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Mr. Russell's Office
A mosquito buzzed through the air, looking for a new victim with fresh blood. It ducked through the bushes and trees, which were abaundant on the campus of Northeast Michigan Community College, and part of the cause of the recent bug problem. There had been many sightings of hornets, thanks to the bright and attractive flowers, and there was one case of a near fatal bee sting, but it was believed anyway that the guy was extremely allergic to bee sting to begin with. The hungry mosquito flew around and eventually alighted on the shoulder of Alan Banks. Alan, a very scrawny 23 year old thing with thick framed glasses and brown hair in a bowl cut, ambled his way through the campus, the mosquito constantly sucking his blood like a miniature vampire with wings (Actually, vampires do have wings, well, it depends. But anyway....). He had just come from his lunch, and had about an hour's worth of free time on his hands before his next class. This particular day, however, Alan was heading to the gym. Of course he wasn't athletic. Every sport that he had ever tried met with pretty much unsatisfactory occurences, and he had decided to watch rather than play. You see, Alan Banks had a secret. It was a secret that no one other than himself knew about. No one else had ever discerned his true feelings and desires. The secret about Alan was that he was attracted to fat men. He had always wanted to gain weight and become that which he loved, but was afraid of what his loved ones would think. Because of these strange attractions, he often wondered if he was a latent homosexual, but he never brought the matter up to anyone, again, because of criticism or disdain. 

The school wrestling team would have practice about 3 or 4 times a week, around the time that Alan had his free time. So whenever they practiced, Alan would go to the gym and watch them. He heard their distant grunts as he slowly pushed open the door and entered. Alan would always try to be as stealthy as possible when he watched the practice sessions, simply to avoid suspicion. To do this, he sometimes snuck in and hid within the bleachers. Lucky for him, the school maintianed a pretty high cleanliness policy, so the interior of the pulled out bleachers were overall free of dust dirt and mold, and made a perfect hiding spot for Alan's sightseeing pleasures. So engorged in the actions of the other husky wrestlers, Alan began to lose track of time, and in what seemed like little more than 5 minutes to him, it was time for his next class, Principles of Advanced Calculus. His situation always likened to a sweet desert with a bitter, bitter after-taste. Alan had always been considered the "nerdy" type, and for some reason it was assumed that he and mathematics fit together like a round peg in a round hole, but deep inside, Alan loathed math. Although hee was good at it, given the chance, he would have gladly dropped that boring class and spent more time gazing at his idols, the wrestling team.

With a degenerative sigh, Alan crawled out of his hiding place and walked out of the gym toward his class. He was getting ready to cross the courtyard and enter the looming Math/Science building, when all of a sudden, his chub hunting eyes locked on to a shape waddling across the yard. He gazed at this unfamiliar shape with utter fascination and began to move in closer for a better look. Getting closer brought the shape into more detail. It was a short man who looked, by Alan's estimates, to be around 4'5" His hair was black and shiny and styled in a ponytail. He was wearing a brown suit with a white undershirt and a blue/black striped tie. The most remarkable property of this strange man, however, would be how incredibly fat he was. His face was round and moon-shaped, his belly was so bloated that it hung down and shifted from side to side, bouncing up and down as he walked. Sitting on top (or to the top AND side rather) were two round breasts that made his button-down shirt stretch almost to the point of popping. They too jiggled and danced as he walked. Alan did not recognize such a man, nor did he remember ever seeing anyone like that around the school. But he did not care who or what he was, the only thing on his mind was following him. There was a slight problem, though. Alan's Math class began in about two minutes and he had to go right away if he didnt want to be late. He was left with a decision, one that he had to make quickly before he lost track of the fat man. Either go on to math class and not be tardy, or follow the chub. Of course for Alan, this choice was not a hard one, and he ended up doing what we all would have done in this scenario.

Despite the man's weight, he was quite fast in his walking, as Alan could see as he began to follow him. He had to keep his distance while keeping his sights. The two walked halfway through the campus and into another building, the Administrative Building. Seems that this fat guy was a faculty member of some sort. He kept following, allured by the man like one is allured by the smell of cake. Into the dark building they went, Alan comming through the door softly so the man wouldn't hear him. Eventually the man went into an office, and office that Alan spied out. The sign on the door read "WILLIAM RUSSELL-ACCOUNTANCY" Alan almost couldn't resist opening the door, but decided to peep into a long glass pane by the door. He saw the man taking off his suit coat and putting it on an adjacent hanger. Oddly enough, he didn't have a drop of sweat on him! Alan marveled at this for a while as he watched him plop into a swivel chair and turn toward a computer. It seemed that Alan's voyueristic adventure was over, at least for now. Tommorrow, however, is another day.

