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Jiggly Josh Part One
Ben took another sip of his flat-white, his slender porcelain fingers handling the cup, a young man stopped outside of the shop and shot a glance at him, before quickly settling his eyes upon a sign in the window, “Baristas urgently needed, enquire within”. Ben watched as the man moved from exterior to interior, the shop’s great Victorian door was swung open, aided by the sweeping wind outside. He peered over his glasses, the man walked to the till slowly, but purposefully, and began speaking to the owner. Josh stepped into the shop, eyeing the pastries trapped in the glass fridge before the staff, he stepped to the till and asked the lady about the sign outside, explaining that he’d called ahead. “You can start whenever you want”, she replied with confidence, “We’d have to trial you at first of course”. “Sure”, said Josh, “I’d love to start right away”. Josh was taken behind the bar, “I’m Teresa”, said a young, full faced girl of no less than twenty, “Grab yourself an apron and we’ll get started”. Josh bent down and reached for an apron, his thighs aching from the unaccustomed movement. Josh sighed, but consoled himself by reminding himself that the weight could be lost anytime, as he had done almost every day since sixth form. In fact, Josh found it almost impossible to control his eating habits. This was most prominently shown by the fact that, every day before coming to university, he had overindulged on the way home from school with a sizeable (and steadily increasing) meal from McDonalds. At first it was just the odd cheeseburger after rugby practice, but it quickly spiralled out of control. Josh had always been heavy, never fat, but was accustomed to carrying extra weight around his stomach, hips and thighs, which he embraced, along with his relatively tall 5 foot 11 inch stature, making him perfect for rugby. In mid-April, the opening of the new McDonalds made him rejoice, the nearest shop before was a fifteen minute detour between his house and school, a detour which he could rarely be bothered to make after training twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially not now that his best friend Reece had moved house. And so, Josh began buying a cheeseburger after training, to satisfy the hunger he felt after doing the hour’s exercise. Josh had always had a soft spot for food, made evident by his thick midsection. Of course, his regular exercise and ability to control his appetite meant that he never strayed far from being a slightly podgy kid, weighing in at around 175 pounds. Besides, Josh was nowhere near the fattest in his school, and shared that position within his friendship group with his best friend Reece, who similarly, loved unhealthy food and weighed at least 180. The burgers were delicious. It seemed that each time he would return, the burgers tasted better. A few weeks into his new routine, Josh was walking home on a Friday, and as he passed the McDonalds, he felt his stomach rumble, despite the fact that he hadn’t had training that afternoon . Josh looked down at his stomach, wobbling slightly as he walked, and felt coins jingle in his pocket. He looked again at the restaurant, “One burger won’t hurt”, he muttered to himself. Josh put his key in the front door and turned the lock, his mother smiled at him from the kitchen as he entered the house “Hi!” she said, Josh walked into the kitchen and saw his mum and his little brother at the table, one reading magazines and the other comics. Josh was the middle child, in both age and weight. Josh’s younger brother Will was 11, and of a slim build, much like Josh had been at that age. His older brother however, had just turned 18 and was clearly obese, only leaving his room for food or to wash. Josh’s steady weight gain over the past few years had been encouraged by his parents, they saw it as him ‘filling out’ to become a ‘healthy’ adult. Josh opened the cupboard door and made a customary movement to the brownie tin. He always had a brownie when he came in from school. The next week, he passed the restaurant every day, and entered every day, ready for his treat. Training was called off at the end of that week, as the coach was taking a three week holiday, Josh was rather relieved, as he was getting knee pain from the intensive training on Tuesday afternoons. By the end of the following month, the staff in the fast food joint knew Josh by name, and only asked for his money, as they’d prepare him, without fail, a cheeseburger for consumption when he finished school. Josh high-fived guys in the changing room as he walked in, for the first time in just over a month. They all smiled at him, and he took his customary place near the centre of the room. Josh unzipped his trousers and pulled them off, grabbed his shorts and pulled up his thighs, that’s funny he thought, as he tried to button them. He looked down and saw that his