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My Cousin, the Pumber : Installment 1
I couldn't help but stare at his meaty rear as he tinkered under my kitchen sink. His thick, wide ass waved about as he worked, and his love-handles jiggled quite a bit. He was gorgeous from behind, even moreso from the front! I really wanted to just touch him. Somewhere, anywhere! So what if he was my cousin... The drain on my kitchen sink wasn't working, so I had called my cousin Josh to fix it. He's a plumber and I get a family discount! Sure beats figuring it out on my own. Josh and I were the same age, only one month apart. We grew up doing everything together! We went to the same school, shared a lot of classes, spent most of our weekends together in our youth. Pretty much our only difference was life choice and career path. Josh was a plumber, and I followed the family trade and got myself into food service. Josh yelled from under the sink, “Hey, Alex, could you get me that wrench off the table?” “Sure thing,” I said as I grabbed the wrench and bent down to the floor. “Why don't you open that other door and come in here. I'll show you a thing or two about how to handle this in the future -- Not that you should have any problems now that you put me to fixing it.” I opened the other cabinet door and got on my hands and knees. What a perfect opportunity! I thought to myself as I pretended not to have enough room. I put my small waist up against his thick, soft hips. It wasn't much contact, but it was nice. I handed Josh the wrench and he pointed the flashlight at some of the piping. He started rambling on about the pipes and the water flow and something about how easily it can all get backed up. I didn't pay much attention, though. I was too entranced by his softness pushing against me. He shifted about, probably trying to reposition his pants which had slowly worked themselves half way down his butt. I felt his hips jiggle against me. My focus was so attached that he was done talking before I had a chance to shift my attention! We crawled back out of the cabinet one at a time. There wasn't room for both of us to move on account of the island counter, but we managed. I was the first to get up, and watching him hoist his heavy body was all too good. He had to have been about 340 by now. His gut stuck out quite a bit, his thick Italian ass was tempting, and I couldn't help but notice the soft round of fat that now protruded under his chin. I don't know why, but his new mass was just so erotic to see! After we were stood, he put his hand on the knob and on the count of three, “Water! Now let's see if it goes down.” Josh left the water running and sat at the island. I offered him something to drink, and he said he was fine without. I offered him a handsome Italian sub I prepped for him, but he said he had just eaten before coming over. That said, we just sat and talked for a bit. “I have to tell you, Alex, I'm glad you convinced me to go to trade school,” Josh said pleasantly. “I didn't believe you at first, but it was the best decision I ever made!” I listened as he carried on, but offered no response. “I run my own business, make a good wage. My work load is picking up, and I still have time for Trish. I tell you, if I had just stuck to High School, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am right now. I'd probably be working in some factory skating by on minimum wage and working more hours than I care to think about. Life's good, and I have you to thank for that!” Finally I chimed in, “I told you you wouldn't regret it. It's more of a work-load at first, but it pays off and it pays off fast. Best of all; since you did it through school, you didn't have to put too much of your own money into it to begin with.” “I know,” he continued. “I bet if I tried to go now that I'm graduated, I'd have to pay tons of fees and shit.” “Yah. I'm glad I went for culinary. I could learn a lot more if I went to a college or something, but learning the basics at such a low cost was really worth it. It's helped me get to a comfortable place. Granted I work so closely to mom and dad -- not exactly something I want to do forever... But it's a great start.” “How is Auntie Gina, by the way,” Josh asked. “She was ill last I heard.” “She's doing a lot better. Amber took really good care of her, and she's almost made a full recovery. The doctor says she shouldn't do too much just yet, but she's healing up nicely.” “That's good to hear. And how's business?” “Don't act like you don't know,” I said with a wink. Josh was a frequent customer at the family bistro, so he knew full well how business was going. He just liked making small talk. “Yah,” he