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My New Dad Part 6
By now my cock was at new height. I felt it fill up, My jeans were not enough to hide it. Dean looked down on it, and smiled.

Dean stood up, and rubbed his fat ass. FFFFFFFRRRRRRRRMMMMMMPPPPPTTT. "Shall we, I got up, and we ran into Dean's room. We ripped our clothes off. Dean hopped on the bed. He spanked himself motioning me to get on top of his fat, wigling as. He held himself up with his elbows I quickly jumped on top of him. I inserted my hard we cock between his fat cheeks into his tight hole. I thrusted in deep, and hard, squeezing my cock with his cheks, as I pulled out. I shot my first load, and quickly got hard again. Shoting load after load, Dean shouted, grabing the matres, and gasping for air. That didn't stop me. I couldn't stop. Dean's fat was just to awesome. Dean practicaly beged me to stop. Or was it to continue? Oh wel. I'l stop when ready.

Finaly I could no longer go on. We colapsed, and wraped our arms around eachother. 

Den was spechles. I just laid their masaging his cum covered ass

Dean moaned. "OOHHH. That was incredible. I don't think my fat ass will ever recover. BWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRPPP. Dean rolled his fat, soft body over me. His huge smooth beerbelly engulfed my flabby chunk. He belly-bucked his thanks, and laid his head on my flabby chest. "We're gonna have to fatten you up", he said digging his hands under my chunky ass.

"How", I asked.

"At the end of each shift, we divide up the leftovers, and take them home." 

"is there a lot?" 

"Oh yeah. There's enough food to keep Jesse stuffed for days."

"Is the owner OK with us taking food home?" 

"It was his idea. He wants every ounce of food in our fat guts. After a few weeks, you could have a beautiful gut. We'll help you get there." 

"I'd appreciate that," I said squeezing Dean's lovehandles.

Suddenly, the door flew open. Jesse walked towards us, scratching his huge round belly.

Jessed flubbed his gut over Dean's ass, and back.

FFFRRRRMMMPPPTT. "Are you almost done with the runt. He's supposed to be massaging my gut."

"Almost. Just give us a minute." Jesse turned. He scratched his fat ass, as he let out a long, roucous belch. Dean stayed put, still squeezing my chunky ass.

Did'nt that just bother you, when he does that", I said massaging Dean's fat, sticky ass.

"Him just walking in like that? No. We're not very big on privacy here. We walk around, showing off our fat, naked bodies. Sometimes we shower together. We always sleep in Jesse's bed. Our fat, smooth bodies grinding against eachother. We only want privacy, if we're using the toilet. 

"That all sounds so hot," I said.

"Oh, BUUURRRRAAAPPPP, it is. I'm gonna hit the shower. Wanna join", Dean said squishing me in. 

"No. I betterget to Jesse, before he kills me. Should I put on some clothes

Dean laughed making his gut sway, and me with it. Dean got off of me, and I left the room. I was so hard, I needed a breath before I got to the fat, demanding ex bodyuilder. 

Before I took my first step, I felt something soft, and warm press against my back.

Stong arms helt me tightly, just under my moobs. FFFMMMMPPPPPTTTTTTTT. "You must be Matt. Dean's been going on, and on about you. The soft, smooth, warmth felt unreal. I wanted more of it. I turned around, still squeezed into the fat, smooth gut. I saw the friendliest smile I'd ever seen. The fat man squeezed me in closer. I wrapped my arms around his fat, tan belly, in awe. 

BUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPP. HE slanted his gaping mouth, with a huge belch. "I'm Israel." 

"I'm I'm I'm, uuuugggghhhh", was all I could get out. My legs gave out. Israel held me into his belly. He laughed, and his jelly belly shook in rhythm. 

"You must really be into fat men's stomachs."

I let out another sigh, and squeezed Israel's fat ass cheeks. My cock grew into Israel's deep, inviting navel. Israel bucked it, and smiled. I held Israel's fat body, as I gave in. I felt my cock get thicker, as I thrusted. Harder, faster. 