hands were shaking. His shorts had shrunk. He pulled the fabric together in one sharp motion and sucked in his stomach with all his might and just managed to catch the button hole. He buttoned the shorts up and rearranged them firmly on his hips, almost bursting out of them. Josh moved his hand towards the bottom of his shirt in order to pull it off and suddenly retracted it. Shit, he thought. The shorts were so tight that his stomach hung over the waistband. Josh was used to having a belly which didn’t always keep above the waistband, but it was never this bad! He pulled off his top gingerly and fumbled about his bag for his rugby jersey, it wasn’t there. Josh looked up and noticed that the guys still left in the changing room had gone silent. “What?”, he said, addressing their disbelieving faces. “Josh…”, started Reece. Less than two months ago, Josh had been an overweight, but not really fat, teenager, who had been steadily gaining weight for years, but not in a particularly noticeable way. The specimen that stood before his friends was now far bigger, and it was clear that the pace of his weight gain had accelerated considerably . Reece watched his friend, his mouth open, taking it all in, his stare lasted a few seconds, but Reece took every detail in. The most obvious feature was his belly, although it had always been soft and a bit wobbly, it now hung down slightly and stuck out, like a round globular orb, wobbling with his movement. Josh’s shorts were ridiculously tight, his thighs were prisoners desperate to be liberated from the confines of the tight fabric. It then became evident that rolls had formed above his hips and below his now plump man boobs. Josh was a fatty. 
Everyone around him burst out laughing, unable to control their shock and surprise at Josh’s sudden weight gain. Josh turned away quickly in embarrassment, setting off a jiggle across his fat stomach. Beginning to sweat he joked at his friends, “Come on guys, Reece is just as fat as me!”. The guys looked at Reece, who was topless, sure, he was overweight, but he was at least a few pounds off being fat. “Josh”, said Luke, “He might be fat, but you’re way fatter! Have you seen how massive your belly is man”. Josh looked around for support, but found none. Most of the guys laughing were ripped, for the first time in his life, Josh felt self-conscious about his size. “Here”, said Reece, handing him his spare top, “Try this.”, they were now the only ones in the changing rooms. Josh forced the jersey over his flabby frame, skintight over his expansive corpulence. Josh blushed as Reece surveyed him, “It’s not as bad with clothes on”, said Reece reassuringly. They stepped out of the door and jogged to the pitch, where the coach and the rest of the team were waiting in a circle. Josh arrived after Reece, slightly out of breath, prompting a chuckle from a few of the players. The coach looked at Josh, turned back to the team, then looked at Josh again, without saying a word, he gestured towards the running track. The entire team groaned, they were being made to run around the field as punishment for Josh and Reece being late. “Sir no!” said Dean, the captain of the team, “Only Josh was late, Reece was just helping him find a jersey”. “It’s true sir”, chorused the team. “Lucky you”, said the coach, “You can run with the rest of the team then Reece”. The team set off gingerly on their ten minute run, doing laps of the field until the coach blew his whistle. Meanwhile, Josh suffered the humiliation of being the one responsible for the physical trials that the others were undergoing. While the others ran, the coach said to Josh “I’m promoting you to Reece’s position when we compete, prop, since you’re bigger than him now and better suited, I’ll tell him later, he shouldn't mind.” After training, Josh wanted to wait until everyone was gone before he attempted to remove the jersey, which had threatened to split at the sides for the entire session. He waited until most of the team had finished getting changed, stripped off to his boxers and headed for the showers. Josh’s boxers clung to his flesh as the water ran down his body, they looked like a thong on his ass. Josh bent down to get the mud off his legs, and jumped back up as he got slapped hard on his meaty ass. He turned around, Dean was there. “Well well fatso” he said, “Looks like someone can’t control himself”. Dean grabbed Josh’s belly and pushed him against the wall, making ‘oink’ noises. Josh laughed nervously and pushed Dean off. “I’ll get you back for this piggy, the whole team is annoyed, I saw how out of breath you were, it won’t be long until you can’t play anymore”, Dean taunted. He left the changing rooms laughing, as Josh stood there, humiliated by the realisation of his weight gain. Josh moved into the changing room and hurriedly got dressed, leaving school to walk home. As he walked, he thought about whether or not the guys were right. He