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My New Dad Part 2
It's one of the benefits of being garbage men. Our lunches are free and HUGE. Picture eating at a buffet five days a week. Our boss doesn't let us leave until most of it's gone. He takes home the rest. Paul chugged another beer and crushed the can on his forehead. Followed by a gut quaking belch. Paul finished his plate and sat back. 

"Time to relax". He dug his hand under his gut, put his hand inhis undies, and started stroking. "BUUURAAAAAAAAAAAAP. My compliments to the chef. That reminds me. Tomorrow night, me and a couple guys are going out for buffet and a movie. You're welcome to come. If you're not already stuffed." I could feel Paul's strong arm start to move rapidly. He started grunting as he pulled harder. His grunts got louder and longer. His arm was moving a mile a minute. His fat body shook violently. "UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH. WHEW. That was the best I've had in a long time. Thanks Matt, BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP!" 

"Any time. I said squeezing Paul's fat
"Sounds great, I said giving Paul's stuffed gassy belly a rub. He ceaned his belly off and spead his arms on the couch. His was majorly bloated and has that hefty, hard gut covered in soft fat feel to it. Paul put his arm around me. 

"Can I ask you a question", I asked.

"BUUUUUUURP". Paul belched deeply.

Why didn't Mark stay with us over the summer" Paul looked at me sadly. 

"He never forgave me for his mom leaving us. His mom and I were highscool sweethearts. Back then I was an amateur bodybuilder. We married straight out of highschool. I got a job working at her dad's firm, and hated it. Long hours, with not much money. My hard chizzled abs started to pork up, from lack of excercise. A couple years later Mark was born. By then I had become an accountant at the firm. My hard muscle body was no more. I had grown a gut that I couldn't hide no matter how hard I tried. Eventually my wife couldn't stand it. One morning she was gone. The years whent by and Mark asked me why he grew up without a mom.

I couldn't bare the thought of lying to him. I squeezed him into my gut hoping it would comfort him. I told him exactly what happened. He pushed away and ran. Ever since then, he pretty much shunned me, which I never blamed him for. He would deny it if you asked him. But he always has an excuse for not visiting me. Usually it's his girlfriend. He rejects me now, but I know he'll forgive me one day."

"Did ether of you ever see her again", I asked.

"No" he said tearing up. I snuggled closer. into his fat.

"What about you. Where are your parents"

"I'm not ready to talk about that". With that Paul laid down. I climbed up and snuggled into his moobs. He hugged me into his huge gut, let out one more huge belch, and we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to Paul's beautiful belching. Still bloated from last night's gorge fest, I staggered to the bathroom. I saw Paul in the kitchen. He was in his tight, fat ass hugging undies. Half of his fat semi wide ass hung out. His big belly hung over the front. As usual he had a huge erection, making his hefty beerbelly poke out a little bit. He was standing in front of an open cupboard. From the sounds of it he was gorging himself for his first time totay.

"BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP". He poked his head out. "Good morning Matt. I'm sorry. Did I wake you with my morning gorge", Paul said scratching his gut.

"No I was just getting up to use the bathroom. Aren't we going to a buffet tonight", I said aproaching Paul. He resumed his feeding.

"BURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! A growing gut's gotta keep up it's strength."

"Won't you be full by tonight", I asked massaging his overhang, and fat ass. 

"No. A gut like mine is a mighty fortress. BUUUUUUUUUUUUURP!"

"As well as a gassy one. Paul laughed.

Every inch of Paul's man-gut shook over my hands, making nice arousing slapping sounds. Paul closed the cupboard and walked to the fridge. My exploring hands still taken hostage by his mighty, soft fortess. My bloated, smooth belly felt Paul's big, half exposed ass jiggle against it. It's warm fleshy cheeks were just as soft as Paul gut. Paul was finishing up an entire jug of chocolate milk, in one swig. 

"BWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRP. Wanna join me in the shower." Paul asked. Paul jiggled his way to his bathroom. We took off our undies and got in. Paul took up most of the space. His fat body was definitly in charge. I was forcibly pressed into it. I managed to grab the soap. Chest to belly, I lathered up Paul's massive body. His soft fat gave way to the soap. He graoned as I soaped up his moobs and gut. He turned around and I worked on his fat, soft ass. His arms and legs too. Then he did the same to me. All the the attention I was getting made me cream all over him. He worked his own orgasm with his soapy ck

With his eyes closed, and grunting face, he yanked and jerked. He let out a loud "UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH. WHEW my favorite part of being fat. BUUUUUUURRRRRRRP!". 

"Mine too", I said relathering our stomachs. 

We got out of the shower, and dried off. We brushed our teeth, and shaved. Still naked, and once again my arms and hands caressing his mighty, fat body from behing. His fat smooth ass bouncing against me. I told Paul I would dress him. I took new undies from his drawer, and put them on. 

"Man you have a fat ass", I said bouncing it

"You like my big fat ass he said cupping it with his big strong hands. 

"Almoat as much your big fat gut", I said bouncing it against me. I put on some jeans, and a black belt. His gut heft made it sag. I purposely grabbed the smallest shirt I could find. It exposed most of his stomach. 