reacted with a pat on his rotund gut. “I guess I'm down that way a little more often than I'd like to be!” “I don't know what you mean,” I said trying to hide my flush cheeks. “O, come on, man! You can't tell me you haven't noticed this masterful work of the last four years!” He patted his stomach again. I watched it ripple all the way into his face which made me nervous, and I blushed harder. “Well yah, but that can't all be from the bistro,” I said. Firstly, I wanted to cover my reactions, and secondly, I was slightly curious about just how he got so big in the last four years. I mean... when we graduated, he was only 140. “It's not all from the bistro, but I gotta admit, a lot of it comes from there,” he responded, cupping his hand over the top of his huge belly as he lounged in the chair. Speaking with his free hand waving about, he went on to say, “I wake up pretty hungry every morning. I skip breakfast and start work around six. By noon I'm starved, so I usually stop by the bistro and get a massive lunch, as you've seen. Heck, sometimes I have a whole pizza or more to myself! Around one, I get back to work. I stay on call in case of emergencies, but I'm usually doing papers and bookwork from one until about four. While I'm doing papers, I usually snack on stuff. Chips, soda, brownies, danishes... sometimes I even swing by the burger joint and pick up a few. Mind you, I'm talking about what I snacked on just yesterday! Then I go home to one of Trish's huge dinners. She makes some of the best food! She could probably put you guys out of business if she opened her own restaurant, you know. Odd as it is, she makes food enough for four and I wind up eating for three!” “Damn!” I remarked. “No wonder you got so big so fast!” “Yah... 200 pounds in four years is a pretty remarkable gain. More than I thought would happen. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it, and I was pretty shocked when I started letting out my pants. I mean, it's not that bad. I'm active, so it's not too much to handle, but man is it different. I really gotta get a grip over it, though. I couldn't keep up this rate for long!” “You'd be 700 pounds before thirty,” I shouted! “I know! They'd have to lift me off the couch with a crane!” “Not true,” I retorted. “There's plenty of people who are perfectly mobile at that size. Especially people like you. I mean sure, if you sit on your ass all day and do nothing you'd have trouble walking, but you do shit all day every day. You're up. You're walking. You're moving about, picking yourself up and down, crawling in tight spaces. You're constantly getting a fair work out. You might even be able to support a hefty thousand if you kept up the activity, not that I'm saying you should!” That last bit was sort of a lie... I would have loved to see him at 1,000 pounds! After a short pause, I continued, “I just mean that you'd be able to handle it if push came to shove; and push was fat and shove was your short, stocky Italian frame.” “I guess you're right,” he said. “I mean, I've seen other dudes as big as me who couldn't get themselves to their feet if they fell. I just worry about becoming some sort of blob like that.” “I get you. I just don't think you have as much to worry about as some other people do.” “Yah, but I'm still gonna try and get a hold of myself,” he said in termination of the topic. “Listen, Al, I really gotta get going. It might be Saturday, but I have another job. Poor guy's toilet clogged and no matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to get it unstuck. Says the whole house is starting to wreak, so I'm doing an emergency call. Luckily, he's willing to accept the weekend fee!” He gave a hardy laugh and got up. Unexpectedly, he reached out for a hug and I obliged. It was a brief one, but it was so nice to feel his mass press around me. He grabbed the sub I made for him and headed for the door while I stood in disbelief. “I'll call you later on, man,” he said as he shut the door behind himself. He got in his van and left, but I stood in an odd stupor. A good three minutes passed before I got back to life. I looked at the clock on the oven and, rounding, said to myself, “Three in the afternoon.” As I walked to the couch I thought, I suppose I could take a short nap. Besides, I have so much sleep to catch up on! I sprawled out on the sofa and let my thoughts drift around. I couldn't help but think of Josh and his grand new build. At only 5 foot 7, he was pretty stocky. It was so hard to think that he used to be a tiny little twig. I mean, 140 is a little pudgy at that height, but he was still thin compared to most of the guys in school. He used to be so tiny! I