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My New Dad Part 5
"It's at 3", I said. With that I Flipped over, putting my chunky butt Roger's gut. I lifted up my legs, and let out a huge fart. It was so powerful, it made the soft part of it shake. I flipped over again to see Roger's stunned face. 

"Holy crap", wwere the first words out of his mouth. "How did you do that?"

"I'm a natural" I said. "I could go all morning." 

"That made me so hard. More pleeease" Roger begged.

"You got it", I said flipping over, and lifting my legs. I farted continuously, making Roger's gut shake over his gorged boner. Roger's gut shook like crazy, as he groaned, and grunted. 

"That was incredible. How did you do that?"

"I've always been a farter. I'm just now learning how to rip huge 

"UGHH as much as I'm loving this, we should go to the store, and get some provisions for tonight", Roger said as he finished cumming. I agreed, so we got up, and cleaned Roger's cum off of us.

I whent to my room, to put on some clothes. As I walked away, Roger smacked my jiggling ass and said, "Find the smallest clothes you have". 

I didn't have much tight clothes, but I found a shirt that was snug on the thick layer of fat on my belly. My fat ass showed itself off as well It felt awesome. As I whent back to the living room, I could feel my baby gut shake. My chunky ass shook too. 

Roger was back into last nights clothes. His belly hung out a little more than yesterday. I walked upagainst him, and shook his manly belly against mine. Roger cupped my ass, I ripped another massive fart. 

Rger laghed. His gut shook against me Maybe we shoud go, before we get to turned on , and spend the rest of the cuming."

"Lead the way", I said, Roger put his arm around me, grabbed his keys, and we headed for the store.

As we jiggled our way out of the car, and headed inside, a group of goodlooking muscled men passed by us. They all had porkin beerbellies, that were covered by their snug muscle shirts. A couple of them had their shirts rolled up, scratching their jiggling fat. They had a cart full of beer. They stopped and rubbed Roger's belly, and patted my chunky ass. We were pretty surprised by this, but they walked away as if nothing happened. 

"I still don't understand why people pay so much attention to me. I'm not even fat yet.", I said kneading my belly fat.

"You'd be surprised how many guys like a guy, who's just starting to gain", Roger said squeezing my fat.

I guess you're right", I said grabbing a cart as we entered the store, We emmidiately headed for the liqueur department. 

We quickly put a few 12 pks in our cart. "What should I wear for my interview ", I asked Roger.

"BURAAAP what you have looks just fine."

I raised my head up to see "Dean". The waiter from the buffet.

He looked exactly like he did at the buffet. His majestic spherical belly hanging well out of his white muscle shirt. His black belt sagged underneath his dominating gut. So smooth. So soft. 

"Hey uh."

"Dean", he quickly corrected me. "Yeah I look just like Dean Kane, and my name really is Dean."

"Everyone likes a fat celebrity", I said returning the same greeting. Dean laughed loudly. His beautiful gut shook in my hands. "Don't you work today" I asked. Dean and I still had eachothers bellies. People passing by giving us dirty looks. It was so hot. I wondered if anyone noticed my massive boner. 

Dean shoved his belly closer against me. "BUUURRRRRRRRRRP. Actually I'm the night time manager. "That reminds me", Dean said scratching his soft, smooth, warm gut. "I don't work today, and since We're already here, would you mind if we had the interview at my house, BWAAARRRPPPP". Two beautiful girls passed us disgusted Dean's belch, and his fat body. To me, it was heaven

"I know it's a little unexpected, but I'm just feeling real lazy today. The only reason I'm here, is because it's my turn to get the beer." Dean scratched his fat ass. 

"Sure, I guess that would be OK, I said rubbing Dean's belly. Dean smiled at me.

I'll have to drop off the beer, at the house. We're having some guys over at the house for pig night."

"That's OK. I'll bring it tonight", Roger said scratching his navel.

"Just make sure some of it gets to the house", I laughed patting Roger's gut.

"Funny" Roger said. "I'll see you tonight."

Dean grabbed his cart. I thanked Roger, and followed Dean to the checkout line. Everywhere we looked people stared at us. We just smiled taking it as a compliment. 

"So your friends dad is having a pig night", Dean said putting his beer on the belt. "Sounds hot. You wouldn't believe how many comments we got about him and the others." I stood their smiling wishing he was talking about me. 

"Thanks for coming over. It'll be nice just relaxing",

Dean liftd his arm up. His beerbely got in the way, so when he lifted his arm up to scratch his round moob, his bely got hoisted up on the counter for all to see.

"You'll be able to meet my renters, Jesse, and Israel." Dean let out a loud smooth belch, making the checker laugh. Dean's bely quaked, and whumped right back on the counter. Dean's shirt was still pulled up over his perfect moobs. The cecker smacked Dean's gut, and laughed again. Dean smiled, loving the attention. 

Dean pulled back, making his big, round belly flop over his sagging belt. He paid, and headed out the door. Dean's belly bouncing every step. 