"UUGGGHHH don't stop. That feels so good." 

I gave it all I had. My cock was hard, but refused to release.

It was as if my cock didn't want it to end. I plunged deeply into Israel's fat. I held on to his fat ass for dear life. Israel's grunting, and panting grew. I couldn't stop. I felt pressure grow, in my cock. Israel's gut shook uncontrollably. My cock became so gorged, that it got stuck. I felt the climax coming on. I whent into warp speed. Israel grunting, his fat belly begging for mercy, my hands buried into his fat ass. Finaly, I erupted. Cum came endlessly out for about 5 seconds. Israel leaned back against the wall, trying to catch his breath. He gave me the same look, I gave his belly. 

"Israel. I'm sorry. I don't know how that happened."

"HUH HUH. Don't apologise. HUH HUH. That was the hottest gut sex, HUH HUH, I've ever recieved. Israel's bumlap, was covered with hot cum.

"Let me get you some water."

"Beer. please." Israel said still panting.

I brought back a cold one. He chugged it, pulled me into his wet gut, and let out a loud, raucous belch.

I put Israel's arm around my shoulders, and helped Israel to the living room. Israel's hot, smooth belly bounced my side. I couldn't believe it. Jesse was still gorging. 

FFFFFMMMMMMMPPPPTTTTT. "What's the problem runt. Get over here, and rub my gut!" 

I sat Israel down next to Jesse. Their stomachs looked so hot, as they leaned back. I sat on Jesse's lap, and had at his big belly again. I massaged with slow, deep strokes. Jesse groaned. The massage seemed to calm the beast. BUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPP. "OOHHHH. Keep rubbing my gut. I leaned into Jesse's belly, so I could reach the sides. Jesse groaned again, and kept gorging. Almost my entire torso, was swallowed by Jesse's beergut. My face deeply into his moobs. My cock buried under his gut. Now I was groaning from the heat. Like with Israel's gut, I couldn't stop. Jesse's gut bloated over my semi gorged cock. It was time to do Jesse's fat ass. I slid my hands under the fat mounds. I squeezed, pulled, and pushed repeatedly. Jesse let out another huge fart.

BUUUUUUUUUUUWWWWWAAAAARRRRRPPP. Jesse's rolling gut made me shake with it "Go get my vibrator runt. It's the first room on the right." I raced to Jesse's room, and saw a plasic rod hooked up to a charger. I unplugged it, and raced back. Jesse gorged himself, while Israel lifted up his gassy gut. Jesse's boner was 9'' in length, and 2'' wide. I turned the vibrator onto full blast. Jesse's cock pulsated, and shook with the vibration. Jesse shouted, and squirmed, as his cock pulsated faster, and faster. Jesse's boner grew, then quickly shot a huge load, onto his gut. Jesse shouted louder, as he continued to shoot continually. 

After 5 minites of frequent shooting, Jesse was finished. My hand, and the vibrator covered with HOT cum. Israel let Jesse's wet gut whump over my hands. Jesse laid their, like a fat slug, moaning softly. Israel, and I just rubbed Jesse's gut. 

"What's going on", Dean asked joining us in the living room. He pushed his bely into Israel. Israel slapped Dean's fat ass, making it jiggl

Israel hugged Deans fat body from behind. Dean smushed his fat ass, into Israel's fat gut. 

"We just finished Jesse off", Israel said playing with Dean's gut. Dean rested his head in Israel's fat moob. 

"I've never seen Jesse so docile. You really do have a gift, with fat men's bellies!", Dean said taking Israel's hands, and rubbing his undergut with them. Jesse released a loud, gut rumbling, smooth belch. 

"Witch one of you is next", I asked. 

"ME", Israel shouted. We went to the kitchen, got as much food, and beer as we could carry, and whent back to the bedroom. 

