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My New Dad Part 8
"Yes sir. Show my gut who's boss", Benny said. I poured the beers down his throat. He certainly had a talent for drinking. I shoved my cock, into Benny's gut. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Benny let out the hugest belch, I ever heard. "MORE", Benny demanded. I poured more beer down his throat, and he belched again. I helped benny gorge down the rest of the food. By now, my cock was screaming. It was time.

I lifted up Benny's huge legs, and pulled up his fat ass. I pushed my fat wet cock, into Benny's warm, soft, cheeks. His ass wiggled, and jiggled, as much as his gut. Benny's panting got louder, and louder. My cock got fatter, and fatter. We were both grunting, and sweating bullets, from the workout. I went at him so hard, his whole body shook . Benny shrieked. His cheeks got hotter. My cock got wetter. All the way in, I thrusted repeatedly. This 6'8'', 500# hog, was at my mercy. Our fat stomachs shook wildly. Benny's eyes rolled back into his head.

Benny looked like he was hypnotized, with pleasure. I worked up a load, then shot it. All Benny could do, was make noises. Load after load, I shot, until my cock was bone dry. I collapsed on Benny's manly fat. He breathed hard, and his eyes whent back to normal. "Holy crap. I've never had sex that incredible", Benny said.

"There's a first time for everything", I said lifting up Benny's gut. I licked Benny's own cum, off his huge gut. 

"That was incredible, but I have to get back to work now", Benny said getting putting his clothes back on. He stood in front of me, and pulled me up into his gut. "Will you be around tonight", Benny asked squeezing me in.

"No I start my new job tonight. I work nights at the buffet, Friday-Sunday."

"Good luck." Benny turned around, and left. I wondered what he meant by that. Eventually Arnie woke up, so I stayed with him, until I had to leave. We experienced eachother's bodies, a little further.

My big night was finally here. I arrived with my tightest jeans, and blelt, and my fat, bouncing, stomach hanging out of my tightest muscle shirt. My fat, round moobs, stuck out a little bit. Kevin, and the fat host, from my first night there, waved. Their guts hanging over their tight, sagging belts. I waved back, and smiled. Dean welcomed me. "Niiice", he said checking me out. "Welcome to your first night. Tonight you'll be doing something different, before we start your training", Dean said leading me to the back. We stopped in front of the door. Dean scrarched his falf exposed beerbelly. BUUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP. "There's somebody I want you to meet. He's HUGE, and he's ready for his very special feeding." Dean squished into me. I naturally wraped myself around him. He huged back, and asked "Are you ready", while he rubed my fat ass. 

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Den stood behind me, and put his hands over my eyes. I rested my hed, in his fat, warm jigling moobs. His fat beerbely bouncing against bak

Dean opened the door. He shoved his fat belly into me queueing me to start walking. I heard soft moaning. Dean put his hand under my gut, and lifted it, making it bounce over his hand. I ran into something smooth, and soft. A large, long fingered hand rubbed my gut, and played with my navel. I tingled, wondering what was going on. The large, soft, friendly hand explored my fat body. First my gut. Then my moobs. It undid my tight jeans, making me grunt, as my gut thumped over it. I grew intensely hard. The hand made it's way down my undies. It squeezed, and played with my fat, smooth ass. As strange as it felt, it was immensely hot.

"MMMMMMM. Is this the new meat you were telling me about Dean, spoken by a deep, smooth voice. 

"Yes sir", Dean said still squishing me. 

"MMMMMMM. He's everything you said he was. So young, so inexperienced. So innocently naive, to the ways of the pig. You may let him see me now."

Dean took his hand off my eyes. Their before me laid the fattest mound of a man.

I stood there in awe. The fat man jiggled his belly, and smiled. He laid there naked, on the hugest bed, I'd ever seen. His whale body, was a golden tan. Each of his round, supple moobs were the size of my head. His belly, was a round mountain of golden fat. 

