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My New Dad Part 7
He had short, dark, spikey hair, and silver sides, and hazel eyes. He was 6'5'', and a devious, but freindly smile. Some of his fat was on his arms, the rest was in the typical places. He probably weighed about 390#, of soft, jiggly fat. His belly was smooth, and tan, with the typical "beergut". Round, and saggy. He pulled me into his fat, and said, "Nice to meet you." 

Casey, was tan, and smooth too. His entire body, was covered with fat. Especially his huge gut. He had straight, dark, shoulder length hair, dark blue eyes. His body was huge, with a fat round belly, that looked just like Ryan's, but gigger, and softer. He too pulled me into his massive gut, and said, "Nice to meet you." I was surprised to hear a brooklyn accent. He was closer to Roger's age, which made his fat even more incredible.

Paul joined us, shirtless, wearing a tight pair of jeans. Casey, and Ryand squished their fat bodies into his.

"We're gonna have to be cool tonight. Roger brought Frank", Ryan said quietly.

"What", Paul said very surprised.

"Frank, was some kind of mentor, so Roger invited him. He said you wouldn't mind", Ryan said scratching his fat gut. 

I guess we'll just have to keep it in our pants tonight. He's a pig, but he's also our boss." Paul said.

We turned around, and whent into the living room. Roger had Frank, squished between the arm rest, and his bloated gut. I walked up to Roger, and slapped his round belly. "You look bigger since this afternoon. Where's the beer we bought." 

BUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPP. "We drank it. After my interview, Frank took me to his house, and gorged me nonstop, before we came here. Roger rubbed his round belly. It looked like Paul's, but way smaller. "We odered pizza to have delivered here. It's on us. Frank wants me to gorge myself even more." 

Paul sat down by Roger, followed by Ryan, then Casey. Their huge bellies looked unbelievably hot. So big, and squished together. Before I could sit down, the doorbell rang. 

"Wait. Let me give you some money", Frank said.

Frank leaned his fat stomach into Roger. My boner thickened wishing it was between them. Roger groped Frank's gut, which made it even more jealous. Frank smiled, bouncing it up and down, making it jiggle on it's own.

I walked over to Frank. He was struggling to get his wallet out of his fat ass. Just as I approached him, he stood up gutting me, with his huge gut. I nearly fell over. His gut was so big, so forceful, My undies filled with precum. He let out a huge belch, and said, "That should be enough for the pizza guy. I'll help carry the food here. Frank walked against me. I felt his huge man-gut jiggle heavily against me. 

We opened the dor, to see a tall, muscled man. When he saw us, he smiled, at Frank's stomach. I gave him the money, he gave us the food. Then he boldly masaged, and bounced Frank's bergut. Frank was stuned at his boldnes. 

He noticed the guys on the couch, and smiled even wider. "You guys enjoy the piza. Give us a cal if you want more." Slaping Frank's gut, he turned around, and left

e were bewildered by what just happened. A huge muscle man, just totally got fresh, with Frank's fat stomach. As much of a turnon as Frank's gut was, the guy didn't even know him. If I didn't know any better, would've noticed a huge boner, in his pants.

We made our way back to the couch. Everyone's pants were open, their bellies just waiting to be gorged. We put the food own, and opened our pants as well. My boner stuck out like a sore thumb, but I didn't care. At home, I was going to be myself.

We heard cars pull up in the driveway. The door swung open. The muscled dlivery guy barged in, followed by five huge, muscular guys. They were all over 6', except for one. He was 3'' shorter than me, but way more muscular.

The six of us just sat there. The guys approached us. "You fat pigs didn't actually think I was just going to leave, did you", The delivery guy said.

"Who are you guys", Paul asked getting up. He grunted as he stood up. The delivery guy walked up to Paul, and rubbed his hairy gut.

"All you need to know, is that we're gonna feed you, and bang you, until heads explode. Literally. By tomorrow morning, your guts will be fatter. Your moobs will be chunkier. Your asses will be plumper." The squished into Paul's gut. "Your cocks will be limp, and drained dry", he said quietly putting his hands down Paul's pants, and squeezing his fat ass. 

