as long and twice as thick! It looked like a little kid's forearm!

When he stepped back onto the platform it bumped into the neck of

the scales, and he leaned to one side to let it comfortably pass.

"Hey you were right. . . 324. Still a good gain for one day." He

stepped off the scales and turned till his belly almost touched mine.

And since his cock actually reached past his belly, I imagined it was

hovering right under mine.


"Your turn, big boy," he said with a smirk.


"Oh what the hell," I thought, and kicked my shoes off. It took me a

bit longer to get my jeans off though, as I had to blindly reach under

my bloated belly and lift it a bit to find the button. As I stooped

down to pull my pants and underwear down I noticed that my face

was mere inches away from that huge fuck stick. As I pulled one

foot out of my crumpled pants, my toe caught and I stumbled

forward. Dave caught me and steadied me, and his cock bumped

squarely into my belly, smearing it with precum. I don't know what

felt better, that, or getting to clumsily feel whatever part of him was

in front of me to steady me.


As I stood up he grasped my belly on both sides and gave it a little

jiggle. "Here. . . this thing's made you top heavy."


I smiled at his approval and aimed my belly past him to get on the

scales. I took my time, giving him any opportunity to check out my

profile, just as I had his. It had only been about two years since I

worked out regularly, and carrying all this weight kept my ass and

legs firm.


"This thing's gotta be off," I scowled at the bar as it balanced itself.

"I was 302 this morning and this says I'm 314. There's no fucking

way…" I turned and stepped off again, facing Dave belly-to-belly.

Standing this direction reminded me that the one whole wall was



"Hey check us out," I said and pointed to our reflection in the mirror.

We were two freaks, Dave with his exaggerated back muscles

balancing his enormous pecs, and his bubble butt that you could set

a drink on. The bulging plates of muscle on his bowed out belly

looked like a giant hand grenade. His triceps far outsized his

biceps, and from the side his arms looked about as big around as

my legs.


I looked like a normal-sized man except for my belly, which was so

enormous and round it looked out of place on me. My belly button

had forever been merely along for the ride, and was no deeper nor

wider than it had ever been. A thin trail of hairs ran downward from

it, tracing a line of skin that was growing slightly tighter than the

rest, so my underbelly was beginning to hang in two distinctive

halves. We both just stood and stared at each other in the mirror,

totally awed by each other.


My eyes wandered down to our cocks, both now at full attention.

Dave's had swollen even longer and fatter than before, with veins

along the shaft turning the child's arm into that of a young man. My

heart pounded in my chest as I built up to what I had wanted to do

since I first laid eyes on him. I reached out as if to shake hands with

him, and wrapped my fingers as far as they would go around his

cock, just below the head.


"Jesus Christ you're hung dude," I breathed, as I steered his cock

head around slowly like a joystick. Again unfazed, he clasped his

hands behind his head and tilted his hips up, and his cock rose

along the arc of its curvature until the fist-sized head was between

us, above my belly.


"It's a fucking curse," he frowned, then giggled. "Pardon the pun.

There's no human hole that it'll fit in, and most pants have so little

room, it hurts to sit down."


"What's it measure man?" I asked. My hand was still on it, and I

hoped that we were both still drunk enough that Dave wouldn't mind

that I was gently sliding my fingers down its length, scanning and

exploring this trophy to my new lack of inhibition. "Shit it's like

twelve, twelve and a half. . . it was great when it was 9 or 10, but

the damn thing kept growing clear up into college. Hehe you can't

even see yours any more, can you?"


He brought his hands down to my belly and caressed both sides on

his way down below. "314, huh?" he smiled as he admired its

smooth shape. "What a tank. Man, I could use another beer."


Damn him and his short attention span. He swung his bulk around

and headed out the door. "You want one too?"


I made it to the living room as he was coming from the kitchen, two

beers in one hand and two in the other. I guess he's spent so much

time in gym locker rooms that he was oblivious to the fact that we

were both still naked. I took one in each hand, put one to my lips

and chugged it down.


