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Mu Shoo's New Working Buddy
Mu Shoo yawned loudly when he woke up. He'd eaten all night and was amazed he felt so refreshed. His boyfriend helped with the bellyrubs, but it still amazed him he got any sleep at all. Overeating caused him to have really bad heartburn and indigestion.

He glanced at his clock and sighed some. He didn't want to work. His boss was a jerk and made fun of his weight. He liked being a big fat panda. He liked how it jiggled as he walked. The guy might also have issues with his hair. He died it to look redder than was naturally possible. It was normally red, but now it was cherry red. He loved it. It gave him character. The fat did that too, but his red hair really stood out.

Mu Shoo shrugged away his thoughts, heaved his heavy body out of bed and waddled to his bathroom. He turned the shower on and got in. His thoughts wandered back to work as he lathered up his big belly. This thoughts were pushed aside when Jack joined him in the shower. He gave Moosh's belly a big squeeze. 

"Morning, big guy." Jack said with a big grin. Mu Shoo grins back. 

"Morning, sexy." Mu Shoo said.

"So work today, huh?"

"Yep...I hope the boss isn't a big jerk tonight."

"Heh, I think you're in for a good day big guy."

"Yeah? What makes you think that?"

"Trust me."

Last Friday Jack had gone to Mu Shoo's boss and harassed him about leaving Mu Shoo alone. He hadn't told Mu Shoo about the meeting. He hoped the guy would lay off of Mu Shoo after that. Jack had pressed his belly into the little twerp and told him that Mu Shoo loves his size and didn't need a bully like him making life miserable for him. Mu Shoo didn't have the heart to tell Jack that he got off on being humiliated.

Mu Shoo got out of the shower after he and Jack had pre-work sex. Mu Shoo always felt better after sex. He could focus on work better. He waddled to his closet and pulled out his Sushi Sushi Bar uniform out. It was snug on him these days. His boss was too much of a jerk to allow him to get a bigger one, and Mu Shoo was too much of a mascocist to say it bothered him.

Sushi Sushi lay ahead of Mu Shoo in the horizon. He sighed and headed toward the building. He sighed once he was at the front door. Going inside, he was surprised at what he'd found: a new employee. He was a chubby bear. Mu Shoo grinned some.

"Heya." Mu Shoo said.

"Hey." The new guy said with a large grin on his chubby face. "Wow, so you must be Mu Shoo. The boss guy told me to watch out for you."

Mu Shoo blushes. "Don't listen to him...I won't eat you."

The guy smirked. "Don't tease."

Mu Shoo turned redder. "Uh...so since you know who I am..." He said holding out a pudgy paw for the guy. The guy grins and shakes it with his own. "I am Don. I was hired yesterday actually."

Mu Shoo grins. "Nice to meet you Don. I guess Frank was fired then?"

Don shrugs. "I dunno dude. I guess so."

Mu Shoo nods. "Yeah, I guess so."

Don and Mu Shoo release eachothers hands. Don's hand grazes Mu Shoo's belly. He blushes some from the touch. "So...have much experience?" Mu Shoo asked as he waddled behind the counter and cleaned it up some.

Don nods. "Yeah, I used to work at a buffet down the street. I know this isn't the exact same thing, but I have enough experience that I was hired.

Mu Shoo smiles some, trying to keep his focus on cleaning the counter. The guy was so cute, but he didn't want to let the guy distract him. "That's great."

Don nods some and works around Mu Shoo. His hand grazes by Mu Shoo's large ass. Mu Shoo felt it and turned red. Ignoring the cute bear was gonna be harder than he thought. He doubted Jack would mind if he fooled around. He and Jack had an understanding. Heck, he'd joined Jack and another guy once. It was akward, but then Mu Shoo prefered a one on one type of setting. He and Don could fool around if he wanted to. A little bathroom fun here, go to Don's place there. Don looked a lot like Jack, only Jack was bigger and fatter.

Mu Shoo looked from Don to the boss's office. The door was closed and they didn't open yet for another hour. He looked back at Don, winked and waddled off to the bathroom. Don grinned and headed in after.

Don and Mu Shoo kissed for awhile before they took eachother's clothes off. Don rubbed Mu Shoo's large belly and shivered. "Man, you're so fat and sexy. Jack was awesome to tell me about the job offer."

Mu Shoo smirked some. "Jack told you to take a job here...and heh, take me too?"

Don nodded. "Pretty much...we're still gonna fool around, right, fatboy?" Mu Shoo nodded and turned arround and got down on all fours. Don smirked, got down with Mu Shoo and got into Mu Shoo's big butt and thrusted in. He moaned and groaned with each thrust.

"Ooh ya...like that pandaboy?" Don asked with a growl.

Mu Shoo nods. "Oooh ya....I am gonna cum so hard..."

Don grinned and kept going.

"Oh ya man, me too!..." He groaned again.

Soon both bears came and collapsed on the floor together.

Soon they were going at it one more time before the boss yelled at them from his office to open the store. They got up, dressed, cleaned up and went out. They smirked at eachother as they cleaned tables and opened the resturant for buisness.

It was the first awesome day Mu Shoo had had in a long time.

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