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Letting Go

Part 1: The Family

"Oh god Jeffrey! Wait til you see your Uncle Rick, he's huge!"


"Well you know. He's always been a bit, how can I say this, on the chunky side, but now he's down right fat. His gut's bigger than your Aunt Teresa's, and she's 8 months pregnant!"

"That sounds interesting I guess Grandma, but you didn't answer my question."

"Oh yes, your grandfather will be able to pick you up at the bus station.

It will be so great to have you home again, even for a short visit. It's been almost, what, a year since you were last here. I mean I'll never understand...."

"Okay Grandma, I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow!" <click>

[One Year Earlier]

I've always been a pretty good sized guy, not really thin but also not close to obese, and it's something that I've had to work at. Periods of dieting, long hours aerobicizing and working out, just to get my size 38 GAP jeans to button. God forbid, I ever let my gut out and acknowledge that a 40 is more my size. My drive to stay in control of weight comes from my family, they're obsessed with the weight fluctuations of everyone they know. I can't remember one family gathering going by without an indepth discussion of who's lost how many inches and whose looking a little on the plump side. Yet at the same time this family will serve incredibly large meals capped with rich, gooey desserts. So it's a struggle to keep my name out of their discussions. I've got an uncle who's on the porky side and every time he gains another ounce I hear about it, I think it's because I look exactly like he did at my age. They think they're warning me so that I don't end up "like him." My parents have both been dead for years, and still my grandparents will use their memory against me by saying things like "Oh, your mom would've been so proud to see you fit into those smaller pants." It's really scary.

This obsession will be one of the major thinks I won't miss at all when I leave for college this week. I've already had my grandma slip me two articles

on the "Freshman 15" and "Eating Light In A College Cafeteria." Even my Aunt's in on the act telling me about light beer! It's all quite ridiculous and very funny. It'll just be nice to not have the food police looking over every meal I eat, counting every calorie, and looking for bulges. I've promised myself that I won't follow their rules anymore or get myself into a tizzy of I have pizza for lunch and dinner. It's going to be great for once to just let go...

[Right After The Earlier Phone Call]

"Christ Jeff! What you trying to do cut off all circulation to your legs?"

"C'mon Todd! I'm just trying on the pants I wore the day I got to campus.

We all leave tomorrow and I don't know how my family's going to feel about this!"

What I held in my hand was a not a pinched inch, it was more like a fondled foot. The soft blubber between my fingers was just a small portion of the new poundage I'd aquired my first year in college, just a glimpse at the rolls of fat that now encased my 275lb body. Wow, 275lbs!

I was just around 190 when I got here, and 85lbs later here I am. Very fat and very worried about what my family's going to think. And while I sat there pondering my fate, I swear Todd was giggling.

"What's so funny?"

"You. We just finished a great year, and yeah you put on a few pounds but I don't remember you ever complaining until now. Heck, I told you it was that little belly you were growing that drew me to you at the Halloween bonfire."

"Well, that 'little belly' is now a 50inch gut that's going to be a little hard to hide from my family. And, I'm not upset that we met, or even that I'm heavier. I like my gut, and my double chin, and the way you suck on my chest but how do I tell them."

"The way I see it, you don't have to say anything. You can't hide 85lbs of fat, and you've run out of reasons for not going home. Face them, and if it gets to be too much I told you that you can come back here. But you need to do this Jeff. Stand your ground and remember that they're family, they're meant to be a pain in your ass, regardless of how big that ass is."

Todd grab a handful of my chunky butt in each hand and gave 'em a good squeeze as he kissed me deeply for the last time before I headed home.

As I started down the stairs of Todd's apartment building with my bags in hand I took a deep breath, knowing that there was no turning back.

[The Arrival]

I saw my Grandpa before he saw me, or at least before he recognized me.

The pit of my stomach dropped, and I walked up to him in kind of a haze.


"Jeff? Oh...there you are. Let's get back to the car. It's hot as hell out here, and your already sweatin' like a p...well you know, there's air conditioning in the car."

The entire drive home we made small talk as I'd notice my grandpa's eyes quickly darting over me trying to take me all in without appearing obvious. I could tell that my size shocked him and that he couldn't wait to say something to anyone about it. When we got him, he hurried in while I got my bags. He went to prepare my family I suppose.

Everyone was sweetly pleasant when I came in. Holding back their comments until I was upstairs, and they thought I wasn't listening.

"Sweet Jesus he's as big as a house!"

"Now ma, calm down. He has put on some weight."

"Don't defend him Teresa. He's almost as big as that brother of yours.

What was he studying at that college, snacking?"

Their discussion went on for about ten minutes, I didn't unpack much as I spent most of that time with my ear glued to the door. They spoke of how to talk to me about it, and about what they were going to do with me now that they had me home for three months and could talk some sense into me.

