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My New Dad Part 3
I knew Paul told me to take it easy with the belly worship, but I couldn't resist Dave's soft, manly gut. His moobs were like round piles of dough in my hands. I dug my hands under Dave's gut and lifted. Dave belched his response. His belly caved with the belch, and spilled out when he finished. Dave had his eyes closed and I was inraptured in his fat. By now I had already creamed my undies. I had the feeling Dave did too. 

Out of nowhere we heard a chuckle. We snapped out of or fat orgie. Daves belly shook when I pulled my out from underneath it. Our waiters had already brought us our food, and drinks. We thanked the waiters and dug in. We started with the beef tips. The plates were pretty big, so I knew it would take a while to finish them. Dave was already halfway done with his plate. I was just getting started on mine. Dave finished his plate with a long raucus belch. He picked up his chicken and had at it. He showed no mercy ripping it to shreads with his hungry mouth.

He ate loudly, grunting with every fatty bite. He chugged his drink and let out another roaring belch. I was so turned on by Dave's gorging, it was hard to eat. 

Back at Paul's table I saw a fat, muscular "Dean Cain" gathering their plates. The waiter's belly, was a round sagging sphere. It hung well out of his shirt, and bounced as he walked away. Paul and his friends were certainly making the most of their meals. Gorging, guzzleing, and belching. 

Dave finished his plate, while the waiter filed his cup. I was stil working on my big plate of beef tips. They it felt amazing going into my empty bely. With a decent belch I finished my plate. 

"What's next", the waiters asked. 

"Surprise us", I said. 

As the waters walked away, I worke daves bely over. It was stil very soft. Even after the food Dave gorged himself on.

"BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP. Dave let ou a long, deep belch. It takes a lot of food to fill this bad boy", Dave said smacking his big gut. I was still pretty hungry after finishing my beef tips.

I massaged Dave's undergut with my hands. His pants had a wet spot and his cock was hard. His belly felt so soft and empty. He just laid back and belched. His gut was so warm. It felt like a blanket. He kept complimenting my massage. 

The waiters returned with plates of steak and mashed potatoes. They set them down on our trays.

"Feed us", Dave begged. 

"With pleasure", the fat waiters said together. I stopped rubbing Dave's majestic belly and sat back. Our waiters picked up our mashed potatoes and stood in front of us. Dave's waiter throddled his lap. His smooth gut was positioned on Dave's hairy gut. The waiter was hard as a rock as he started feeding Dave. 

"Belch for me fat boy", the waiter commanded. Dave straghtened up, let out a dizzying belch, and slouched back down. I could hear the sound of their fat rubbing together. 

My waiter throddled me as well. His fat gut squished into my belly chunk.

"I've always wanted my own pig", "Hugh" said shoving the first bite into my mouth.

The feel of being dominated by "Hugh's" majestic, fat body was unreal. If only this wasn't a resturaunt. I'd be all over his fat body. As "Hugh" began slicing my steak up, I started rubbing his gut. In an aroused daze, I pulled up his shirt. I squeezed every inch of his gut and moobs. I couldn't stop. As if I lost control of myself. "Hugh" smiled and took my shirt off. He shoved the first piece in my mouth. Steak juice squirted onto my soft pecs. "Hugh" leaned forward an licked it off. My belly and croch were now engulfed his huge gut. Without thinking I rapped my arms around his fat sides and back. I squeezed his bulging lovegandles, and shook his gut. It felt so very soft against me. "Hugh" leaned back. He grabbed to pieces of steak. One he shoved into my mouth. The other he squeezed the juice onto my belly and into navel. He shoved the other piece into my mouth, and had at my belly. Inch by inch he licked the hot juice off my belly. He insterted his tounge into my navel. I let out a huge belch and groaned.

"Hugh's" belly now squished against my bloated cock. I creamed my pants instantly. 

I looked over at Dave. He laid there docile. A slave to his master. His waiter shoved the last piece of his steak into his mouth. He yelled for more food. Two fat waiters came bouncing up to him. One had a plate loaded with sweet and sour pork. The other had a chocolate cake, ready to be devoured. Dave's fat feeder grabbed handfuls of pork, and shoved. Dave's belly was huge with bloat. All Dave could do was belch, and surrender to his captor.

