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My New Dad Part 4
Paul, Richie, and Perry, just laid their. My naked body held hostage by their huge, fat, soft naked bodies. My cock was stuck between Paul, and Richie's fat guts. I started to thrust my hips. Every inch of their fat soft guts shook from the impact. I creamed at least three times.

"All this excorcise, has made me hungry", Paul said.

Richie sat up. His huge gut shook against me, as he tried to sit up. I got off of of Perry. "Me too", Perry said rubbing his gut in agreement. 

"I'll order us some pizza", Paul said leaning his fat body over to reach the phone. Paul let out a loud chunky belch, as he dialed. 

"BURRRRP, thank you for calling Pig's Pizza, Roger speaking". 

"Hi Roger. I'd like to order three party pizzas, and three triple orders of cheesy bread."

"Oh I'm sorry sir, Our ovens malfunctioned about twenty minutes ago, We're gonna be closed for a few days, for repair. If you'd like, I can bring over some orders that got cancelled."

"That would be great", Paul said. Paul gave Roger his address, and hung up. "Pig's Pizza, is closing for tonight." The pizza guy said he would bring over some free orders." Paul said scratching his fat ass.

We put on our underwear, and sanitized our hands. Soon after that Roger arrived, and knocked on the door. Paul got up to answer it. His fat, partially exposed ass bounced as he lumbered. He let out a huge, chunky belch, as he opened it. 

Roger stood at the door with a stack of pizza, and cheesy bread. He had a shaved head, with a neatly trimmed beard, and glasses. He had a medium tan, hairy potbelly, that hung out of his shirt about an inch. The shirt he wore has a picture of a big fat pig on it. It sat on a couch surrounded by empty pizza boxes, and empty cans. It's arms were spread out, and it's pants were open. It's huge belly hung way out of it's shirt. It scratched it's gut, letting out a huge belch. 

"Come on in", Paul helped Roger with the food.

Roger gazed at Paul's majestic body. "I brought 5 large pizzas, 2 triple orders of cheesy bread, and 3 large dessert pizzas. I hope that'll be enough. Judging from the size of your gut, I should've brought more." Roger slapped the bottom of Paul's manly gut. 

"Come in. Make yourself at home. Looks like your gut could use a few beers." Paul returned the belly slap, by grabbing Roger's exposed gut, and shaking it. 

Roger saw us sitting in our underwear. He took off his shirt and pants. His round beergut stuck out about 11''. It had a beautiful tan, with the perfect amout of hair. His hairy moobs had a nice round shape. His belly, and moobs jiggled, as he walked towards us. He walked up to us, and introduced himself. 

"My gut is nothing compared to you guys", roger said sitting next to Richie. Roger started to rub Richie's gut. He certainly wasn't shy. Richie smiled, and squeezed Roger's belly. 

"BUUUURP I'm out of beer, so you can have this 2 ltr of pepsi", Paul said. Paul's gut stuck right in Roger's face.

Roger wrapped his huge, muscular arms around Paul, and pressed his face. into Paul's bloated gut. Paul bounced his gut up and down. Roger groaned, and leaned back, revealing his pitched tent. Paul sat down by Richie. 

"How long have you been working at Pig's Pizza.", Paul asked with a mouth full. 

Roger chugged some pepsi, and let out a raucous, chunky belch. "A few months. I'm looking for a different job." 

"Mike is quitting. You should work with us", Richie said before chugging his last beer, with a huge macho belch. 

"Mike's quitting", Paul asked.

"Yeah. He got a job as computer programmer", Richie replied. Richie turned to Roger. "You'd like working with us. Easy work, good pay, and all the food your gut can handle. Our boss orders food from the buffet. He makes sure none of it goes to waste." 

"Sounds good to me. I'll apply tomorrow".

"From the looks of you guys, I'll fit right in", Roger said. 

Richie rubbed Roger's gut, all the way to Roger's tent, which was getting bigger, with Richie's rubs. 

Roger started getting antsy. His tent pulsated, until it released some precum. Roger could no longer control himself. 

"Guys, where's the bathroom", Roger asked. 

Richie chuckled. "No need yo". Richie patted his gut. All the relief you need is right here, BWWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRP." 

Roger hesitated, then stood up quickly. He took his tight briefs off, exposing his full monty. Precum dripped out of it. He leaped onto Richie, and started to dominate Richie's gut. His fat gut looked amazing. As if it was glued to Richie's gut. His fat moobs jiggled. Even his gut shook. He was like an animal, gasping, and shouting. Richie just laid there, while his gut shook. Roger dommed Richie's gut continuously for a few minutes. Cum squirted out of Richie's navel. 

The rest of us wanted in on the action. We took our underwear off, and joined in.

We piled on Roger, and Richie. Our weight forced Roger down. Roger laid next to Richie, and fully submitted to us. Paul, and Perry had first dibs on the helpess pigs. Their fat slammed against eachother. Their fat bodies were out of control. The pressure caused all four of them to belch endlessly. Their fat asses jiggled, as they rammed eachother's fat, hairy stomachs. They held onto eachother, as if they were desperate for more. All I could do, was watch in awe, as my eyes feasted on the majestic sight before me.

