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Jakes new regimen Part 2

III. The Fitting

As he hade his way home, the cookies became too tempting. Looking down, he eyed the size of his belly. "Damn, I really shouldn't. I've made a total pig of myself today." Shifting his bulk, he dared not unbutton his jeans again. "These babies might not close up again after a few of these cookies." Jake threw his shoulders back, trying to give his belly more room despite the pressure on his low-slung waistband, and tore off half of the first cookie.
As he pushed down the eighth one, his straining pants reminded him of his other errand. Pulling into the mall, the fatted stud dropped from the truck with a thud. He reached for the bag and took the last four cookies with him. His pants were tight as hell. "Man, I can't wait to get these fucking things off." Jake shoved another cookie in his mouth and took in the sight of his belly again. The top arc of it was pushed out bigger than he'd ever seen it. Almost impressed at the accomplishment, he took and deep breath and pushed his belly out just a bit more. With a groan, he had to relax. His pants dug in to near busting with the pressure. At seeing his bulging belly, he remembered that he ought to button up his shirt before heading inside. It took a huge amount of inhaling to close not the last one but two buttons.
With fabric tugging at every beefy bulge, the jock strode into the mall and headed right for the jeans store, gulping down the last cookie as he walked through the door. Excellent, he thought. The place was empty except for the guy refolding jeans. Jake ambled to the wall and stood wondering what size to get. It had been so long since he bought jeans, he wasn't even sure of the size of the faded ones straining on his butt now. Jake pondered over the selection spanning the entire wall.
"Know what size you need?" The clerk's voice startled Jake. Damn, he thought. He had really wanted to do this errand in peace. "Umm, yeah, I think so. I'm sure these are right down here." He dropped to a squat at the lowest shelf. His muscled legs flexed and his overfed belly bulged to maximum size. The quick movement pushed a grunt from the jock's lips. With a sudden pow, the top button shot off his jeans. Jake was afraid to move. Another strain might bust a seam or send yet another button sailing. He nervously cleared his throat, but had no idea what to say.
"Looks like you got here just in time," the salesman said. The red-faced jock cautiously eased back to a standing position. His gut bumped the shelf on his way up. The clerk's eyebrows rose slightly. "Here, come with me to a fitting room, and let's find you something you can wear out of here."
Jake was relieved that the guy didn't make a scene of his blow out, and more relieved to move somewhere private, where he could at last shed his jeans. Once safely in the fitting room, he had no choice but to strip to his underwear. He had to really tug to get his jeans down past his beefed-up ass, and then his belly felt too bloated to bend all the way down. He worked his feet to get the busted pants free of his ankles. With a sigh of relief, he relaxed his gut to full size again. He slowly turned to see himself in the mirror.
"Fuuuck," he moaned quietly as he moved his hands to the sides of his belly. Big sections of his white t shirt were exposed between the strained buttons. Jake knew how tight his clothes felt, but he had no idea how much it was showing. His eyes were locked on the sight of his belly, as if noticing how much of a gut he was getting for the first time. He firmly gripped the meaty sides of it, startled at how round and protruding it looked in the mirror. He felt his briefs start to tighten as he thought about his bigger belly. He pushed his gut out as far as he could and got more aroused. A rap at the door jarred him from his thoughts.
"Here are some pants for you to try out."
Jake opened the door a crack to take the stack of pants, shifting his hard on, trying to ease it. "I know you said you wanted to try 38's, but I think I may have the next size up in back, so I'm going to go check for you. Just in case."
"Um, yeah thanks. The 38's should be good though man. I think maybe the ones I was wearing were 36's."
"Uh huh. Well, see what works for you, and I'll check back."
Jake took the most faded looking 501's first and stepped into them, leg by leg. He had to wriggle more than he expected to get them over his hips, which he dismissed to their newness. The denim hugged his beefy butt as he tugged the fly closed. The first two buttons closed okay, but he had to yank to get them totally closed. "Shit, these are tight too. Must be the wrong cut." Jake's growing hard on didn't help the snugness. And the more he watched his gut bulge in the mirror as he wrestled with the pants, the worse that got.
Another rap at the door. "Are those working, or do you want to try the other ones I found?"
"Uuuh, yeah. Why not? Let's give those a go. I kinda prefer 'em loose."
The clerk handed the jeans over the door to Jake. "I'll wait right here to see if those are working."
Just great, Jake thought. He shed the first pair and worked into the others. Better, he thought. At least it felt like he could breathe.
"Let's see how those are fitting, big guy."