"Hugh" yelled for more food as well. The fat "Dean" walked up to "Hugh". "Hugh" spanked "Dean's round semi-tanned belly. The plate was covered with sweet and sour chicken. "Hugh" shoved the chicken into my mouth. I took some sauce and smeared it on my belly. As "Hugh" stuffed me, "Dean" leaned down and licked my belly and navel. With my right hand, I squeezed and bounced "Dean's huge belly. I also snuck a handful of his fat smooth ass.

It felt so warm and supple in my hands. I redirected my hand to "Dean's" moobs. They sagged in my hand just like his fat ass did. They were so round and thick. I played with them a few minutes, then whent back to his belly. I poked and stirred my hand inside it. I poked my thumb into it and squeezed the fat underneath with the rest of my hand. "Dean put his face up to mine, and opened his mouth with a slant. "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRP. Sauces always make belch", he laughed. 

The belch woke me out of my daze.

"That was awesome", I said. 

"There's lots more where that came from. Thanks for the snack", he said squeezing my fat between his fingers.

"Dean" turned around. He paused and exposed some of his perfect fat ass. He looked back and smirked. As he walked away his fat ass jiggled. 

"Hugh" shoved the last of the pork in my mouth.

"How do you feel", he asked.

I slapped my belly. 

"I'm ready for dessert." "Hugh" walked away and quickly jiggled back as fast as his fat body would allow.

At the the table Paul, Richie, and Perry were hard at work gorging themselves. Their bellies bloated huge.

"BUUUUUUUURRRRRRP. I wish that were us again", Richie said shoving some chicken in his mouth, and scratching his hairy gut.

Paul looked wide eyed at Perry and Richie. "You mean you've done that before". 

Perry let out a fast loud belch. "Yeah. When you took a sick day. Me, Richie, Mike, Ryan, and casey lugged our fat jiggly asses over here. We would've called you, but we weren't sure how you were feeling. It was me and Casey's first time here. Our waiters stuffed us, and massaged our fat bodies. It was gut-tastic. BUUUUUUURRRRRRP!" 

"I never got that" Paul said. "I've been eating here for a few years." 

"They didn't start it until the new owner. He's a HUGE pig! Fatter than you" Perry said slapping Paul's massive gut. I guess for the past two weeks or so".

"It didn't make you uncomfortable", Paul said.

"That's what our huge guts are for, yo", Richie said. After we left we whent over to Perry's.

"We turned a game on, got naked, and had a fat free-for-all. That was even more gut-tastic", Richie said.

Paul was dumb-founded. "I had no idea you guys were into that."

"We were pretty surprised too. I was their idea. Apparently the three of them were doing that for a while now. Just embarrassed to tell us until last week. We were happily on board", Perry said.

"We should do that tonight. That's what Matt and I have been doing since he got here. We've been gorging constantly. I've even been teaching him how to belch. BWAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP." He wants to grow a huge gut, and be a fat gassy pig, like us. 

Perry and Richie rubbed and squeezed Paul's bloated belly. "He's in good hands", Perry said.

Just then "Dean" walked up to the table, with the check. His massive spherical belly bounced. His shirt was all wriled up. It was covered in sweet and sour sauce. He definitely had the fat slob look.

Paul slapped "Dean's" belly. Its soft jiggly fat swayed and rippled with the force.

"Ooo that felt good. Give it another one". Paul slapped it even harder. More sway and ripple. "BUUUUUUUUURRRRRP!" "Dean" let out a thick wet belch. "Dean" stepped closer and hoisted his belly on the table. It squished into Paul and Perry's. He put his hands on their bellies. "These are the kind of guts we want to see around here."

Paul and rubbed "Dean's" gut and moobs. They squeezed and massaged it. Kneading it and toying with his deep dark navel. They squeezed his big fat lovehandles, and spanked his fat smooth ass, which was still exposed. "Mmmmmmm that feels so hot." "Dean" said to Paul as they worshipped his fat body. "Now I know where your son got his gift." Paul just smiled. "He's definitely headed for a body like ours at he rate he's going", "Dean" said bouncing his big gut. It made hot sloshing sounds. "Your son's finishing up his second pie. I was impressed at his determination". "He certainly gave my gut the best mass "Dean" said.

