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My New Dad Part 1
Here I was, at the end of another school year. My room mate, Mark and I were packing up our stuff. Mark's dad invited me to spend the summer and his house. Mark however, was spending the summer, with his girlfriend, and her family. 

"Thanks for asking your dad if I could stay with him over the summer", I said loading the last of my stuff, in my trunk. "I REALLY didn't want to stay with my loser grandparents". 

"No problem". "Just remember, my dad is a FAT PIG." He walks around shrirtless with his big, flabby gut bouncing, and he belches like a volcano, consantly". "He will hug you, fair warning"

"I'll be fine", I said closing the trunk. 

We shook-hugged, and whent our separate ways. The house was only 20 minutes away. I arrived quickly, and knocked on the door. I heard a long, raucus belch coming from inside. Mark wasn't kidding, I thought. 

The door opened, and in front of me was the BIGGEST, flabbiest belly I ever saw. It was quite tan, and hairy all over.
He had a dark, round, navel. His moobs were also round and saggy. The fat stayed to the front, with some on each side. They were like mini hairy beer bellies, with nipples instead of navels. He greeted me exitedly. 

"You must be Matt". "You can call me Paul". He walked towards me. HIs moobs, and big belly shook. He wrapped his arms around me. I was a lot shorter than he was. When he huuged me, my face got burried between his fat moobs. His gut was so soft, that I squished right into it. He was so fat, my short arms didn't even go around his massive man stomach. My hands stopped at his fat, hairy sides. We stood there for a moment. I felt his warm, soft belly fat breath in and out against me. His whole belly rumbled, as he let out a loud, deep belch. He let go and smiled.

"Let's get your stuff unloaded." "I made us a lunch big enough to feed six very fat people." He rubbed his belly and said. "This thing counts for four of them, he said jiggleing his jell-o gut. He laughed, and his belly rolled.

He walked past me belching out rippleing belches. His belly rubbed against me, as he passed. My elbow pulled his big man gut, and sent it flapping, when it was released. From behind, his back was smooth. His lovehandles stuck out, but they didn't sag. I could tell how much his gut was bouncing, because his lovehandles bounced with it. His jeans were pretty tight, and showed that he had round bubble butt, which also seemed like it was bouncing. I noticed he was wearing a belt, which I could only see from behind, because of his fat gut. He scratched his fat butt, and let out a rippleing roar of a belch.

"My gastritus isn't so bad today". 

"You have gastritus" I asked.

"Yeah, usually it's a lot worse. My belches are pretty tamed compared to how they usually are. I've had belches so loud they set off car alarms. You'll get used to it though". 

"Oh they don't bother me at all", I said. 

"Glad to hear it. I want you to feel very comfortable here". We gathered my stuff, and whent inside.

"Follow me". he said. I followed close behind him. His fat back seemed a lot wider, the closer I got. HIs fat butt was definitely bouncing. We entered the room.

"Like it", he asked. It's got a big screen tv, with satalite, and a pretty nice sized closet". I couldn't believe it. It was the coolest room,I ever saw. 

"Let's get us some lunch, I'm starving, he said lifting up his beergut. to scratch it. His belly shook, as he scratched it, and made a faint sloshing sound, when he dropped it. 

We when into the kitchen. The counter, was covered with junk food. The table had two plates, with man sized hogies, and lots of beer.

"You sure whent all out for lunch", I said .

"Nobody goes hungry in my house". Paul said.

"By the end of the summer, I'll end up looking like you", I said slapping his gut. His belly shook, while he let out another long raucus belch. "Thanks, I needed that", he said rubbing his gut with both hands.

Paul loaded up his plate with food, and grabbed a six pack. I was pretty hungry, so I filled up my plate, almost as much as his. He walked beside me. He stood so close, his gut almost swallowed my whole arm. 

"Looks like I'm rubbing off on you already." He chugged a beer, and let out an ear splitting belch. I smiled, and slapped his gut again. His fat rippled its reaction. We took our food back into the living room. I sat down, staring at his gut, which was only a couple inches way, I looked intto his deep dark, navel, wondering how deep ot was. 

"Gotta undo my belt before I eat, otherwise I'll be to stuffed, and bloated to do it later", he said. Paul lifted up his gut, and sucked it in. He undid his belt, and his pants while holding up his flabby gut with his arms. With a loud grunt, he let his belly spill out over his open pants. 
"A man'a gotta make some room before eating", he said. He sat down next to me. He didn't even notice me, squished into his hairy fat.

Most of my short muscular arm, was burried in Paul's belly. It felt so soft, and warm, it was kind of nice. It felt strange, enjoying Paul's massive gut pressed against me. He just sat there, chowing down on his hogie, only stopping to chug beer, or to rip massive belches. He didn't even try to move over. I started to feel something I've never felt before. Arousal from a big, fat, gut. My cock started to stiffen. Watching him gorge, and listening to the frequent belching. I started to eat slowly. I was getting to hard, as felt a daze from the arousal. Paul finished his plate. He stood up, and let out a large rippleing belch. 