Israel laid in the middle of the bed. Dean flopped his belly on Israel's, with an incredible whumping sound, so he could feed him better. We started him off, with spaghetti, and garlic bread. Israel groaned, as we shoved it ointo his mouth, and massaged his belly. Israel chugged a beer, and released a long, deep belch. I felt my cock grow, with Israel's noises. Dean swirrled Israel's gut around, working up a long raucous belch.

Dean, and I mounted Israel's fat body, and started to feed him. Our bodies got hotter, and our cocks got harder. Every few minutes, we'd work up loud belches, by thrusting our cocks into Israel's gut, and stopping just before we came, remaining hard as we gorged the fat, gassy, submissive ping underneath us. We also stopped every few minutes, to just enjoy eachother's fat bodies. Groping, and squeezing. Dean I decided to feed eachother, as we fed Israel. We chugged, and belched our way through our fattening meal. 

Once we finished, it was time for banging. Dean got the vibrator, and pressed it hard against Israel's gorged cock. I took my gorged cock, and shoved as deep as it would go, into Israel's fat, beautiful ass. Israel shouted with unexpected pleasure. I felt myself get incredibility stimulated, as I thrusted. I squeezed Israel's fat ass cheeks against my boner, as I pulled out. I continued this for sveral minutes, as Israel hollered, and panted.

His fat ass moved along with my thrusting. Israel was in a peasured stupor, with high pitched moaning. Without warning, I shot my first load. I continued to shoot, until I couldn't shoot anymore. Israel let out a shrill shriek, followed by panting. 

Dean turned off the vibrator, and removed his cum glazed hand. Dean rubbed it all over Israel's heavily breathing gut. Dean turned Israel over, and banged his ass, quickly releaving himself. Dean collapsed, Israel mounted Dean, and laid face down, into Dean's welcoming moobs, and belly.

"Do guys have extra vibrators I can use for tonight", I asked rubbing Israel's back fat. Israel pointed under the bed. Their was a box, overflowing with them. I took two, and thanked them. They were to out of it to respond.

I let them rest for a while, until Dean was ready to take me home. Dean lumbered out to the car, wearing the same clothes as before. His fat, stomach bouncing.

"That was INCREDIBLE", Dean exclaimed. You're amazing" Dean praised, followed by a loud fart.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope we'll have many more days like this", I said reaching over to squeeze Dean's gut.

UUUUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. "We'll have plenty of days like this. We're gonna fatten you up, and bang you so hard", Dean said scratching his stomach. Just thinking about that, gave me a boner. 

When we arrived at the house, I wrapped my pudgy body around Dean. He squeezed me into his fat, put his hands on my ass and said, "You're welcome. See you tomorrow night." 

"I got out of the car, and whent inside. I heard a huge frequent belching, coming from the kitchen. Loud grunting followed. Paul was naked, and gorging himself right in front of the cupboards. His head, and shoulers, were hidden by the cupboard, his belly, was flopped on the counter, and his cock was rock hard. 

I quietly took my clothes off, and snuck up right behind him. Paul scratched his fat ass, and belched again. I rammed myself into Paul. He yelped, and tried to turn around, turning my boner, in his fat ass.

Paul wiggled, sighed heavily his luxurious cheeks from side, to side. My chubby gut smushed against his back fat, that formed from his lovehandles. "I was wondering when you'd just go for it", Paul said still moving his ass fat around my boner. "It seems like it's been forever since we've seen eachother." UUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP. UUUGGGGHHHHH.

"Keep gorging. I have a surprise for you." Paul resumed gorging, and I took the vibrator, reached around his waist, and pressed it against his fat cock. He shouted from the surprise, and groaned with pleasure. I told him to keep gorging, while I moved the vibrator up, and down, while applying pressure. I also thrusted forcefully, against his fat ass. Paul belched loudly, and tried his best o keep gorging. I felt myself about to erupt. Harder, and harder I jammed into him. He shrilled with pleasure. Faster, and harder I thrusted, and pressed, until our boners couldn't take it anymore. Paul's fat ass filled with cum, while my hand got covered with it.