"Make sure you're hungry for tonight. It's not just a buffet, it's a competition too see who the fattest pig is. He grabbed his keys, bellybucked me and left.

Throughout the day I kept busy. Cleaning, doing laundery, yardwork. I wanted to make sure I was hungry enough to at least stay in tonight's competition. It was so hot I decided to not wear clothes when I got inside. Paul and I were officially comfortable enjoying eachother's fat. I took a a couple hours to rest. I noticed my pecs and six pack were officially gone. Covered my a small baby belly,baby moobs, and baby lovehandles. Rubbing my baby belly made me rock hard. I grabbed some lotion and lubbed myself up. I thought of the last couple of days and how it changed my life. Pulling harder I thought about Paul's fat body. How incredible the the experience has been. The meals, the beer swilling, the belching, the body exploration, all the way to thismorning's shower. My cock got hotter until it exploded all over me. I cleaned myself off, as well as the couch. I loved every minute here. I couldn't wait to see how fat I was going to get. Already having a small baby belly, after two days was definitely a si

Paul got home at about two. He walked in to see me hard, and nude. He wasn't at all surprised. His shirt was wriled up higher than this morning. 

"Woah. You look bloated." As usual Paul belched his response. 

"I'll be right with you. Let me just hang my clothes up." Paul's belly seemed pudgier since this morning. Walking away, he took off his shirt, and unbuckled his sagging belt. He came back a few minutes later in his birthday suite, and a six back. His entire body seemed thicker. Not just his belly. Maybe it was just wishful thinking

"BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP. We have some time to kill before we meet the guys." Paul buried my face in his belly, as he handed me a beer. He sat down next to me and put his big strong arm around me. Pulling me into his bid fat lovehandle, he asked.

"Did you have any questions about last night's conversation"?

I put my head in his fat moob. He rubbed my baby belly.

"I didn't notice until now your new body", he said staring at my chubby chunky belly.

"I didn't notice it until this morning", I said rubbing my stomach. "I can't wait until it's a huge beerbelly". 

"Oh it will be", Paul said squeezing it. 

"I didn't have any questions, but I wanted to tell you my story." Paul smiled and squished me in closer. 

"My parents died in a car accident when I was a kid. I've been living with my grandparents ever since. They're not bad people. They're just so dang boring. Paul laughed. His whole body shook. 

"When Mark told me I could stay with you over the summer, I was ecstatic."

Paul scratched his big fat ass, and broke the silence with a thick rippling belch. "I love having you here. It's great having someone love my fat body as much as I do. I fingered Paul's deep navel. For a coupled of hours we sat there in eachothers arms belching and groping. Until it was time to get ready for our night.

I got dressed quickly. I was very exited about tonight. I picked the loosest jeans, and the tightest shirt I could find. I wanted to show off my little belly. I looked in the mirror to see my form fitting shirt. I turned to the side, and bloated my stomach out. There before me was a nice round "beergut". I hardened instantly. I rubbed it and squeezed it which made me jizz a tad. 

"BURAAAAAAAAAAAP ready to go", I heard Paul say as he walked behind me. Paul squished his belly into me. Paul wore a blue shirt with blue sweatpants. I could see from the mirror that most of his gut was exposed. 

"Check this out, Paul". I bloated my stomach out again. This time from the front. Paul put his hands on my bloated belly, and rubbed. 

"Pretty soon your stomach's gonna look just like this, BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRP." 

My bloated belly, being squished into Paul's fat body, and his loud deep belching made me shoot. 

"Oh crap", I said looking down. Paul laughed knowing exactly what happened. His fat belly rolling and wiggleing.

I quickly took my jeans and underwear off exposing my hard cock. I turned around, and inserted it into Paul's soft navel. I thrusted with avengeance grunting with every thrust. Paul's fat shook violently. He quickly pulled down his drawrs so his belly could slam against his cock. I ferociously squeezed Paul's fat ass. Hot cum spilled ou of his navel. Paul grunted as loudly as I was. 

"I want to be a huge fat belching pig, I said still creaming. 

Paul grunted. "Keep going. I'm almost there". Paul's fat was bouncing and wiggleing. I thrusted harder as I climaxed. Paul belched from the severe pressure. He grunted loudly. I felt his hot cum drip onto my legs. We colapsed on my bed. We just laid there panting. 

"That never gets old", Paul said out of breath. 

"I meant what I said Paul, I said with determination

"You will buddy. Starting tonight." We laid there for a few more minutes. Then we cleaned up, and left.
"We'll have to take it easy on the gut worship tonight. There'll be lots of rubbing and jiggleing, but when it comes to being all over eachother's guts I'm not sure how the guys will react." I put my hand under Paul's bouncing belly. 

"It's a good thing we got it all out before we left then", I said fingering Paul's deep navel. 

"BUUUUUUUUURP. Yeah", Paul said scratching his gut. I was so exited, I knew it was gonna be hard to keep it in my pants. Who knows maybe I'll be surprised.

"Who's coming tonight", I asked.

