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My First Feeding
How long will it take for me to get fat? I ponder these things so long and think that I will never get as big as I would like. There is one thing that I do though; I make friends with the biggest guys that I can find. I have made friends with so many fatties that eventually they realized it and all asked. "Why do you only make friends with fat guys?”

"You would not understand if I told you.”, was the reply that I gave them.

"Come on, there has to be a reason why you only make friends with fat guys.”

"Seriously guys, you would not understand.”, and with that I walked away.

I wondered though, if they would understand. I mean, I make so many fat friends that one has got to be a gainer don’t you think? Well just to be safe I did not tell them anything. Till one day... I was confronted.

I was walking with my friend Devon, who was around 250 at the time, and we were coming back from a fast food restaurant. I had eaten two meals, and five bog cookies, that they made very big and very delicious. As we were walking, him with a doggy bag as he had not finished eating his food, he asked me out of the blue. "So are you a gainer?”, this took me as a surprise that I almost tripped on a lift of the curb.

"Why would you ask something like that?”

"Just seams possible with you making friends with all us fat guys.”, He laughed as he said this, and I had to as well, even though I was not laughing on the inside. "So are you a gainer?”, he asked again.

"Well if you must know... well... yea...” I was getting nervous, my heart was palpitating a mile a minute, and my breathing was getting faster and faster.

"That’s cool.”

I was in a slight shock, but I hid it. He was the first person that I told that I was a gainer, and I would have guessed that everyone would have figured it out considering that I would eat like a monster any time I was around them, just fantasizing about getting to be around their sizes or even bigger.

We walked to his house were we watched movies and played some games. It got hot quick though. So around the second movie he took off his shirt. His belly flopped out and fell down with a jiggle. I was so turned on that I had to readjust my pants. I think he saw this though... even though his back was turned to me at the time. "Why don’t you take off your shirt? It’s so hot in here.”, I was hardly paying attention, but my body was moving so... robot like.

I started lifting my shirt and threw it to the other end of the room, where his shirt was. We started watching the movie again, even though I could hardly watch the screen. I was to busy watching Devon’s belly. It was so smooth and soft looking. I wanted to rub it, and touch it, kiss it, and hug it. I knew he was straight though, and that was a massive problem.

"So have you ever been fed?”, This knocked me out of my delirium.

"What?... Oh yea... when I was a baby.”, we chuckled at this, as this was common for me to give some odd answer to simple questions. "But seriously though, No I have never been fed.”

"Would you like to get fed?”, This was one of those time that I wish I was not eating chips. I gasped and fragments of chip flew down my throat causing me to cough uncontrollably for severable seconds. This was the best and worst question that I have ever been asked, for one I could be taking this whole thing the wrong way and he was just being curious, but then again he could be asking to feed me.

"Um... I don’t know.”

"I still have that bag of food in the kitchen?”, and this was the confirmation.

Once again my heart was beating so hard, I could feel it in my chest, in my back, I could hear it in my ears. He was looking at me now, and I could see a slight smile in his face. My dream could be coming true as I sit here in the most uncommon place for something like this to happen. "Is that your way of saying that you want to feed me?”, I was grinning, trying to keep it small and not so obvious that I so wanted this to happen.

"Is that your way of saying that you want me to feed you?”, his grin got bigger.

"Ok...”, my face got so red that I looked down so that my hair could cover it.

He jumped up and ran to the kitchen, his belly jiggling and jumping along the way. The movie was just getting to the good part, where the main character was starting the massive fight with the evil villain. He came back with the bag of food and just sat on my lap, reclined the e-z-chair that I was sitting in and slowly started feeding me fries. This was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, or that was happening to me. I slowly chewed the fries and swallowed, I did not have enough time to breathe though, he kept stuffing more and more fries into my mouth. I was getting turned on and was worried that he was going to feel it. The fries were over with, and he started pulling out one of the two burgers that he did not finished.

I had not finished chewing and swallowing the fries that were in my mouth. I had to take a very big gulp. As I looked down in my swallowing I saw something jump in his pants... and I knew I did not have to worry about him knowing that this was turning me on. "I’ll be back.”, he said as he jumped of me and went into the kitchen. I looked at my stomach, and saw that it had grown a little, not much, but just enough so that it looked like a very tinny hill.
Devon came back into the room with a giant cup of what looked like ice cream and milk blended together. He sat back on my lap, but this time, he sat more on my crotch area. "Here, drink some of this.”, I slowly started to drink the ice cream milk thing. "I added some protein powder in this, drinking these will add the pound in no time... I should know.”, he smiled and winked at me, put the glass down and started feeding me the hamburger.

I had finished the burger and I was feeling very, very stuffed, my belly, although small, was protruding out, and I was so turned on that I could just feel the in-between area of his butt, and he was so turned on that I could see some wetness in his pants that I believe was pre-cum. "I can’t eat another bite.”, I felt so stuffed and pained that I thought I was going to through up.

"Come on, I know you can eat one more, maybe you need something to drink.”, He picked up the ice cream drink from the floor and put it to my lips. I started to drink slowly, as all this food and drink was also making me sleepy. He put the, as I call it know, gainer drink on the ground and took out the last burger. He put it to my mouth and I took a bite, the biggest bite I could take. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I chewed slowly, and swallowed.

"I can’t eat anymore.”

"One more bight and then we can stop.”, He said as he put the burger to my mouth and smiled a bit. I took another big bite, and chewed fast and swallowed. He put the burger in the bag and started rubbing my belly. "You did good... next time I will try some more less filling food, but still as fattening.”, He smiled a big grin, and I smiled a small one as I was so stuffed and tired that I could have passed out instantly.

Devon got off of me and we started watching the movie again. Though, I did not watch for long. I fell asleep instantly still wallowing in the thing that had happened just a few minutes ago.

I woke up several hours later, I think it was three in the morning or something, and realized that it was very hot, and I was naked, with a massive weight on top of me. I turned on the lamp that was next to the bed and saw I was laying on Devon’s bed with him on top of me also naked. I was so freaking happy that I almost came, on the both of us. I looked away as to not get to exited and saw that the brown bag was sitting on the night stand. I looked inside and saw some of the burger was still inside, not as much as before. I took out the burger and assumed that he had eaten some of it. I started eating it in bed, with a fat naked man on top of me. It was the most perfect moment that could ever happen to me.

That was me a couple months ago. I still don’t think that I will ever be able to get as fat as I want, but now I have someone to feed, and encourage me. He is the most wonderful person ever. I actually have a session with Devon tonight. This time he is going to feed me some awesome chicken and pie. I am hopping to eat it all, oh, and he also said that it would be a great thing if we did it naked.

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