That night, Alan couldn't think of anything apart from that man he saw on the campus. He drifted off to sleep fantasizing about what they would do together. He even dreamed about him. Seems that it was love at first sight. It was like they were meant to be with each other. The next day, Alan went to school with enthusiasm. He desperately wanted to see that fat man again, and he had his eyes peeled wherever he walked. He had to hide his ecstasy from his friends though, so not to draw any attention. That was a very hard thing to do nonetheless. As each class drew to a close, he was so eager to get out and hunt for the fat man that he barely took anything other than his textbook out. Not only that, but he spent so much time running and searching that he came running late to all the next classes. Everyone thought that Alan was just having an off-day. Little did they know what was written across the mind of this scrawny framed chub hunter. Having ben through all of his classes, Alan was sorely dissapointed for not seeing his man again. Although daunted for now, he was still as determined as ever to find the man of his dreams.

Very few colleges have the same schedule every day. Most break up their schedules into an A B A B A format intsead of an A A A A A style. That is usually to provide more space for classes, while in turn "compacting" the classes to add a touch of difficulty to them. In Alan's case, his college was in the majority. He had first seen the fat man on a Wednesday, missed him on Thursday, and today was a Friday. Alan figured that today was his day, assuming the chub abided by the same schedule style that he did. Time passed swiftly that day in anticipation of his encounter until eventually it was time for Math. Alan took care to walk the same path that he took when he first sighted the fat man. He waited until the right time, and began to search. The time passed and he continued searching, but found absolutely nothing. Completely dismayed, he decied to make another visit to his office. He went up to the door and stealthily peeped into the window. The man was not inside, and the door was unlocked. Almost automatically, Alan stepped into the office and was amazed at what he saw.

On the computer screen was his profile from the student directory. On the desks were pictures and printouts of him. Alan stepped up to the computer, minimized the Internet Explorer window, and found himself staring face to face with a distorted image of himself on the desktop. Apparently the man did not know how to Tile the picture. This fat man, whom Alan had never seen in his life, was apparently obsessed with him! Mr. Russell would be back in his office very soon, and Alan did not want to be discovered, yet. He made his way to the door when he heard a sound. It was the sound of the building doors opening and the man comming in. It was obvious, with the huffing, puffing sounds, and the scampering footsteps. There was no choice for Alan except to run out of the office and hide. Later on that day, Alan got into his car and prepared to leave. He pulled off the student parking lot, got on the street, and was caught by a red light next to the school. Looking back at a nearby building, he could see the fat man clearly. He was looking at Alan through one of those full length windows. Alan watched as he smiled and waved at his car. The time had finally come for them to meet, and Alan was ready. 

Next Monday came like a flash; Nothing else was on his mind except the chub. In fact, Mr. Russell's appearance had caused him to lose all interest in watching the wrestlers. The time for Math class had come, and Alan knew that Mr. Russel would come to his office soon. He made a beeline to the Administrative Building and sat on the steps. Alan looked left and right for the man. He saw students and more students walking like so many heads of cattle heading home to the ranch. After a while, Alan saw his bouncing target heading toward his destination. As Mr. Russell got closer to the building, he looked at the steps, did a double take, and gasped. Alan knew that the man had saw him and began to walk faster. He went down the steps, past the man and looked over his shoulder. The man began to walk faster too. Alan started to run, and the man started to run too. Alan slowed down, and the man slowed down in sync. He knew that Mr. Russell was playing with him, and he played along. Slowing down to an ambling walk, he led the man all the way to the emptied out gym. The man said nothing, but only followed him, copying his speed. The two entered the gym and Alan sat on the lowest bleacher. Mr. Russel came in and sat right next to him.

"You know, don't you?" Alan said to the pudgy man. "Yeah" the man responded. "You know, don't you?" Mr. Russell said to Alan. "Certainly" Alan said back. Alan looked at the man and said "but didn't you have work to do?" Mr. Russell scratched his chin and said "didint you have a class to go to? We're both alike, risking life and limb for what we desire." Alan stood up, the man doing so too. "Well, what are you waiting for, come on!" They both went into Alan's hiding place. "Its dark, quiet, and there's no one around." Alan said. "Ill see to that. And by the way, call me Billy." Mr. Russell grabbed a set of keys from his coat pocket and locked all of the doors. Then he walked up to Alan, still in the hiding place, and hugged his legs. Alan proceeded to takeo of his suit coat and unbutton his shirt, feeling the waterfall of soft, warm blubber flow into his arms. "This is going to be the best semester of my life!" Alan said, sighing. Suddenly, a thought like a dark cloud came over Alan's mind. "But what about my classes? My grades are bound to take a nose dive." The man reached under his fat and into his pants pocket. There he grabbed a small key and showed it to Alan. Written on a tag hanging from the key were the words "STUDENT RECORDS OFFICE-Adminstrator Access". "You're grades will not be a problem, especially after today." Billy said. They laughed for a good minute and continued playing. Soon it was time for Alan to go home. He had Billy unlock the door and began to walk out but turned around. "When can we do this again" Alan said. "Whenever we can" Billy responded. Looking around to see if anyone was there, he kneeled down unitil he was at Billy's height. They gave each other one more hug and Alan walked out of the gym. The sun was beginning to set as Alan headed to his car. The day was ending, but it would be alive for a long time in the mind of this scrawny framed chub hunter, who relished it as he drove down the street toward home.


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