Paul sat down. We all stared at the huge feeders before us. They took their spedos off, and told us to put our bellies out, and head back. A tall feeder approached me. He seemed really exited about gorging me. "Not that one dude. You'll split him in two. Peewee, you're with the runt. Dag, you're with "Casey Jones". Coop, you're with Pops. Jones, you're with the hairy dude. Al, you're with the the fat blob next to the hairy dude. I'll take this pig right here", he said throddling Paul's lap, and shoving his boner into Paul's gut. 

Pewee throddled me. He had a big smile on his face. I opened my mouth to talk, but ended up with an entire piece of piza shoved

The feeders started by pouring beer down our throats. We all belched, loud, loud and long. With their bodies pressed firmly into our stomachs, they gorged us, until the first pizza, was gone. My gut felt awesome. I could feel Pewee work his boner, into my bloated cock. The feeders had a field day, with our bodies. Gorging us, pouring beer down our throats, then banging us. I noticed Pewee would only bng my stomach. He said it was because he was more of a gut guy.

The feeders put us into a feeding daze. All we could do, was surrender to them, as they took control of us. The house was filled with the sounds of grunting, and wild belching. They would feed us for a while. Then, they would bang us. My gut was covered, with Pewee's cum, and my own. The others, had their asses filled. I could feel Casey's warm stomach fatten up against mine. We begged for more, as they gorged us, and dominated us. 

After two pizzas stuffed into my gut, Pewee massaged my aching belly. By now, everything thing was a blur.

I passed out. I awoke to the sounds of fierce belching. the feeders were gone. Our stuffed, naked bodies were piled together, in Paul's huge bed. I was wedged between Paul, and Casey. We belched copiously, for several minutes, feeling eachother's fat bellies quaking against eachother. 

Something felt different. I put my had on my gut. "OOHHH. I'm so bloated", I said rubbing my round stomach.

Casey put his hand on my belly. BUUUUUURRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP. "Dude, this isn't bloat. This is FAT", Casey said shaking my gut. 

"WHAT", I squealed. I climbed over Paul's fat body. He really did feel fatter. I looked down. My stomach was definitely bigger. I lumbered to the mirror. My gut bounced against my huge boner. I grunted with pleasure. Casey was right! I was fatter! My ass was bigger. My moobs were rounder. And, my gut was sagging over my cock. 

Paul lumbered behind me. With an ear splitting belch, he wrapped his arms around me. I could feel Paul's fat gut, sticking out more. Paul pressed me into his fat.

"You look great with a fat gut, Matt", Paul said kneading my dough. I stood there, in awe of my new, fat, soft body. I turned around, and squeased my fat moobs, and half of my gut, into Paul's. It felt SO AWESOME!!! I looked up at Paul. He smiled at me, playing with my fat as. I lifted up my bely. I was hard as a rock. My boner stuck out about 6''. Paul gave me "the look", and we ran into my bedroom. Our guts bouncing on our boners. 

I laid face down on the bed, with my gut nestling my cock. Paul sat on my fat thighs. He lifted up his belly, inserted his boner into my fat cheeks. I yelped with the force. He whumped his belly onto my back, making me shoot my first load. He bent forward a lityle bit, and thrusted with mighty strength. We both grunted, and shouted, shooting endlessly. I could feel my gut, and my ass, get filled with hot, sticky cum. Paul's gut slid around heavily, making it hotter. Paul whent on, for what seemed like hours, with no end in sight. The more he thrusted, the more we shot.

Our sex craze was so hot, and heavy, (literally), that we didn't notice Frank, untill he let out a long, massive belch. "Sir I", Paul tried to get off me, but before he could, Frank was on top of him. I now felt double the weight on me. With Paul on top of me, it felt like I was trapped under an 860# beergut. Paul hollered, and squirmed, in pleasure, and disbelief. Frank's fierce, relentless ass baning, made Paul bang me twice as hard. All three of us were grunting, belching, and shooting bazookas. Frank mercilessly banged us, which seemed to go on, and on. I could feel Paul's cum splashing out of my crack, and running down my cheeks, it was so full.

