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Marc and Aiden in London
As the plane started to descend towards Heathrow, Marc’s substantial belly rumbled. ‘Hungry babe’? asked Aiden, ‘never mind, there’s a good burger place here, I’ll get you one’ ‘Just one’? Marc mumbled, ‘I’m starving’! The boys had stayed at Marc’s parents house the night before to make catching their flight to London easier and while they had been well fed the previous night, breakfast had consisted of muesli, toast and orange juice. This was fine for Aiden, but Marc was a big lad of around 260lbs and wanted more. The plane landed and as soon as they arrived in the baggage hall Marc made for the burger shop, while Aiden waited for the bags. Five minutes later, Marc found Aiden complete with bags and Marc had 2 burgers, one in each hand and one half eaten already – they were not cheap nasty burgers either, good quality beef in a big soft ciabatta roll, with all the trimmings. Aiden smiled, ‘happy now big boy? I see you got me one too’ Marc’s face fell. He hadn’t thought about Aiden wanting food, he never did want anything; he was always so conscious of his admittedly gorgeous, trim body. Aiden laughed, ‘it’s ok fatboy, you’ve got a figure to maintain for me and I’m not hungry anyway…’ Marc’s face flooded with relief – he loved Aiden very much and didn’t want to hurt him.

There was a car waiting to meet them and whisk them off to their hotel – all part of Aiden’s prize, by this time Marc had finished both his burgers and the driver took their cases and drove them into London. The car had a dividing screen, so the boys could have their privacy and they chatted about what they wanted to do. Marc was really excited, he hadn’t been to London for ages and the last time was with his parents. This time he could do what he wanted, with Aiden and there would be no questions! As the car pulled up outside Claridge’s, both boys were in awe – they had known it would be good, but surely some mistake…? The doorman opened the car door and said, ‘Mr. Anderson? Mr. Parnell?’ they nodded, jaws drooping slightly, ‘Welcome to Claridge's, please step this way.’ Marc Anderson and Aiden Parnell followed the doorman to the reception desk to check in, Aiden spotting grease from the burgers on Marc’s polo shirt just as it was too late to do anything about it…! They were shown to their room very quickly and the bags were just behind them. Once they were alone, Aiden hugged Marc from behind, ‘well Marcy, what do you think’? ‘I know what you’re thinking’ Marc said. He could feel Aiden’s boner nudging him gently between the cheeks of his very ample backside. ‘We need to get that greasy polo off you anyway – we can’t have you wandering round London like that…’ teased Aiden, pulling gently at Marc’s burger stained shirt. As the shirt came out of Marc’s jeans, all of a sudden, there was a big bouncing belly in front of Aiden. He smiled approvingly and started to give it a rub, in big, gentle, circular motions, making it bounce by giving it a gentle slap from time to time. As he got to the bottom, he stopped and started fiddling with Marc’s belt and the button on his boy’s jeans. Marc was not objecting to any of this – in fact he was horny too and lay down on the bed to make it easier for his lover. Aiden tugged Marc’s jeans off and then his skin tight boxers too. Discarding both Marc’s clothes and his in an untidy heap on the floor, he climbed onto his soft doughy lover and started kissing and sucking on his big heavy tits. Marc moaned in ecstasy and Aiden worked his way down to Marc’s big juicy cock, now dripping with precum… Aiden sucked like his life depended on it, only stopping when Marc threatened to cum. Aiden turned round, with his butt facing Marc, knowing that Marc would not be able to resist rimming his boyfriend’s ass. Aiden had a little surprise up there for his fatboy – as he knew Marc loved chocolate of any form, he had allowed a mars bar to soften and had pushed it up his ass for Marc to find later… True to form, Marc gently pushed his tongue into Aiden’s tight, pert behind. The chocolate had melted and when Marc started licking, then sucking harder and harder, Aiden knew he had found it. Aiden was the top however, and he knew that by now, Marc would be desperate for his fat arse to be fucked – and fucked hard. The boys were banging away for Scotland, Marc’s flab rippling with every push that Aiden made, making him push even harder – Aiden could feel himself coming to orgasm, so he started wanking Marc off, so they would cum together. He pulled out just in time and the cum went everywhere, all over Marc’s expansive belly, on his face and Aiden’s, before Marc knew what was happening, Aiden had started greedily licking their combined juices off Marc’s belly and tits. ‘I want my lunch now’ grumbled Marc, ‘I’m starving again – you must be too now’! Aiden admitted that he was and promised lunch after they had showered and cleaned themselves up. Needless to say, there was more fun in the shower, with Aiden playing with Marc’s soft wet body, but both boys wanted food.