Jake squared his shoulders and came out of the fitting room. The clerk steered him to the three-way mirror, standing the jock so he could see his gut from all angles. Jake didn't know where to look. Every mirror gave him an undeniable view of just how big his belly was getting. "Shiiiit," he muttered.
"What's the matter? Those too tight too? They are the relaxed fit ones." The clerk tugged at the snug waistband. "How are they feeling? You don't have tons of room, do you? I'm not sure I have the next size up, but I could check. You keep up with those cookies and you might be glad you did."
Jake's hard on spiked a bit more at the comment. Man, he thought, what's the deal with that? The clerk pressed on.
"How are the legs feeling? This cut is usually a little looser in the leg and seat, but they're a closer fit on your build. Does this feel good?" The clerk was now tugging at both the waist and the thigh of Jake's jeans. His gut bulged out in response, shown in full view three times over. Jake's face was getting hot, as was his groin as the guy felt at how tight his pants were. He put one hand on his belly to steady the bounce of his tightly stuffed belly. He awkwardly cleared his thought, about to reply when a voice on the intercom announced that the store was about to close.
"Oop. We better get you something to wear out of here, buddy."
Jake stood there, composing himself, trying not to look at his own belly. "Uuuh, yeah. Those are pretty much toast. I, uh, think these will work okay."
"Alright. Come back in here and let's get the tags off them so you can keep them on."
The clerk led Jake back into the fitting room. "Turn around and I'll get the tags off." Jake was again faced with the sight of his gut. He felt the guy raise his shirt and reach inside the waistband to work on the tags. "One sec. Almost got it." With a pop, the tags came loose and the clerk stood up behind Jake, who couldn't take his eyes off his belly.
"By the way, I'm Jeff." Jake turned and for the second time in a day hit someone with his gut. Jeff let out a little laugh and patted Jake's belly on the side. "Come back and see me if all those cookies keep having their effect, big guy. Call ahead though so I can make sure I have the sizes you need here. You're hitting the top of our range."
Jake's hard on was more urgent than ever as he muttered thanks and bolted out of the store. He hoisted himself into the truck, raced home, tore off his jeans and beat off wildly, shooting all over his rounded stomach before falling asleep.
Hours later, he slowly roused. His muscled body pulled his weight off the bed and he headed to the bathroom like he had done earlier that day. This time, he looked square at his belly. He grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned it off, slowly rubbing his rounded abs. His other hand went to where his gut began to curve out from under his beefy chest. Jake took in a huge breath and as he puffed out his gut as far as he could make it swell, he rubbed his belly all over. His cock jumped again, and soon he was beating off at the mirror, moving his belly to see every new bulge.
After the release and the rest, Jake was ready for more food. He called his favorite Italian place and ordered much more than his usual, stuffing himself in front of the television for the rest of the night, not heading to bed until his gut was almost too tight for him to bend forward. The overblown swell of his belly got him going again, so he beat off one more time before falling asleep. As he drifted off, he thought, "shit man, what a crazy day. Tomorrow I gotta cut back and get this gut looking flatter again." Then he drifted off with both hands caressing his fat.

IV. Initiation

Jake lumbered into the construction office right on time, despite some effort. He hadn't had to get up at a specified time in a while. It took some coffee to get him going ­ and a few egg muffin sandwiches. But he made it, and he strode into the office, sporting his new but faded jeans and the biggest shirt he could find ­ an old baseball tee that he used to wear to practices ­ that used to be loose. Not anymore. It highlighted his huge shoulders and chest, and now the fabric hugged him all over.
Tom came out to meet him. "Welcome, welcome, Jake. Good to see you. Here, grab a few doughnuts and we'll get you introduced." This time Jake didn't argue and he dug into the loaded box of sweets, piling four doughnuts onto a napkin. Tom walked him around to meet the small crew there this morning ­ about twelve guys. All were the typical beefy construction guys ­ muscled exjock types, several showing a bit of a gut too. Though, Jake was already on the bigger end of the entire crew.
Jake was seated by the table with the food while Tom held his morning project meeting. The new guy finished off his doughnuts as he listened and turned to check out how many were left in the box. Tom broke his update for a brief second. He spoke to the biggest guy in the room, whose round gut pushed into the table on the other side of Jake. "Bob, don't keep all those doughnuts to yourself. Share a few with Jake, would ya?" Jake looked up shocked and then turned to look at the guy Bob. He had half a doughnut in his mouth, but he was not embarrassed. "Yeah, sorry buddy. Here, you better keep up." He pushed the box toward Jake. "There. The rest are for you, man." There were eight doughnuts left. Before Jake could protest, Tom was continuing the meeting. Jake sheepishly took another doughnut. Tom kept talking but signaled for Jake to take some more. Jake kept eating, and on the last doughnut, he found himself thinking he liked this place.