They collapsed, and their massive bodies went limp. This was when I decided to make my move. As they laid their groaning, and stroking, I picked a box of pizza, and shoved it down their hungry, submissive mouth. Piece by piece, I gorged their huge, bloated bellies. They belched their gratitude.

I saved a little bit for myself. Paul, Richie, and Perry laid there naked. stuffed, blaoted, and passed out. Roger was holding on by a thread, belching.

I took the remainder of the rest, and shoved it down my throat. Groaning, and even belching. I knew someday, I'd be a belcher like the others. I just didn't think it would be so soon. My belly inflated right before my eyes. Roger seemed to be snapping out of it. He also seemed to have his eyes glued to my bloating belly. The food was like a wave of exitement. My belly, and my johnson inflated swiftly. Roger scooched over by me. He picked up pizza, and shoved it in my face. Four hands mecilessly gorging my previously stuffed belly. Roger throddled my lap. His big fat, warm ass cheeks felt incredibly soft on my thighs. He shoved his tan, hairy, manly gut against me, and belched deeply in my face. I returned the favor with a short, but very raucous belch. We continued to shoved food in my face, until it was gone.

"Take me to my room, I squeaked. I was so gorged, that I could barely speak. Roger picked me up in his muscular arms. His belly jiggled against my bloated gut.

The soft jiggle of Roger's gut seemed to sooth the gorged feeling of my distended belly. I cupped his smooth, chunky ass cheek, with my hand. I was just as soft and jiggly, as his beergut. Roger knelt down to get our underwear. His fat, hairy moob buried my face. I opened my mouth, and sucked his soft moob fat. He looked down at me, smiling pleasurably. With my other hand, I played with his other moob. The jiggling of his body fat, made me cream copious amounts. 

He chuckled. "If you like my fat body now, wait till I put an a few hundred pounds. I want to be as fat as Paul BWAAAAAAAAAAARP". A vision of a 400# round, naked, belching Roger, flashed before my eyes. Roger let out a long, raucous belch, that snapped me out of my fantasy. 

We got to my bedroom. Roger put me on my bed gently. He put my underwear on, then his. His belly jiggled, and swayed as he tried to balance. Half of his fat ass spilled out of it. I couldn't wait until my ass, and gut, were as fat as his. Like me, he pitched a big old tent.
Roger stood over me. His belly hung over my face. He backed up and said, " Check BURP this out". He began to make his belly bounce without using his hands. The jiggling of his soft belly fat made his moobs shake as well. He turned around pulled down his underwear, and did the same thing with his chunky ass. I jerked off what was left in my member. Roger pulled up his underwear, got into my bed, and scootched me into his fat body. 

"How did you learn that", I asked massaging Roger's soft, warm ass. 

"An old friend's dad taught me. About two years ago, before I moved, I had a friend, whose dad was a 350# gut busting pig, like us. He used to walk around in his underwear, guzzling beer, and belching. He had light brown, wiry hair, thin lips, and a huge, fat, tanned, smooth body. His arms and legs were very muscular. Most of his fat, was in his huge soft gut. The rest was in his ass, and moobs." Roger rubbed my distended gut. I continued to rub his all of his body fat. "After my friend got married, he moved.

I became friends with his dad. I'd bring huge amounts of left over pizza to his house. We'd sit there gorging, and belching. Once the food was gone, we'd get all up in eachother's fat, rubbing, and squeezing. One day, after we were done stuffing ourselves, he got up, and just started jiggling his fat effortlessly. He taught me to do the same. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP. I practically moved in with him. Then I started packing on the pounds. We'd spend hours groping, and jiggling our fat bellies against eachother. 

"So he's the reason you're getting fat", I said squeezing Roger's man-gut. Roger belched in my face. "Where is he now", I asked.

"Don't know. I haven't seen him since I moved. I hope to see him again some day. 

Roger mounted me. He swirled his hard cock in my deepening navel. I massaged his ass. He started to dominate my bloated belly. His breathing got louder, and heavier. His fat belly jiggled against my chunky chest. He thrusted harder, and faster, until he exploded. Cum flew out of my navel.

The force of his cock, and the sosftnesss of his gut, were more than I could take. I exploded as well. Roger collapsed on me. He laid there for a few minutes, graoning with deep pleasure. 

"Matt, that was amazing", Roger said in a daze. 

"You liked my belly that much. I barely have a baby belly", I said massaging Roger's plump ass. 

"OOOOHH don't stop. That feels gooood. BUUUUUURRRRRAAAAP'. 
Roger's long wet belch made his ass vibrate in my hands, and his gut jiggle against my semi-hard cock. 