After a substantial lunch in Claridge’s Bar, well for Marc anyway, the boys ventured into town. Marc wanted to go to Soho as he had never been there and Aiden agreed, as it was some time since he had been there himself. The boys walked up Davies St. onto Oxford St. and along and down Wardour St. which took them into the heart of Soho. They had a pleasant afternoon wandering around the sex shops and the bars, Marc soaking up several pints of his beloved Guinness and Aiden matching him on Stella. Slightly buzzed with the drink, Marc decided he was hungry again, so they went to a pub that served food and Marc had steak pie and chips with more Guinness, while Aiden just had another beer. They decided on a nap before dinner, but walked back to the hotel the long way, down Piccadilly, stopping at the Hard Rock Café for liquid refreshment, up Park Lane and then along Brook Street, back to the hotel. Just after they had started up Park Lane, Marc spotted an ice cream van in Hyde Park… ‘Look, Aidy’! he said excitedly and was off before Aiden could say anything – for someone of his size he could put on a remarkable turn of speed – especially when there was ice cream involved! He got to the van and ordered two cones, ‘the biggest please, with a flake and raspberry sauce’ Aiden had arrived by this time, ‘I got one for you too this time’, Marc said smiling, handing Aiden the biggest ice cream you have ever seen… The boys wandered contentedly back to the hotel eating their cones, Marc finishing before Aiden. ‘Are you struggling with that hon’? Marc asked – a slightly mischievous glint in his eye. ‘I’m just not as greedy as you, fatso’! Aiden reposted, affectionately rubbing his boyfriend’s tummy and handing over what was left of his ice cream.

After they had had their nap, the boys dressed for dinner - they had hired Dinner Suits in the afternoon, when they realised where they were staying, Marc having asked for an extra size up to allow room for plenty of dinner – he was looking forward to it… (surprise, surprise!) They started their evening in the same bar where they’d had lunch, with a bottle of champagne on the house. They went through to the Reading Room for dinner, saving the Gordon Ramsey restaurant for the next night, which was Marc’s birthday. The boys ate more than their fill, well, Aiden did anyway. Marc was bulging over the top of his hired trousers and proclaiming to be pleasantly full. Aiden smiled and asked Marc if he would have space for another mars bar later…? Aiden signed the bill and the boys went back through to the bar for a post dinner cocktail before bed…

Marc woke first, stretched and looked at his phone to see what time it was. ‘Hmph!’ he thought, ‘far too early for anything yet…’ He rolled over and put his heavy arm round Aiden who was still sleeping, ran his fingers through his boyfriend’s chest hair and kissed the back of his neck. Today was Marc’s birthday and although he didn’t know it yet, Aiden had a day full of surprises lined up for the Birthday Boy. Shortly, Aiden woke and turned over to smile at Marc, ‘Happy Birthday Babe’! he said, kissing him. ‘Are you ready for your breakfast yet’? Aiden asked. Marc looked ponderously at the ceiling – he was hungry and horny, which for him was the judgement of Solomon… ‘Yeah, but we need to shower first…’ he grinned, wickedly. The boys had a shower, which took longer than it should have, because Marc started playing with Aiden, slipping a soapy finger up his tight, beautifully toned ass. Aiden responded by going down on Marc and as a result they ended up having a full on fuck in the shower, Marc on all fours, his fat arse up in the air and his heavy, but empty belly wobbling with every hard thrusting movement that Aiden made. Aiden came inside Marc, howling with ecstasy as he did so. As he pulled out he went down to lick his cum off Marc’s ring. As he finished, Marc’s substantial belly rumbled ominously… ‘I think we need to get you some breakfast fatboi’! Aiden grinned. They slipped on some clothes and went down to breakfast. 