"So were we", Paul said. "Dean" put the check down.

"We're looking for a weekend peson, if your son's interested. We could certainly do a number on his starter belly. The pay is good, the work is easy, the people are friendly. Plus it's got massive benefits", "Dean" said rubbing his gut. "Dean laughed making his big soft belly shake around on the table.

"I'll give him the message", Paul said squeezing "Dean's" huge gut, and slapping his fat manly ass.

"BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP! You guys have a nice evening". "Dean" turned around and walked towards me. I laid there stuffed, and bloated. My belly looked like a mini beergut. "Dean" walked up to me, throddled my lap, and rubbed his gut-tastic belly against mine, while telling me about the job. An interview was set up for the following afternoon. 

Paul, Richie, and Perry finished up thei final plates let out long massive belches, and sat there for a while their guts digested their meals They bragged about how fat they were. Belching and rubbing. Eventually they all got up and walked towards me.

I was so stuffed I could barely stay awake. My entire body felt fatter. My belly was doubled in size with bloat. As I rubbed my gorged belly, the guys lumbered up to me. Their massive bellies bouncing up and down. They had their food stained shirts pulled up over their round saggy moobs. Their belts were undone showing that their pants were open. Too bad I couldn't see how hard they were, because their guts were so fat. They were so bloated, that they looked like they put on 20#. Belching their bellies hung over me.

"How do you feel", Paul said kneeling down to rub my belly.

"BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP" was all I could say. Iheard people praising my belch around the resturaunt. 

My belch seemed to wake Dave up. He rubbed his huge belly and followed my belch with a trembling wet one.

"Oh man. I feel like I weigh 600#", Dave said looking down at his belly while he rubbed it. Dave hoisted himself out of his chair. He shoved his man-gut against my cheek. His gut was so soft half my face dug into it.

I turned my cheek and dug my face in as far as it would go. Dave's belly swallowed my face and and my ears. I put my tounge into his round dark navel. I leaned back and undid his pants. His belly flopped further out. I put my hands down his undies and cupped his fat smooth meaty ass in my hands. His ass was big and saggy. 

"Thanks for the rubs tonight, Matt. I gotta get going." 

I slapped big gut as he turned around. H e walked between Paul and Richie, rubbing his fat gut against theirs. Paul picke me up, and we headed towards the door. He pressed me hard into his gut. His fat moobs bouncing oned my thick chest. There wasn't a lot of space because of all the fat pigs in the resturaunt. They had to walk side to side. Their fat guts and asses bouncing in time. They were also rubbing their fat guts against the exposed, massive guts of others. They paid, tipped our fat waiters personaly, and we headed towards the cars.

Paul gently put me in the passenger seat. I groaned and rubbed my belly. Paul let out a loud deep belch as he got in the driver's seat.

"How come you're not to stuffed to move", I asked

"I'm used to this. Me and my co-workers gorge ourselves on a daily basis." 

I ripped a loud wet belch. "UUGGHHH much better, I said rubbing my still beergut shaped belly. Paul just laughed. My cock was enormous. But I was just to stuffed to beat off. "Ive ner eaten so much in my entire life. Even though I'm in pain this feels amazing. I never thought I could be such a huge pig", I said followed by another huge belch. 

"From the looks of the workers, I'm sure you'll be stuffing yourself on a daily basis. Why did you want a job", Paul asked.

"I wanted to help out around the house. Especially if I'm gonna turn myself into a massive pig.", I said 

"I won't allow you to that. You're a guest in the house. It's my job to make sure you have what you need, and are happy.

"As for help don't worry about it. I make lots of money, and have more than enough to keep us gorged. I undid my tight seatbelt and snuggled against Paul's fat side, putting my head on his fat moob.

Paul put his arm around me. "Since you got here, you've been like a son to me. Someone that likes me for who I am, and enjoys my fat body as much as I do".

