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Mark and Aiden get more than they bargained for
When Marc and Aiden were in London for Marc’s birthday, Aiden had asked Marc to marry him and Marc had said yes. Before they went to London, Aiden had weighed and measured Marc so they could get him some new clothes in Edinburgh. Marc had weighed in at 260lbs and when they got back from London, Aiden had insisted on Marc weighing himself first thing in the morning before breakfast. Aiden was in the kitchen cooking Marc’s breakfast when he heard a deep baritone rumble of laughter from the bathroom. Rushing to investigate, he found Marc on the scales, peering over his substantial belly to see the number 270 rolling up on the display. ‘Aidy, look! That’s 10lbs in less than a fortnight’! Aiden said, ‘well you were certainly packing it away when we were in London, talking of which, your breakfast is almost ready…’ ‘What is it’? asked Marc ‘Come and see lard arse’ Aiden teased his boyfriend.
Over breakfast, the boys discussed their impending wedding. ‘What are we going to wear’? Mark asked. Aiden suggested a trip to Edinburgh to see their friend James at the Big and Tall store, where they had got clothes for Marc before they went to London. As an aside, he remarked that he wouldn’t mind seeing Marc an even 300lbs for their wedding day. It was in Marc’s nature to accept that as a challenge and he said, ‘Well baby, if you want that I’ll do it for you, but you’ll need to help me’! ‘Like I don’t already fatso’! retorted Aiden. Marc came up behind Aiden and pressed his growing belly into his back and nuzzled his neck, ‘Baby…’ he said starting to play with Aiden’s recently pierced nipples, which both boys loved… ‘Ok, ok, but you need to do as I say, when I say’! Secretly, this was what Aiden had been hoping for. He loved Marc very much and he knew that Marc loved him, but Marc had a stubborn streak and if something wasn’t his idea, and he didn’t want to do it, then wild horses would not change his mind. Aiden had been doing some research into gainer shakes and had ordered some stuff from the internet with this very project in mind. He was going to fatten his boy up more than Marky thought possible! 
Marc wasn’t due back to work for another couple of days, so the boys decided to go into Edinburgh and look at rings for one another. They wandered round the St. James Centre, but didn’t see anything they liked. They decided to walk along Rose Street again – needless to say Mark was hungry and wanted lunch and a couple of pints of his beloved Guinness! Aiden agreed, he was feeling peckish too. The boys stopped at the Rose St. Brewery and they both ordered steak pie and chips. Aiden knew that he wouldn’t finish his, but then again… Marc was actively trying to put on at least 30lbs! While they were looking at the menu Aiden had noticed there was a massive ice cream sundae for sharing. When Marc went to the toilet, Aiden nipped up to the bar and ordered one for Marc. Once the plates had been cleared the waiter brought the sundae out, with two spoons. His face was a picture when Aiden said, ‘I don’t need a spoon, it’s all for fatboi here’! Marc nodded and said through a mouthful of ice cream and marshmallow, ‘S’true, he’s trying to fatten me up’! After lunch Marc and Aiden carried on along Rose St, chatting about the night they first had a meal together and how Aiden had tricked Marc into eating almost a whole sundae to himself. ‘Now it’s normal’! laughed Aiden. He stopped and put his arms round Marc, looking down into his boyfriends eyes, ‘I do love you Marc. I know I tease you about being fat and getting fatter, but you are the single most important thing, person, whatever, in my life and I never, ever want to be without you…’ ‘I know that Aidy and it goes double for me – I don’t know where I’d be without you – still thin, probably’! With that Marc twisted one of Aiden’s nipples, eliciting a gasp from him. As Aiden gasped, Marc kissed him full on and slightly sticky from the mountain of ice cream he had recently devoured. Coming up from their snog, they found themselves outside Rockcandy, a new and quite trendy looking jewellers. ‘Let’s go in here’ Aiden suggested, ‘It looks much nicer than what we’ve already seen…’ The boys rang the bell to get in and a young man let them in. ‘James’! exclaimed Marc, giving him a hug and a peck on the cheek, ‘How the devil are