When we got outside, we saw Roger talking with the guys we saw coming in. They were all shirtless. Some, rubbing Rogers round gut. Others rubbing his lovehandles, and fat ass. More guys gathered around him, waiting for a turn. Their fat stomachs pressed against Roger. They bounced, and scratched Roger's fat

"Isn't that your friend", Dean asked.

"Yeah. I wonder how he got out here so fast".

We belly-bounced our way to Roger, and the fat "models". All of them handsome. Some had a gut like mine, Others had a gut like Dean's. Some hairy, others smoth. The ones waiting for their turn, herded around me, and Dean. They started groping our fat stomachs. Dean smiled, and took his shirt off. He quickly had hands all over his moobs, and belly. Bouncing, squishing, massaging. Dean melted in their arms, as they continued. 

The fattest of the herd, bounced over to me. He was my age, with dark brown hair, parted. He had a gotee, and blue eyes. He stood about 6'5'', with a golden tanned, hairy gut. It looked like it measured around 60''. It was round, with a beautiful overhang. He was wearing a with shirt that said Bigger is Better, that ended 3'' below his fat, outlined moobs. 

We stood belly to soft, warm, hairy belly. He lifted up my shirt, squeezed my lovehandle. I took off my shirt, amazed that such a fat guy, would be interested in me. He took his shirt off, showing his fat, hairy moobs.

I juggled them, and he pulled me in. I couldn't believe that I was playing with a fat stranger's fat gut, in a parking lot. I looked over at Dean. His fat captors had him surrounded, pressing their fat stomachs against his fat body. Dean stood their limp, and dazed.

"I'm Lars", he said massaging my soft, muscled pecs. 

I was speechless. I manged to say, "Are you guys frat bothers?" 

Lars smiled. He took my hands, and shoved them under his gut. "We're trying to get guys for a fraternity. My friends, and I are sick of being rejected, just because we're not thin enough. Everyone thinks that because we're handsome, we have to be skinny. We like being pigs, We gorge ourselves, we guzzle beer, we belch, we fart, we're lazy, and we like it that way.

My cock was now a boner, spewing out cum "Amen to that bro"- I said bouncing Lars' gut. 

"BUUUUUURRRRP Interested", he asked with a hopeful smile. 

"Definitely. But I only have one year left. Is that OK" I said fingering Lars' deep, dark navel.

"BUUUURRRRRRRP. That's fine. We just want to get it off the ground", Lars said bouncing my chunky ass. Lars looked over to Dean, and Roger, who were high with pleasure. I still had my hands under Lars big gut.

"We should get going guys", Lars said. The guys took their hands of of Dean, and Roger. "Here's my cell. Give me a call. We'll get together for some r&r" Lars said.

My hands made Lars belly bounce, as they walked away, Dean and Roger snapped out of it. "UUUGGHHH that was awesome" Roger said rubbing his gut. "I gotta get to the facility, to meet Paul's boss. Dean, Is Matt gonna be OK getting a ride with you?"

"Definitely", Dean said squishing me into his warm gut. 

"Thanks Dean. I'll see to you tonight Matt", I smacked Roger's fat ass, as he walked away. 

Dean and I got into his car, and headed to his house.

"What are your renters like", I asked digging my hand under Dean's gut. 

"Israel works as a server at the buffet. He just graduated from college. He has a gut that could turn dead people on.

He's friendly, and cuddly. He'll just walk right up to you, and give you big hug. Like me, he likes his fat body rubbed, and pleasured. His gut makes a nice cushion. He's 6'2'', and about 365#, and smooth all over. Jesse is different. When it comes to skinnier guys, he can be pretty domineering. He'll probably call you "Runt", and demand a belly rub. He might seem like a jerk, but if you give him a chance, he'll show you how hot it can be. He's a socialite, so he doesn't work. He's the fattest, and laziest of us. He's smooth, like Israel. He's 6'7'', and weighs about 450#, and growing. He's an ex bodybuilder, and still lifts weights. He eat as musch as Israel, and I eat. The three of us fart, and belch frequently. We're pretty much just three, fat, gassy, lazy pigs. We're always in the mood for a huge gorging, and having our fat banged. Whenever we go out, our fat hangs out of our clothes, and we'll just act like pigs, no matter where we are. BUUURP

By now my drawers were full of cum, and I was speechless.

"Sounds awesome. I can't wait to meet them." As we drove over to the house, I had my hand nested under Dean's fat, shaking gut. We hit many bumps, which made his gut wiggle over my hand. I felt Dean's boner inflate. 

As we walked to the door, Dean held me against his fat side. His belly shirtless belly bouncing against my lovehandle. The second we walked in, we heard a kingsized, echoing belch. I could feel my head grow out of my wasteband. 

Dean took of his pants. His tighties fell off his fat beutiful ass. They were so tight, they showed a perfect outline of his fat, sagging ass. 