They waited until dinner was over to begin their tirade. Everyone was still around the table except for my Uncle Rick, who took no part in these discussions. He had gone into the living room to watch the news and let his dinner settle.

"Well Jeff, at least it doesn't seem that you went hungry at school."

"What do you mean Grandma?"

"She means that you've gotten as fat as a house."

"Now dad, let's be nice to him."

"Why mince words? He gots the breasts of a woman now, and even face is fat."

I sat stunned. I had expected some not so nice words but this was way beyond that.

"Honey, your grandpa is just concerned because you don't look healthy.

And I know that you know you should be dieting, because fat is unhealthy, but you didn't even slow down between the two pieces of pie you had for dessert."

"But Grandma, you told me to try them both.."

"...No, I offered them to you to see if you'd take both and you did. I mean, if you keep eating like that you be bigger than Rick soon and I'm honestly not sure, well."

"Not sure of what."

"What your grandma's trying to say that if you're going to eat like a hog we can't afford to feed and we don't want to have to watch you kill yourself with all that fat you're gaining."

I couldn't believe it. They were threatening to kick me out if I didn't agree to diet. I wasn't sure if they were serious, it sounded too much like a ploy to get me to lose weight and be like them. I bet they were so sure that a good scare would put me in my place. At first I did panic.

"But, what do you mean? Uncle Rick's big, bigger than I am, but your not disowning him."

"We're not disowning anyone. And yes Rick is big, and it kills a mother to watch her son eat his life away like that but I'll be damned if I'll pay for someone to eat like that in my house."

Just then, I thought of Todd. How he told me to stand strong and told me that he'd always be there for me, no matter what size I was. I also thought about how many times he'd massaged my sore belly after a big meal, reassuring me that it was okay to eat what I wanted and to enjoy it. With those pictures in my mind, I just snapped.

"Well fine then. It's a good thing that I did eavesdrop on your earlier chat about me because it will be easier to leave since I didn't unpack. I thought that you were my family and loved me unconditionally. Yet here you are yelling at me and calling me names because I've gained a few pounds, that makes me sick. You can take your diets and your home, and shove them both!"

I ran upstairs and grabbed my two bags. I slipped out the front door so that I could avoid any last minute attempts on their part. I honestly didn't know what to do, because I didn't have too much money and didn't know where to go. Luckily an answer found me.

My Uncle Rick was sitting in his car outside. He told to get in. Not wanting to stay anywhere near my grandparents house anymore, I figured this was a good solution for now. Of course I was wary of his reasons because we were never really close before.

"So what did they do? Pay you to drive me around and tell me how horrible being fat is?"

"No, they didn't. I came out here on my own. I did tell them that I would make sure that you were okay."

"I knew it..."

"No you don't. Unless you knew that I'd suggest we get ourselves some take out, head back to my apartment, and try to help you figure out what your next step is."

"Wow...well...I guess that sound's okay...what kind of take out?"

We stopped at a local pizza place and got a couple of huge sausage & cheese grinders, french fries, mozz sticks, onion rings, and some fried mushrooms. I had never been to Rick's apartment and it was not what I expected. It was relatively neat, very well furnished, and there was food everywhere...I mean a fully stocked fridge, cupboards, and candy dishes on every table. While I looked around he got us some cokes and we sat down in his living room.

"So Jeff, what's your plan?"

"What do you mean?"

"What are you going to do? Everyone'll calm down in a few days and you're more than welcome to stay here until then, but is that what you want?"

"I just don't want to have to sit through their lectures or live with their stares. How do you survive it?"

"Very little contact. I was only over there for dinner because I knew you were coming home and might need another fat guy around for moral support.

How did I know you'd gained some weight? I wasn't sure, but I knew enough from living in this family and from my own Freshman year at college to know that even if you gained just ten pounds they'd go at you like vultures. Of course you did gain a bit more than ten pounds. What are you now, 250?"


"If you can't tell your fat uncle your weight who can you tell? Right?

How about I go first? I'm now a hair over 300lbs, like 305. Now you..."

"Okay, I was 275lbs when I weighed myself this morning."

"See, that didn't hurt. You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are and who you become."

"What do you mean?"

"Again with the 'What do you mean?' Pay attention. Don't let anyone get you donw for gaining some weight, especially if you're happy. Are you happy?"

"What do you...I get it. I think I am. I like not needing to scold myself if I get hungry, and not feeling bad if I need bigger clothes. I like having a nice big belly too, that sticks out. It looks cool, I've always wanted one. Even when I was younger I'd pretend to be bigger, especially when..."


"I shouldn't say it, I mean I'm saying too much."

"It's okay Jeff. Go on, please."

