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Just the two of us - The metting (Part one)
There he was again. Matthew Smith. He was at the bench again, lifting those 100 lbs weighs like nothing. Must admit: he got everything a 26 years old would ever want. Thick blond hair falling perfectly above his nose, a skin that made some great show of his tan, muscles to make Greek gods jealous, but most of it, his belly sticking out of his tank top.
I don’t know exactly why, but I have always had a thing with fat men. But not men with saggy, flabby bellies and shape, but those with strong and firm contexture that proved the musculature of their owners. Being at 182 lbs may not be the great thing, as I’ve never tried to grow a belly of my own: my wildest dream by then was to feed a muscle jock like Matt to the point he would burst. Of course, I couldn’t just go in front of him and say. “Hi, I like your belly. Can I stuff you with food until you pop?” Nah, those things couldn’t happen like in my dreams, and I didn’t even know if he was also gay. Now, returning to reality, I could see him coming towards me.
Hey, pal. What up?
Just doing some cardio here, I answered, as smooth as possible. How about you?
Well, working on my biceps as you see. He said this while flexing a bit for some imaginary crowd. He might be pretentious, but he sure had some muscles over there. He must have weighted like 230, or maybe 240 lbs., albeit some part of it was being held inside his belly. And his height of 5 feet and 15 inches wasn’t that bad either. I had known this guy for a while and whenever we and the gym gang would go to clubs or bar, he would jump into any kind of drink (especially beer) he could get and drank the most he could. If my calculations weren’t wrong, his waist must have been 44 or 45 inches, that if he was relaxed.
I know what you thinking. He suddenly said as he spotted me staring at his belly. Yeah, I know, I let this motherfucker grow and grow since I started going out with you guys. He smilingly said while slapping his own girth like a drum. Man, that beer sure can do some damage to you, right? I barely giggled at response. But I don’t know: since my girlfriend took off and dropped me like a dog in the street, I’ve been spending more of my time eating, training and going out with you, that helps me get through all the depression and stuff. Oh, Matt’s straight. Or maybe he WAS? Maybe I should start a diet…
And lose that precious sphere of yours? I thought to myself. No way.
Don’t worry about that, I quickly answered to him, you look great like these, I mean, you do look fleshy, but better stay with meat in your bones, right?
He started laughing. Yeah, meat and fat, you mean. He cleared out while holding one of his love handles. And to think I was weighting almost like you a few months ago…
And the time kept going after that little chat. Matt surely trained hell to compensate the amount of food he ate. But, as summer was ending and fall was approaching, he started to feel even hungrier than usual, maybe because of the cold. When we went out for the nights, we would hit some all-you-can-eat restaurants as they were cheaper than regular bars or restaurants. Then we could see Matt would bring loads and loads of food into his plate. Smashed potatoes, spaghetti, roast beef, grilled chicken, lasagna, onion rings, anything you can think about in a single night. You could see the changes through his body: any part of his body was at least growing a thin layer of fat, not to mention his belly, that must have grown three or four inches in the last month. However, Matt could keep his strength as he kept with his four-times-a-week routine, hitting it harder and stronger every day. That way he could maintain his spectacular pecs, arms and posture even with that spherical belly that must have reached the 50 inches. And I was almost screaming from the desire.
One night of November, after a large evening routine in the gym, they were all taking a quick shower to get home. Matt and I, however, took a little bit more to get to the showers as we were helping Jacob, the gym’s owner and a good friend of ours, to pack away some exercise equipment that the others had left around. As he was in a kind of a hurry, he left us the key to close the place after we took off. It was like ten o’clock and no sound could be heard, except of Matt’s panting.
Man, it may be autumn, but it’s so damned hot in here. He said while gasping and taking a few drops from his forehand with his backhand. That night he was wearing his old black top that barely fit his now enormous belly, reaching only down to a couple of inches above the belly button. He was also wearing a blue spandex, which exhibited perfectly that bubble butt of his, showing each cheek like two perfectly drawn circles that jiggled at every step he took while walking in front of me.
We sure need to tell Jacob to reinstall the air conditioner or something. We had now got to the restrooms and we were taking out our all sweated clothes. Dude, check this out. Matt said to me while putting away his shirt to show me his big round belly. You could have told he had been gaining very much since the last month, as it seemed like his belly button was sticking out even more every day. That entire monument to fat was covered by a thin layer of hair, all sweat and shiny. Above that huge thing, his pecs looked really firm, but you could also tell they were beginning to soften up. Somehow, Matt looked proud of all that… Well, him.
Look at this, man: I weighted myself this morning and guess what? 265! 265 goddamn pounds!
