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My Five Year Reunion

It was June of 1996, I had just gotten home from another late night at my second job as a waiter at "BIG", a restaurant that specialize in all food BIG. Even the wall hangings reflect those who have gained stature in life by being heavy. Tributes to WC Fields, Brando, Raymond Burr, Ed Asner, Mamma Cass, and a couple great shots of Emillio Estevez and Matt LeBlanc at the beach this past summer sprouting their new guts! Its a great place, the walls are adorned with super huge knives, forks , spoons bowls etc., the largest fish caught, the fattest man, worlds biggest scale etc.. you get the drift!

The college kids love "BIG" cause you get a ton of food CHEAP! I mean ,you order a sundae and what you get is 9 scoops of ice cream, 4 bananas, 6 toppings, tons of whipped cream and nut etc.. The place is amazing when you order a brownie it will set ya back $5 but its a fuckin foot square. Sorry to get sidetracked, but I love the place and it is great to watch the college freshman gain THE FRESMAN15 in the first few weeks of the first semester especially the guys cause it goes right to their belly's. I can count on eavesdropping conversation as the guys all pat each other gut, squeeze and talk about how fat they are getting as they decide what to order. The teasing never really effects the outcome they always order BIG.

Anyway, after working at the brokerage all day I needed some more spending money so I kept my night job at "BIG", I like the feel of a college town and I was about a year ahead of most of my buddies so I wanted to take a job in town to remain close to them. Maybe at 23, I am not entirely ready for the big world yet (no pun intended). As per usual I came home got out of that uniform that was getting increasingly tight and threw on a pair of sweats, no shirt. As I left the bedroom I took my nightly glance in the full length mirror and saw my belly which had seemed to take on a life of its own since college. I short ,I had gone from my 5'10 155 tight bid to a pretty pudgy 190, but hell ,I could still hide it pretty well and had gotten good at passing up all beach and pool party invitations. I ignored the reflection in the mirror,"t as usual, and went downstairs for my ritual of a couple of beers, Leno and raiding what ever I could find in the fridge. Standing at the fridge, rubbing my belly,nothing hit me so I called Dominos and ordered a "BIGFOOT" I love those damn things!

As I downed a beer, and waited for the pizza, John Travolta came on Leno, I thought "this guy has really come a long way". He was talking about being comfortable with himself and Jay said" I read you had to gain some weight for the role of an Angel in your new film "Michael", John smiled and said "well I didn't "have" to but those parts always attract me and it's no secret I love to eat"., He squeezed his own protruding tummy and Jay did likewise on his own in a demonstration of commaradre and said "I know what ya mean" they both smiled and Jay said "so you are more comfortable with your new look". He said "Yeah studio execs would rather me look like Brad Pitt but what the hell I am getting the best parts in town at this weight so what the hell!" "Can I ask what you weigh these days" Jay said, "sure 210/215 a far cry from my Saturday Night Fever weight of 175" I looked at my shirtless gut gave it a squeeze and said to myself "I knew I liked this guy" Sorry for the digression but it was a pretty juicy segment. As if it wasn't enough, the golfer Fred Couples was on the same show and added to the conversation by saying how his recent back problems had left him with an additional 20 pounds which he said "has all landed right here in my gut'"(giving it a squeeze) "Damn, I thought it must be a theme night, that coupled with three Ab Roller ads in a row I almost felt preached to, or encouraged, not sure::)).

The pizza arrived, I ran to the door forgetting of course to put on my shirt on. There stood the most gorgeous delivery girl I had seen. "BIGFOOT" she said as I tried unsuccessully to suck in my beer bloated gut. "Yup having a few friends over for poker" , I said "better get dressed" she said, staring at my belly knowing that whole fuckin pizza was for me. They have my history on computer ya know and I probably order one of these puppy's twice a week. Hmmm may be part of the problem.........

As I started chowin, I ran through my stack of mail, bills ads etc., and came to what looked like an invitation of some sorts assuming another buddy was about to take the plunge, I opened it and it announced .....

"Pacifica High School Class of 1991 Five Year Reunion

A Beach Party to Remember, August 16, 1996

Gulf Shores , Alabama"

I had totally blown that off, didn't even think about it. "Man this will be great", I thought to myself. Then it hit me, like some vain woman,"What the fuck am I gonna do about this gut" as I squeezed it with both hands amazed at its size. " I cannot hide this shit at a fuckin beach party" I realized I had two months and at best I could starve and maybe get back to 170 which is still 15 lbs more than I weighed in 91' The irony here was that as I was in the process of panicking I must have scarfed three more pieces of pizza and two beers!!