When they got to the dining room, Marc’s jaw dropped. He had never seen a buffet like it in his life before. The cute, slightly tubby waiter showed them to their table and brought the coffee that Aiden had asked for. Marc was more of a juice man in the mornings and helped himself to the juice bar in the middle of the room. On the way he happened to pass a table with Danish pastries on it, so he grabbed a couple to eat on the way, and another couple on the way back. Aiden told him he had ordered a full breakfast for both of them. Marc smiled because he knew that Aiden wouldn’t eat it all – hardly any of it in fact, because he was so body conscious. Marc liked that in Aiden, because he liked the contrast between Aiden’s slender, trim, tight body and his own large, soft, doughy body which hung over the belt of his jeans. He looked even fatter beside Aiden and vice versa, which suited them both. When the plates came, Marc’s face lit up. He knew that Aiden would pass most of his breakfast over to him. There were 4 pieces of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, black pudding, potato scones, hash browns and tomato. Marc lashed through his in about 6 minutes, while Aiden was still picking at his bacon. ‘Do you want a hand with that, Babe’? he asked, and without waiting for an answer, swapped their plates over. Demolishing Aiden’s plateful too, he then wandered round the buffet to see what else he could pick up. He came back with a large plate piled high with a couple of bananas, more pastries, a bowl of mixed fresh fruit (melon, pineapple, apricots etc.) for Aiden and a glass of some kind of yoghurt drink. Once he had ploughed his way through all that, he let out a massive belch and contentedly rubbed his soft, ample belly, while Aiden looked on approvingly. ‘So what’s the plan for today, handsome’? Marc asked. ‘Well, it’s your birthday, what do you want to do? I’ve booked you a massage, but that’s not until 6pm and dinner is at eight, so the rest of the day is yours and mine, fatty’! Aiden teased poking Marc gently in his rather large love handle. ‘I’d like to wander round, like we did yesterday,’ Marc said, ‘I saw a sauna that looks interesting, and there’s a restaurant in Soho I liked the look of for lunch…’ Aiden smiled, ‘I might have known – always thinking of your belly’!! ‘Well, I wasn’t this shape when we met and you are always feeding me – do you want me to go on a diet’? Marc reposted, knowing full well what Aiden’s answer would be… ‘No, babe! I like you as you are, come here…’ Aiden gave Marc a hug and rubbed his Buddha belly affectionately. ‘You’ve worked hard on that and I know you like being big… Come on let’s get out and enjoy our day’. 
The boys wandered back to Whitehall stopping at the ice cream vendor they had seen the previous day. As a surprise for Marc, Aiden had booked tickets for the London Eye, which Marc loved and because it was such a clear day, they could see for miles, although the Palace of Westminster was very close. ‘I wish we could go and see round there too…’, Marc sighed, ‘but it’s so difficult to get tickets to get in…’ ‘Hm, hm’ Aiden coughed and as Marc turned round, Aiden handed him an envelope with the crest of the Houses of Parliament on it. ‘No way’! Marc exclaimed, ‘You’re awesome, man’! He opened the envelope excitedly, and sure enough, there were two tickets for the tour of Westminster. Marc gave Aiden a big bear hug and kissed him full on the lips, just as their capsule came down to ground. ‘Come on then, let’s go, I can’t wait’! Marc was like a small child, he was so excited. Aiden just smiled to himself, seeing Marc like this was fun and made him realise just how much he loved him.
As they wandered towards Westminster Bridge, Marc spied a burger van. ‘Babe…’? was all he needed to say, ‘I wondered how long it would take’! teased Aiden. ‘Just a Scooby snack, before lunch…’ Marc defended himself. 
Marc was almost always hungry these days and as a result was getting bigger all the time. When he started college he was about 220lbs and solid muscle from playing rugby, then he met Aiden one night and he started growing from there. Nowadays, Marc was bouncing (literally!) around the 260lb mark and growing. He loved it, Aiden teased him mercilessly, but he was the first to admit he liked the fat boys and that he had spotted Marc’s potential and fattened him up on purpose! It was easy to feed Marc, give him lasagne, pizza, garlic bread, all these things were his favourites and if there was ice cream for pudding, you could just give him the tub and he would eat the lot, no questions asked.