The rest of the day progressed smoothly. Jake was told he would shadow the guys who tracked the project logs and schedules for the first week, and then, as Tom promised, he would head out to his first site. There were always piles of food at the morning meetings, following by outings for huge man-sized, gut busting lunches. Despite eating like a moose with the crew all day, Jake went home at night and gorged on huge dinners like never before. Impossible, he thought, but his new jeans already felt less loose.
On Friday, the whole crew had a late lunch together at a hearty buffet place. All week, Tom kept mixing up who Jake spent time with so that he could meet the crew. At this lunch, he seated Jake next to Bob, the doughnut guy from day one. He was about Jake's height, a bit less muscled though still beefy, but he definitely had the biggest belly in the place.
"Hey, I'm Big Bob." The guy shook Jake's hand brusquely. It was the guy with the doughnuts from the first day.
"Good to meet ya, Big Bob. Everyone calls you that huh?"
"Oh yeah, for obvious reasons." Bob smacked the sides of his belly, which was showing proudly in his tight shirt. "From the looks of you though, buddy, I might have a contender for the title. Let's eat huh?"
Lunch lasted almost two hours. It turns this was a Friday routine. Jake unwittingly kept pace with Bob while they talked, going back to the buffet line for another heaping plate of food each time his eating pal did. After the fifth plate, Jake leaned back in his chair with a heavy exhale. Bob elbowed him. "Come on man, we've still got time. You can't cash it in already!"
"Fuck, Bob, I feel like I could bust already. I gotta let up."
"I took you for a better contender, Jake. Shit, I bet you could take in some more. Eat like a real man, bud."
Tom piped in. "Better do it Jake. Bob doesn't take on accomplices lightly. You don't want to let him down."
Jake found the conversation a little curious, a little scintillating. He caved. "All right, guys. One more round."
Tom stood before Jake could get up. "You stay there. I'll get it for you."
Too full to protest, the stud leaned back and rested for a minute. When they returned, Tom plopped down a plate piled with twice as much food as even Bob had.
"Fuck, you gotta be kidding! There's no way I'm getting all that in on the ­ what helping is this anyway?"
"Sixth, big guy, but who's counting? Dig in."
Bob chimed in. "Better catch up man. I'm already into this round ahead of you."
Jake grunted and leaned forward to dig in. Halfway through the mound of food, he reached down to shift his waistband, giving his swelling gut more room. It was a big reach to get his hand under his food laden stomach. He was panting as Bob taunted him to keep up. Jake pushed hard, feeling his belly grow tighter than ever, finally clearing the plate. With a huge groan, he looked up, ready to pronounce he did it, only to see Tom standing there with another loaded plate. "You're not done yet, big guy. Prove what you're worth, Jake."
"Huh?" Jake said, a bit perplexed. "Fuuck. There ain't no . . ."
"Did that sound like you had an option?"
Bob leaned in, the side of his belly pressing into Jake's food swollen bulge. "No one's ever taken me in the first week, Jake. I think the boss man Tom wants to see what you can do. Better listen up and impress the new boss."
Jake looked up at Tom. "That's right, big guy. Let's see if you can out-eat our eating contest champ here." He shoved the seventh plate closer to Jake. "In fact, we're not leaving here 'til you do." Jake felt his face blush a little and his cock start to grow again. He dug into the seventh plate of chow as if it were the first. Bob was eating along side him, chiding him to keep up. Tom was ready with another plate the minute Jake had managed to finish. Soon the entire crew was cheering him on. "Go go go!" Bob was grunting, starting to slow. The competitive jock in Jake kicked in. Now he was out to win. He locked into a groove and shoveled in everything set in front of him. He didn't dare count the plates. He just focused on pushing in one huge mouthful after another. He barely looked up except to check for another plateful and to bask in the cheers when he cleared each plate. He had no idea that Bob had stopped a few helpings ago until he fell back against the chair, his belly blown out tight as a drum, ready to bust with so much as one more bite. Jake sat there, eyes half open, hands gingerly massaging the sides of his belly, unable to move.
"I . . . can't . . . eat . . . . . . no . . . . . . fuckin' . . . . . . more. Oooooo."
Tom made the pronouncement. "Gentleman. With some more training, I think we have found out new eating contest hero!"
The crew went nuts and came by one by one to shake Jake's hand or pat his bloated gut before heading to their cars. Soon it was just Jake, Tom and Bob. Bob laughed a bit. "Dude, I'm impressed. I never thought I'd see a guy out-eat me so early on. You're gonna represent us well. He's a natural Tom."