"Matt, this is Mark. You'll begin your training, by feeding him tonight. He's ready to be gorged, and owned by you."

"My gut is ready to be gorged, and my ass is ready to be banged. Are you ready", Mark as patting his whale blubber. 

My knees buckled, and I fell onto Mark's fat, naked body. I dug my face into his fat moob, and sucked his tender nipple. I sank deep into his body, and creamed. 

"It looks like he's ready", Dean said stripping me. My hot, wet boner spewed uncontrollably. I scraped of the hot mounds of cum, and fed it to Mark. He licked my hand clean.

Dean left. I got off Mark, and brought over a plate piled high, with greasy cheesecurds. I shoved them into his mouth, and poured a beer down his throat. He bellowed an indescribable belch.

I fed him the rest of the cheesecurds, and rubbed his belly, I positioned my boner over Mark's mouth, and jerked loads into it. 

"You've done this before", Mark said.

"No, I just don't have any inhibitions, when it comes to fat men. I banged Dean's fat ass, ten minutes into my interview."

"That's what he tells me", Mark said.

I grabbed another plate. Piles of pizza, covered with meat, and cheese. I shoved piece, after piece into his mouth. I shot more loads into his mouth. "Rub my belly", Mark begged. 

I sat on his huge legs, and massaged his gut. I tenderly squeezed, and pushed into his fat. He groaned, and belched endlessly. I continued to gorge him, and shoot into his mouth. It was now time for sex. I turned him over, revieling his huge ass. His belly fat spread out, as if it were consuming him. He grunted, with anticipation. I massaged his FAT ass cheeks, to prepare them for the force, that was my boner. I teased his ass cheeks, with my wet, boner. I entered him, literally sinking in.

His ass was so fat, and deep, it swallowed my gut, with ample room left over. I moved around in Mark's luxurious ass. He groaned his appreciation. His ass wiggled against me, as I tried to thrust. I heaved, and thrusted, with all my might. I had to work extra hard, as I thrusted. So hard, that with every thrust, his whole body moved, steered by his gut fat. I thrusted on, and on, Mark's groans getting louder, and longer. Thrusting with all my might, I shot endlessly. Mark's ass filled up, and my gut got drenched. 

With my last load, I grunted, and collapsed. We both took a long breather, and I removed myself from Mark. I cleaned my gut off, and piled another plate, for Mark. "Now that's what I call excorcise", Mark said panting. 

I put the plate down next to Mark. He took the plate, and scarfed it down. BUUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAP PPPPP. "MORE', Mark demanded. I piled two more plates, and set them beside him. As he gorged himself loudly, I used all my strength, and lifted up his gut.

His giant boner was still spewing. I sucked the white globs, off Mark's gut. Mark belched again, and demanded more. I piled up three plates,and set them down. Mark's face was covered in food. I licked more cum mounds off Mark's gut. Over, and over, Mark belched, guzzled, and demanded more, spewing cum, which I fed on. We did this for several hours, until I planted myself, in Mark's gut.

More than half of Mark's buffet, was gone. Every ounce of Mark's cum, was in my gut, sloshing around. Mark belched copiously, as I wiped his face clean. I groaned, and rubbed my stuffed gut, as I belched harmoniously, with Mark. I was too stuffed to move, so Mark massaged my fat ass, while holding me down. The pressure made me shoot several more loads. My face sank in Mark's moobs, while the rest of me, sank into Mark's mountainous belly.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPP PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. "Looks like everything's going well here", a voice said suddenly. I lifted my head up, making Mark's moobs wiggle.