"I figured you were gettin' dry by now. Here," he said, as he politely

traded my empty for one of his full ones. Dave went back to the

couch and flopped down, putting one arm on the back of the couch

where I'd soon be. I went around the other side of the coffee table

so that I could swing in without putting my ass in his face.


I flopped down with a bit of an "oof", again taken by surprise by

how low the couch sat. My belly made another "gloop" from inside,

as though either of us needed a reminder of how stuffed I was. My

momentum threw me up against Dave, who had sat closer to the

middle than last time, and I felt my skin on his and could smell his

musky scent. Dave's eyes followed my belly like most men follow

the breasts on busty women. His cock was still rock hard, and

arched upward towards his muscle belly. My heart pounded so hard

I could feel it in my ears as I leaned and reached my hand across

to rub the now steady stream of precum around on the fist-sized



Dave threw his head back and inhaled a slow deep breath. Leaning

towards him had let my belly roll into the little space between us,

and it actually touched the couch. Dave spread his legs apart,

letting his lemon-sized balls flop down, resting squarely on the

couch with plenty of foreskin to spare. He reached across with his

outside arm and began to caress my belly, making it the subject of

the erotic thoughts that were fueling his monstrous erection. My

arm lay across the equator of my belly and working on his cock

was sending seismic activity outward across my fleshy surface.


I was totally in control now. Dave was twitching and flexing so much

that he looked about to explode. The work his muscles were doing

was causing them to swell to a magnificent size. It was like he was

experiencing a full-body erection. Soon Dave's hand left my belly as

he laid flat again, breathing out slowly and in very quickly. "Oh-hoh

fu-huck…I…hi…muh…bout…to…shhhhhhhh…UNGH! UNGH!

UNGH!" His cock swelled in my hand and burst huge globs and

ropes of cum higher and higher up his body. His abs drew up tight

lifting him into almost a fetal position as every muscle tensed up

hard. You have no idea the insane sense of power you have when

the god of your hottest fantasies is rendered totally under the

control of your single hand.


I showed no mercy, milking his cock for every ounce and forcing

him to twitch and flex for me. "Oh-hoh…stuh... stuh…STOP!" he

screamed, sending one last glob far above his head onto the wall.

He relaxed very slowly, opening up like a flower, whimpering and

rubbing the puddles and streams of thick cum that drained to the

cracks between his abs and pecs. Huge white globs stuck to his

pumped pecs like snow on two mountains. It had to be more than a

minute before his mind returned to his present situation.


"Holy fucking A! I've never. . . " He lifted his head to survey his

work, and I scrambled to my feet.


"I'll get a towel," I said as I headed to the bathroom.


"Better bring two," he moaned. "This shit's everywhere."


Standing again reminded me that I still had a good buzz going, and

also that I was still bloated way bigger than ever before. The sweat

and cum drying on my belly made me aware of the air flowing

across it as I walked. I grabbed the towels from the rod in the

bathroom and returned, enjoying the view of Dave's balls resting

between his legs and his spent cock laying upside down in the

groove where his leg meets his torso. The cum vein traced the

length of it to the back of his cockhead, accentuating its impressive

length. His arms lay outstretched so as to not make a big mess

worse, and he smiled with his eyes closed, as though meditating on

whatever power had done this to him.


I walked to where I thought I could maybe start to wipe up the

mess, standing between his open legs, when he sprung the trap

that he'd set for me. Dave sat up and wrapped his arms tightly

around my legs and swooped in under my belly, taking my cock into

his mouth and sucking like a madman. I was totally taken by

surprise, and totally pinned by his huge arms and slippery bulging



Over the rise of my belly I watched as his face appeared and

disappeared again, noticing the way his short brown hair swirled at

the crown. His lips and tongue worked me so fast and so furiously

that my knees began to buckle, and I felt my weight slowly

transferring to his powerful arms. His hands massaged my ass and

his dancing pecs and biceps, slick with cum, massaged my thighs.

It was like my whole body was an erection being stroked. I tried to

concentrate, tried to hold back, tried desperately to make this last

as long as possible. Suddenly his head disappeared completely

beneath the horizon of my belly as he took my thick 8. 5" cock to

the hilt.

Part 4

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