hadn’t noticed any weight gain… fair enough his appetite was growing, but that was a natural part of getting older, right? Walking into McDonalds, he felt himself salivate at the thought of a cheeseburger, but realised that his stomach demanded more. He remembered what his teammates had said about his stomach, “Exactly”, he muttered to himself, “I deserve a bit more after that ordeal today”. Josh decided to order a BigMac and fries, wondering which size to get. The man taking his order was new, he asked, “What can I get you?”, “A BigMac and um…” replied Josh, “A large fries?” asked the server, “Why not?” said Josh. “Would you like a dessert with that?” quizzed the worker, “I’d better not”, Josh said, patting his gut. Josh walked out of the store with his food, eating it until he got home. Josh got in and walked to the cupboard, as usual, opening the biscuit tin and discovering that there were only two brownies left. Without too much thought, he grabbed both and went and sat in front of the TV. It was a Tuesday, McDonalds’s night in the household. For the couple of years, Josh had religiously had a BigMac, large fries and a medium chocolate milkshake, followed by a McFlurry, having upgraded from his little brother’s customary meal of a hamburger and medium fries. His 1500 calorie Tuesday night fix was responsible for his steadily thickening midsection of the past few years, yet his recent, more intense weight gain had gone unnoticed. Josh’s father weighed over 350 pounds and resembled a big, fat pig. His round face spent the day selling insurance, and his sizeable gut showed years of heavy overindulgence spent wooing clients. His brother, who was proportioned similarly, but smaller, shared his father’s affinity for three BigMacs and a large strawberry milkshake on a Tuesday night, while the matriarch of the family, Nancy, was a svelte cosmetic surgeon, who settled for a salad, drenched in dressing, for her treat. As his mother was placing the order, Josh remembered the snack he had had in the McDonalds after school, surely he couldn’t have a snack-sized meal! Josh sheepishly asked his dad if he could have another fries, expecting him to notice his weight gain and deny him it, instead, his father laughed, and ordered him a BigMac, two large fries and a large chocolate milkshake. Josh shovelled the fries down his throat like a machine, satisfied by the greasy nourishment. Josh woke up and got dressed, he walked downstairs and felt odd, his trousers dug into his hips in an uncustomary way, and felt even tighter around his rear end and his thighs. Josh sighed as he planted himself at the dinner table, waiting for his mother to bring him his breakfast. Josh devoured his large bowl of sugary cereal, wolfing it down unashamedly before his older brother, who was accompanied by a packet of biscuits. “Jack, gimme a cookie”, said Josh. Jack shook his head, his greedy mouth full of crumbs. Jack ate like a pig, taking after his father in his gluttony. Josh knew that his brother had already eaten at least one bowl of cereal, and would stop for even more food on the way to school. He had always been like this, but his obesity was a convenient disguise for Josh’s growing stomach. At lunch, Josh and Reece stood in the lunch queue, laughing about what had happened the previous day. “Don’t worry Josh”, lied Reece, “It was even barely noticeable, they’re exaggerating. Just a slight bit of flab, you can eat as much as you want as long as you keep up with rugby, even though you stole my fucking position.” Josh smiled, and the dinner lady handed them their food. Josh and Reece paid for their daily meal, a hamburger, fries and two cookies. It was almost the same as what every other one of their friends got, save for the extra cookie. As soon as they had sat down, Dean came and sat on the table. He gave Josh a sarcastic smile and laughed at his speed in eating his burger. Josh finished his food, and he and Reece got up to go outside. Josh passed the cookie counter and felt a pang of hunger, deep within his stomach. “Want a cookie?” he said to Reece, “Sure, get two” he replied”. Josh came back with his three cookies, and gave two of them to Reece, who handed one of them back. “You take it, he said, I’m not as hungry”. As Josh smiled greedily, Dean walked up to them with his friend, Charlie. “Look here!” Dean said, “Aren’t you quite the greedy chops, that makes, hm, four cookies today.” Charlie jibed in: “Not helping yourselves are you?”