you’?! as Aiden did the same. ‘Very well thanks guys, good to see you again! I saw you outside and I hoped you would come in – I didn’t want to interrupt you by coming out…’! Marc and Aiden both looked a little sheepish. Aiden broke the silence, ‘Well, since we last saw you James, Marc has done me the honour of consenting to be my husband’! ‘Aiden, Marc, that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you – and now you need rings right…’? James showed the boys various pairs of rings and they chose a design called ‘Fusion’ for their engagement rings, but in the end they decided to have something designed to their own specifications for the wedding. James asked them what their plans were for the rest of the day, nothing really, just pottering about town… ‘Can I take you out to dinner guys, to celebrate? I finish here at 5.30, so I can meet you after I have showered and changed…’ Never one to turn down food, Marc accepted immediately, then looked at Aiden slightly sheepishly, ‘Sorry babe, is it ok with you’? ‘Well, ok – but don’t do that again’! Then he winked, ‘Only joking hon, of course it’s fine’! ‘I live on London Road, so I’ll meet you in Planet Out about six o’clock…’ As if on a timer, Marc’s belly rumbled, really quite loudly. James laughed and said to Aiden, ‘I think you better get this boy some food’! ‘It’s less than an hour since we finished lunch – and he nicked mine! Still, he’s a growing boy, d’you know he put on ten pounds between us visiting you in Big and Tall and coming home from London’! There was a hint of pride in Aiden’s voice as he said this, although Marc was getting slightly irritable, ‘I’m still in the room you know! And I’m still hungry!’ ‘Ok fatso, I’m coming, what do you want to eat’? ‘Anything! You, if you don’t get a move on!’ They said goodbye to James having made arrangements for later that evening. Sporting their new rings, they marched along Rose St. until they came to a chip shop. Marc ordered a smoked sausage supper, with double sausage and a large bottle of Coke. His food ordered, he relaxed, turned to Aiden and smiled, ‘I’m sorry babe, I was a bit grumpy back there…’ ‘You were and I think perhaps you should apologise to James too when we see him later’ By this time Marc had his food and mumbled somewhat reluctantly through a mouthful of chips, ‘Okaaayy’ 
As they wandered along Rose Street, the boys were looking in various windows at different Gent’s Outfitters, but they didn’t see anything they liked. They got to Charlotte Square at the West End and decided to walk back along George Street, where the likes of Austin Reed and Moss Bros were situated. They didn’t get very far when Marc needed to pee, so they went into Bar 38. Marc went to the gents and Aiden ordered a still water for himself and a Guinness and a packet of crisps for the fatboi. Marc came back, suitably refreshed and having washed his hands and face to get rid of the grease from his ‘afternoon snack’. ‘What’s with the water babe’? he asked. ‘Oh, I just felt thirsty…’ Truth was, Aiden had also put on about three pounds while they were in London, so he was trying to watch his intake to get back down to his normal, svelte 250lbs of muscle. He had been thinking to himself that he mustn’t catch up with Marc, although Marc was not much heavier than Aiden, he was significantly softer and squidgier! The boys finished their drinks and continued their journey along George St. Looking in various windows they saw things that they both liked, but were way out of their price range. ‘Well baby,’ said Aiden, ‘we either need to save a huge amount of money, or elope…’ ‘I don’t care what we wear Aidy, I’d marry you in your rugby strip if need be’! This gave Aiden food for thought, but he said nothing. They got to Planet Out about five o’clock, so they went in and Marc ordered drinks, usual Guinness for him and Stella for his boyfriend. Marc sucked his down in about ten minutes flat, while Aidy took a bit longer. Marc went and got himself another one while he waited for Aiden to finish his. As they were finishing up, James bounced in and ordered another round. ‘I’ve got a table booked at the Smoke Stack in Broughton Street, it’s not even a five minute walk’ he said. ‘I am SO excited for you guys – you are the first gay couple I know that have decided to tie the knot.’ They sat in the pub till about quarter past seven, then wandered over to the restaurant. 