It was 1:00 A.M. and I could not sleep I needed a plan. I started flipping the channels and saw another Ab Roller commercial so I got of my credit card and ordered the damn thing! As a source of refuge I went and grabbed another beer and began guzzling it. I figured at least I need to have one last good night of food and drink while I developed a strategy. No way as a joke I could show up in a tux and make a joke out of it,, nah..not my style. OK first step, assess the damage, I headed upstairs and dusted of the scale which I hadn't seen in, oh about three months. Actually it was memorial day weekend when Tim and Kyle were over and we all hoped on the scale. I was 188 then and I am sure to be good for another 5, like I said about 190/195 tops.


I had put on another 13 lbs this summer! I actually looked at my belly in the mirror. I was really fat. Even in sweats I had rollover, handles, even the beginning of tit for Christ sakes, all that shit. Usually I looked in the mirror, sucked it in and walked on. This time I forced myself to see what everyone would see at the beach in 2 months. I have to admit I was lovin my belly. there was something freeing about facing up to the fact that I had it instead of spending 24 hours a day trying to hide the damn thing. I could still hide it in big T-shirts and damn I love to party and eat. I really was thinking it was my own little secret.

I got out the tape measure, I remembered, last month at the tux shop the guy

measured me at 39" and I said no way cause I still wore my 36" jeans, boy did that give my buddies a thrill they now call me the BIG40 insisting I am close to a 40 waist, they both came damn close at 37/38 respectively.

I was gonna do it right, no sucking in spend all day doin that anyway and right across the love handles and around my belly button FULL OF BEER AND PIZZA it was maxed! GEEZE. then tape finally stopped expanding at 43.5. "I had truly become a fat ass. Why the hell hadn't my buddies said anything to me?." How did this happen so fast? Out of curiosity I grabbed some jeans out of the drawer. The truth be know, I hadn't put on a pair all summer, opting for elastic waist shorts instead. It was a rude awakening the 34' s wouldn't even button around my flabby beer gut. The 36's were super tight, I could never wear them in public. This meant I wore fucking 38' pants! My buddies and I always scoped guys Levi tags and when they were 38's or higher we labeled the "FAT BOYS". One last reality check, THE TRUNKS, hell they were elastic what damage could there be?? And by the way "why is my dick getting hard over all this focus on my fat gut" I must need to get laid! O.K. up we go, suck that puppy in "damn I wish I hadn't drunk all that beer and ate all that pizza, I am sure I am not as fat as Look. My belly started out just getting bigger but now it was softening too. it wasn't a ball belly (that's why I can hide it so well, I just squish it into whatever Iam wearing ) but kinda in between like a guy who used to be in shape and was getting soft FAST! Like I said before, I always ignored or avoided my belly now that I a focusing on it is turning me on, what the hell is that about. As I struggled to but on the bathing suit which I was going to be wearing on a few short weeks away, I began really playing with my chubby belly. It was so hot, instead of ignoring it, I was squeezing it counting rolls, pinching my love handles. I really had gotten fat! OK the trunks are on and it's not pretty , it makes me look fatter, it is tight in every direction and makes my gut into a god damn shelf of flab. I could not be seen at a beach looking like this. I can just imaging the beach volley ball games flab bouncing and shaking and all the guys coming up for a belly pat or a squeeze Well at 201 lbs. and 5'10 what the hell did I expect????

I was really in a frenzy about this it was making me anxious and stimulated at the same time.."Better get another beer and go downstairs and decide what I was gonna do and why the hell this was making me hard".

It was late but I called my buddy Kyle anyway, besides we graduate together and he had to be on show at the beach in a couple of months too. He answered the phone groggily "Yeah". "Kyle, it's Chris' "what the fuck do you want, I was sleeping man" "What do you think I weigh", I said, "What the fuck are you talking about Chris it's 2 o'clock in the morning, are you plastered???" "no seriously man what do ya think I am weigin" "hell I don't know BIG40, based on that tux measurement (he he) I'd say you are about a "BIG FOOT" and a Budweiser away from 200, why?" " I just got off the scale and it's 201" "Jeeze, Chris you are getting to be a fat fuck, it's all in your gut to man, so what's the deal man why ya callin?" "I just got this invitation to our 5 year reunion" "Cool when is it'? "August at Gulf Shores" "great ya going?" Kyle said. "It's a beach bash man I want to but I gotta get some help to lose some of this gut" " BEACH, No fuckin way I am in shape to hit the beach either buddy, O.K. you just woke me up, what the fuck are we gonna do. My first chance for a decent date and they will see me shirtless god damn it!!!"