He faced me and said "Are you OK". You haven't even started yet. I could barely answer. I had a loaded cock, and his gut was practically in my face. 

"I'm fine, I said. He scratched under his gut, and smiled. I noticed his eyes locked on my raging hard-on. 

"Looks liked you're more than fine, he said bouncing his big, round gut. "Like what you see", he asked.

I sat sat there in a daze. He took a couple steps towards me, forcing my face into his fat. I wrapped my short muscular arms around his big belly. I lunged my face into his gut, forcing out a huge, belly quaking belch. I felt every inch of his gut shake. I leaned back and kneaded his gut. He closed his eyes, and moaned.

"Ooohh that feels incredible, BUUUUUUUUUURP. You have the magic touch. No one's ever done this for me before", he said in a pleasured trance. 

I put my head under his gut, and stood up. His manly gut being lifted up by my head. My face rubbing against his lucious man gut. His gut dropped, and my face was now squished between his round hairy moobs. I took my shirt off, revealing my chizzled, muscular upper body. Paul wrapped his arms around me. I did the same, surrendering to the ecstacy, of his soft, warm, fat.

My upper body, got buried in Paul's fat. He squeezed and released repeatedly. I instantly creamed my drowrs, but didn't stop srrendering to his strong, fat body. 

"You're belly is amazing", I want to spend every minute, lounging in your fat gut. I want to feel your gut get fatter every day. I want you to do nothing but lay around, in your underwear, belching, and gorging. I will take care of everything." 

"Oh yes, Paul complied. Make me your fat belching, pig, BUUUUURRRRRRP.You'll be my master. My fat belongs to you. Rub it, knead it, play with it, and dominate it." 

I put my hands under Paul's gut, pulled his pants down, and took them off. Paul's junk was buried by his fat. I squeezed myself back into his fat, and cupped my hands around his fat, smooth, warm, soft bubble butt. 

"UUUUGGGHHHHH, keep going. That feels incredible", Paul exclaimed. Paul let out another belch while I played with his fat butt.

Paul's butt was amazing. It was so big, and the cheeks were so smooth, and soft. I jiggled them up and down, as if they were fat stomachs. I squeezed and massaged them. 

I sat Paul down, and poured a beer down his throat. He rewarded me, with a huge, echoing belch. I started cramming food down his throat, until all the food was gone. He sat there belching, and rubbing his big bloated gut. 

By this time, my cock was as gorged as Paul's gut. I took my pants off, and inserted it, into Paul's deep, dark navel. I thrusted it fast, and hard, making Paul's belching, go into over time. Cream came pouring out, of his nave, and onto his fat, but muscular thighs. I lifted up his gut, and saw that I wasn't the only one who creamed. 


"Now it's my turn to eat." I brought the plates, and wrappers, into the kitchen. Paul had eaten my food, so I made another hogie, and grabbed a bag of chips, and whent back into the living room.

Watching, and listening to Paul, made me pretty hungry. 

"BUUUUUURRRRRP, that's it", Paul asked massaging his big bloated gut. 

"For now". I said before cramming the hogie into my mouth. My cock was still gorged from the viewing pleasure, from Paul. I chugged a beer. "BUURP", I twisted my face with a pretty decent belch.

"BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRP, keep practicing those belches Matt", Paul said. My cock shot a load without even touching it. By the time I ate my hogie, my belly was pretty bloated. I chugged another beer. "BUUURRP" 

"That was a nice mini belch", Paul said rubbing my bloated stomach. I started cramming the chips, and chugging beer. By the time I was done, I was so full, of beer, and fatty foods, that I couldn't move. Paul rubbed my belly, while I rubbed myself.

I laid my head on Pau's fat moob, and rubbed underneath his gut. My gorged, bloated belly found comfort in his gut. Paul put his arm around me.

"Paul, how did you get so fat", I asked bouncing his gut.

"BUUUUUUUURP, from living with my brother. We got an apartment after I graduated, We got into the same crowd, that stuffed themselves constantly. Eventually, we started getting fatter. Any time our friends came over, we'd just sit and gorge ourselves. We never did anything else. Our guts grew, and grew. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP. We'd eat, and drink, and belch. We'd play with eachother's guts, and brag about them. We'd gather around eachother, and just bounce against eachother's fat bodies. We'd play with anything fat. Guts, butts, moobs. We'd have belly barging matches. BUUUUURRRRRRRRP. We'd stick our faces in eachother's soft guts, and shake them. We'd take turns bouncing eachother's guts, from behind. We'd have eating, and belching contests. Then when the day was over, we'd fall asleep in eachother's fat.

"BUUUUUUUUURP UUUUGGGHHH, speaking of sleeping, if you don't mind, I'd like to take a nap. I'm tired from the gorging and belching". 