The trio were taken to their table by a friendly waiter who evidently knew James very well. He bowed his head, just enough for it to be noticeable and said, ‘Mr. James sir, your usual table is waiting’ Aiden and Marc looked at one another with raised eyebrows, but said nothing. The waiter came to the table and took and order for drinks, ‘I think we need champagne tonight, we’ll have a bottle of Bollinger please, Simon. Don’t just stand there, jump to it’! Aiden and Marc must have looked surprised, because James said, ‘Don’t worry, he’s one of mine – I’ll explain when we get home…’ The Bolly came and Simon poured it. Unfortunately, it frothed over the edge of the glass. James glared at the poor boy and said to him, ‘You know what that means, don’t you? I’ll see you after you finish work…If I’m not there, prepare yourself and I’ll deal with you when I get back.’ Simon was beetroot with embarrassment and just nodded his head and scuttled away, leaving our friends to look over the menus. James told them to order whatever they wanted, it was a special occasion. Simon came back and Marc ordered garlic bread and chicken and bacon pate, Aiden looked mortified when he realised Marc had ordered two starters. James just laughed and rubbed Marc’s Buddha belly, causing the big boy to belch rather loudly. ‘I’m sorry’! he muttered through his embarrassment, ‘it’s all these bubbles! Actually, James, while I remember, I owe you an apology for my grumpiness this afternoon in your shop…’ ‘Thank you, but really, don’t worry about it, it’s just SO good to see you both again. I think we might have some fun later too…’ he said with a wink at Aiden. The rest of their evening was uneventful, James signed off the bill and walked away. ‘Come on then! There’s fun to be had!’ Aiden ran after James and Marc lumbered after them, he was feeling full, even for him! ‘Hey, wait for me’ he shouted after them. ‘Come on then piglet, run…’ laughed James. Marc wondered to himself why he was so fond of James, when he seemed intent on humiliating him like this. Then he remembered that he was wearing the pigtail butt plug James had given him in London… By this time he had caught the other two up and they were heading for CC Bloom’s on Picardy Place. Once they were in, James headed for the bar and ordered a pint of the black stuff for Marc and Aiden asked for a whisky and soda, to aid his digestion! The third round of drinks was Marc’s responsibility, so he made his way to the bar, dropping his wallet just as he got there. As he bent over to pick it up, there was a gentle tearing noise… ‘Shit’! he thought, ‘Aidy will give me hell, I just got these for going to London…’ He paid for the drinks and took them back to the table, deciding to say nothing. As he sat down, Aiden put his hand round Marc’s lower back, slowly moving towards his lovers large arse. Marc muttered, ‘Aidy, don’t do that…’ Aiden asked ‘Why not, have you done something nasty…’? ‘Oh hell, you’ll find out soon enough – my jeans ripped when I bent over at the bar – happy now’? ‘I’m always happy to hear you’ve ripped your trousers big boy – it means you’re getting fatter for me’! James piped up, ‘let’s have a look Marky’! Realising that he wasn’t in trouble, Marc happily obliged. As he stood up, James poked his finger into the small hole. ‘Aww James, you’ll make it worse’ Marc grunted. ‘Aiden, did you know your boy is going commando today’? ‘Why don’t you tell the whole bar J’?! Marc squirmed because James was getting a bit louder with the drink. ‘He’s wearing his tail too. Oh Marc, get it out, please? Poke it thru’ the hole in your ass…’ Marc looked at Aiden for some support, but he was helpless with laughter. ‘Oh go on then, if it keeps you happy! But I’m not going back to the bar with it poking out’! he warned. ‘We’ll see big boy...’ thought James to himself, ‘a couple of depth charges and you’ll do anything I say…’ It was James turn to buy the drinks again, so he went up to the bar, ordered the same again and got Marc a depth charge, a pint of Guinness with a shot glass of Drambuie in the bottom. ‘I got you a wee change this time Marc…’ James explained what the drink was. Marc seemed quite happy and drank it with his