mean... even a year prior, he was still pretty small in comparison. I'd say that a year before that day, he was around 270. The last year had to have been his biggest gain yet! The more I thought about it, the more I envisioned his progress, and the more aroused I got. I was so lustful over him. Sure, he was my cousin, but he was the only person I had ever felt so close to, and now the weight was just the icing on a cake that had taken 22 years to concoct. Even back when we were 13, we used to cuddle when one would stay the night at the other's. It seemed normal then; we were young and family and needed comfort at night. Lots of kids cuddle just because... but for me, it was more than “just because.” It took me some time to realize it, but as I went through puberty, I noticed my attractions. I realized that I liked men, and I realized even more that I liked Josh. His pronounced features, his dark skin, his thick black hair, his olive green eyes, his juicy Italian ass; just to mention some of his physical features. But he was so much more than physical. He was a companion, a deep friend. He listened when I needed him. He was always by my side. We had so many things in common beyond blood. Sure, some might say, “That's what family's for.” They'd be right, of course! But that's not what I felt with Josh. It was so much deeper than that, and I wanted so badly to make it more than that. Sadly, he was indeed my cousin. And worse, he was straight to the best of my knowledge. Despite the negatives that kept flashing in my head, I continued to think about Josh. I reflected on all the times we saw each other over they years, how every time we ran into each other, he seemed a little bigger. Not long ago we didn't see each other for four months straight. Then one day he barges into the bistro asking for a huge order of garlic knots, a huge meaty sub, a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and a cut of lasagna to go! After only four months of not seeing him, he had already outgrown all of his clothes. Even his new ones were having a hard time keeping everything in. The more I thought about him, the more I thought about the old days when we used to play together, go places together, cuddle before bed. I know it was all normal kid stuff to him, but I missed it terribly. I wanted so badly to try and win him over, but I knew there was nothing I could do to make him mine. How could I even think to impose that on him? My mind, still teaming with thoughts of Josh, began to slip into slumber. Before I knew it, I was woken by the shrill ring of the phone. Groggily, I got off the couch and fumbled my way over to the light switch. Now sleepy and blinded, I tried desperately to find the phone. Just as the answering machine was picking up, I clicked 'talk' and answered, “Hello?” in a weak, tired mumble. “Everything alright, man,” Josh asked over the phone. “You sound like you're sick!” “Huh?” I was still out of it, but after a brief moment, I realized what was going on. “O! O, yah, hi. Sorry,” I said. “I was asleep. You woke me up just now.” “O! Sorry, man. Do you want me to go? You can call me back any time before nine,” he said, worried that he had disturbed me. “No, no,” I blurted. “You're fine. What's up?” “Nothing, really. I just wanted to catch up. We don't really get to talk anymore! It's been ages since we did anything together, you know!” Surprised that we seemed to be on the same page... well, a very similar page but on totally different paragraphs, I responded happily, “Yah! There just never seems to be time anymore. What with you having Trish and work. Not to mention, I spend all my time at the bistro. Did you want to hang out or something? Maybe you have something in mind?” After a moment's pause and a slight stutter, Josh asked, “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat some night soon. Trish is gonna be away on business, so I figure we could use that time to really catch up. It was nice chatting today!” I was still surprised but so excited. “Yah, sure! That sounds great,” I yelled with the utmost joy! “Great,” He exclaimed. “Then I guess I'll see you on,” he stopped to think for a moment. “How does Wednesday night sound? We can meet at Reggie's, you know... that buffet over by the supermarket.” I had to think a moment. As great as it sounded, I had to make sure my schedule was clear. I took a glance at the calendar and then responded, “Is some time after eight okay? I have a lot to do Wednesday and probably won't get much free time before then.” “Yah, that's fine,” Josh said back. “I mean, the longer we wait, the bigger my appetite! Gotta get my money's worth, you know?” “Of course,” I said with a