. Josh and Reece chuckled, as Dean said “Shut up Charlie, Reece is only podgy, but Josh, well, Josh eats four cookies for dessert.” Charlie laughed as the pair walked away. Josh invited Reece to come over and play Call of Duty after school, as his parents were taking his older brother to look at universities. While they walked home, Josh stopped at McDonalds for his BigMac and fries, Reece joined him, but opted only for a cheeseburger. “So you come here every night?” he quizzed, “Yup” said Josh. “Boy you can eat!”, remarked Reece, “I mean, how aren't you gaining weight faster? You must only be a pound or two heavier” he lied, realising that Josh had gained about five or ten pounds. Josh felt reassured, Dean and the rest of the rugby lads were just having a joke, as for his clothes, they must have shrunk in the wash. Josh and Reece spent the entire rest of the night gorging on every unhealthy food in the house. The doorbell rang, “Answer that” said Josh. Reece went to the door, and entered the room holding two bags of food. He had ordered a takeaway. Josh split the chicken and the chips ‘evenly’, giving himself slightly more. Josh ate considerably quicker than Reece, feeling his stomach digging into his belt, he subconsciously removed it, letting his plump stomach sag slightly over his boxers. Josh had finished his food and licked his fingers, absolutely stuffed. Reece looked over at Josh’s stomach, clearly larger than it had been months before, “Want the rest of mine?” he asked. Josh looked at the food, Reece had left over half of it, Josh hesitated, but thought that it wouldn’t do much harm since he’d already eaten a lot. Just over a month and a half later, it was approaching the middle of June, soon, rugby season would disband and the athletes who played in the prop position would be recommended to bulk up in order to play at their best. That is, all the athletes except Josh and Reece. They entered the changing rooms together, pulling their kits out of their bag and wondering whether or not the rest of the team would decide to pass comment on their weight gain today. Reece’s weight gain had been fairly small, a few inches here and there, the softening of a few curves, and the expansion his stomach, nothing too drastic, nothing which stopped him playing well. Josh however, had continued to grow, and had been forced to buy a whole new wardrobe about a month back to accommodate his increasing girth, as his clothes had already been fairly tight when he weighed about 170/175. Josh denied that he had gained much fat, both he and Reece agreed that the factor responsible for his expansion was increased muscle caused by him working much harder in training sessions. Anyone could see that Josh was mistaken, he was working harder at training because he was monumentally unfit, and he’d been packing on pounds upon pounds of pure fat. Josh removed his top, his round stomach was still the fattest feature, which was the epicentre of the ripples which were sent through his fat when he threw his large top on the floor. Dean laughed, and a few of his friends made oinking noises, “When’s the baby due, fatso?” said Dean. “Here, I got you a present.”, he said, pulling out a large bag of doughnuts, “You’re eating for two now!”. This set off a wave of hysterics among his friends, who sympathised with Josh’s weight gain, but couldn’t help but find him hilarious. Josh pulled his shorts up to his waist, Reece remembered buying them with him just a month ago, and now watched as Josh struggled to get them above his waist. Only Dean, Reece and Josh were left in the changing rooms as Josh tried to get his shorts to his softening waist. “Help me” said Josh blushing. Dean aggressively grabbed the waistband of Josh’s shorts and hoisted them up with all his might, his biceps bulging with the strain. “I wish I could suck my ass in”, said Josh. Dean pushed his hand down the shorts softly, placing his hand on Josh’s warm ass. He then gathered the mound of fat and pushed it in, while simultaneously lifting the constricting shorts. Josh was in, even if his well rounded, porky love handles threatened to rip the shorts apart. Josh put on his tight jersey, his body conforming to its fit, except for a tiny bit of his soft, fleshy stomach, which hung over his shorts a few inches, and dripped with sweat in the hot June sun. Josh went outside, his stomach swaying slightly as he walked. Despite Reece’s weight gain, thanks to his association with Josh’s bad eating habits, he was slightly thinner than Josh had been that time the team had been punished for his lateness. After the session, Josh was knackered, so tired that he could barely walk. His thighs burned where they had been chafing, he needed to sit down. Josh collapsed onto the bench and gasped for air. The lower part of his stomach rested bare on his fat thighs, Josh saw sweat droplets on it, but was so exhausted that he couldn’t be bothered to rectify it. Josh pulled out a chocolate bar from his bag, and ate it in front of his fellow teammates in two large bites. A few of them chuckled at him as he removed his jersey while sitting down, his stomach covering much of his shorts, and his love handles beginning to sag over the ridiculously tight waistband. If the shorts had been buttoned instead of elastic, it would have popped long ago. Josh gathered himself and stood up with one huge effort, his red face straining to