I rubbed my hand under his tuffed gut. With all the food in it, his belly was hard. with a 3'' layer of soft fat covering it. "You've become like a dad to me. I'm so grateful for everything. Including who you are. So what are we doing tonight. 

"Well we're just gonna go back to the house. It turns out that my co-workers are into the whole gut worshipping thing. Last week when I took a sick day, they ate at the buffet. Then they went back to Richie's and had a gut fest. "BUUUUUURAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP" Tey told me about it at the table. They got naked and had at eachother's fat bodies. They weren't specific, but as far as I know they just adored eachother's guts."

We pulled into the driveway. Richie, and Perry were right behind us. We all had a hard time getting out of our cars, being so stuffed. When we got inside, we all stripped off our clothes. I've never seen so much fat. 

"Why don't you guys have a seat. I'll go get some beer." Belching they all lumbered to the couch. I watched as their big, fat asses jiggled and swayed. 

I came back with 24 pk of beer. We all sat next to eachother. Our fat bloated bodies squished together. I sat between Paul, and Perry. We leaned back, and just let our fat bellies relax, letting out big groans. Except for my belly of coarse. It was nice and thick, but wasn't fat enough to sag. We put our arms on eachother's guts, and turned a football game. The guys were to stuffed to lean forward, so it was my job to pass the beers. It was hart to do since I was trapped between two monsterous beerbellies.

I stuggled to break out of my soft, warm prison. Paul, and Perry just laughed at my efforts. Their huge bellies were already soft. As if their huge meals had already been digested, and whent to their fat guts. 

I broke free, making their huge bellies wobble. I six beers on their tan, hairy shelves. They immediately chugged a beer, belched, and crushed the cans on their foreheads. I chugged a beer as well.

"BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRP!" The guys highfived me. I couldn't believe what I just did. Looks like all the lessons Paul gave me paid off. 

"So tell us a little about yourself", Perry said scratching underneath his massive gut. Every inch of his huge gut rippled with his quick strokes. 

"I'm going into my senior year in college. Paul's son Mark is my rommate".

Perry's gut rolled as he let out a boisterous laugh. "The waiter thought you were his son". Perry chugged another beer, letting out a loud deep belch. 

"The one that looked like Dean Cain", I asked.

"Yeah", Perry said putting his arm around me, and pulling me into his fat. I started massaging his gut. It felt luxurious between my fingers. Perry groaned, and chugged another beer. His long raucous belch made his belly fat quiver. I tenderly kneaded Perry's gut, as he fully surrendered to my hands. I toyed with his deep, dark navel, for my own pleasure. My hands got lost in his manly fat. I throddled Perry's fat thighs, massaging every inch of Perry's majestic gut, and moved up to his beautiful moobs. They were like minni pillows. I squeezed, and pulled them together. I jiggled them, and played with his nipples. Perry groaned, sumitting to my dominance. I pressed myself into Perry's navel. Then I opened a beer, and poured it down his throat, moving my cock around a little bit, which made me extremely hard. I could feel his gut bloat with every glug. My cock grew, as his navel held it hostage. Perry's gut grew, fully swallowing me. I felt myself shoot some precum. The inside of Perry's navel felt incredible

It felt so warm, and tight. I had no choice but to let it swallow me whole. With his last glug, Perry crushed the can, and slanted his mouth, waiting for the belch. A boisterous, wet belch invaded my face. My cock shot three times. Hot cum squirted out of his powerful navel, covering the fat underneath. I collapsed in Perry's fat. My face got buried between his fat, warm moobs. The rest of me sank deeply into his wide bed belly. He turned me around, and wrapped his muscular arms around me. 

"BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRAAAAAAAAAP. Thanks for the massage", Perry said. All I could do was lay their. Paul and Richie had their own fat fest. They stood their gut to gut, spooning eachother's fat bodies, and raucously belching in eachother's faces. They played with eachother's fat soft asses. Bouncing and squeezing. They belly bucked over and over. Their big, fat bellies shook wildly in protest. They bucked until they came. Then they collapsed face first on me and Perry. My entire body, was covered by their fat bodies.

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