bit of a nervous quiver to my voice. Even though he couldn't see me, I was so nervous about what he would think of my reactions. I was blushing and shaking, yet smiling at the same time. It was so exciting to think of him eating, but I had to get back to the call. “So do you wanna chat now, or are you busy,” he asked me, assumedly hoping I'd be free. “I got time,” I said with a smile. “What's on your mind, cous'?” “Nothing much, you know. Just life, I guess. Time has gone by so fast! It's hard to believe we're 22 already! I mean, sometimes it's like we just graduated high school.” Josh always did have a way of being reflective. Though this reflection seemed a bit sullen. “Yah, I hear you. It's not bad, though! I mean, when you think about it, we're only 22. We still have probably 50 years to go at a minimum. Not to mention, with all the new medicines and stuff... it's not like you're old, man. You're still young! I mean... do you feel old?” “I don't know. It's not so much that I feel old. I just feel like I'm missing out on stuff, you know?” He still sounded upset, and I couldn't place my finger on just what was getting him so much. I responded half sugar-coated with, “I guess, I understand. I mean you're not missing out on much. You have a great girlfriend, a prosperous business, plenty of income... you're obviously eating well!” He interjected, “Yah, but it's not like I do much besides work, eat and sleep. I mean, Trish and I have plenty of time to be together even, but she never wants to spend it with me.” The sudden outbirst shocked me, but he continued, “We eat dinner together, and we sleep in the same bed, but we don't spend the morning together. She spends too much time getting dolled up for work. We don't do anything on the weekends because she's always out with friends. The only quality time we seem to get is between dinner and bed. It's nice, lying there with her arms wrapped around me watching TV, but it goes by so quickly with so few words exchanged. I don't know. I'm pretty sure I love her, but I feel like she looks at me as a convenience.” His voice only grew sadder. “No, dude! I doubt that's the case. She loves you. Why else would she have stuck with you this long,” I said, hoping I could console him. “Money,” he said. “I make more than most guys my age.” “Well yah,” I started, “But she makes more than most women her age too. I mean, she's a high class business woman who happens to have time to cook, clean and care for you. I don't think she'd be in this for convenience.” “I don't know. There's something about being with me that makes her feel like she has to stay, but I just don't feel like she loves me anymore,” he said as I could hear him getting choked up. “Aw damn,” I said under my breath. “Keep calm, Josh. I'll be right over.” Without waiting for a response, I turned the phone off and put it on the dock. I grabbed my wallet, keys and jacket and headed out to cool Autumn air. I got in my car and rushed over to his place. The lights were all off as I walked up to the door, but I could make out the dim glow of the lamp by his recliner. Even the TV was off. I knocked on the door, and awaited his answer. I could hear him rustling about so I assumed he heard me, and I decided to wait. Just as I was getting impatient and lifted my fist to knock again, he swung the door open. “Sorry for the wait,” he said with his face all red. “I had to take care of something.” I could tell that the 'something' was the tears on his soft round face. Knowing that his words were welcome, I walked in. “Dude, you can't beat yourself up over her,” I suggested. “I know you guys have been together for a long time, but there's got to be a better explanation. Maybe you just gotta try to spice things up a bit!” You can't say I didn't try to help the situation. “No, man! I tried so much lately. I take her to dinner. I try to go to clubs with her. I try to be seductive, and I buy nice things. I try to strike conversation. I even spent a good thousand dollars our-of-pocket to plan a huge surprise party for her! Yet no matter what I do, I always seem to get nothing out of her. She's not interested in doing anything with me. She never opens up to me like she used to. Hell, we haven't had any sexual encounters in almost five months now! I just don't know what's going on.” You could hear the despair growing in his voice. He was so confused and he was so vulnerable. We were sat on the couch, and I wanted to drape myself over him to console him, but I didn't feel like it was appropriate. I thought, We're men now, not kids. It would be weird if I -- then my thought was cut off when he fell into my lap and curled up on the couch. His weight