"Kyle we are the same height, what's your scale sayin dude?" "Hell I don't know, I haven't weighed in a while but I just gave up on my 34's last week, I didn't tell ya cause I knew you'd give me shit about it. Hang on, I am getting on the scale, it's probably 180..... hang on.....You won't believe this dude...194, shit I am almost as fat as you, I can't even believe this" . Kyle rubbed his belly with a sense of discovery cupping his jelly roll with a sense of amusement. "Ya know I'am sitting up looking at this puppy and I am a god damn jelly gut, I am grabbing about 4 inches of gut. Tell ya what buddy, I will work out with ya, let's get some sleep and I will come over in the morning and we can figure something out" "Cool" come over around 10" "OK later", Kyle hung up. I grabbed another beer rubbed my gut in disbelief and a certain sense of joy, got myself off rubbing my gut as if it were a newly discovered part of me. I had ever cum so far ,so fast and it never felt better, hmmmmm...

Next Morning:

It was 9:00, I got up as usual to the dog licking my face, groggy from the night before I threw on a pair of sweats over my skivs and went outside to get the paper and check the scores of last nights game in the sports page. Half awake, I strolled down the driveway and ran into Mike my next door neighbor who I hadnât seen in a while. We met at the bottom of the driveway. Mike was a work out fiend, we used to work out together a lot until he started working days. it had been about 2 months since I had even seen him. "Chris" he said "what's up buddy " as he immediately looked at my shirtless torso which I forgot to cover in my haste to get the sports page. " and what the hell is that"? literally grabbing my seriously fatter gut. I am very smooth and not much tan left so I was poochin big time even if it was morning ". How much weight have you put on man?", still grabbing , pinching and patting it in disbelief.."I mean look at this shit buddy" been slacking big time huh? I sucked it in as best I could but this secret was out..waaaay out! Yeah I said rubbing my (new best friend..) "Pizza and beer have been wining out over the gym lately .."Mike said Ya know you really look good ,you are fat as hell but you look relaxed, healthy and less stressed than I have seen you in a long time. I've been slacking off a bit too" he said as he lifted his shirt to display a surprising starter belly himself.."But nothing like you bud" I was shocked that even with his still powerful arms and no sign of a double chin , he actually had a gut too. I got hard instantly and again wondered what the hell it was about this belly stuff that was turning me on. We talked for a while longer and then I went inside to get some stuff done before Kyle came by at 10:00.

I decided to stay shirtless, something I had not done since I weighed 165. I had read in one of the Menâs Fitness magazines that if you forced yourself to look at yourself or wear smaller clothes that you were more inclined to stay on track with the fitness program. My fitness program this morning consisted of cleaning up beer cans and other remnants of my slovenly existence.

As I showered that morning I spent an incredible amount of attention of my belly. It was as if for the past few years I purposely ignored the added softness and girth and somehow just ignored that part of my body. Clearly I was responding to the neglect, as I rubbed my gut my cock got harder and harder, it was as if there was a link of some sort. I was getting off on being fat!! what the hell is up with this, I pondered????????? Sticking to the plan I struggles into my 34 jeans cause all the 36âs were dirty and went shirtless. Unlike Kyle who is a hairy bear type I am a double for the Pillsbury Doughboy, good looking but definitely soft and even bloated.

Since I was committed to getting rid of this gut I thought I should have one great country breakfast as a last supper kinda thing. So I went to the kitchen and had a hell of a good time whipping up all the great stuff I love, bacon, biscuits, eggs, pancakes , grits, the whole 9 yards. I porked out pretty good! After a major feast, I noticed that the jeans were really tight around my gut so to get comfortable I unbuttoned the top couple of buttons and let my gut relax a bit. Relax hell it burst out like a contained version of Niagara falls literally cascading over my jeans. I donât think I ever looked this fat and flabby. I was discusted...HARD, but disgusted. While rubbing my gut in disbelief, I thought that I'd better load up the camera since I would never be this fat again maybe I should do my own "before picture" .

