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Lifeguard Duty
Lifeguard Duty
It was the first day of the summer and the first day of relaxation for Leon, who recently graduated from high school. He was free to enjoy his summer before college started in the fall. Leon decided to get a summer job that he would enjoy. The local city pool was hiring fresh, young experienced swimmers to join the lifeguard squad and Leon was a perfect match. For all four years in high school, Leon was on the water polo and swim team. He was considered one of the top swimmers the school ever had and he graduated with a free ride to college doing what he loved the most. His body was in its peak condition being slim and a bit muscular. Leon signed up and as called into action the following Monday.
Leon sat watching the people of the town enjoying their hot as hell summer. He enjoyed being shirtless while getting a beautiful tan. His red trunks showed off his strong legs that made people envy. There were three other people that Leon worked with on his shift. Two were women that ignored him and the other was a hot blond named Nathan. Nathan had an amazing body that he kept up regularly. His muscles bulged and he looked amazing only in his trunks. He would strut around barefooted with a jock swag as he eyed the people swimming. Every once in a while Nathan would stare at Leon with his deep blue eyes. Leon would make direct eye contact and it was as if they were having a moment to themselves.
For the first week that Leon worked there, Nathan and he never said a single word to each other. It is not like they did not get along but it was as if they knew what the other was thinking. The pool was closed Sundays and employees were allowed to swim in the pool. Leon was the only person there as he did numerous laps around the pool feeling free like he once did in high school. He pulled himself out of the water, the sun glimmering against his wet, tan body. As he dried off he noticed that the lifeguard station was lit up. He walked towards the station and noticed Nathan sitting in the chair on his own laptop. Leon slowly made a gruff cough which made the blond stud aware that he wasn’t alone.
“Oh! Hi there. I honestly did not know that anyone was here today. I usually come here after my other job to relax.” Nathan stated. His bright, white smile shinning at Leon.
“Really? What do you do for your other job?” Leon was curious at what this hunk was all about.
“I also work at one of the gyms in town. Hence why I have this amazing body. Haha! You should swing by sometime. I wouldn’t mind having a partner.” Nathan had the most adorable laugh that Leon had ever heard. Though was this an invite for a date?
“Sure. I would love… um… like that a lot. It’s always great to work out. Makes me feel good.” Leon rubbed his small abs.
“Great. It’s a date then cutie.” Before Leon realized it Nathan was gone. Leon was drifting onto cloud nine that he didn’t notice that Nathan packed up and left.
Leon entered the gym that Nathan talked about and was surprised to see him at the front counter.
“Hey there beautiful. I am really glad you could make it.” And with that Nathan led Leon to the back of the gym. Compared to all the buff guys here Leon felt like a twink.
“Here’s a towel. Strip naked and wrap the towel around your waist and join me in the sauna.” Nathan expressed as he almost watched but decided that it would be too much for the first date and left.
Leon stripped from his tight shirt and skinny jeans, removed his boxer briefs and wrapped the white towel around him. He walked himself to the sauna and opened the door. The steam blinded him as he made his way to Nathan. His pecs were nice and firm with round nipples that perked out which led to a bulging six pack that Leon just wanted to lick. At least he wanted to, if there weren’t two other people in the sauna with them. Nathan introduced them as Matt and Dylan. They were both huge but in different ways. Matt was built like hulk, probably due to steroids while Dylan looked like an overfed ex-jock. That guy was huge. They all talked for a little bit and Dylan waddled out with Matt behind him. Leon and Nathan were left alone.
“They might be my closest buddies but I’m glad they’re gone. It gives me more time to have you to myself.” Nathan was soaked in sweat and it made him shine like a god.
“You really like me don’t you?” Leon asked with a small smile.
“Yeah I do. You’re cute, have an amazing body and a great personality. I want this to be a thing. I want you Leon.” Nathan looked deeply into Leon’s eyes and placed his large hand on Leon’s thigh.
“Ohhh. I want you to Nathan. The first time we stared into each others eyes from across the pool, I’ve wanted you.” Leon pushed himself closer to Nathan. The towels soon came off and Nathan was pushing his massive member into Leon’s muscled ass.
June turned into July and the two lifeguards’ relationship was going strong. The two were together on Sunday by themselves. They both clinked their glasses as they celebrated their first anniversary together. Leon chugged down his beer and after a few seconds he fell into Nathans arms.
When Leon woke up he was still in the lifeguard station, strapped to a chair only in his trunks. Nathan walked in also in his trunks with a cart full of food.
“Hey babe. Sorry to do this but this is really going to turn me on. I find you highly attractive as you are but you are gonna look so hot with a belly.” Nathan started to rub Leon’s dick and slowly started to feed him. This went on for a couple of hours. Leon’s belly was bloated and Nathan was enjoying this. He decided to make this process faster and delivered tests to the city that stated the pool was contaminated and that it would have to be closed for a while. Leon as force fed mostly by Nathan but once in a while Matt would come by with protein shakes and would force those down Leon’s throat.
After a week, Leon’s swimmers body was barely there. He was weighed by Nathan. Before Leon was 175 lbs. but was now 230 lbs. His belly stuck out proud and his muscles were a bit thicker than what they once were.
“How do you feel?” Nathan asked with curiosity.
“Ugh my gut hurts… Why did you do this to me? I worked hard to maintain this body and now I probably can’t even do one freaking lap!” Leon stammered on.
“I like my boys big babe. The bigger the better I always say. You look amazing and you better get used to being big too.”
Leon’s gut started to gurgle and he felt sick. Pretty soon he burped loudly which caused his belly to swell up. He began to rub as it slowly increased in size. His trunks began to get tighter and tighter until they popped revealing his new body. His ass was flabby, his thighs were huge, his pecs turned into man boobs and his gut swelled down and hung low. He stood there naked rubbing his growing belly.
“I’m gonna need new trunks babe.” Leon said with a hard on. It was probably the hottest thing that has ever happened to him.
Leon stepped on the scale. His weight skyrocketed to 280 lbs. He wasn’t as big as Nathans friend Dylan but he had a feeling that he would be. He was in love with Nathan and figured that a simple weight gain wouldn’t cause that much harm.
The following day Nathan and Leon went to work. They went into the lifeguard station where they stripped down to their red swimming trunks. Leon walked closer to Nathan and pushed his newly liked belly into Nathans muscles.
“Ready for this babe?” Nathan asked a nervous Leon.
“I’m ready sexy. Time to show the world the new and improved me.”
Nathan walked out first with Leon waddling behind him. The other workers were shocked at Leon’s transformation. Even some of the regulars who swam there were confused. This lifeguard was huge. There was no way he could swim they thought. Leon spent the rest of the day rubbing his tan belly and eating as he watched the swimmers. Nathan would occasionally give him a bright smile as Leon continued to feed.
College time soon arrived and Nathan convinced Leon to postpone college for now and live with him. He would take care of him and help him get bigger. Leon now weighs 365 lbs and continues to eat and work out daily. Some say he plans on being bigger than Nathans friend Dylan.
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