The boys had their tour of Parliament, into the debating chambers looking down from the respective galleries, through the Members Lobby, where they looked up reverentially at the statues of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, amongst others. Marc’s belly rumbled substantially and the noise bounced off the walls of the ancient building. An older couple standing nearby looked across, with a disgusted expression on their faces. ‘I can’t help it lady, I’m hungry’! Marc said to the woman, taking hold of Aiden’s hand as he spoke. The woman’s face turned bright red with apoplectic rage, but before she could respond Marc and Aiden were gone, heading towards Soho for lunch. The boys lunched at Balans Café on Old Compton Street, near the Admiral Duncan. Aiden just had a light 2 course lunch, but Marc had a full 3 course lunch, with an avocado starter, followed by lasagne with garlic bread, then sticky toffee pudding. ‘I enjoyed that’! he said, rubbing his belly. The waiter just looked on in amazement. ‘D’you fancy a beer across the road, baby’? he asked Aiden ‘Then we can go for that sauna…’ They went back across the road to the Admiral Duncan and ordered their regular drinks, Guinness for the fatboy and Stella for Aiden. After another couple of beers they decided to head for the sauna. They went in and paid their money, the toned receptionist looking, somewhat slack-jawed, at Marc who gave his ample belly a gentle rub which caused his shirt to ride up and reveal his soft underbelly. He gave them their towels and pointed them in the direction of the locker room. They changed and came out with their towels wrapped around them, Aiden’s overlapping at the front and maintaining his dignity, Marc’s wrapped round his waist, but sitting under his belly, which was full from lunch and 3 or 4 pints of Guinness and sitting round and proud, like the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral. His tits rested atop his belly, just sitting there, moving gently with every step he took. His towel had to be arranged differently from his boyfriends, because, although he was able to tuck the ends together, there was a slight gap, so Marc was wearing his towel in such a manner that the split was down one side, allowing his large thigh to peek out alluringly. He stood up straight and proud as he walked into the steam room, which was full of twinks, one of whom looked faintly familiar… Marc and Aiden sat down on the warm bench beside one another and Marc put his thick arm around Aiden’s trim waist. One by one the twinks left, until there were only three guys left, Marc, Aiden and the boy who looked familiar to Marc. The stranger was the first to speak, ‘I recognise you from somewhere…’ he said. Marc spoke next, ‘Yeah, you look familiar to me too…’ It was Aiden who solved the puzzle. ‘Don’t you work at the Big and Tall store in Edinburgh’? he asked, ‘I’m sorry, I forget your name, though’ ‘It’s James and yes I do work there, but it’s my weekend off and I decided to come to London for a change of scene. What are you two doing here’? ‘I won a weekend trip and we decided to come down for Marc’s birthday – I’m Aiden by the way and this is Marc’. They chatted inanely for a while, about all sorts of things, but neither Marc nor Aiden could miss James’s ‘growing interest’ and when James nipped out to the loo, Marc and Aiden decided that they would like to invite him back to the hotel for some fun. When James returned they put their proposition to him, which he accepted with alacrity. 
Outside they hailed a black cab and jumped in, ‘Claridge’s please’ Marc said. ‘Some prize’! said James as he raised an eyebrow. ‘We did get lucky’ Aiden replied ‘but using it for Marc’s birthday seemed as good a reason as any’. The cab pulled up outside Claridge’s and the doorman appeared as if by magic to open the cab door. Aiden paid the cab and then tipped the doorman as well. As they headed upstairs, all 3 of them could feel their hormones rising over the unknown. James had a small rucksack with him, containing the things he never went to a sauna without; condoms, lube, toothpaste and toothbrush, and a tenner for a taxi! The three boys got into the room and for a moment there was a slightly awkward silence as if no-one was sure what to do next. Marc took charge putting his big bear like arms around the two skinny boys. ‘Well, get your kit off lads’! he said with a mischievous grin, removing his own large clothes and lying on the bed, his erection sticking up like a flagpole. Aiden and James were quickly beside him, James rubbing his hand in circles on Marc’s big soft abdomen, Aiden gently licking a nipple, occasionally pulling at it with his teeth. James slowly worked his way down towards Marc’s cock, stroking it gently and flicking it with his tongue. James quickly moved down between Marc’s legs and started to suck him off, but Aiden whispered in Marc’s ear to go on all fours, which he did. James being small and wiry, slid underneath Marc and continued the blow job, Marc’s ample belly resting on James forehead, while Aiden mounted Marc from behind. Marc came first, blasting his hot sticky cum against the back of James’s throat. James swallowed it greedily, sucking every last drop from Marc. While Aiden was still fucking Marc from behind, Marc started sucking James cock, which for such a small guy was really quite an impressive size. James and Aiden came together, filling Marc with cum from both ends. After they were all spent, Aiden opened a bottle of champagne from the minibar and they toasted Marc’s birthday health. Just at that, there was a knock on the door. Aiden answered it and came back with a birthday cake from Room Service. It was a reasonable size. Aiden cut a piece for all 3 of them and then James had an idea. ‘Right Marc, let’s see how much of this you can eat before we need to feed it to you – no hands though, eat it like a pig…’! Always one for a laugh and a challenge, Marc readily accepted and went down on all fours, while James put the plate down in front of him. Greedily, Marc got stuck in, guzzling the cake and getting icing and jam all over his round chubby face. Aiden decided to video this with his phone for Marc to watch later (and perhaps post on youtube!). Meanwhile, James was rummaging in his bag for something, which he found. It was a brand new butt plug, still in the packet, but with a curly pig’s tail on the other end… James quickly lubed it up and slipped it into Marc’s fat ass while he was finishing the cake – there was a slight squeal, as it was unexpected, but once it was in Marc seemed quite happy. He had also eaten all the cake with no need for the other two to feed him! He belched as he stood up and said, ‘Right guys, I need a beer, let’s shower and hit the bar’!