customary speed. ‘I like that’ he grinned ‘Aidy, can I have another one please’ ‘Happy days’! thought James to himself. Marc was back on form, having digested some of his huge meal and pleasantly buzzed by the considerable amount of alcohol in his system. ‘Right fatso, your round’ James grinned as he said this, realising the double meaning. Marc picked up on this, ‘You’re correct my friend – in both senses of the word’! Marc stood up slowly, deliberately passing his huge belly within an inch of James nose. Aiden spoke at this point, ‘Baby, your shirt has ridden up a bit, pull it back down will you’ Marc did, but he was so bloated it wouldn’t stay down. ‘Oh well’ he chortled, ‘looks like I might get to 300 quicker than we thought…’ Aiden smiled and patted Marc’s back side, ‘Off to the bar please handsome’ Aiden and James thought that Marc must have forgotten about his tail, but when he was about half way to the bar, he stopped, wiggled his ass, looked round at them and winked. The two boys just looked at one another and burst out laughing. Through the tears, Aiden managed to gasp, ‘I never, ever thought I’d see that’! Marc came back with the drinks, ‘You thought I’d forgotten didn’t you! Well this is the last one, I’m getting horny now’! James wiggled Marc’s tail, pulling and pushing just a bit too, which caused Marc to grow significantly in his trousers. ‘Right boys, drink up, I’ve got stuff planned back at the house’ The three boys took a brisk walk, well, as brisk as Marc could manage, back to James flat in London Road, just round the corner. 
What they entered, blew Marc and Aiden’s minds. It was STUNNING. A beautiful, period flat with contemporary furnishings. ‘Right, never mind this, in here’! James led the way into a very dark room with small pin spot lights highlighting one or two features. In one corner was a small cage, with what appeared to be a small boy inside. Aiden recognised him first, ‘Shit, that’s our waiter’! ‘Yes, he fucked up tonight, so he is here to be punished, but he can wait, I’m more interested in my friends tonight, than that little good for nothing faggot over there… What are you boy’? ‘A good for nothing faggot sir’! whined the boy. ‘Well at least he’s listening to me, that makes a change. You can’t find good slaves anywhere these days..’ Marc stood, his jaw hanging, suddenly realising why James had taken the opportunities to humiliate him like he had and that he, Marc Anderson, had secretly enjoyed his friend doing it to him. ‘James, is there a bathroom I can use please’? ‘Yeah, sure, it’s next door’ When Marc left the room, James asked Aiden what he thought about a little force feeding and humiliation of Marc. Aiden wasn’t sure but James said to him, ‘he’s gagging for it, I can see it in his eyes. Take your lead from me and trust me. We won’t hurt him, just put a collar and cuffs on him and feed him the two dozen donuts and gallon of ice cream I bought on the way home. He’ll love it. He’ll protest, but you watch his cock – it’ll be fucking rigid’! James could not believe his luck when Marc shambled back in naked apart from his piggy tail… ‘Looking hot there, Marky! We’re going to play a little game in here, it involves food, so you’ll be okay! Can you put this blindfold on for me please…’? Marc looked a little suspicious until James brought out the box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts he had bought on the way home. His face lit up and he started to move towards James. ‘Ah, ah! You have to do what I say to get these! Go over to that St. Andrew’s cross and then put the blindfold on.’ Marc did as he was told and James signalled to Aiden to slowly and gently put the first heavy steel cuff on Marc’s wrist while he did the other wrist. ‘What the f…’ James stuffed a gooey pink iced donut in Marc’s mouth to silence him as he signalled to Aiden to do his ankles. Marc was now securely attached to the cross, although James did put a matching steel collar round Marc’s neck, just for the sake of completeness. ‘I’d like a photo of this Aiden, do you mind’? asked James. ‘No probs, J, I’d like a copy too tho’ as he winked. By this time, Marc was drooling out the sides of his mouth, so when the donut was removed some of the saliva landed on his ample chest. ‘Aidy, what the fuck’s going on? Did you know he was going to do this? I’m scared…’ ‘It’s all right baby boy, I’m here, I won’t let any harm come to you. J thought you might like a bit of feeding up…’ ‘Yeah, but not like this…’ All the time Aiden had been gently stroking Marc’s arm, to try and soothe him. ‘Just let’s try it, it might help you to get nearer your goal. You never know, you might like it, then we could try it at home… Please baby, just for me…?’ Aiden used a soft, gentle tone, which he knew Marc struggled to resist. ‘Ok, ok! But the blindfold has to come off, I need to see what’s happening!’ Aiden looked at James, who nodded his assent. Aiden slowly took off his lover’s blindfold, so the sudden light would not dazzle him. ‘That’s better, now, where is that box of donuts I saw you with J’?! ‘Not so fast fatboi, Aiden and I need to get ready first’! With that James started to strip, Aiden followed suit. James had obviously prepared ahead for this, because as he removed his boxers, he revealed a pair of very tight, very shiny, leave nothing to the imagination, rubber shorts. He then went and got a pair of shiny black Doc Marten boots and put them on over a thick pair of socks. He looked quite the dominant master, since he had last seen the boys, he had had a celtic design tattooed round his right bicep, which added to the overall effect. ‘Aiden, you’ll get a pair of leather chaps in that cupboard over there, if you want…Might need to let them out a bit mind…!’ Once Aiden was suitably attired, they turned their attention back to Marc. ‘Right, here we go. You better finish this soggy, half eaten affair first, I think…’ James rammed the half eaten pink iced donut into Marc’s eager, waiting mouth. ‘Oooff’! Marc grunted, as he tried to masticate the mouthful of sweet, doughy stodge. ‘C’mon fatso, that’s only half of one! The next one will be whole’! Marc finished and eagerly opened up for the next one. True to his word, James rammed it in whole, looking down at Marc’s dick, he said to Aiden, ‘Look, I told you he’d love it, he’s like a fucking ramrod! And that’s only two down’! Marc looked down, and true enough, his dick was telling him and the others how much he loved it. ‘What have I become’? he thought to himself, ‘I’m a fat pig, begging for donuts from a man who seems to enjoy humiliating me at every opportunity he gets… and I love it’! It was Aiden’s turn to fill Marc’s face this time and he chose a particularly sugary jam donut, whispering to Marc as he shoved it in, ‘You ok babe’? Marc smiled and nodded vigorously, he was having a ball, despite his initial uncertainty. He was going to take this experience home with him and enjoy it with Aidy on their own! He had also developed a technique for demolishing the donuts quite quickly as they were forced into his ever eager mouth. ‘Could I have a drink please, I’m getting quite thirsty…’ James’ eyes lit up at this and he retrieved a funnel gag from behind the cross to which Marc was attached. ‘Aiden, there’s a drink waiting for the boi in the fridge, can you get it please’? Aiden went through to the kitchen and found a huge SMEG fridge, inside were 4 large jugs, of two colours, there was brown and pink, which Aiden took to be chocolate and strawberry, so he took the chocolate one thinking that Marc would enjoy it. When he got back to the ‘dungeon’ Marc was strapped into the funnel and James was standing by waiting for Aiden to come back. ‘Ok Marc, this will be nice and cool, if you need to breathe, just stick your tongue into the hole and the fluid will stop coming. This is about 3 pints of an ice cream based drink, with about half a pound of weight gain powder in it. Every last calorie will stick to your gorgeous body! Ready? Here it comes!’ Before Marc could nod his assent, the sweet, sticky liquid was pouring into his mouth and it was heavenly! He drank it down, greedily enjoying every last drop. It was done before he knew it. ‘Do you want more of that, or more donuts’? James asked him. ‘More drink please’ Marc endeavoured to say through the funnel, although it sounded like, ‘Moh ink ease’ James signalled to Aiden to go back to the kitchen and when he came back James suggested that Aiden should feed ‘The Horny Fatboy’ this time. While Aiden was pouring the thick liquid into the funnel, James picked up a bottle of baby oil from behind Marc and started rubbing it generously all over Marc’s arms and legs. Once Aiden had finished pouring, James handed him the bottle and told him to rub it into Marc’s body. ‘You’ll enjoy this, and so will lard arse there. We really don’t want him getting any stretch marks’! Aiden did as he was told, sensually rubbing the oil into his boyfriends large moobs, love handles and belly. Just as James had predicted, albeit in a sideways fashion, Aiden’s manhood started to grow, the silkiness of the oil overcoming him. He started to play with Marc’s balls, until James interrupted him, ‘Ah, ah, time for that later! Fatso has another dozen donuts to go and six pints of strawberry if I am not mistaken…’ Marc worked his way through everything and his normally soft, doughy belly was absolutely solid, tight as a drum. ‘Well done Marc, I really doubted you would finish that little lot, but you proved me wrong! You’ve got a good un there Aiden, keep feeding him and he’ll make pig status in no time’! Marc was rattling his irons, ‘Can I get out of here now, please’? ‘Ok, after I take another photo for comparison. Right, but be careful – in fact, Aiden, you get under one arm and I’ll get the other, his legs will be weak after all that time in there.’ As it happened Marc did slide to the floor, partly due to his tired legs, but also due to the excessive amount of baby oil on the floor. As he struggled to roll over so that he could get up, he grinned, ‘So this is what being fat really means! Come on guys, roll the piglet over!’ Aiden and James rolled Marc onto his front, with a great deal of difficulty, given all the baby oil – he looked and felt like a beached whale - and when he had struggled onto all fours, he wiggled his fat arse, still with pig tail in it and said, ‘Ok, you’ve stuffed me from the front, now in the name of all that is good, stuff your cocks up my arse, I’ve been gagging for it all night’! Aiden offered James first go, but he whispered something in Aiden’s ear, that Marc couldn’t hear. Aiden laughed and agreed. Marc was getting disgruntled, ‘Come on guys, what’s so funny – it’s rude to whisper anyway’! With that, Aiden whipped out Marc’s butt plug, which in actual fact released a fart that MUST have registered on the Richter scale! ‘Lordy, fatboy’! exclaimed James, ‘that must have been building for a while’! ‘Well what do you expect, you leave it in and stuff me full of donuts and that drink – what is that by the way? We need to get some Aidy, it’s gorgeous! Now come on, are you going to fuck me or not? If you can’t decide who’s going first, try doubling up’! James and Aiden were gobsmacked! That was what they had been whispering about! Aiden took the initiative and grabbed the baby oil and after he had liberally lubed his own cock and Marc’s hole, he gently lubed up James as well, who had by this time, lost the shiny shorts, but had kept his DM’s on. ‘Ok, Marky, here we come…’ Since they met, over a year ago, Marc had been regularly fucked by Aiden, so he was well practiced and knew how to relax. Even so, this was a challenge. Neither of his fuckers was less than well endowed. ‘Fuck sake! What was I thinking!’ he thought, ‘deep breaths, in, out, in, out…’ And then they were in. It was fantastic and well worth it, Marc thought. They varied it, initially, they worked in tandem, in and out together, then one would hold a stroke and they would alternate, so there was always one in and one out… Eventually, Aiden started to breathe harder, Marc knew what this meant, then just as Aiden shot his load up Marc’s hole, James let out an almighty blood curdling scream and Marc felt even more cum shooting up his tube. ‘Stay there’! James commanded as he and Aiden pulled out. He went to his cupboard and pulled out a new butt plug, still with a curly tail, but twice the width. ‘You’ll need that tonight, two cocks breeding your hole and two lots of cum – I don’t want you dripping anything on my carpets pigboi’

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