Really, dude? That sure is a lot. I said to him while rubbing that belly of his. It felt so firm and nice…
And not only that. I think I’m becoming stronger because of that! Surely all that food is going to somewhere good. And he started flexing exaggeratedly like always, bending over a bit just to show his biceps to me a little better. Then…
The hell was that? I suddenly asked. Matt, however, knew the answer before I asked.
With a shameful smirk on his face, he slowly turn around and showed to me his trunks had just ripped! And his boxer too! I WAS NOW STARING AT HIS BARE BUTT! From that point of view, it looked like the cheeks were still trying to get out of his now torn prison. And Matthew, not wanting to fight them, took his pants and underwear off, now showing himself at his own glory.
Well, those things have been bothering for a while. He said unworried, as if he had experienced some relief. I guess I need some more clothes that can stand these bad boys, he said while rubbing perfect circles on his gigantic ass with both his hands.
Man, I was losing it. One minute more of it and I would jump into his arms and kiss him until my lips would go dry. But I had to measure myself, I didn’t want to lose such a great relationship with a great guy like him (great in every aspect of the word).
I did take my clothes too, but only to get into my individual shower cabin. Good thing Matt took the cabin next to mine and not in front. Otherwise he would have seen the rock-like hard-on I was fighting against. Trying not to think about it, I started soaping myself and watering off all the luxury I was feeling at that moment, but it was useless. The showering seemed to take forever, and neither of us was finished. Why is he taking so much in there? Maybe all that amount of fat in his belly made him to take longer to wash up, I mean, too much area to cover.
As for me, I was hoping to finish at last, so that I wouldn’t see Matt’s gorgeous body naked again. Just forget it, it won’t happen, dude, I kept telling to myself, while I was soaping my arm for the eleventh time. Just get away a minute after he does and all clear. And then, Matt’s shower turned off.
Good, now I’ll wait a bit. But I didn’t have to.
I could see a shadow was casting I front of me, telling me that someone, someone huge, was right behind me. It was Matt! He was standing there, while crossing his arms, with a small smile drawn in his face. His huge belly was only an inch or two from my body, and I was directly facing his double chin. His gut was so reluctant from the water, and my first thoughts were to hug it firmly, but I repressed myself. It looked like he expected me to talk, but I couldn’t let a word out. He was there, in front of me. Still soaked, still arm-crossed, still naked.
Don’t tell me you don’t know what’s happening. He adamantly said to me, still smirking. He then took a step to the front, with his amazing gut colliding with my way thinner body. You like my belly, you love it. I could tell from the stares you constantly give to me. And you sure like my ass too, by the way you reacted a few moments ago. Now he was pressing me against the shower’s wall. I was melting of commotion, and I could feel my mouth watering. Tell you what: for the next hour, I’ll be your bitch, and boy I’m hungry for something wild tonight. Show me you love this new Matthew, this one that wishes to be bigger. Show me you love me.
Not being able to hold it anymore, I threw my arms around his neck and started to kiss him passionately. It was the best moment of my life! Then, I started smelling something out of his mouth. Had he been drinking? He usually hided some beers or whiskey pocket bottles so that he would drink while training. Maybe he was drunk. But who cared? I was enjoying it and hell I’m gonna ruin this opportunity.
We stayed inside my cabin for a long while, still being covered by that shower that felt like rain from heavens. Soon I moved my hands down to hold a huge amount of fat from each love handle of him. As I grasped him harder, he would moan louder. It was like all his sexual energy was concentrate in his belly. Then, I moved slowly to his butt, where I squeezed those bubbles like trying to pop them. God, they were really tight! I could feel the fat in there, but they could still remain the perfect shape that has always taunted me to take advantage of. Matt surely screamed from both pain and pleasure when I smacked his ass with my hand palm, but damn he liked it!
We quickly got off the cabin and move towards the changing room, where only a few dim lights were on. Then we laid on the cold floor and reset our kissing. Down there, I was on top of Matt’s big round belly while he had his back on the floor. It was amazing! I was making out with the guy of my dreams, who was by the way holding my ass tight and serving himself as my meat mattress. I had my hands above his pecs, rubbing them constantly to feel his might. I could also feel his hard-on against mine while we were kissing like animals.
Then, I shortly left him to search for the condoms in my backpack. When I came back with them, he was already in position: Matt was kneeling with his butt lifted in the air, waiting to be filled and smashed. His fat ass, his couple of colossal spheres of fat that were waiting for me wide open, was facing me just right we had just been. So, whatcha waiting? This fat hog is hungry, and he started jiggling his whole body.
I didn’t hesitate and started to put the condom on. Right then, but my dick felt like a rocket ready to go. Once I wore it, I gently walked into him, kneeled in front of Matt, grabbed as much fat as I could from his belly (which was almost touching the ground, even when kneeled) and I introduced my little friend into his asshole.

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