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My Fat Teacher
Before we start the story let me tell you a few things. My name is Jack I just turned 18 on the weekend, I weigh a total of 160kg I've always been fat but only recently have I really put on the kilos, I like gaining weight.

There I was sitting at my extra large desk, the school had to get it for me because of my weight, everyone looked at me thinking it was disgusting that I don't care about my weight and truthfully I don't care about my weight I like it, I like my big soft fat gut. It has been ten minutes the teacher hasn't shown up, in our school if a teacher doesn't show up to their class in fifteen minutes your allowed to just leave the class and go home, it just hit the fourteen mark I thought that's good enough so I get up from my desk and start to walk out the door and as I do I hit something soft now for some reason I cant see anything.

I start to move my arms around feeling what it is I walked into all I can tell is that its big and soft, not that I knew this at the time but really it was the new teacher, I had my face buried in his big fat gut and I was fondling his body the entire class was sniggering. I'm still moving my arms around trying to see what I ran into the I hit something hard and I immediately new it was a rock hard dick, I jumped back thinking what I just did in front of my class.

Now I could see the new teacher he was the biggest man I have ever seen his gut was so big it looked like it was gonna bust out of his shirt, it hung out past his waist almost to his knee's and his moobs were bgi massive globes, then I look at his face he has almost three chins you can even see a neck just a fat roll where a neck should be. I notice that he is looking down at me so I follow his eyes seeing what it is he is looking at, now I know it was my boner stabbing into the teachers soft fat, I blush because I'm so embarrassed and he just laughs and bends down and whispers in my ear "After class".

I sat back down at my extra large desk, as he started to teach for the entire duration of the class I was thinking about those two words
"After class", what did he mean by that did, did he want to have sex with me.

The bell rang class was over everyone left the room except for me and the teacher, he was cleaning up from class and all the things he taught us to cook I was just looking at him doing the dishes while he was scrubbing I noticed his entire body just jiggle and jiggle like a pool of water in a hot body, I loved it then my boner returned, oh no the teachers done now he is walking over to me his fat belly swaying side to side, he notices my boner again and he laughs again and says "well your keen, well come with me I will take care of that".

I follow him and he leads me to his car, I'm walking behind him and I notice his giant fat ass something you just want to sink your face into, my boner was still there it hadn't gone away. "Well here we are" we got to his car well van it was big he tells me to get in, so I hope in and as I sit down I notice the car seat next to me and it is massive almost three times the size of a normal seat I loved this, he sat down and as he did the van immediately leaned to one side and I was forced into his massive gut once again and he laughed again. "Its alright you just rest your head there I will wake you up when we get there", and I fell asleep.

-------------------------------2 hours later----------------------------

My eyes burst wide open, and I see a ceiling bright white, "where am I" I thought to myself, am I in my teachers house I look down I'm in a bed a massive one it takes up almost the entire room, my boner came racing back as I saw the biggest set of underwear even these must be his I decided to sniff them, as I do the door opens and its my teacher and he is naked caring a tray of food and he says to me seeing what Im doing, oh your awake, well then are you gonna take those clothes off or what.

As soon as he said those words i basically ripped my clothes off because I was excited, now he looked at all of me and said for your age your pretty big, but we can do better he tells me to lye down on the bed, my rock hard cook shooting up like a rocket I didn't even notice I had it "You had that on the entire ride over, your very keen" the teacher chuckled and walked over to the bed and placed the tray of food on the table next to the bed.

He stepped up on the bed standing on top of me his gut right in my face, he starts to bend down is ass moving closer to my dick and then I could no loner see it it disappeared into the fat man's ass, as it finally went into his hole I felt great this is an amazing feeling "You like that Jack, now lets get some food in you" he grabs the tray of food places it on my chest a gap between my face and his gut laying on top of mine felt so warm.

Then he started to move up and down, constantly but slowly so he didn't spill the food, he picked some up with his bare hands and just shoved into my mouth, oh my god this is great being fucked and eating what could be better. He started to pick up speed with his pumping and he shoved handful's of food in my mouth between these two acts I was barely apply to breath, after awhile he was still bouncing up and down but the food ran out but that didn't matter, because I was still having the time of my life.

He leaned in on me now we are face to moob and he told me to suck so I did, this was wonderful i sucked and licked like there was no tomorrow and then I felt it, I cam and he could tell as well burst after burst of cum went into his ass he roared with pleasure as did I, When I had no more cum left to give he got up and there was a popping sound as soon as my cock left his giant ass, he turned around his ass facing me now and he said "Now its time to drink it all".

I nodded saying "okay" I was excited to try anything, he bent over his ass expanding in front of my eyes he grabbed his cheeks and spread them, and sat on my face "Open you mouth" I did as he instructed and then his anus ring open wide and all the cum that I pumped into him was coming back to me, I started to suck and suck to get every drop "Mmmmmmm I love the taste of you and me combined" but he couldn't here me all he heard was muffled sounds so I tapped his thigh and he got up and sat down next to me.

"Im glad you enjoyed it, and remember if you want to do this again just ask" he said in a seductive tone, messaging my belly

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