"I was going to say, especially when you were around. I've just always admired you and wanted to be like you, you know, fat like you."

We kept talking for hours. Rick was actually quite flattered that I thought of him as a "belly mentor" of sorts. He had no problem with it, and even thought that I'd probably end up bigger than him. We laughed about it, but when I finally fell asleep that night after our huge meal, I dreamt of myself getting fatter and fatter, dwarfing Rick and being fed by Todd. I awoke in a sweat, that dream was so intense and real, unlike any other I'd ever had. In my dream I not only got bigger, but I wanted to. Did I really want to purposely get fatter? My throbbing hard on seemed to answer my question.

"Rick, I know what I need to do. I need to get back to school, away from here. Maybe forever..."

"I didn't think you'd want to stick around. What do you need?"

"I hate to ask but your the only family I consider myself to have, can I borrow some money for a bus ticket?"

"Sure, just promise me that you'll let me know how you're doing, no matter what happens to your belly."

We laughed, and sat down to a huge breakfast. I found myself conscious of what I ate, not because I wanted to cut calories, but because I wanted to eat as much as I could. Well stuffed and feeling focused, I boarded the bus back to school. Letting go of my family, longing for Todd.

Part Two: Friends

When I got back in town Todd was so excited to see me. He said that he although I was only gone for a two days, it seemed like forever. I echoed his feelings and when we finally got a chance to sit down in his apartment, I told him that we needed to talk.

"So what's up Jeff? Is there more about your family, those jerks, that you didn't tell me?"

"No Todd, it's about me. You see I finally put together a lot of feelings these past few days and I've realized what some of my real goals in life are."

"So tell me."

"You promise that you'll stick by me no matter what, right?"

"Yes, we've gone over this a hundred times."

"I know, I just needed to hear you say it again. This is hard, but here goes. When I was home I did make some decisions about my weight..."

"...Don't tell me that you want to lose weight."

"No, not at all. In fact, quite the opposite, you see Todd I want to get fatter, a lot fatter and I'd like you to help."

"Wow Jeff! Those are words taht I never thought I'd hear you say."

"I knew this was stupid. I'm sorry, just forget I said all that."

"Hold on a minute Mr.Low Self Esteem. Just because I didn't expect you to say them, doesn't mean that I haven't been dreaming about you saying that to me from the day we met."


"Yeah really. I'd love to see you get bigger, and I'd love to the one to help feed you all the food it would take."

We kissed then connecting on a level we never had before. Tired from the bus trip I took a nap while Todd promised a big surprise when I awoke. I dreamt of myself developing huge rolls of fat everywhere, of my face swelling like a balloon, my belly swallowing up my legs, and my arms looking like tightly packed giant sausages. When I awoke, there were plates of food surrounding me on the bed, all my favorites. Like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, spare ribs, cheesecake, eclairs, and more. Todd had taken all of his clothes off and quickly he removed mine. I propped myself up with pillows and he straddled me, his cock resting against my belly. He proceeded to tell me how beautiful I was, and how beautiful every inch of fat on me was. With his hands he fed me, gently at first then faster getting all the glorious food he could in. When I began to slow down he fed me single handedly and rubbed my swelling belly with the other to make room. When most of the food was gone, he went down on me.

He pressed his face into my fleshy gut and swallowed me whole. I came like I never had before. Then he rolled me over and took one of the last eclairs. Breaking it apart he lubed up his cock and my hole with the sweat cream filling, then he gently entered me. And as he began to fill my behind he fed me the remaining eclairs. Our bodys pumped in unison as he fucked me form behind and I proceeded to chew and swallow a half dozen pastries before he tensed up inside of me, filling my ass with his own special cream filling. Lying together amidst the food remains, and crumpled sheets we both agreed that we could learn to love this.

And that's how the next three months went on. Todd asked me not to work, knowing that his own job paid more than enough to support us both. Todd worked in an engineering lab on campus and had gotten his master's degree last Fall. Instead of working, I spent my days eating and waiting for Todd to get home, and I never got bored. I tried all kinds of new foods and got to watch plenty of hot videos whether they were porno films or taped talk shows with superfat guys. For inspiration Todd had a friend in a print shop blow up pictures of the men in the Guiness Book of World Records to poster size and then frame them. I started that summer of blubber at 275lbs and I ended it at 400lbs the day classes began, I had put on an amazing 40lbs a month. I was in ecstasy and so was Todd. We took weekly pictures of my progress and saved them in a scrapbook so we could keep track of where I'd been and where I was headed.

And while I was happy, many of my friends were not when they caught my first glimpse of me during classes.

"Jeff?! What the hell happened to you dude? You're a fuckin' whale!"

"What? Did you work as a Twinkie taster this summer?"

