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Huge Part 4

Part 3

The muscles on his back rippled and my mind was flooded not only

with what was happening to me now, and what I had done 5

minutes ago to Dave, but I began to imagine what I'd look and feel

like in a few months as my belly continued to grow. 350 was no

longer a goal, it was a milestone to speed past as I grew my belly

for this muscle god. If this much belly got me to this point, what

would another hundred pounds do? Another 200?! My hands drifted

past my belly to touch Dave's head, still working hard on my

engorged cock. I could feel the power in his determination, like

touching a moving part on a heavy machine. Nothing I could do to

stop this…this growing belly…bigger every day…resting further out

on my lap…Dave's face smiling over it as I lay immobile, the only

thing I can see besides my own bloated flesh. . . I leaned over and

pulled his head in tighter as my strength all shunted to my cock. "Oh

shiiiiiiii. . . "


Dim light bloomed around the window shades, as I tried to figure

out where in the hell I was. I was laying on a big couch --kinda

comfy, really-- and a light blanket covered me from the chest down.

I heard a drawer close in a room down the hall. Oh yeah, Dave's

place. Holy shit my head hurts. Dave emerged from his bedroom

and came out into the living room wearing baggy sweat pants and

an old sweat shirt with the arms cut off. "Mornin', big guy," he

whispered cheerfully, forgetting that the only other person here was

me, and I was awake. "Thought you'd sleep till I got back. I'll be at

the gym for a couple of hours. It's only 5:00, you may as well sleep

some more."


"Not till I piss a gallon or two," I moaned, as the sound of my own

voice woke the hangover bats in my head. I lunged forward, trying

to sit up, but couldn't. I must have looked like a turtle, as I finally

twisted and flopped sideways off the couch, landing on my elbows

and knees on the floor. I stayed there a while to let things stop

spinning, and as I arched my back a bit to stretch the kinks out, I

felt my belly brush the carpet below. That's when I realized that I

was completely naked, totally rock hard, and that Dave was still

there watching me.


I looked up at him, well, I looked as far as my neck would bend, so

I really only looked at the boner starting to grow in his sweats.

"Hello," I said glibly. "I think I'm stuck."


Dave bent down and reached under my arms, and gently lifted me

to my feet. I rubbed my belly, still bloated from the night before,

and tried to think of something to say to the man standing at arms

length from my nakedness. "How damn many beers did I have last

night?" I moaned, half-faking it for the sympathy.


"Well," he grinned, "unless someone snuck in last night and stole it,

we polished off an entire case of Molson. Looks like it's all right

here. " He put his warm hands on my belly and rubbed it gently as

he admired its size and shape. "Hey, I better scoot. Get some

sleep and I'll make breakfast when I get back."


Dave left and I waddled to the bathroom holding my belly like a

child carrying a beach ball. I stood at the toilet and couldn't see my

cock. Shit, this isn't going to work. I'll piss all over the wall with this

morning wood. I turned around and tucked my cock as far down as

I could and slowly sat down, like a big bird on a nest. My cock

passed the toilet seat and poked under the rim of the bowl. My legs

were spread apart to give everything room, and as I came to rest I

felt the cold seat supporting my soft warm underbelly. My legs

were actually out at the sides of my enormous ball, and seeing this

did little to ease my boner. I began to piss, and felt my body

deflating a bit as the recycled beer streamed out. It only takes 11

beers to make a gallon, and although I don't remember how many I

had last night, I also don't remember pissing at all last night. I kept

going and going, letting the pressure off my swollen bladder. God, it

must be backed up into my kidneys! The stream slowed to a trickle

that took forever to stop. I flexed my cock to squirt the last bit, and

needed to do that about a dozen times to finally get it all.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . "


I waddled back to the couch and flopped back down, without

thinking of putting any underwear on. Not moving felt pretty good to

my pounding head. Just sleep. Man, this couch is comfy. Keys

rattling in the lock woke me again, and sunlight now streamed

around the window shades. The door opened and Dave walked in,

silhouetted by a blinding light. His body took up most of the

doorframe, and I even noticed that he subconsciously turned

sideways to fit his shoulders through. The door closed and Dave

gave a big sigh.


"Man that was a great workout," he chirped as he shed his soaked

shirt right there in front of me. "I figured I'd just wait and shower

here so you didn't have to wait so long for me to get back." His

whole body glistened with sweat and every muscle was pumped.

The slightest movements made muscles flex and dance. I watched

from the couch as he walked down the hall to his room and

disappeared. He soon came out again, completely naked, his soft

cock --bigger than mine when hard-- flopping just above his big

lowhangers. It only took two or three steps to get the swing into a

rhythm, and his monster unit slapped back and forth from one

pumped thigh to the other. You have no idea how graceful and

erotic a muscled body is to watch if you've never seen more than

just photos on a page. Dave's movements were as fluid as any

ballet dancer a third his size.


Just as he was about to disappear into the bathroom he met my

stare and grinned and winked. I have no idea where the energy

came from, but I pounced to my feet and stepped quietly to the hall,

listening just outside the bathroom door. I heard the curtain rings

glide back and the water start, then I heard the check valve sending

the water to the shower head. I waited to hear the curtain again. . .

"Hey! Oh, shit you're right here, hehe."


I jumped as Dave leaned out the bathroom door and grinned at me.