pushed down on me, and it felt kind of nice. He looked up and into my eyes, and he looked so sad. The only thing I could think to do was play with his hair and tell him that everything would be okay. He laid with his head nestled in my lap and said, “You know, Al, I really miss the old days. We had each other, and life was handed up on a silver platter. Our parents took care of everything and you and I just spent all our time hanging out. You remember that one time in eighth grade when Mrs. Wheeler got so fed up with us chatting all the time that she made us sit at opposite corners of the class? She made you sit all the way in the back right next to Jenny Anderson who, despite all your efforts, wound up chasing after Matt, that three month home-hopper from Colorado.” “I wasn't trying to go out with her,” I retorted. More calmly, I affirmed, “I just wanted to make friends. It was hard all the way back there without you to talk to!” “O, really? I always got the impression that you had the hots for her,” he said in disbelief. “No, dude. I just needed someone to talk to so I could pass the time.” “In that case, I apologize for trying to talk her into going on a date with you! “You did what!? How could you--” He cut me off snickering and said, “Chill out, man. I was joking. You always were an easy tease.” He looked off for a moment and then continued, “As I was saying though, you got stuck in the back with Jenny, and Wheeler sat me in the front left by Trisha. That's how we first really got into talking to each other. Back then, she wanted to become CEO of some company. I don't even remember the name of it at this point. We didn't talk during class, really, but in the last minutes before the bell, we'd chat. She would tell me how exclusive it was and how hard she'd have to work in order to get there. You know, I think she's still trying to get there, but she never talks about it anymore. She doesn't even tell me if she had a good day or a bad day. We used to love talking. I mean, by ninth grade, we always sat together at lunch and talked. Now we sit at the dinner table in silence.” That was the last thing he said for a while. We sat there in the light of the small lamp for a long time. I just kept stroking his hair and eventually started on his shoulder and then later got to running my hand down his side in slow repetition. I felt his fat glide under my fingers, forming around them and giving way as my hand moved along his shirt. After nearly two hours of lying there together, he muttered to no one in particular, “I wish I could go back to how things used to be. Life was nicer when we were best friends. Life was nicer when we were kids.” My stomach churned as I questioned the words that lingered on my tongue. I argued with myself as the thought swirled in my head and without a restraining thought, my mouth stuttered, “What if--” I stopped myself before I said anything more, and I hoped with all my being that Josh didn't hear. Doubling over myself, I hoped that if he did hear me, he wouldn't question it. I sat nervously for almost a minute hoping he wouldn't bring it up, but just as I relaxed again, he asked, “What if what?” “Huh,” I said questioningly hoping he'd just lay it at rest. Against my hopes, however, he came back with, “You said, 'What if.' What if what?” Knowing there was no way to escape the question, I had to battle myself over telling him the truth or bull-shitting him and trying to come up with something else. As much as I hated it, I chose to bull-shit. “Have you tried asking her to marry you? Maybe she wants to know your relationship is stone solid.” Sort of offended, he responded, “Man, wrong question. I have tried three times in the seven years we've been official. I thought we were off of this topic.” “Sorry. I'm just thinking about you. I want you to be happy,” I said as I almost shed a tear. I wanted to say that I wanted him to be happy with me, but it just felt so wrong. How could I possibly expect my own cousin to want that!? I mean, it wasn't wrong in and of itself, but my cousin, a straight man in a seven year relationship... I couldn't possibly ask that of him. “It's alright, man,” he said softly. “I appreciate that you care, but let's not talk about her right now.” I looked up at the ceiling and just stared for a moment. There was a continued silence only broken by the soft snoring of my hefty cousin who managed to zonk out in my lap. I reached over and turned off the lamp. With my hand gently rested on his broad shoulder, I shuffled into a more comfortable slouching position. I tilted my head back into the couch and slowly drifted to sleep.

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