"Yep, Jake. You are officially our office's new rep in the annual eating contest between the construction firms. You'll do us proud once we whip you into shape."
Jake was in a food daze, all the blood rushing to his ready to bust belly. He wasn't sure what they could be referring to, and he was too overfed to do much more than grunt. Tom's mouth curled into another devilish grin. He moved in closer to Jake's bulging paunch. "Tell you what. It's been a damn good first week for you. Head on home early and rest that thing. See you bright and early Monday."
And with that, Jake was left alone in the buffet place, still rubbing his gut, waiting to feel the pressure ease before he stood. The waiter checked in after a while. "Anything else for you?"
Jake managed a laugh, which made him groan again. "Does it look like anything else would fit in this thing?"
"Actually, it looks like lots would. That's why I was asking. So all set then. Oh - did you want me to load the rest of this into a bag for you?"
"Rest of this??" Jake looked up to where the waiter pointed.
"Yeah ­ that last guy ­ your boss I think, said all this went with you." There were stacks of to-go boxes a foot and a half high at the end of the table.
Jake just groaned and nodded.

V. Weekend Revelations

After getting the waiter's help to load the food into his truck, Jake struggled to focus on the road to drive home. His belly had never felt so full. It pressed out hard in every direction like a heavy medicine ball on his lap. It pushed firmly into the steering wheel when he reached to release the brake. He drove along, head back on the headrest, one hand on the wheel, the other on the top ledge of his gut. When he got home, he let out a sigh of relief, but sat behind the wheel for a few more minutes, eyes shut, resting for the effort of hauling his bulk back out of the truck. He finally hoisted himself out of the truck, with two conflicting responses as his mass hit the ground with a thud. "Okay, that's it. I gotta let up on the chowin'. I'm eatin' light this weekend." his silently vowed ­ as he reached down under his hovering belly to shift his throbbing erection.
Jake shed his strained clothes and dropped down onto the couch. He looked down at the mound of his belly, running his hands over its bigger arc as he drifted off into to a long nap.
Hours later, he came too. He was still slouched on the couch, legs spread, hand on his belly, which was still pushing out to full size despite the rest. Jake starting rubbing his stomach a bit before opening his eyes. A gentle contented moan came at the feel of the arcing bulge. It was dark out, but one lamp lit the room. "Must be the middle of the night," he thought. "How long have I slept?"
Reluctantly, he took his hands off his belly. His powerful arms pushed his bulk up from the couch, but he stood there for a second, getting his balance, focusing on the room to find the clock. 2:30 in the morning. "Shit, I guess I needed to sleep that lunch off," he thought. One hand went to his belly again, checking how big it felt. His gorging session at lunch was still obvious, but at least he felt like he could breathe now. He caught his reflection in the television. Jake spread his legs into the habitual batter's stance, but facing the screen. He bent his legs and rocked his shoulders back, bouncing his belly a little for his own enjoyment. Before he knew it, his cock was smacking up against the base of his gut and he was heading for the kitchen. Without bothering to sit down, he stood at the counter, tearing into the boxes of leftovers, shoving food in his mouth with one hand while stroking his thick dick with the other. Moans and full-mouthed grunts were all that could be heard. Jake stuffed himself without letting up, only looking down to check out how much his belly was jutting out. He would rest for a second, breathing deeply to make more room as he thumped his belly, then dig into the next box. Like focusing on the next rep, he pushed through until he had packed in every box of food. With the last mouthful, he shot all over the kitchen floor and lumbered off to bed, checking out his even bigger belly in the mirror on the way.

When he woke again, the sun was blazing into the bedroom. His meaty shoulders and pecs showed above the white sheet, which tented up to follow the mound of his belly. Jake rolled on his side to check the clock. He felt his belly press against the bed. This was the first time he admitted it did that when he rolled. It made him grin. Another contented moan, but his rational brain tried to override that. To stiffen his resolve, he gave himself audible instructions. "Gotta hit the gym today before this gets outta control." He rolled out of bed and went to take a whiz. All he could see was gut when he looked down. When he was done, he was again transfixed at the sight of his fat swell in the mirror. He never thought he'd look so big. He studied every curve as his tight round belly hovered in front of him. "Okay my friend," he said patting his paunch, "we've had our fun but we gotta be good for a while now."
He rustled around for some gym clothes that would fit. His shorts hugged his beefy ass and thighs but at least covered them - barely. A shirt was a different matter. He found the longest tank top he had and tugged it over his belly. Even this one barely made it to his waist and grabbed him like a tight sausage casing. He shrugged his shoulders. "Best I can do with this thing today." And with that, he shuffled off to the car.
