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Jack and Daniel
Jack, his fat ass squeezed into some aready tight sweatpants, waddled over to the kitchen. His roommate - Lucas - was out at work and would be all day, so, as Lucas had lectured Jack about gorging on all the food, Jack had to stuff himself while Lucas was at work. He spotted the cuboard in which they kept all the fatty treats like cookies or donuts and threw it open. Qucikly, Jack grabbed as much as he could up into his arms and (as fast as a 300lbs man could) ran back upstairs to his room. Jack shut the door behind him and plonked himself down on his bed with a rather loud thud that almost drowned out the noise of the bed creaking under Jack's weight. Without wasting time Jack tore open one of the many boxes of donuts he found and shoved each one into his mouth with a pleasure filled moan. Donut after donut went into his mouth until he moved onto a family sized bag of chips after his third box. Within a few minutes half the food was gone and Jack was still going strong. His body had definitely expanded, his shirt had ridden so far up his enormous belly that he may as well have been shirtless and his sweatpants were beginning to slowly tear. Still, Jack sat, legs spread outwards so his belly could rest imbetween them on the bed, one hand cramming food into his hungry mouth, desperately trying to fill his never ending appetite, and the other proudly rubbing his belly. Finally Jack had finished, but his appetite still wasn't satisfied. He grabbed the phone and called for a takeaway, requesting the usual - which was three large pizzas, two large fries, a two litre bottle of full fat coke and if he could eat any more a few boxes of breadsticks. He waited for the food to arrive and when it did he ran down the stairs, his bulbous pig-like body jiggling with every step, and snatched it off the delivery guy, quickly handing him the money and shut the door. On the way to his bedroom Jack was already eating the pizza, craving for more food. He was so hungry. And he needed to be fed. "Ughh..." Was all Jack could moan after he had satisfied himself. Trying to ignore the throbbing erection he normally got while stuffing himself Jack slowly massaged his gut, groaning while doing so. That was when the front door opened and in walked Lucas. "Shit..." Jack muttered, he needed to hide this mess. Lucas was going to kill him. He had done it this time, was he doing to throw him out? The only problem was, Jack could barely move he was so full so how was he going to clean it up? "Jack? I know you're home! No shocker all the foods gone!" Lucas shouted as he began making his way up the stairs. Lucas walked in Jacks room and stared at the fat pig of a man that lay on the bed. Jack's t-shirt had ripped along with his sweatpants and his boxers looked like in a few more minutes they too would tear. He looked like he must've weighed a good 350lbs. Food wrappers, empty donut and pizza boxes were lain out beside him. Jack gave out a loud belch and then another moan as he clutched his more than fat belly. "God...How much did you eat?" Lucas asked, feeling slightly turned on by the sight before him. "A-a lot...I-I'm so sorry." Jack moaned. "You know what I'm gonna have to do, don't you?" "M-mmhm...You can kick me out, make me pay you back , just punish me h-however you want..." Jack belched again after he spoke. Lucas slowly walked further into the room and toward Jack - who was panting as he stared up at Lucas "You know...i never noticed but...You look kinda good with a belly." Lucas grinned as he sat down on the bed. "What?..." Jack's erection seemed to throb even more as Lucas spoke. "You heard me." Jack slowly nodded, his boxers growing even tighter. Lucas moved closer scooping up Jacks member confidently with one hand and playfully squeezing. His other hand moved up and down Jack's bloated belly in circular, massaging motions. "You like that don't you, fat boy?" Once again Jack nodded, feeling himself grow harder. Lucas took both his hands and rubbed Jacks full belly. "Did you eat too much? Do you want me to massage your big, heavy gut?" Jack moaned, lustfully, as Lucas continued to tease Jack, keeping him horny but allowing him to come and keeping him right where Lucas wanted the butterball. "Tell me what you are. Tell me that your a big, fat greedy pig. And you want me, your master, to rub your poor belly and keep you fed and fat like the pig you are." Lucas whispered in Jack's ear, still teasing his hard cock. "I'm a big, fat greedy pig. I want master to rub y poor, aching belly and keep me fed because I'm a pig and this pig is soooo hungry." Jack groaned. "Good boy." Lucas teased Without hesitation, he quickly began stroking up and down Jack's erect cock, grinning while doing so. Not soon after Jack came so hard it made Lucas's hand shake and he jerked the fat man off. "Ohh..." A flustered Jack moaned. Swiftly, Lucas turned Jack onto his front and pulled his boxers down, revealing a giant, fat ass. He slapped it and smiled as he watched it jiggle and sway. Then he thrusted and Jack went red and gasped from both surprise and satisfaction. Lucas did it again. And again. Each time making Jack harder than the last. "You're gonna be my little piggy...I'm gonna be your master. You're gonna do anything and everything I say and I promise ill keep you well fed." Lucas slapped Jack's giant jiggly body once again and Jack shuddered. "And I'll please you, I'll feed both your hungry mouth and hungry cock. But your mine. Understand piggy?" "Yes, Master."
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