"No problem I'll just go to my room, and check out the big screen tv", I said getting off of Paul's gut. I slapped it one last time. He smiled, and closed his eyes. I whent to the kitchen, to get some juice. When I opened the FULLY stocked fridge, I noticed he had several chocolate pies. Even though I was still full, and bloated, I couldn't resist. I grabbed one, a fork, and a carton of fruit punch, and whent to my room. My cock stiffened and the thought of eating, and drinking all this, with a full belly. I whent to my room, and laid on my bed. My cock started to increase in size, from the events of the day. I started eating the pie, and chugging the punch. With all the eating, drinking, and mini belching, my cock stood straight up in the air, by the time I was done. With one hand on my agonized, bloated belly, and the other on my cock, I stroked until I shot my load.

The activities of the day took a lot out of me. I closed my eyes, and fell asleep. 

A few hours later, I woke up to a long deep belch, and knocking on my door. "Matt are you in there". I got out of bed, put my pants on, and opened the door' "Sorry, did I wake you", Paul asked. Paul scratched under his navel. His gut moved along with his fingers. The scratching sound was thick, and coarse. "I was just about to make some di". 

"Uh uh", I interrupted. You know that I'm the one that makes the meals. You just go back to the living room, and let all the fattening lunch, sit in your gut", I said lifting, and rubbing it. Paul smiled, and belly-buck me a few times. He turned around, and I watched his fat butt bounce. I decided to make us burgers. I made about 10 for him, and five for me. For a side dish, I made us a big old pan, of fried potatoes. I put his burgers on a large plate, and another large plate for his fried potatoes. I brought it out to the living room. Paul sat there rubbing his gut with anticipation.

Paul didn't have much room on his lap, because of his fat gut, so I decided to feed him myself. He spread his arms out, on the couch. His legs were spread out, so his gut would have room to stretch, and moved his fat bubble butt forward. He leaned his head back, and opened his mouth. I shoved the first burger into his mouth. I disappeared quickly, followed by two more. He slanted his mouth, with a loud raucus belch. One by one, the burgers disappeared, until all ten of them were in his gassy gut. He let out a long deep belch, and asked me to massage his gut. I throttled what little lap I could. My bloated belly meshed with his round, saggy belly. I started massaging underneath his heavy stomach. He closed his eyes, and continued to belch loud, and long. I worked his gut inch by inch, making sure I got all of it. His belly was slightly full, so I noticed it was a little on the hard side. That just made it heavier, and more luxurious. I squeezed, and rubbed his man fat. He sat there, and moaned with pleasure.

I brought his food out ant set it on the table. I whent back to the kitchen to get my food and some beer. I noticeded a huge deep belch from the living room. Paul wasted no time. Something inside me couldn't wait to be like him. A huge 400# belching blob of fat. Sitting around in my underwear gorging and belching. My stomach was still bloated from my pre-nap snack. Listening to Paul from the living room and feeling the bloat of my belly, made me hard as a rock. I wanted to be comfortable, so I stripped down to my underwear and brought my clothes into my room. I heard a loud raucus belch through my walls. My cock spewed at the sound of Pauls latest masterpiece. I put on new underwear, took a couple of six packs from the fridge, and tried to walk as I balanced my plates on my forearms. Paul was just finishing his last burger.

"BUUUWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRP. What took so long" Paul said with his mouth half full. 

"Your belching made me cream my drawers", I said fingering Paul's deep navel.

Paul laughed making his massive gut and moobs shake. "I'm glad you enjoy my music. Paul put down his empty burger plate ,and starting scarfing down his fried potatoes. I leaned my back against Paul's jutting lovehandle. Paul chugged a beer.

"BUUUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRP. I could feel myself sink, as Pau's belly caved in with the huge rippling belch. I could see that your belly has a nice bloat to it".

"I had a pre-nap snack." 

Paul patted my belly. "You keep at it. I love stuffing myself with other guys. BUUURRAAAAAAAAP!"

"You have friends that you stuff yourself with?" I felt my cock stir again.

"Oh yeah. All the guys in my sector weigh about as much as I do. None of our shirts cover our fat, hairy stomachs. My boss weighs anout 425#. His belly hangs out over half way out of his shirt. Me and five other guys eat like hogs, and have the guts to prove it. 

"How" I asked rubbing underneath his warm heavy gut.
It's one of the benefits of being garbage men. Our lunches are free and HUGE. Picture eating at a buffet five days a week. Our boss doesn't let us leave until most of it's gone. He takes home the rest. Paul chugged another beer and crushed the can on his forehead. Followed by a gut quaking belch. Paul finished his plate and sat back. 

"Time to relax". He dug his hand under his gut, put his hand inhis undies, and started stroking. "BUUURAAAAAAAAAAAAP. My compliments to the chef. That reminds me. Tomorrow night, me and a couple guys are going out for buffet and a movie. You're welcome to come. If you're not already stuffed." I could feel Paul's strong arm start to move rapidly. He started grunting as he pulled harder. His grunts got louder and longer. His arm was moving a mile a minute. His fat body shook violently. "Oh yeah. GRUNT GRUNT. UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH. WHEW. That was the best I've had in a long time. Thanks Matt, BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP!" 

"Any time. I said squeezing Paul's fat lovehandl

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