"Richie and Perry. Richie's from New York. He's got an accent and a huge gut. It's a lot like mine, but it sticks out more. Perry's the gentle,huggable teddybear type. His gut's the wide saggy type. The kind you just want to fall asleep in."

"So you've never had gut worship with them", I asked.

"Not directly. I'm always using excuses for grabbing, or slapping there huge guts. they don't know I enjoy. They just laugh."
We pulled into Fat Man's diner. When we got inside I saw why it was called that. Fat guys were everywhere. Huge beerbellies bouncing all over the place. Lots of belching. A big fat college age guy walked up to us. His gut was probably about 50''. It hung out of his white muscle shirt. It was tan, with a bit of hair under the navel. Nice and round. He had big muscular arms and fat well shaped moobs.

"Welcome to Fat Man's Diner", he said with a big bright smile. Two for tonight", he asked with his gut all up in Paul's. 

"Actually we're meeting two other guys here", Paul asked giving the host's gut a slap. The host laughed as it jiggled. I just stood there wide eyed. I couldn't believe what Paul just did. 

The host looked at me and chuckled. "I see we have a first timer", he said.

"BUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAP. He's from out of town", Paul said

"Dude nice belch", the host said bouncing Paul's gut. From the looks of it I thought he's been here before. The host put his belly against mine. He patted my belly chunk

The host's belly was like a soft warm pillow. "Feel free to look for your friends. If they're not here, we'll find you a table and get you started. Paul smiled and humored the host with another huge belch. The host smiled and told Paul how amazing he was. We walked around to look for Richie and Perry. All the employees had huge beerguts, fat moobs, and muscular arms. We found Richie and Perry. We sat down and Paul introduced us. From the looks of it Paul gave me a perfect description of them. I could tell because their guts rested on the low set tables. They both welcomed us. Some empty plates were alreay at the table. "I've never seen any place like this", I looked around amazed. "BUUUUUUUURRRAAAAAAAP. This place is specialy made for fat guys yo", Richie said wiggleing his huge round gut. Richie's gut did look a lot like Paul's. Tan, hairy. Except it looked fatter than Paul's because of the way it jutted out. Perry was nice and wide. Big flabby belly, and a nice barrel chest. Both their guts were well expos

We sat down.Paul sat on the inside across from Perry.I sat across from Richie. A fat waiter walked up to our table.

"Welcome to Fat Man's Diner. My name is keven. Can I get you two something to drink.". Keven wasn't like the other waiters. He was fat and muscular, but he was hairy. Like the fat pigs I was sitting with. Keven was a spitting image of Hugh Jackman, with a fat gut. His belly was round and tan, with a deep navel. It was also pretty wide, and came pretty close to me and Richie's faces.

"BUURP We'll just take a couple of Mt Dews", Paul said leaning back with his big sexy gut on the table. 

"OK. You can get started on the buffet whenever you're ready", Keven said scratching his gut. Keven took a step, then stepped back. He stepped close enough to jam his belly on my shoulder. It was very soft, like Paul's

"Is this your first time here" Keven asked. 

"Yes it is", I said. 

"Will you please come with me. At Fat Man's Diner, we have a fat man's tradition. Looks like you're just getting started".

Keven reached down and squeezed my soft chunky belly layer. I smiled and stood up. Keven brought me to an empty spot. It was kind of like a stage. Elevated by four steps. He grabbed a chair, and put a tray right next to it. Just then another fat waiter walked up to us carrying a tray and a chair. A big bellied man follwed behind him. He was kind of nerdy looking. Long hair parted from the side. Big thick glasses, and big lips. His belly was pale and hairy. Accompanied by a fat chest.

"May I have everyone's attention, Keven said into a microphone. We have a tradition here at Fat Man's Diner. New commers are brought here, and we waiters bring them their food. The rest of you guys watch and cheer them on. "What are your names, he asked. 

"I'm Matt", I said.

"I'm Dave", the other guy said.

"Let's hear it for these two new commers." Everyone cheered. 
"What'll it be", our fat waiters asked us. 

"I'll have a big old plate of beef tips and gravy", Dave said rubbing his big gut.

"I'll have the same", I said.

"Anything else', they asked.

A plate of fried chicken", Dave said fingering his dark navel. 

"I'll just stick with the beef tips for now", I said.

Our fat friendly waiters turned around and headed for the buffet. Their fat round asses jiggled slightly. 

"Hoo. Man am I hungry", Dave said patting his soft gut.

"If only I could eat like you", I said squeezing Dave's thick, hairy lovehandle.

"BUUUURRRRRP. Give it a few months and you will be". Dave put his hand under my shirt and kneaded my soft chunk with his fingers.

"You belch just like my friend's dad", I said exploring Dave's gut with my hand.

"Come's with the territory". Dave slapped his gut making it ripple over my hand. 

"Ooooohhhhh that feels good. You have the magic touch." Dave took his shirt off and asked me to rub all over. I got hard as a rock as I rubbed Dave's round low sagging belly. Dave sat back groaned. I noticed Paul and his friends just staring at me.

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