"I'm gonna hang these up. I watched Dean's ass jiggle. As he lumbered, he let out a huge, loud fart, which made his fat ass ripple. "UUUGGGGHHH yeah", he said.

Another loud, deep belch lured me to the living room. There was a huge, fat, whale of a man, eating like a hog. Two handedly shoving food into his greedy mouth. He picked up a pitcher of beer. Chugging noisily he released a window shaking belch, and continued gorging.

His fat naked body, was surrounded by junk food. His massive belly bloated, with all the food being forced into it. His long legs, were spread straight out, letting his huge round gut hang between them. He blasted a huge fart, and looked at me, 

"BUUUUUUURRRRRP. Get over here, and rub my gut Runt". I walked towards him in a daze. I sat on the floor, faceing his giant gut. It bloated right before my eyes. "Get going". FFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT. The loud fart snapped me out of it. I looked up at the belching, farting mass before me. He bent down, his face an inch away from mine. His belly squished into me, almost covering my whole body "BWAAAAAAAAARRRRRP, move it, or lose it, he said in a menacing 
voice. He leaned back, and starting gorging again. I dug my hands under his round, whale gut. I had to scooch deeply into his semi soft, bloating gut. The back of my hand teased his wet boner. His gut shook as he let ot a low, wet belch. I moved my hands around as best I could. Squeezing his fat between my fingers.

"Not underneath Runt, on top!" FFFFFRRRRRRRMMMPPPTTT. BUUUUURRRRRAAAAAPPPPP. Jesse slurped his food down. I stood on my weak knees, a slave to the dominant master before me. I started on his big, round moobs. They were like mini beerbellies, Jesse's gut was so big, I had to squish myself deeply into it. I could feel Jesse's rumble gut on the inside. Jesse let out a dominant belch. I deeply squeezed his manly moobs. My boner grew a couple inches. I brought my hands down to his magnificent belly. Burying my hands, and forearms into his huge mass. Forcing belches, and farts, that could have made the house implode. 

"Told you it was hot," Dean said. I jumped back. Dean was holding a six pack, against his gut. "I hate to break this up, but I have to interview Matt. Jesse wrapped his strong arms around me claiming ownership. He looked at Dean, and let out a defiant, raucous belch, then me.

Jesse yanked me to his face "When he's done with you, you're mine." BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP.

Jesse's face looked like crazed cartoon character, when he belched. He released me, and started gorging again. I fell to the ground. I was more turned on then ever before. Dean walked over, and helped me up. Jesse released ear splitting belches.

Still in his tight, squeezing undies. Dean lead me outside. We sat down on his deck. It had a full sized pool. 

"Woah, what a huge pool", I said.

"We like to swim naked, when it gets really hot" Dean said suggestively.

"Jesse swims too", I asked.

"Oh yeah. Under all that blubber, he's still very strong. He's a good swimmer too". Dean chugged a beer, and let out a long belch.I did the same. Dean complimented my technique.

Dean sat back, lifted his gut, and scratched himself. I noticed his tent,and wondered what it was from. Was it Jesse?

"I'm psyched about working with you. I wanted you to work there as soon as I saw you massaging the guys gut at the buffet. You wouldn't believe the compliments I got. It wasn't just that. Feeding you showed you had great stamina

The go for it attitude, which I want all the employees have. You ate a lot like me, when I started gaining. The truth is, you remind me of myself. You're great to be around, and a great asset to the resturaunt. When can you start", Dean asked chugging his beer, belching, and letting out a pleasured grunt.

"I guesse I could start tomorrow", I said very exited.

"Great", Dean said. "The job is yours", Dean stood up, and opened his arms. I hugged him quickly, and thanked him. I could feel his gut the pressed hard over his boner. He lowered his hands, and massaged my ass. He groaned louder, and louder, as if he was cumming. I just stood there, while Dean played with my ass, still groaning. I liked the way it felt. His groaning waned, he ahemmed, and sat down, as if nothing happened.

"Come sit on my lap." I did as I was told. "There are some things you'll need to know. We work in a very positive, friendly environment. For customers, and employees."

Like any job, there's gonna be stress. The hardest part, is gonna be keeping up with the customers. Picture keeping up with a resturant full of 300# pigs, gorging like there's no tomorrow. That's what you'll be doing. Clearing tables, bringing customers their drinks. Basically making sure the customers have what they need, and are enjoying themselves. You'll also be doing, what I did to you. We're starting it now, that first-timers get to pick the server, that they want to be gorged by. You'd be surprised how many 400# pigs, want to be stuffed by a piglet." Dean rubbed my gut. "The hard part, is dealing with distractions. The place is such a turnon. Guys exposing their huge beerbellies, Gorging, and belching. When I first started there, I could barely work. All I could think about, was how turned on I was. The good news, is that we have a breakroom, with a bathroom, if you need to jerk off. We just ask that you only use that one, not the public one, to relieve yourself. Remember to wask your hands thoroughly.

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