"There's going to be some changes, HUH HUH HUH, at the station. I want you pigs to spend more time gorging, HUH HUH, and growing. Our company lunches will be twice what they are now, HUH HUH. I'll be gorging with you guys, HUH HUH. We'll be gorging naked, HUH HUH, and our bodies, HUH HUH, will be filled with food, and sex. BWWWAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

After his huge belch, Frank whent turbo. Paul's long, obese boner, was shoved all the way in, Paul and I shrieked hysterically, as our fat asses filled with steaming cum. Ropes of cum spewed out of all three of us. Frank's cum, was running of Paul's ass, and down mine. With a shout ov victory, Frank exploded for the last time. Hot, wet, and sticky, we gasped for air. When we were finally able to breath, Paul, and Frank slid off me. We sat up to see Ryan, Roger, and Casey standing before us, with stunned looks on their faces.

"That was the hottest thing, I ever saw" Casey comented. 

"You saw the whole thing", Frank asked.

"Oh yeah", Ryan said. I shot loads, just from watching you guys. How come you never came out before Frank?"

"I guesse it just didn't come up, untill tonight. Plus, I'm your boss. From now on, I'll be pushing our weight beyond limits. Does everyone agree?" They all belched their agreement. 

"What about Matt", Casey said sitting next me. Someone has to fatten this bad boy up,"

Casey shook my gut, and jiggled my fat ass. "Oh. I'll be getting fat alright. I just got a job at Fat Man's Buffet. I start tonight. My gut's goona be huge, by the time summer ends", I said massaging Casey's fat moobs, and belly. 

"Speaking of work, we need to get to going", Frank said scratching his deep navel. 

They got up, and put their clothes back on. Their chunkier bodies spilled out more than the night before. Paul and I whent to his room to put on different clothes. Getting his jeans on, was hard. His legs were thicker, and his fat ass, stuck out, and sagged, more than before. 

"Those feeders were right", I said burrying my hands under Paul's fatter gut. Our bodies have gotten much fatter." 

Paul pulled me into his gut. "I'm proud of you", he said rubbing my gut. "I can't wait to see how much fatter you'll get." He hugged me, and left with the others. Seeing their fatter bodies spilling out of their skin tight clothes, was incredibly hot.

I decided I would clean up. Taking the garbage out, I saw a big fat man, clearing branches from his lawn, in his underwear. He had thick, saggy lovehandles, and a big, fat round ass. I could see the perfect shape of it, outlined by his tight briefs. Scratching his fat ass cheek, he let out a long, echoing belch. "Good one", I said walking over to him. He jumped making his lovehandles, and fat ass bounce. He turned around, and there before me stood a smooth, tanned, fat god. His belly was round, and saggy, with a round, dark navel His moobs were round, and supple. I noticed he had been enjoying himself, because he had a big, thick boner, and a 2'' wet spot. He wasn't even embarrassed, to show off his fat, gassy god bod. He looked like Tom Arnold from the 80's. From his face, to his mullet, he was a spitting image.

"That was nothing." He picked up beer, chugged it, and belched louder, and longer, than before. He walked closer to me.

Gut to gut, he scratched his undergut. His gut jiggle, made my gut jiggle. Our stomachs were pressed so hard together, I could feel his wet, hard boner, digging into my inviting navel. UUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP. "Name's Arnie", he said grabbing my hand. 

"I'm Matt", I said barly able to control myself. Arnie was only 2'' taller than me, but he had at least 200" on me, and a belching talent, that could wipe the floor with me. I felt his boner stir, and shoot strings of precum. It was so hot, I was ready to pull his undies down, ang bang him righ there. Something told me, he wouldn't object, if I did. 

"I'm done here. Wanna come in for a beer", he said scratching himself. I'd show you belches, that would make your ears explode." BWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I stared at him, and nodded. 

His house was amazing! It had at least three huge bedrooms. His kitchen was huge, full fo food. He took a 12 pk out of the fridge. He chugged one, and let out a belch that made my ears ring.

He bent down again, grabing food from the fridge. I couldn't stand it anymore! I had to grab his fat ass! I crep slowly towards his fatness. My arms stretched out, ready for grabbing. He talked about how he moved here, several months ago. He worked as a night janiter. By now, I was right behind him. My undies were wet, with precum, and I was hard as a rock. Just as I was about to grab his cheeks. He turned around, and pushed me back, with his soft, hot belly. He laughed, making his gut rol, and drop over his stil wet, hard boner. "Sory dude. Didn't know you were so close." 