They wandered down to the bar, Marc still wearing his new butt plug inside his jeans and had a couple of beers, then Marc remembered he had his massage at six, so he and Aiden saw James into a taxi at the front door, all of them thanking one another for a wonderful afternoon. After all the hugs and kisses, Marc wandered up to the hotel spa and checked in. The receptionist gave him a soft, fluffy robe and pointed him in the direction of the changing rooms, having told him to head for room 6. Marc was pleased to note that his masseur was a man, not unlike Aiden in appearance, but not as tall. Marc had worn his Speedos for his massage, but they were stretched very, very tight on his ample behind. The masseur introduced himself as Andrew and told Marc to hop up on the bench. ‘I believe you are here for a Full Body Massage, Mr. Anderson’? ‘I’m not sure Andrew, my boyfriend booked this as a surprise for my birthday’ Marc replied. ‘I guess if that’s what you have down, then that’s what’s booked…’ ‘Right, let’s get on with it then’! said Andrew. The massage started off normally enough, with Andrew massaging the back of Marc’s neck, then down into his shoulder blades. As Andrew got further down Marc’s body, he began to encounter more of Marc’s blubber and that was when he started, ‘You’re a big lad aren’t you? In fact you’re downright fat! Look at these Speedos you’re wearing, they’re about to rip down the ass’! As Andrew started to work on Marc’s ass the Speedos did indeed give way, with a gentle ripping sound. ‘You tub of lard! Now look what’s happened…! You’re disgusting! Turn over so I can work on your front now.’ Marc did so and realised that he had a massive boner, which there was no way Andrew would be able to ignore… Needless to say, he didn’t ignore it and soon lashed into Marc with more verbal abuse, ‘Oh, what have we here…? The fat poof likes me it seems…’ Marc flushed a deep shade of red, not knowing what to say, or where to look. Finally the massage was over and Marc signed the check, scampering back to the room, where Aiden was waiting for him. ‘Well gorgeous boy, how was it’? Marc told Aiden everything, word for word and as Marc’s story unfolded, Aiden became incandescent with rage and was all for storming down to the Spa for a showdown, when Marc showed him the Speedo’s which he was still wearing, albeit for the last time! Aiden laughed and Marc asked if Aiden could pop his new butt plug back in through the hole… ‘I’ve got a better idea fatboi’, smirked Aiden ‘Oh go on then…’ laughed Marc and soon the two lovers were at it again, Aiden’s rage forgotten…
Pressed and dressed, the boys went down to dinner in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. Aiden had arranged for a bottle of Bollinger to be on their table when they sat down. They drank it while they were looking at the menus, Marc having four glasses to Aiden’s two (Well, it is his birthday, remember…) Over dinner they chatted about what had been an extremely eventful day. Marc rather tactlessly brought up the subject of the massage, saying how much he had enjoyed it. Aiden made an unrepeatable comment about the masseur and Marc replied, ‘Actually babe, that was what made it so special. That man saw how fat I am and tried to embarrass me about it, but it didn’t work! I am proud of who I am and what I have become since you have been part of my life and I love you for everything you do for and especially, to me’. Marc sat back, speech finished. Aiden blushed, for once lost for words, Marc was not really one for such eloquent dialogue. Then he said the first thing that came into his mind, ‘Marc’ he said, getting down on one knee, ‘Will you marry me’? Marc grinned from ear to ear, which belied his hesitation, when he said, ‘I wanted to ask you, mind you, while I’d have got down on one knee, I’m not sure this (rubbing his huge, over-stuffed gut) would have let me get back up! Of course I will marry you! Come here…’ Aiden and Marc shared a long lingering kiss over their coffee cups.

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