lift his belly, as he stuck his chubby arms out to help himself get up. Josh removed his shorts and began to button up his school trousers. God, he needed a BigMac. A week later, it was nearing the end of June and Josh and Reece were walking home on the last Friday of school before summer. Josh and Reece walked into McDonald’s, grinning at each other’s chubby faces, food. Reece ordered a cheeseburger and fries, while Josh asked for his usual, a BigMac and large fries. They sat down to eat the food, as they were sweating in the scorching summer sun, Josh especially looked out of energy from the short walk. Josh got up slowly as he finished the last fry, Reece looked at him, “Get some more fries” he said, “After all, it is the last day”. Josh walked up to the counter, “Same again?” the employee asked. It seemed to Josh too good an offer to turn down, but he was worried what Reece would think of his growing appetite. His stomach spoke first with a loud rumble, his mouth followed: “Yes please”. Josh chomped on the second BigMac and fries all the way home. God help him, thought Reece, as he saw the jiggle of his fat stomach, hanging over his pants, more than it had before, as he walked. “Bye Reece”, Josh said, “Bye fatso!”, said Reece. Josh surveyed himself “Only slightly”, he said meekly, “Yeah” said Reece, “You don’t gain weight easily, so I wouldn’t worry this summer, besides, enjoy yourself, you can always lose it later”. Josh looked down at his feet, or rather, the tips of his trainers, he hadn’t remembered such a bulge around his middle. The minute Josh got home he stepped on the scale, his jaw dropped, two hundred and one pounds. “Two hundred pounds” he said out loud, in total disbelief. He stripped off his clothes, to see if they were affecting the reading. The scale screamed once again, two hundred pounds. Josh grabbed his stomach with his pudgy hand, the fat filling his palm. He sighed, a few months ago he weighed 175 pounds, how on earth could he have gained so much weight in so little time? Josh surveyed his figure in the mirror, something which he had not done for a long time. He barely recognised himself, he was probably obese, his belly hanging over the top of his crotch, his man boobs resting sagging over the top of his large, fat stomach. Even his legs looked like great big wobbly tree trunks, cellulite making the fat on his thighs wrinkle. He looked down his sizeable gut, which wobbled slightly as he slapped it, stretch marks had covered the underside of his belly, and his hips, which now resembled actual love handles, the beginning of a fold beginning to appear above them. Josh stepped closer to the mirror and surveyed his face, it was considerably chubbier than thad been, a double chin had appeared, and he had lost definition of his facial features. He looked piggish, as he reached down, oddly, he realised that he was hard, the top of his dick making contact with the thick, fleshy fat of his stomach. Josh thought he looked fat, but realised that he was only a bit chubby compared to his brother and his dad. He put his clothes back on, struggling to fasten the button on his ever-tightening trousers, and walked downstairs, ready for his brownies. Josh spent the whole of that summer with his cousins’ lakehouse, the worst possible thing he could have done. The summer lasted eight weeks, Josh had thought that he couldn’t possibly gain more than twenty pounds in that time, as he had gained around that much in the previous two months. Two and a half pounds a week was the limit, surely? In fact, Josh aimed to lose about fifty pounds before Christmas, as he had been told that 150 pounds was the optimum weight for him by a dietician at the start of the year, when he weighed about 170. However, this was not the fate that Josh was destined to have. By the end of the eight weeks, after a summer of gorging with his seriously obese cousin and brother, he had gained at least forty pounds. Josh had relentlessly eaten all summer, having to buy new clothes, and hadn’t exercised once, in fact, he’d barely gone outside. Josh was now clearly obese, and his stomach was growing to really great proportions. Josh wanted to say that he cared, but loved eating so much that the fact his waist was now more than forty two inches around seemed inconsequential. Each day of that summer had been punctuated by a ridiculous amount of food, cake after cake, hamburger after hamburger, mouthful after mouthful, Josh had blown up. He remembered that he had been 200 pounds at the start of summer as he looked down at his gigantic fat stomach, maybe he shouldn’t have eaten so much. Upon arriving home, Josh climbed the stairs to the bathroom, having to stop at the top to catch his breath, he was ridiculously unfit from having spent the whole summer in front of the television with a trough of junk food on his lap. Josh grunted as he entered the bathroom, his body jiggling with his movement. He stepped