"You're belly is so nice". Roger said digging his strong hands under my butt. "It's got a nice layer soft of fat for comfort, and hard muscle for pressure. Roger burried his face in my softening pecs. I couldn't believe how incredible this was! A guy with a beautiful, soft, fat body, was worshiping mine. I was just starting to grow a gut. 

"Do you mind if I sleep in here. I want to feel your fattening body, all up in mine", Roger said rolling of me.

"Absolutely", Roger squished into me, and we fell asleep.

I woke up with Roger sprawled over me. His fat body was still bloated from the night before. I laid there helpless while his fat beerbelly breathed in and out over my chubby belly. The night before racing through my mind. Roger's fat, muscular body pressed firmly against me. My morning wood dug deeply, into the side of his fat round ass. I didn't have the heart to wake him, so I slowly got free of Roger.

I picked out my clothes, and got in the shower. I noticed my bloat was gone, but my belly wasn't. It seemed like it already sprouted a nice sag to it. I couldn't wait to see a big sagging gut hang over my groin. 

I got in the shower and started to lather my soft, smooth skin. My belly, and butt had slight jiggles to them. I heard a deep belching Roger come to the door, and open it. 

"Mind if I join you", Roger said peaking in. 

"Sure", I said finishing up my lowers.

Roger got in, and pressed his bloated beerbelly into my butt. 

"Let me do your back", Roger said. Roger scrubbed my back, legs, and feet.

With my body squished into his luxurious beergut, Roger washed ny new belly, and boasting pecs. 

"I can't wait to see you get fat. Walking around with your gut bouncing over your ripping underwear. Your punie underwer, with your big fat ass that's to fat for it", Roger said softly in my ear. Roger stood there worshipping my nonexistant beerbelly. True, you only gained a few pounds, but it looks like you gain weight, at a very steady rate. When I think of all the things I'll with your gut, it makes me so horny", Roger continued to rub what little body fat I had.

"What is it about me that turns you on so much", I said playing with Roger's "beer ass".

Roger sighed softly. "I LOVE to see muscular guys, who want to get fat, Watching the most perfect muscles, turn into soft jiggly fat, is my biggest turn-on. Roger said squeezing my pecs. I want to see it on regular basis. I want to be a part of your growth into manhood". I turned around, forcing myself into him. wrapping my hot, wet body around his.

Roger responded by rubbing my backside. My cock toyed with his belly a little bit. While I was busy with his gut, he soaped me up. Then, I soaped him up, rubbing my body against his gut as much as I could. His fat felt even softer, and more luxurious, being all slippery. We embrased eachother's soapy fattening bodies. We groped, and talked about how fat we wanted to be.

"It's too bad I'm short", I said rubbing my front against Roger. I would like to be a really tall guy, with a belly that could be used as a bed."

"I like that you're short", Roger said squeezing my chunky butt cheeks. After I gain a few hundred pounds, I'm gonna cover your body, like a blanket. I'll keep you warm, while I shove food into your mouth. My belly, will be so fat, it'll take two strong men just to help me get my stuffed body into bed." 

Both of us exploded with those words. We finished our shower, and got out. We dried off, and whent into the kitchen, still naked, with our big, strong arms wrapped around eachother's fat bellies.

"Looks like Paul left us breakfast", Roger said scratching his gut. Paul had all sorts of junkfood spread out for us. Chips, cookies, and two cakes, along with a note:

I hope you and Roger had fun last night. I expect you pigs to have all this food, gone by the time I get home. I'll be home around 2 pm. I invited my co-workers, Casey, and Ryan over for another pig's night tonight. Make sure Roger's there too.

"We'd better get cracking, if we're gonna have all this food gone. It's about 8", Roger said gathering up some of the snacks in his masculine arms. I grabbed the cakes, and followed Roger into the living room. His fat ass bouncing. We sat down, and snuggled into eachother, and turned on the tv. Roger grabbed two bags of chips, and I grabbed two packs of cookies. With two hands we shoved the food into our faces.

"BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRP. Is there any pop left in the fridge. 

"I'll go check", I said. Roger smacked my chunky butt, as I stood up. I jiggled it, as I walked away. Roger whissled and hollered.

I came back with 2ltr bottles for each of us. Roger was almost done with his chips. I gave him his soda, and snuggled in his fat again. He guzzed his soda, and let out a loud smooth belch. He fininshed his chips, grabbed more food, and fed both of us. He fed me so fast, it was hard to keep up with him. He poured pop down my throat forcing out a long, deep belch. My stomach started to get tight, but it was just to hot to stop. I liked being dominated by this fat, gassy pig. 

Roger ruubed my bloating belly. "This how I want your belly. Stuffed, and bloated". Roger forced another big belch out of me.

We ate until our food was gone. Our bellies were big, and bloated. Roger laid on his back, belching. His big belly sticking up. I climbed on top of him. I could feel the pressure of his gut on mine. I laid my head on his fat, hairy chest. My throbbing cock nestled into his semi hard gut. Roger just laid there rubbing my back, and my chunky ass.

"BUUUUUURRRRRAAAAAP! What time is your interview", Roger asked.

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