I banged, and pressed, until we stopped cumming. Hot cum was oozing out of his fat ass, and off my hand. We both plopped down on chairs, panting, and trying to catch our breath.

Once we were breathing normally, I washed my hands, and plopped myself down on Paul's fat thighs. I stuck my finger deeply into Paul's navel. FFRRMPPTT "Don't you eat at work", I asked.

BUUURRRRAAAAAPPPPPP. "Normally I do, but Frank had all the food divied up, and we took it home. He didn't tell us why. UUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPP. "How was your interview?"

"I whent fine. He didn't tell me much. Just a brief description of the job. He also told me, that the employees take home the leftovers, from the day."

FFFFRRRRMMMPPPPPP. "Is there gonna be enough for you, by the time I'm through with it", BUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPPPP Paul said playing with his fat stomch.

I slapped his gut, and laughed. "I sure hope so."

We got up, and gorged ourselves on the food that cover the counter. We had a loud belching contest, after we finished gorging. Paul won

We lugged our stuffed, naked bodies into the living room. Paul layed down. His fat stomach sticking up. I laid face down on top of his fat body, making him belch.

He rubbed my ass and said, "I can't wait until you gain enough weight, for me to bang your huge ass." 

I rubbed his fat sides. "The way I'll be gorging myself, it won't take long. I'll be gorging myself here, and at work."

"Our stomachs are gonna get so fat. We'll both have so much fat to bang. UUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPP.

"Your stomach's already "so fat", I said

"This baby belly? This gut's nothing. I wanna put on a few hundred more pounds. I want my gut to stick out several feet in front of me. I want a gut big enough to have other fat guys use my body, as a bed. I'm muscular enough to support LOTS more weight. Not to mention the belches that'll be comming out of me." UUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPP.

"After this weekend, the weight will be climbing", I said. 

"It won't be the same without you." 

"Yeah, but it's only three nights a week."

I slid off Paul's fat stomach. "Turn over. I want to massage your fat ass. Paul luggishly turned his fat body over. His fat cheeks wiggled with the stressed movement. 

He let out a huge raucus belch and said, "UUUUGGGGHHH much better." His tempting ass stuck up in the air, like his gut. I put my hands onto his soft, warm, ass fat. They made excellent pillows, for my strong hands. I squished, kneaded, and prodded his fat cheeks, around, and around, up, and down. Paul groaned his appreciation.

"Man my fat ass is growing. I can feel it wiggle around with every step." 

"Definitely massage material. Just like your gut." I massaged Paul's ass, for a long time. I just couldn't keep my hands off it. Paul belched, and groaned, until the massage was over.

We decided it was time to get ready for pig night. We cooked, and baked, until the food was ready. "Roger's bringing the beer", I said.

UUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP "Yeah, unless he drinks all of it." 

The doorbell rang. "Can you get that Matt. I have to go pee."

I watched Paul's fat cheeks wiggle, and jiggle, as he walked away.
I opened the door, to see four, FAT, shirtless men before me. Thay all has their arms full, of food, and beer. One was Roger. His belly looked rounder, and fuller, since this afternoon. He had a big smile on his face.

"Hey Matt. This is Frank, my new boss. He's also the pig, who turned me into the pig I am today." Frank was tall, and huge. His huge arms, and legs were completely defined. His chest, and belly were massively fat, and beautifully round. His belly jutted out nicely in front of him. I took Frank's, and Roger's fat stomachs, and slapped them together, from their sides. They belched loudly in my face, and asked, "Having fun." They walked past me, squeezing me between their fat guts. Frank's, ass had also accumulated fat. It was fatter than Paul's! Frank was definitely the fattest man, I'd ever seen. 

In front of me, were two more fat gods. They introduced themselves as Ryan, and Casey. Ryan, was about Paul's age.

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