The phrase "hand in the cookie jar" suddenly came to mind. "Yeah

man I gotta piss again," I lied. "I think this will be gallon number two

this morning. "


"Hehe come on in. The more, the merrier. I was gonna tell ya to be

thinking about what you wanted for breakfast. We could go out or

stay in. I should have enough stuff to choose from, here."


Dave leaned back in and I accepted his invitation; at least maybe I'd

get another peek. Did Dave remember anything from last night?

Was it all my imagination? He stepped into the shower and drew

the curtain, but only enough to keep the water from splashing out. I

could clearly see the globes of his bubble butt and his wide back

muscles as he faced the water to wash his front. Water was

channeled from his neck and shoulders to the deep ridge of his

backbone by the grooves and striations of his thick back muscles.

The rivulets became a steady stream that rounded the small of his

back to dive down the crack of his ass. I was glad that I actually did

need to piss by now, so I felt justified in being in there.


I was switching back and forth quickly from watching my piss

stream to watching Dave to watching my piss stream. . . like driving

a car and trying to watch someone on the sidewalk. I turned to

finish up, squeezing out the last bit and shaking off any remaining

drops, and then took one last glance past the curtain. Dave had

turned around and was facing me, and as I noticed this I saw his

eyes quickly dart back up from my belly. Who was the peeping tom

here now?!


He smiled sheepishly and blinked twice, then with a quick tilt of his

head invited me in. I could hear his mind saying "Oh, what the hell."

I stepped into the shower without a word, my eyes feasting on the

bounty before me. Dave's hands went straight for my belly and

mine went straight to his pecs, and as he explored my enormous

gut I relished the feeling of the muscles dancing just beneath the

paper-thin skin.


"You wanna feel what it's like to be me?" Dave breathed. He turned

around and backed into me until my belly rested in the small of his

back. My hard cock lay in the crack of his ass, and he tightened up

to force my cock to point upwards. We fit together like a perfect

puzzle, and I was totally awed by the sheer size and width of his

shoulders and back. I drank in his musky smell, not yet removed by

the hot water. He reached back and took my hands, bringing them

up under his arms. I began to roam and explore, imagining what it

would be like to have pecs that huge.


Dave squirted some soap in the deep cleavage and I rubbed it

around, turning everything slick and lathery. My chin rested on his

shoulder so I could watch him flex his pecs under my hands. I could

have been standing at the edge of a cliff, admiring the breathtaking

vista before me. If I leaned into him at all, he did not budge a bit. I

worked my way down his abs, and gently whispered "well, this is

different" into his ear. His abs tightened up and shook with a quiet

chuckle. My hands drifted further south, finding his pole to be at full

attention. I grabbed the base of it as best I could with both hands

and wiggled it around while whispering "heyyyy batter batter

batter," and we both giggled. I stepped back and undid our erotic

lock, and ran my hands around the balls of his shoulders and down

his back to his ass.


He turned around with a smile and motioned me to turn too. "It's my

turn now," he grinned. It took some maneuvering to get us to fit

together that way, but we managed it. Dave slathered his cock with

soap and held my shoulders firmly. "Hold still," he whispered as he

gently pulled me back. I felt his soapy cockhead pushing its way

effortlessly along the bottom of my ass, parting my legs and

pushing through. With a quick thrust I felt his head plow into the

back of my ballsack, making me gasp. When I finally felt his muscle

belly connect with the small of my back, I reached down and

discovered that I had grown a short but hugely thick cock beneath

my own.


I rubbed the head a couple of times until I could feel the shaft

pulsating between my legs. Dave's hands reached around and

began rubbing my belly. I squirted soap on it and laid my head back

onto his pec-shelf. Dave's chin rested on my shoulder and I could

feel the stubble of his chin and cheek, the only rough thing about

this muscle god.


"Man this thing is so awesome!" he breathed. "You think it'll get any

bigger?" What did he have in mind? May as well test the waters.


"Well, ever since we've been hitting the buffets for lunch, I've been

adding about a pound a day."


His cock pulsed and swelled between my legs. "No fuckin' way!" His

voice trailed off as he continued to explore, and I hoped he was

doing the math in his head. "Man in a month. . . by Christmas. . . "

Yup, he was doing the math and his cock was going absolutely

wild. I gently tilted my pelvis and tightened my legs together and

began to slowly stroke his monster cock. Feeling it rub along the

underside of my cock and balls was bringing me very close.


Dave stood with his feet further apart, and I soon could feel his

heavy low-hanging balls bumping my thighs. "Yeah," I said,

matter-of-factly. "And it all seems to be going right here. " I patted

my belly gently and let him quietly continue.


After another minute of his sensual massage, he stopped and

whispered, "How big do you think it can get?"


"Not sure man," I breathed as I leaned back into him, letting him

take total control. "As big as you want."


"Really? Big as I want?" he panted, his chin stubble grinding into my

shoulder, his hot breath roaring in my ear, and with that, his pecs

and biceps bulged and flexed at once, tightening his hold around

me. His cock swelled between my legs and began to shoot huge

globs of cum onto the wall under the showerhead. Two thrusts of

his live animal between my legs sent me over the edge, and we

writhed together as we both blew our loads everywhere. We stood

there panting and without saying a word for some time, while he

held me in his tight embrace, the water from the shower cascading

down my bloated belly and over Dave's fingers, before it let go and

splashed into the tub below us.


The End

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