I looked up just in time to see a big, smooth, tan belly, whump over my head, forcing my face back into Mark's moobs. I felt a huge, hard boner, force its way between my fat ass cheeks. Up and down, it whent, while swirling in circles. My muffled screams of pleasure, were no match, for my captor's. I felt my whole body, get rammed into Mark's Huge gut. Cum flowing like river water, in Mark's belly, and in my fat ass. My captor's belly, felt like a huge, soft boulder, rolling around atop me. His cock, demanding more, powerful pleasure. I've never felt anything like it. He beat, and battered my ass fat, like he owned it. At this time, he did. As the pleasure built up, tears streamed down my face. My muffled sounds, had no meaning.

Finally, we shot our last loads. Still crying, I heard a muffled voice say, "Now you know how it feels." He spanked my ass, and left. Covered in cum, paralysed with pleasure, I couldn't move. Mark rolled me off his gut. I looked around, and saw that the food was behind Mark.

Mark motioned me towards it. When I got near it. Mark heaved his gorged body, atop me. Smothering my entire body, under his. His huge gut, held him up, He smiled, and grabbed food by the handful. He shoved the food down my throat. My gut filled up quickly. I felt it bloat up against his. Copious belching, was all I could do. My boner stiffened more and more, into Mark's fat. My body felt like it was growing into Mark's, becoming a part of his. Mark fiercely shoved the food in my face, until it was gone. By then, I didn't know how much cum, I released. 

Mark collapsed, forcing all of his body weight on me. We both panted, trying to cath our breath. "That, my boy, is how a feeding should be". Mark rolled off me. I couldn't move. I was gorged, hard, wet, and in a stupor. Mark turned on his side, pulled me into his gut, and rubbed my SWOLLEN gut. It was bigger, than I'd ever seen it! After a few minutes, I turned, and sucked his huge, round moob. He squeezed, and jiggled my fat ass.

The last thing I saw, was an empty table, and piles of food stained plates. Mark kept me close, as I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of three, thunderous belches. I looked up to feel Dean, Israel, and Kevin's big beerbellies, resting atop me. 

BRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP. "Is he OK, Dean", Kevin asked. I felt his gut shake on me, from his belch's force. I also felt Israel's soft, smooth gut, massaging my 8'', wet boner, as it throbbed. 
Dean rubbed the part of my gut, that wasn't smothered, with Israel's gut. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP. "He'll be OK. Tonight he met with Mark." Kevin, and Israel both said, "Oh". 

The three of them, surrounded me, with their fat bodies, as they laid down next to me. What time is it. Are we the only ones here", I asked, as three strong arms, caressed my bulging body. 

UUUUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. "It's just after 10', Israel said with a huge wet belch. "It was a slow night, with just us three, and the two cooks." Israel said rubbing my gut.

I heard belches, in the hall. In walked the cooks. They were completely naked, with big bouncing guts. One was in his mid thirties. He was pure chub. He had short, thinning hair, and glasses. He was about 6', and weighed at least 375#. The other, had a Conan the Barbarian look. He was in his late twenties, with dark, long, wavy hair. He had a wide set jaw, with a chin cleft. He was 6'6'', and weighed about 420#. He hat a STRONG body, with a big, round beergut. I guessed he had a semi-hard gut. It had a hefty bounce to it, but not nearly as bouncy, as the other guy. Both were smooth, and tan. They were gorging themselves, on pizza, and fried buckets of chicken. 

They walked over to us, with their bellies hanging ober us. With a huge belch, "Conan" asked, "Who's the new guy", while wiping grease on his hefty gut. He whumped his belly, onto Israel's.

"This is Matt. Matt, meet Evan, and Bruce." I let out a huge belch. 

"Now that's a belch", Bruce boasted. "You'll fit in fine." BRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP


It looks I won't be finishing my story. I know you're thinking that there's still time to finish it, but with all the existing characters, and characters I wanted to add, trust me, I wouldn't be able to finish it.

I would like to thank my readers, and everyone who liked my story. It's been an incredible experience, doing something I never thought I'd have the courage to do!

I would like to invite you to role play with me, on bellybuilders. If interested, pm me. My bellybuilders name is gain4me. I hope you'll consider it

Thanks again 


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