"No problem", I said euphoricaly. 

I helped him bring the ber, and fod, to the living room. He chuged two more bers, and let out a beastly belch. 

"How much ber can you guzle down", I said chalengin him.

"Do I sense a chalenge", he said folowed by another inhuman belch.

I smiled. Glad he took the bait. "Maybe. If you're man enoug for it." 

"Are you kiding? I didn't get this gut from steamed spinach", Arni said jiggling his gut candy.

Arnie grabbed beer, chugging it can by can. His belly blew up, his belches sounded like they were gonna bring the house down. After he finished the 6 pk, he let out a wet, raucous belch, and begged me to gorge him. 

Just as I was about to rip his clothes off, it happened. The door swung open. In walked in the king of pigs. He was 6'8''. He looked like John Goodman with a beard. His gut was huge. He must've weighed 500#. His gut was tan, and hairy, and sticking out of his dirt stained muscle shirt. He was carrying a stack of pizzas. It was the most incredible gut, I'd ever seen. 

I got up to help him carry the pizzas. We put them on the coffee table. He chugged a beer, and let out a 15 second belch. I stared in awe, at the magnificence before me. He grabbed my hand, and said, "I'm Benny. You must be a friend of Arnie's." All I could do was stare. Benny let ou another huge belch. "Looks like you guys got started without me", Benny said scratching his gut. 

"Arnie was impressing me, with his drinking skills".

Benny looked at Arnie. His arms were stretched out towards the pizza. He tried to get up, but was to dizzy. "Fed me. Please", he begged. The beer definitely brought out the pig in him.

Benny smirked. "Arnie? He's got nothing." Benny walked towards me, The tower of manly fat, stood before me, forcing me into is huge gut. He grabbed two beers. He poured down his throat, with loud gulping sounds. He let out a loud, wet belch. Every inch of his soft fat quaked. I melted deeper into his gut. He put me on the couch. "Looks like I'll have two pigs to gorge today", Benny said. He filled our guts full of beer, and pizza. All I could think about, was banging his fat body. 

By now Arnie was drunk, naked, and laying on his fat gut, begging for sex. Benny, sat down, and started to gorge himself. Benny looked at me. UUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. "I'll let you bang me, if you bang Arnie." I took my clothes off, I lugged my stuffed, fat body, and laid on top of Arnie. I shoved my boner all the way in.

I thrusted hard, making Arnie squirm, adding pleasure to both of us. My fat gut moved around on Arnie's back fat, making me harder. The harder I got, the faster I thrusted. Arnie yelped, and begged for more. Moving a mile a minute, I felt his ass cheeks get hot, and sticky, but couldn't stop. Arie just screamed. Benny gorged, and belched loudly, adding fuel, to my fire. As I thrusted harder, I laid down on Arnie's back. I rubbed his fat gut, and moobs. Benny spanked my fat ass. Finally, my cock exploded. Arnie breathed heavily for several minutes, then passed out. 

BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPP. "Dang. Did he just pass out? I've never made him pass out out before", Benny complimented. 

"I'm not even done with him", I said massaging Arnie's fat ass. I kneaded, and jiggled it for a while, then tuned him over. His fat wiggled, and jiggled. His undergut was covered in cum. I licked every inch off, of his fat, sticky gut. Then I massaged it.

When I finished Arnie, My cock was dry. I was gonna need foreplay, for more fuel. I took the food, from Benny's hands. 

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Benny panicked. "What are doing?!" He demanded. 

"I'm showing you who's boss." With all my strength, I pushed Benny, on his back. 

HUH HUH HUH. "Taking control." HUH HUH. Benny was out of breath, just from having his fat body heaved over. "I like that. Show me what you do, with fat, gassy, disgusting, pathetic, magots like me" 

I ripped his clothes off. Even on his back, Benny's round gut hung over his thighs. Benny was panting. I sat on Benny's fat thighs. Benny just stared at me. I slapped his gut and said, "Start gorging, you worthless, slobbering pig!" 

"Yes sir", he panted. He shoved food into his mouth, with both hands, grunting. 

I took two beers, and opened them. "I want you to chug these, as I pour them down your disgusting, greedy mouth. Then I want you to belch, liked you've never belched before! You got me me pig", I said firmly.

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