But on the way to the gym, Jake caved and stopped at a drive through for a big bag of breakfast sandwiches. He rationalized that he needed energy to lift and ordered six fattening biscuits, eating as he drove and lingering in the gym parking lot to finish them off. He rested for a second, then finally got out of the car and trudged through the locker room into the weight area.
It was still quiet in the gym, so Jake pumped his chest and arms in peace for about 40 minutes. After each rep, he had to reach down to yank his tank back over the bottom of his gut. He had to fight his erection as he felt his big muscles contract with each movement as his shirt edged up his big belly. He tried some squats but had to stop right away. The feel of his belly hitting his thighs was too much to take. He went back to work his big biceps more. He fought to only look at the muscle he was working in the mirror. Any indulgence to check out his entire body made him want to leave and eat. "Gotta be good. Gotta be good." He struggled to hold to that resolve. Lifting was always easy for him to push hard on. Not eating whatever he wanted, no way, and now he wanted to do nothing but chow ­ the reward for the workout. As his belly stared back at him, he found it even more tempting. He was working so hard to focus, he didn't see anyone else ­ until he stood up from the weight bench and nearly knocked over a friend of his with his gut.
"Watch it man!" the guy's eyebrows raised high at the sight of the beefed up jock. "Shit ­ Jake, is that you? What the fuck have you been eating, Fatboy? Look at the size of you man!"
Jake jarred out of his own world and recognized his friend. "Oh, um, hey, Mark. How goes?"
"Well I'm good, despite about being plowed over. Where the fuck have you been, beside apparently eating like a prize hog? I haven't seen you in months and barely recognized you with this gut. Guess you haven't been at the gym, buddy." Mark was smacking Jake's belly with the back of his hand as his talked. Jake fought his arousal and tried to be cool.
"No man, I've been lifting like usual. Just kinda on a different schedule lately."
"Yeah, a fucking kinda eating more schedule from the looks of you."
"Um ­ yea ­ maybe some. Nothing I can't control."
"Shit, well the size of this gut says otherwise. You're getting fucking FAT dude!"
Jake's shorts tightened.
"I know you like to eat buddy, but you better get this in control. You look like someone is pumping this thing up like a basketball." Mark grabbed the sides of Jake's belly hard. "Shit ­ feels even bigger, if that's possible." Jake wanted to lean into Mark's grip but knew he had to pull back.
"Naw man. Just been letting myself enjoy a little less ass busting practice for a change. I guess I've gained a few. Nothing I can't take care of when I want. Gimme a break man."
"Well, Jake, all I'm saying is you are looking seriously porked. This gut looks like way more than a few pounds. Maybe a few dozen! I'd say you better hit more cardio fast before this thing gets any more of out control. Before you know it, you'll be one of those former jocks that everyone knows for his giant beer gut, not his batting record."
Getting Fat, Porked. Fatboy. Giant Gut. The words were making Jake more and more turned on. Good thing the shadow of his belly hid it from Mark. He didn't know why this drove him crazy to hear. All he knew was that he'd been more turned on this week than he'd been in years. He awkwardly cleared his throat and stepped fully away from Mark's belly pats.
"Don't worry man. I, uh, should get moving, I s'pose. We should grab beers sometime."
"Heh. Beer is about that LAST thing this gut needs, but okay buddy. Give me a ring Fatboy, and watch this thing, huh? Shit." Mark whistled at the size of Jake's belly. Again, a gut smack, and he was gone.
Jake cut his workout short, heading back through the locker room. He backtracked to the scale, too curious not to check. This time, he landed on the plate without any hesitation. He really wanted to know. There was no sucking his gut in as he shoved the weight plates right out to 275. No reading yet. His dick jumped. He nudged the plates up a touch. They teetered. Jake held his breath waiting for them to level. They balanced at 281. "Whoooooa." Jake did the math. "Fuckin' A. Thirteen pounds in week? That can't be, can it?" He looked down at the size of his growing ball gut. It most certainly can.
With that, he took off for an early lunch, a lunch as big as ever. After lunch, he hit the grocery store and loaded up his cart to the top. His gut was bumping the cart handle as he trolled the aisles throwing anything that looked good to him in the basket. He would barely let himself admit what he was doing; he was making plans to gorge the rest of the weekend. He made a revised deal to cut back come Monday, when he headed to work, but in the meantime, fuck it. Enjoy the weekend. He won't have time to eat like this when he's working. One last hurray and THEN I'll be good.

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