onto the scale, and was almost surprised at the numbers he saw on the screen. Two hundred and forty five pounds. “Jesus Christ” he muttered, as he grabbed his stomach with two hands, feeling the thick doughy fat fill his palms, he gave his stomach a squeeze and let it bounce down, how had this happened? Josh looked in the mirror, he knew how, he was a greedy, fat pig. He could only wonder how the kids at school would take this when he returned in a week and a half. Josh was surprised that not a single member of his family had commented on his heavily expanded gut, or his ravenous appetite, he sat at the breakfast table, feeling his stomach sagging over onto his lap. His podgy hands shovelled mouthful after mouthful of cereal into his greedy mouth, until he had finished the bowl. He stood up, his midsection rippling as he heaved himself out of the chair. Josh walked lethargically to the cupboard and pulled out a packet of Oreos, he’d already had a giant bowl of cereal, he thought, a packet of Oreos wouldn’t do much to add to his belly now that it was already so giant. He felt his pockets jangle as he walked to the bus stop, and felt the irresistible lure of the supermarket’s sugary delights pull him in. The bus would come in five minutes and he had to be at the rugby training session for the first day of term by 8:30am. Josh reasoned that he’d probably have enough time, so entered the shop and bought the buy one get one free packet of giant chocolate chip cookies. He went to pay and saw a huge queue, he glanced over to the bus stop, and then to the cookies. It’d be fine, he told himself. Josh arrived at school ten minutes late, with the ten cookies lining his stomach, he ran through the corridors to the coach’s office. He heard the sound of voices discussing team-tactics, put his fingers on the door handle and walked in. Everyone fell completely silent. The coach had told many of the players to gain a bit of weight over the summer in preparation for the next season, but this was beyond the pale. He resembled a big fat pig, his hair plastered over his round red face, he was panting and puffing and covered in sweat. A few whispers went round the other players, the silence was broken by Dean, who let out a huge snort. The coach told him to shut up, but by now the whole team were laughing or sighing in sympathy for the clearly obese specimen which stood before them. The coach asked Josh to wait behind while the rest of the lads got changed. The coach examined him, he’d coached some pretty big beasts, but none had been this bad in years. “Listen”, said the coach, “You’re a top player but you’ve clearly let yourself go, I’m willing to keep you on the team as long as you promise not to gain any more weight”. Josh looked at his feet sheepishly, or, looked at the stomach obscuring his feet, “Ok Sir”. “Go and see the doctor today, he’ll weigh you and provide some advice, make sure you change into your shorts so he can examine you properly”. Josh went into the changing rooms, which were silent, the team had gone outside to train. He pulled off his pants and watched his thighs, partially obscured by his gut, ripple. He pulled on the shorts, which were elasticated but still could barely contain him, they were fighting a losing battle to keep in his enormous fat arse. Josh pulled off his top and looked down at his stomach, a great soft mound of fat. Josh was tying his shoelaces when he felt a pair of hands slip over his voluptuous love handles from behind. Josh jolted and looked behind him, his fat swaying with his movement. Dean was standing behind him, topless. “What the fuck are you doing?” said Josh, who noticed immediately that Dean had also gained a few pounds over the summer, a small gut had developed where his chiselled six pack once was. Josh felt himself get hard at this thought. Dean didn’t reply, and instead moved his hands back onto Josh, massaging handfuls of fat, Josh tried to push him away, but found himself compelled to pull Dean closer. They moved towards the showers, Dean had Josh’s belly in one hand and his fat shoulder in the other, they were kissing. “I’ve wanted your fat arse since the day you blew up.” Dean could taste chocolate in Josh’s mouth, hot, he thought. Josh moved his hands onto Dean’s ass and grabbed it, pulling him closer, “You're…” he spluttered. “Gay?”, said Dean, “I do a good job of hiding it”. Josh realised that he had to see the doctor, to which Dean replied with “Ughhhhhh”. Josh wasn’t sure what he was moaning at. Dean knew the doctor well, as he had had wrist problems after he broke it four years ago, and had to see him monthly about it, so offered to accompany Josh there. Josh and him walked through there corridors, Dean was rock solid at the sight of Josh’s big fat bouncy gut jiggling as he walked. He loved the way that his hips wobbled at a different rhythm to his stomach as he walked.
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