"Are you even going to fit into the desks? Wow!"

Before I would've shuddered at their comments, but now I loved them. I especially loved having to go into the registrar's office so that I could request a special desk for all my classes because I was way too big for any of the desks or auditorium chairs. I tried to keep up my eating as much as possible but with a full class load and a work study job to pay the tuition it was next to impossible. I actually unintentionally lost like 30lbs. I wasn't very happy, and neither was Todd.

"Your clothes are just hanging on you Jeff."

"I know but what do you want me to do. It's hard to maintain 400lbs and have to run all over campus all day. I'm not dieting on purpose."

"I know, it's just frustrating because I know that you're not happy watching your beautiful belly shrink."

"We'll figure something out, we have to."

The comments from my so called friends didn't lessen, in fact they got worse. The friendly jibes that I had grown to like soon appeared to be becoming disdain. Eating alone in the cafeteria was no fun, but most of my "friends" said that I spent too much time there and they just wanted to grab a bite and run. Todd would me meet me in the communter cafeteria sometimes but with his work schedule that was hard too. Somehow, I managed to start gaining again, and got back up over 400lbs, then it happened.

I was sitting at the info desk of our campus union where I worked, and I heard a creaking noise. I didn't pay much attention to it, until I realized, too late, that my chair was collapsing. My 400+lbs. crashed to the floor with a loud thump. Students in the union started giggling and I even noticed my boss laughing. When I asked him what he was laughing at, he denied everything. The next day there was a cartoon of an elephant trying to squeeze into a tiny chair in my work mailbox, that afternoon the cover of a recent tabloid with a 3028lb man on it was shoved in there with the words "Look Familiar!" scrawled across the picture. I was upset, needless to say, and I wasn't sure what to do. I couldn't turn to any of my now un-friends, the only person I knew would really understand was Todd. So when he got home that day, I was waiting with the cartoon and picture ready to cry. I hadn't told him before what had happened at work because I felt like he was already dealing with enough with his own job.

"Jeff, what's wrong?"

"They don't understand, they'll never understand."

"Understand what?"

I showed him everything and told the chair story. He giggled a little.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, honestly, I wish I had been there to see you bust it. I'm sure you looked mighty hot busting out at the seams."

"Really? You're not embarrassed?"

"Listen Jeff, you want to get really fat right?"


"Well then people are going to do more than make cute remarks to a 600lb pig. You need to learn to really like it all,like when I call you my fat pig. It's because I love you and think that you're really hot."

"I know, I guess I just didn't know what to do. No one at school really has much to do with me anymore."

"Then why go? If we're planning on helping you get so fat that you really won't be able to work, why spend all the money on a degree? Why not focus on food and fat? And trust me, there are plenty of guys out there who'd love to hear about you and me. I've found some on the internet, even some guys in this area."

"Really? You'd let me quit school and just eat, kind of like this summer?"

"Just like this summer. Jeff, I'd love nothing more that allow you to just let yourself totally go, getting as fat as a real house while I work to make money to keep you fed. Imagine it, no more classes, no more weight loss, no more ignorant friends."

"Sounds great, when do we start?"

Part Three: Epilogue

I'm using the new IBM voice recognition software to record this last piece. My fingers have gotten too fat to hit the keys, and I need to keep up my correspondences with gainers and encouragers everywhere. Todd got a job at a big engineering firm and is actually no able to tele-commute most of the time, which is great because I need help doing just about everything. When we were finally able to get me weighed last week at a truck scale I was close to 1100lbs. I've truly learned what it means to let go; to let go of family & friends who can't understand, to let go of everyday life things like driving a car or shopping or bathing myself, to let go of the fear that I'm alone knowing that Todd will always be there for me, to let go of mobility and to give into the hunger and desire for more. My body fills out a king size bed, when I'm propped up my enourmous belly covers my legs and rests on the floor. My arms are so heavy that I get exhausted trying to move them, and forget about walking without three or four men there to help lift all my hanging blubber. It's incredible, and I know that you can't even begin to fathom what my life is like. I'm fed almost constantly by the men that Todd has hired to care for me when he's gone, my Uncle Rick comes up from time to time to visit and marvel at my size. He's a great guy who's pushing 500lbs himself now. He promises never to tell my family what size I am and I let him have that.

Of course it will be hard for them to not know when then turn on their TVs next week. Todd and I went on the Ricki Lake show to discuss how I intentionally became so huge. I barely spoke as I sat on stage still eating, and Todd told our story. I came twice during that show, of course no one knew that because it's pretty easy to hide my dick amongst all this wonderful fat. I better stop now because the bad thing about this software is that I can't chew & swallow while I speak, and honestly I'd rather be sucking down a milkshake made with pure cream and ice cream, than just talking about it.

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