The new camera I got for my birthday had a self timer so I started posing and clicking' having a good ol time. I took side views, a sit down view which showed two chunky rolls of blubber and of course one GRAB shot in which I squeezed a good 3-4 inches! The photo session wouldnât be complete without the official weigh in so I jumped on the scale figuring with morning weight Id be back under 200. WRONG!! ,try 204 fat boy damn breakfast must have been good..... This was by far the fattest I had ever been or looked I was a bloated fuckin PIG!

The door bell rang , it was Kyle. It was hard as hell to go downstairs without a shirt but I hoped his reaction would reinforce my will to get back in shape. Kyle had really only seen me in sweaters and sweat shirts so I knew heâd be giving me some shit! I opened the door, Kyle looked great as usual, blessed with preppy good looks he had a hint of a double chin and in sweats his 194 lbs looked like most frat boys. It was instant! He looked at my gut and said "man we have some work to do. Where have you been hiding that MONSTER??" He patted it in utter disbelief "did you gain thirty pounds in the last 2 weeks since Iâve seen you or Iam I in a weight gain dream here??" I smiled and told him why I was shirtless and that Iâve been sucking it in for ever..He liked the idea and said "well I have the tight pants covered I am popping out of these sweats but I guess I should go shirtless too" He took of his shirt to unveil a belly much fatter than I remember from last summer at the beach. "You arenât the only one that's been hiding something buddy," he said squeezing his ample hairy beach ball gut. " If any of the other guys saw us now we would be raked big time" "Hell they have all added a few buddy, who knows we all may be involved in a BIG cover up!! (laughing as our bellies jiggled).

"So did you eat yet" Kyle said " ya canât work out on an empty stomach" I couldnât resist grabbing his beer gut and saying "that puppy is far from empty man in fact Iâd say you have a FULL tank pal"! I TOLD HIM ABOUT MY "LAST SUPPER" BREAKFAST, HE LAUGHED AND HELPED HIMSELF TO THE LEFTOVERS::)).

After eating, we headed to the living room and began our strategy session. We bullshiited a bit at first but sitting there shirtless with him was very different. It was like we both let go of a secret. We talked a lot about our guts in fact the subject dominated the conversation and even when we started talking about something else our eyes mutually gravitated to gazing at each others blubber guts and relentlessly shifting between disbelief, disgust and some odd sense of attraction. Frankly we couldnât keep our hands off each others fat!

Kyle leaned over to reach for the TV Guide on the table, as he did I couldnât resist a love handle grab, he smiled and said "pathetic isnât it. So what are we gonna do to get in shape for this thing," he said..Just as he finished he stopped himself and said.. "WAIT WAIT The Greenbay vs. Cowboys game is on at 11:00. I thought it was tomorrow, we can't miss that" I agreed, so we decided to head to the store , stock up and get back in time for the game. We had all day and could work out later.

At the store we loaded up on the traditional game fare, chips, salsa, assorted Hostess cakes , hot wings ice cream etc. We did this with no mention of our impending diet. It was as if we silently agreed to have a day long last supper before the drudgery of exercise began. We got home in time for the game and had a great time . It was strange we were stuffing ourselves like never before getting visibly fatter with every touchdown. I knew it, he knew it and neither of us gave a shit..During half time we ordered a couple pizzas and Kyle looked at me and said "Some diet huh" We both laughed hysterically, jelly bellyâs jiggling all the way...

After pizza and wings and BEER for days by game end we were stuffed and really looked fat. Still shirtless, I looked at Kyle and grabbed my gut and said buddy weâd better slow down this feels great we are gonna be fucked come that reunion." hell Chris, Kyle said this is nothing we canât lose once we get serious lets just blow off today catch the other 2 games and get on track next week.

During half time Game 2 I poked his gut and said what do ya think that measures anyway? "Hell I donât know got a tape? "Sure I said letâs check it out stand your fat ass up beer gut!" Kyle hoisted up reluctantly from the seat he had been in all day, I took the tape measure and reached behind him. He was doing his best to suck in a very beer/food bloated gut," Knock it off man Iâve see that gut all day you canât suck it and get away with it" With that he let it go and damn did he let it go. The tape measure around his belly button stopped at 43" Kyle was in shock!!! "damn!! he said we must have been doin some eating! Let me get a crack at you chubs" He took the tape to my belly (we were both visibly hard) saying "jeeze look at this pudgy thing" as he poked a prodded with delight 44"!! BLUBBER GUT!

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